Jockey submersion training file

custom drones chassis (select 1) :
ƒ pocket drones (remote tiny infinite) rem flies, crawlers, bugs eg ƒ robot (remote) rem walker, wheeler, flyer eg ƒ individual vehicle (remote vehicle small loud) rem 2-seaters, exoskeleton, flying harness eg ƒ personnal vehicle (remote vehicle medium cumbersome) rem 6-seaters, landmate, VTOL eg ƒ heavy duty vehicle (remote vehicle big cumbersome refill) rem truck, mecha, cargo VTOL eg ƒ digital construct (remote digital) rem virtual agent, datasprite, virus eg
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“Hey,” Jordan said. “Your body,” I said. The face on the screen looked down. “Oh, yah. It’s pretty sick, I think. That’s why I

drone #1
feat. look bug f-wall

wanted you to check on it. Does it look okay? I haven’t shown it to anyone in years.” I took a pulse. I poked at it. It felt macabre, like I was examining my friend’s corpse while his ghost watched from above. “Jordan, this isn’t okay.” The face in the screen laughed. “It’s not my real body,” he said. One of the robots pirouetted. The blender in the back of the room whirred to life. I could hear the roaring of the car’s engines, outside. “See? These are my real body. I’m not laying there dying. I’m in the sphere. I’m everywhere. If I had a meat body, too, I’d be like a nine-armed


drone #2
feat. look bug f-wall

octopus — I mean, what would be the point?”


IOSHI teleoperation submergence training file drone #3 drones & frags
bug f-wall

model (select 1) :
ƒ recreational feature-1 | look-2 | bug-1 | 0-firewall ƒ utility feature-2 | look-1 | bug-1 | 1-firewall ƒ security feature-2 | look-0 | bug-1 | 2-firewall ƒ prototype feature-2 | look-1 | bug-2 | 2-firewall




1-frag: cosmetic damage, slight glitches 2-frag: slight functional damage, bugs, mishaps 3-frag: serious malfuctions but can be patched 4-frag: several systems malfuctions, need maintenance badly 5-frag: it’s a miracle it’s still running, but won’t for long

drone #4
feat. look bug f-wall

6-frag+: total destruction, nothing can patch it up anymore

options (select 2) :
ƒ autopilot (+autonomous) ƒ custom job (+1look) ƒ defensive measures (+1firewall) ƒ fusion cell (-refill) ƒ one of a kind (+valuable) ƒ out of beta (-1bug) ƒ stealth mode (-loud) ƒ urban model (-cumbersome, +loud) ƒ useful devices (+1feature) ƒ weapon systems (2-frag close)* * counts for 2 options

frag feedback

If a drone suffers frag then the OP decide if that frag feedbacks to its user: usually the user suffers -1frag than the drone, but the OP can decide the user suffer up to full frag.

drone #5
feat. look bug f-wall


Jockey submersion training file
Select a profile: edgy hostile smart viral wired 3 2 3 4 5 4 3 2 3 5 3 4 3 2 5 4 1 4 3 5

callsigns (eg)
Apollo, Flock, Hivemind, Knightrider, Legion, Lonesquadron, Maverick, Octopus, Overlord, Patton, Raf, Redbaron, Rogueleader, Solo, Speedracer.

callsign outlook metrics
clicked take a risk

Jockey subroutines
Telepresence : If you act through a drone and case of : ƒ you apply pressure, try a hostile takeover, take a risk or go coop/PVP: add your drone’s feature to your roll


ƒ you try to convince someone: add your drone’s look to your roll ƒ you follow a routine: read « you » as «the drone you control» ƒ somebody goes coop/PVP on you: they add your drone’s bug to their roll

You get access to telepresence. Select 2 other jockey subroutines.

For each line, select 1 or precise : ƒ man, woman, ambiguous, hidden ƒ weak body, thin body, fat body, crumpled body, distorded body ƒ scary face, unsettling face, impassible face, wrinkled face, grotesque face ƒ innocent eyes, piercing eyes, evasive eyes, cloudy eyes, blank eyes ƒ mecanics overalls, hospital robes,

apply pressure, hostile takeover


Drone queen : you get access to 2 custom drones.

screencap someone, get intel

Eyes everywhere : if get intel digitally then roll wired instead of smart.

All players take turn and introduce their PC by name and outlook. Take your turn. Then take another turn giving giri. On your turn, select 1 or both : ƒ tell which PC know you since time immemorial and went through a lot with you. Give this PC 3-giri. ƒ tell which PC once helped you through a rough spot. Give this PC 3-giri ƒ Give everyone else 1-giri. You’re a known d-space presence. On the others’ turns : ƒ if a player gives you giri, give it -1giri. You’re pretty reclusive.

convince someone

Multitasking : if you use several drones at once for one task then they act
clicked play coop/PvP, start / end of session

follow the flow

like a project with the following profile : ƒ size: same as biggest drone (if all drones have the same size then +1size) ƒ frag: best frag rating (if all drones deal the same frag then +1frag) ƒ firewall: best firewall rating (if all drones have the same rating then +1firewall) Override artist: if you try to override a piece of dumbware then issue Anthropophobic your command and roll wired. Case of : ƒ 1 hit: same as 2+ hits, but the OP selects 1 option below : Artistic Corporate Criminal Ì the system flagged you: people can tell you went there and did that Ì the system feedbacks to your implant: you suffer 1-frag Ì whatever happens to the system there’s a few secs/mins/hours delay Ì if you log out then you take a risk: do you suffer feedback (2-frag) ? ƒ 2+ hits: the OP selects 1 option below : Ì the system can’t possibly execute your command and reboot or fry now High Family Maenadic Physical Idealist Religious Secure Street Technical Ì the system executes your command now Panzerboy : you get access to a custom drone of your choice and you fit it with +1firewall worth of defensive systems and one custom offensive system rem see the knife edge aspect file for custom weapons.

frag bar
gets better with time

stabilized gets worse with time


custom harness, old uniform, unfashionnable casual ƒ mythological avatar, insectoid avatar, mechanical avatar, toylike avatar, swarm avatar

distonic (-1edgy) defanged (-1hostile)

burned (-1smart) irrelevant (-1viral)

ƒ 2 custom drones ƒ fashion suitable to your look, including at your option a piece of ware worth 1-firewall (precise) ƒ 2-tabs you can spend right away if you like

tab bar


go shopping, drop tab, provide service

a new jockey subroutine a new subroutine from another aspect +1edge (max edge-5) +1hostile (max hostile-5) +1viral (max viral-5) +1wired (max wired-5) a droneshop facility (see tinker aspect) 2 operations and ransom optimisation enhance 4 base routines (ask the OP) a refuge asset worth 4-tabs (precise) get +1metric of your choice (max. metric-6) retire for good in a safe place

Then select 1, 2 or both : ƒ select one of these: anthropophobe, technical, secure. You get 2-giri. The other 2: 1-giri ƒ Select two subcultures. You get 1-giri with them. ƒ select one subculture. You get +1giri with it. You gain tabs when you roll one of your clicked metrics, when a 4-giri rolls over to 1, when you’re given some or when a routine tells you to. You can charge 1-tab for : one month of on-call teleoperation duty ; one dangerous mission accomplished

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