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January 12, 2012 Geoffrey Beal Masterfile Corporation 3 Concorde Gate, 4th Floor Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C


Dear Mr. Beal: Re: Notice of [Alleged] Copyright Infringement Claim PMI We are in receipt of your email dated January 5, 2011. Unfortunately, settle this claim. The offer is unreasonable. . cannot accept your final offer of $500.00 to |

It has become apparent to us that Masterfile has not sufficiently proven exclusive copyright to image 700-00918454 as it is listed on We respectfully submit the following website URLs and attached screen captures showing that the copyright for the same image is also claimed by a company other than Masterfile. 295626.html 400624 3.html (you will need to scroll down to find the image on this page) In both cases, a clear watermark has been placed on the images with the text In addition to the watermark, the website also claims copyright to the image by placing the following text below the image: Credit: Panorama (provided) Copyright shall not be reproduced without the written permission. It is also shown that the above website placed the copyright watermark on the image on 2008/ 07/30 (as described by meta data embedded in the image file by Photoshop) - well before the Masterfile claim (PMI ) placed against It is clear that Masterfile Corporation may not be the exclusive rights holder to the image in question as stated by Masterfile in claim PMI . now considers this matter closed and any good faith assumptions or admissions held in this or previous correspondence are retracted. Please note that the removal of the image in question and any previous offers of good faith settlement are in no way an admission of any wrong doing on the part of Previous attempts at settlement were not an agreement to the terms of Masterfile claim PMI - they were only attempts to amicably settle the claim. Please also understand that nothing in this reply should be construed as a waiver of any of the rights of remedies, or protections under law.

we Please note if Masterfile continues with any further action regarding its claim PMI ask that any further communication be in writing, and sent by registered mail or mail courier. Please also refrain from contacting our office by phone, as again, we work with children, and wont have the time to be attentive in a phone conversation. Any further unsubstantiated claims brought upon Corporation will be considered harassment and to prosecute. by Masterfile reserves the right

Employees of also reserve the right file charges against Masterfile Corporation related to the loss of productive time and emotional stress brought upon the Employees of by the threats and demands made in Masterfiles claim PMI . Regards,