COMPANY MISSION To provide innovative and reliable GSM-Based solutions COMPANY VISION The Link Innovations shall be evident and patronized in the world of electronics and communications as the capable manufacturer that will produce the finest quality products and excellent services in the provision of humanity and will enable to go beyond the anticipations of mankind. COMPANY LOGO

COMPANY NAME The name of the company, Link Innovations Corporation, exhibits its main mission providing reliable GSM based solutions. The company is committed in bringing easier way of life by offering innovative and reliable solutions through applications of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).

PRE OPERATING PERIOD Before the Link Innovations Corporation will start its operation, it must comply with the legal requirements set by the following government agencies: y Securities and Exchange Commission y Barangay Hall y Manila City Hall y Bureau of Internal Revenue y Depart of Labor and Employment y Social Security System

The company main office and sales office is located in at Antel Seview Towers, Roxas Blvd, Pasay. Most electronic components necessary for production are readily available in local electronics store. So far Text to Speech Modules are not yet available in the local market; therefore it has to be imported from the United States. The company is a corporation and is owned and operated by twelve (12) individuals. The company will implement a Japanese style of Management.

TYPE OF MANAGEMENT The company will employ Japanese style of management because the company believes that the success of the business depends on its employees wherein they see themselves as company representatives at all times and the need for information run from the bottom of the company to the top. The management has a largely decision-making rather than 'hands-on' approach, it appears unassuming and unambitious. Individual personality and forcefulness are not the key for this kind of management. The company will implement with their employees the respect for work, discipline, and the ability to follow orders. Managers go to great lengths to prove their dedication to their company. Their goal is to demonstrate how much hardship they are willing to endure in their work and the extent to which they place their duty to their company above family and personal interests. A management style is an overall leadership used by a manager.

To develop employees for future advancement when it is possible MANAGEMENT DURING OPERATING PERIOD y FORM OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION The proposed manufacturing company is a corporation named Link Innovations Corporation owned. To supply products outstanding compared to other products 6. To reach maximum profit through competent use of marketing and managerial skills.000. flexible. To produce a goal oriented. y CAPITALIZATION The corporation will be incorporated by twelve persons who will appoint themselves as members of the Board of Directors. The corporation have a capital stock divided into shares and are authorized to distribute to the holders of such shares dividends or allotments of the surplus profits on the basis of the shares held are stock corporation. To put into practice the company s rules and policies in dedication of commitment and standardization 5. supervised and managed initially by its incorporators. and a quality employee that will be a distinction of this company to others 7. technology and resources that will reduce the various costs 2. The proposed project will have an initial capital investment of 15.000. .MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES 1. To ensure the smooth and coordinated functioning of the enterprise 4. To increase the efficiency of production by reducing spoilage wastages and breakage of the resources 3.

To keep track of the staff. This is a group of people with a common goal and purpose. Any important transactions of the staff will be reported to one and only manager. Another advantage is that workers know when they finish work on a project they will still have a job since they will continue to report to the same functional manager. it must be divided according to field of specialization (staff). But in order to organize the group. All workers understand clearly what they need to do because only one boss is giving them instructions. . it must be managed by one person who is an expert on the field of specialization he belongs. One of the advantages of the functional form of organization is called unity of command. One person from this group will be the superior overseeing all the activities it is involved.y INTERNAL ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATIONAL CHART FIGURE 1 The organizational chart of the company is shown in figure 1 which is a type of a functional organization.

and procedures. preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties Direct and coordinate activities of businesses or departments concerned with the production. organization officials. and staff members as necessary. pricing. Business Development in similar environment. asking questions as appropriate. sales and activity reports. Customer contact including sales negotiation and sales closures. sales. and not interrupting at inappropriate times. - . Management of technical. taking time to understand the points being made. conferring with board members. Negotiation with employees and trade union officials. Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering Master of Science in Business Administration Course (preferably Management) Other Qualifications Communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand Adjusting actions in relation to others' actions Giving full attention to what other people are saying. Product and engineering / manufacturing improvements. and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement Establish and implement departmental policies.y MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL GENERAL MANAGER QUALIFICATIONS Education Should be a graduate of: Experience Should be a duly licensed ECE Minimum of 12 years of experience in an engineering manufacturing environment. Development of professional training for technical personnel. objectives. and/or distribution of products Review financial statements. goals. engineering and multi-function office personnel. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Apply general rules to specific problems to produce answers that make sense Manage staff.

