Comm313 Bibliography Assignment 1. Summarize A good summary has a clear message for all readers to understand.

It should stand independently without personal comments. Work Cited Lannon, John M. Technical Communication. 3rd ed. Canada: Pearson Longman, 2005. 170-172. 2. What to do when College is over The five jobs I could do after graduation are gas fitter, plumbers, hvac technicians, pipefitters and sprinklers system installers. Work Cited 7 Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators and Related Occupations." Human Resources and Social Development Canada. 27 Mar. 2007. Government Canada. 7 June 2008 < lc=e&searchkey=725>. 3. How to cite a document automatically APA "The Free Automatic Bibliography Composer." Easybib. Feb. 2000. ImagineEasy Solution. 8 June 2008 <>. MLA 4. Proposals For Formal Sales Proposal, some key elements needed are: Cover letter, table of content, the need for the service or product, reason why the customer needs it, detail benefits, action to be taken, incentive to act right away and establishing a relationship Work Cited Business Propsals. United States of America: Pearson, 2004. 5. Inspection Reports An inspection format should be in a chart form listing the division on the top line and building system on the left side. Work Cited Lewis Bernard, Payant Richard. _Facilty Inspecial Field Manuel_. United States of America: McGraw-Hill, 2000. 6. Letter of Complaint Three things I learned about writing a complaint letter is that I must: -Describe the problem and possible causes. -Explain how I have tried to solve the problem -End with what I would like the reader (or company) to do.

Sebranek Patrick. 2003. How to get everything done in half the time Write a list of what you have to do for the day. How to cope with difficult people The best tip is to try to understand difficult people and create ways to work with them. "Family Circus.Work Cited Kemper Dave. Make a day to day list and keep a weekly schedule. How to open a small business Five characteristics of a small business owners are Knowing the benefit of online marketing Attracting a target audience Create Effective Content Working with Web Developer Good Web design Work Cited Berkley. 8. Nathan Ruth." Toronto Star 11 Feb. Something that your instructor would be interested in reading I think a comic strip in the newspaper would be appealing to the instructor because it allows her to laugh and rewind from all the marking of the assignments. Nathan Ruth. _Coping with Toxic Mangers. Work Cited Lubit Roy. 1998. Holly. Sebranek Patrick. Canada: Self Counsel P. _Writer's Express_. Then create a week schedule. subordinates and other difficult people_. . 2004. United States of America: Pearson Education. _Writer's Express_. 1998. Canada: International Thomson Publishing. 9. 2008. sec. Work Cited Keane. Bill. 7. 10. Canada: International Thomson Publishing. Low-Budget Online Marketing for Small Business. L: 10. Work Cited Kemper Dave.

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