results orientated leader who places high value on quality and continuous improvement and on time delivery DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Has knowledge in raw materials. costs. controlling. and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and distribution of goods Has knowledge in business and management principles involved in strategic planning. plan feature production. inventory of supplies and etc Responsible for determining the optimum number of laborer needed and the period of time they will stay Ensures smooth processing of documents in the Bureau of Customs at a minimal cost Responsible in purchasing equipment and raw materials needed for the production Provide hands-on leadership to the Production Managers to plan. organized. Report to the general manager periodically - - - - . and quality assurance of products Must be highly motivated. leadership technique. and coordination of people and resources Principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. resource allocation.MANUFACTURING MANAGER QUALIFICATIONS Education Experience At least 4 years of working experience Should be a duly licensed ECE Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering Master of Science in any Business Management Other Qualifications Ability to effectively communicate proper planning. driven. production methods. human resources modeling. directing. organizing. direct and coordinate the manufacturing operations to produce products on time and within budget in accordance with quality standards and customer approved technical data. such as machine breakdowns. production processes. quality control. able to multi-task and positive and a team player Positive. This includes customer needs assessment. and evaluation of customer satisfaction Sort out problems. meeting quality standards for services. organise.

MARKETING MANAGER QUALIFICATIONS Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Experience Must have 3years experience in marketing career Experience in Internet-based marketing Other qualifications excellent written and communication skills problem solving. etc Assist with and support firm s involvement in various legal networks including coordinating business development and marketing activities via these relationships Reports general manager periodically . quick decision making. mailing list applications. convincing team members and associates good business sense and budget awareness ability to work under pressure and to deadlines confidence to 'sell' your ideas DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Design. access to financial reports. and facilitate annual marketing plan for the firm Support and facilitate development and implementation of section business/marketing plans Plan and administer the firm s Marketing Operations budget. implement. support development of regional marketing budgets Develop and administer marketing database which includes client and prospect information.

Perform financial review of various PRC subsidiaries/companies in monthly. finance. management and communications skills are also important for a successful career in Certified Financial Management. Strong math. Monitor cash flow position. Ensure proper accounting procedures are being followed Must report to the general manager periodically - . and Outlook Good personality. business administration or economics Has a Master s degree preferably Other Qualifications Proficient in PC knowledge and good typing skill familiar with financial regulations and reporting requirements. financial reports and schedules. initiative. reliable. independent.Excel. Preparing monthly and annual accounts. mature. account payable.FINANCE MANAGER QUALIFICATIONS Education Experience 3 years solid experience of relevant accounting or finance work Bachelor's degree in a field like accounting. month end closing and daily accounting operation. Handle year-end audit and tax filing. honest and responsible DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Handle full sets of accounts. Power point. Knowledgeable in Microsoft Word.

Applies the laws. Must have knowledge of the techniques of interviewing. including equal employment opportunity policies and procedures. Must have knowledge of employee practices and related laws. service ratings. conferences. including such functions as classification. and other related laws and practices Must have knowledge of employee rights. benefits. and program planning and implementation. placement and training. and employee relations Must have knowledge of the principles and techniques of employee development and training. and principles of equal employment opportunity to personnel situation Conducts training sessions. - - DUTIES AND RESPONISBILITIES Selects and assigns staff. Evaluates and verifies employee performance through the review of completed work assignments and work techniques . ensuring equal employment opportunity in hiring and promotion Coordinates activities by scheduling work assignments. setting priorities. and obligations Must have ability to supervise technical work involving reviews and evaluation. rules and standards. workshops. program development. compensation. regulations. civil rights. and seminars on a specific area Ensures proper labor relations and conditions of employment are maintained. and directing the work of subordinate employees.ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER QUALIFICATIONS Education Experience at least 2 years of experience as a HR manager or any related fields Bachelor s degree in Human Resources Management or in Psychology Bachelor s degree in ECE or Computer Engineering Other Qualifications Must have knowledge of the principles and practices of public personnel administration.

Creates shipping documentation including bills of lading. bills of lading. Organizes transportation schedules with carriers. shipping labels. etc.SHIPPING OFFICER QUALIFICATIONS Education Experience At least 2 years shipping experience in manufacturing industry Diploma or above in Business. and export paperwork Posts orders and shipping information daily using computer system Prepare boxes with appropriate labels for shipment as required Provide guidance to others within the Shipping/Receiving area Reports to the manufacturing manager . Logistics Management or related discipline Other qualifications Able to handle large volume of factory shipments Need to have excellent organization skills Good relation with forwarders and carriers Literate in written and spoken English Computer literate in Microsoft Office suite DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Guarantee on-time shipments Creates shipping documentation.

before they progress to the next phase of production or are sent out to customers Evaluating data using statistical methods for analysis and interpreting results of stat analysis Guaranteeing that measuring and testing equipment is set correctly selecting a sample from a production batch for inspection or testing Carrying out tests on products by observing or measuring dimensions. weight.QUALITY CONTROL OFFICER Monthly Salary: QUALIFICATIONS Education Experience A career in quality management as an inspector in the inspection department 4 years of experience in a quality-related position Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering Other Qualifications must be familiar with microcontroller programming must have the ability to lead others and develop the policies that workers use to ensure quality products or services responsible. with a sharp eye for detail methodical and willing to work within set procedures and time constraints be able to stay alert while doing repetitive tasks DUTIES AND RESPONISBILITIES Performing standard quality assurance/quality control evaluation procedures Ensuring that manufactured products meet the specified standards. or physical or chemical characteristics against specified requirements Responsible for programming the microcontroller of the automated system Must report to the manufacturing manager periodically . accurate and thorough.

MARKETING RESEARCH AND PLANNING QUALIFICATIONS Education Experience Must have 2 years of experience in marketing career Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Other qualifications Good in communicating skills in both oral & written Willing to spend time in the field. resourceful & can interact with people DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Provide marketing and communication principles to drive the business Learn key concepts and practical ideas in order to deploy sales management strategies for distribution of products and services Able to figure out the demand for products and services Develop pricing strategies with the goal of making sure clients are satisfied and maximizing profits or share of the market Identifying the potential customers .

honest and responsible Excellent interpersonal and communication skills Have ability to be persuasive and motivate others Ability to generate multiple ideas quickly by brainstorming DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Developing contacts for promotional campaigns Collecting and sorting information to build advertising campaigns Acting as an agent for advertising accounts Supporting presentations and product demonstrations when launching new campaigns Motivating and mobilizing the campaign team to meet objectives Drawing up and implementing advertising strategies for companies and clients Engaging in public relations activities Works to increase sales through coupons. online or through the mail . posters. independent.ADVERTISING AND SALES PROMOTION Monthly Salary: QUALIFICATIONS Education Experience 2 years of experience in advertising and promotion-related position Diploma or above in Business courses Other Qualifications Creative and knowledgeable in Microsoft Word. Power point. mature. initiative.Excel. and Outlook Good personality. reliable. sweepstakes or give-aways that may be conducted in-store.

honest and responsible Excellent interpersonal and communication skills DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Employing company's operating expenses Formulating strategic and long-term business plans Researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance Analyzing competitors and market trends Developing financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk Conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities . reliable. and Outlook Good personality. independent. Excel. Power point. mature. initiative.FINANCIAL PLANNING QUALIFICATIONS Education Experience 4 years of experience in financial-related position Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing or Accounting Other Qualifications Knowledgeable in Microsoft Word.

mature. Power point. Perform financial review of various PRC subsidiaries/companies in monthly. independent. and Outlook Good personality. initiative. Ensure proper accounting procedures are being followed Must report to the general manager periodically - .ACCOUNTING OFFICER QUALIFICATIONS Education Experience 3 years solid experience of relevant accounting work Bachelor of Science major in Accounting Certified CPA Other Qualifications Proficient in PC knowledge and good typing skill Knowledgeable in Microsoft Word. reliable. honest and responsible Excellent interpersonal and communication skills DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Handle full sets of accounts. account payable. Excel. Handle year-end audit and tax filing. month end closing and daily accounting operation Monitor cash flow position Preparing monthly and annual accounts. financial reports and schedules.

and interprets and administers human resources-related provisions of collective bargaining agreements. initiative. Trains and evaluates subordinates and prepares preliminary budget reports in assigned functional areas May participate in labor negotiations and/or recommend preliminary proposals including cost implementation projections Must report to the administrative manager - - - - - . independent. reliable. mature. honest and responsible Excellent interpersonal and communication skills DUTIES AND RESPONISBILITIES Advises administrators and employee representatives on personnel-related company policies and procedures Interprets and communicates laws and regulations to ensure the agency is aware of its legal responsibilities Develops and implements personnel rules and regulations.HUMAN RESOURCES QUALIFICATIONS Education Experience 2 years of experience of relevant human resource work Bachelor of Science Psychology or any other related course Other Qualifications Good personality.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Responsible for securing the company premises . must have adequate hearing to perform security related jobs. walk or patrol the majority of their shift. must be willing to work nights and weekends. must be able to physically stand.SECURITY GUARDS QUALIFICATIONS Education High School Graduate Experience With work experience at least 2 years Other Qualifications good moral record must be at least 20 years of age.

Experience With work experience technically Qualifications .must be at least 20 years of age DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES . consumer electronic and etch.Responsible in the assembly of the product .JANITORS QUALIFICATIONS Education .At least have a 2 year course that inclined in electronic concepts such as associated electronic technology.High School Graduate Experience With work experience at least 2 years Other Qualifications .With work experience technically Duties and Responsibilities .Good moral character and hard working .Responsible for maintaining the company equipments LABORERS QUALIFICATIONS Education Should have attained: .good moral record .Responsible for maintaining cleanliness within the company premises .

and falsifying or tampering company s record. Attendance Every employee is allowed to be absent for valid reasons as illnesses. and Prohibitions y y y y y Employees should strictly observe the so called office hours. Attendance of the employee is recorded through fingerprint scanner. Employee should refrain from committing any of the following acts of dishonesty in cash receipt or collections. They are provided one hour break from 12:00 noon to 1:00PM from Monday to Friday. emergencies. etc. . Proper decorum should be observed in dealing with the clients. serious conditions. The employee must log in the fingerprint scanner before entering and leaving the work area. Disciplinary Actions Employees who will be caught committing dishonest acts or other acts inimical to the interest of the company shall be subjected to the following disciplinary actions: six-day suspension for the first offence and termination for the second offence. No visitors are allowed during office hours. Rules. The number of absences must be limited to two to three consecutive days and a maximum of one week. An employee who intends to absent himself for a longer period of time must apply for a leave of absence subject to approval by the management. Overtime is allowed only upon written approval of the general manager. Regulations. An employee who works for less than his or her regular working hours incurs an undertime and is therefore subject to salary deduction. Employee should avoid the palakasan system.ORGANIZATIONAL POLICIES Working Hours Employees are required to start working at exactly 8:00AM from Monday to Friday and stop working at 5:00PM.

. the time he/ she works on the said day. 13th MONTH PAY The 13th-month pay of an employee is based on the "basic salary. a comparative amount of wage is deducted. who will go to work during regular holiday as provided by law.Benefits on work rendered on Regular and Special Holidays. SSS members will benefit from the incentives offered by the company. will be paid of his regular daily wage with additional compensation of 100%. The employee shall be paid of additional 100% from his/her regular daily wage provided by the law. Once in the 30th day of the month. and Over-times y Regular Holiday The employee. Thus. y Overtime Pay The employee who will go to work greater than 8 hours from his/her ordinary working days will be paid additional 25% of his/her regular daily wage as provided by the law. BENEFITS TO THE EMPLOYEES INSURANCE BENEFITS For those employees who become ill or injured during work are given health and hospitalization subsidies. The company will be giving a 13th month pay on its employees according to Presidential Decree 851. The employee who will go to work greater than 8 hours from his/her rest day or special or regular holiday will be paid additional 30% of his/her regular daily wage as provided by the law. SSS Every worker must be a member of SSS as working in the private firm and should take preference in their benefit. 50% from his daily wage will be added." which includes all compensations or earnings paid by an employer to an employee for services rendered. y Special Holiday The employee shall be paid of additional 300% from his/her regular daily wage provided by the law the time he/she works on the said day. UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE For those employees who lose their job for no fault of their own will be given compensation by the company. If a special holiday coincides with it.

Employee Requirements An applicant that is qualified for the employment must acquire and/or present the following requirements:  Education achievement and work experience as prescribed  Good moral character  Medical certification  NBI and police clearance  SSS number and Tax Identification Number  Birth certificate .

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