Originally into the tobacco business, the birth of the ITC group- Imperial Tobacco Company dates back

to 1910. Its entry into the hotel business was marked by the acquisition of a hotel in Chennai in 1975 now known as the ITC-Welcome group Hotel Chola. Since then the ITC-Welcome group have come up with a large variety of luxury hotels all over the country. From 5 Star Sheraton hotels to heritage hotels, the ITC Welcome group succeeds in giving each of its hotels a new dimension and ensures total satisfaction and value for your money. The ITC-Welcome group hotels in the country are: ITC Hotel Windsor Sheraton, Bangalore (5 star) Centrally air-conditioned 240 rooms Opposite Bangalore Golf Course Address : no. 25, Golf Course Rd Bangalore 560052 India ITC Sonar Bangla Sheraton & Towers, Kolkata (5 Star) Centrally air-conditioned 239 rooms Opposite Science City Kolkata Address: 1 JBS Halen Avenue Kolkata 700046 India ITC Hotel Park Sheraton Chennai (5 Star Deluxe) Centrally air-conditioned 283 rooms Address : T.T.K Road Chennai 600018 India

ITC Hotel Grand Maratha Sheraton Mumbai (5 Star Deluxe) Centrally air-conditioned 386 rooms Address: Sahar Mumbai 400099 India ITC Hotel Maurya Sheraton New Delhi(5 Star Deluxe) Centrally air-conditioned 550 rooms Address: Diplomatic Enclave, Sadar Patel Marg New Delhi 100021 India

With over eighty-five hotels at seventy-five destinations across the country, ITC-Welcomgroup offers the Global traveller traditional Indian hospitality with world class standards. ITC’s hotel division was launched on October 18, 1975, with the opening of its first hotel - Chola Sheraton in Chennai. ITC - Welcomgroup Hotels, Palaces and Resorts, is today one of India’s finest hotel chains, with its distinctive logo of hands folded in the traditional Namaste is widely recognised as the ultimate in Indian hospitality.

Each of the chain’s hotels pays architectural tribute to ancient dynasties, which ruled India from time to time. The design concept and themes of these dynasties play an important part in their respective style and decor.

With more and more hotels being added at strategic destinations, the group has joined hands with the Sheraton Corporation to strengthen its international marketing base.

Growth Under Five Brands Perhaps in the topmost rung of India‘s hospitality business, ITC-Welcomgroup’s properties are classified under

five distinct brands. ITC Hotels - Luxury Collection are super deluxe and premium hotels located at strategic business and leisure locations. ITC-Welcomgroup Sheraton Hotels offer warm, comforting services to the global traveller and a chance to connect. WelcomHotels offer five-star hospitality for the discerning business and leisure traveller. Fortune Hotels offer full service properties all over India, including smaller towns and cities, ideal for the budget traveller. WelcomHeritage brings together a chain of palaces, forts, havelis and resorts that offer a unique experience. WelcomHeritage endeavours to preserve ancient royal homes and the historical Indian grandeur and opulence for the future Indian generations. Accommodation The exclusive Towers concept of a hotel within a hotel, with its own Towers Club and an unique service design is now available at six ITC Luxury Collection hotels. The Executive Club, a concept designed to meet the specific needs of the business traveller, pioneers a tradition in corporate hospitality, setting a premium on discreet efficiency and business related services. Executive Club services are available at nine ITCWelcomgroup hotels at key business locations. The recently launched ITC One offers a new dimension in Corporate Hospitality and is about discovering the‘Power of Personal Space’. ITC One is available at the ITC Maurya, New Delhi , ITC Maratha, Mumbai, ITC Grand Central, Mumbai, ITC Sonar, Kolkata, ITC Windsor, Bangalore and ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad. EVA Exclusive rooms dedicated for the single lady traveler. These rooms have amenities keeping in mind the requirements of a lady pertaining to her special needs in bathroom accessories, security, safety and comfort levels . Service in these rooms , is done by an all ladies team . Branded Cuisine India’s culinary heritage has always been strengthened by the safe hands of the chefs of ITC-Welcomgroup Hotels. The Bukhara and Peshawri restaurants give epicures the rugged, outdoor cuisine and the 1000 year culinary adventure of the Northwest Frontier Province. Dakshin has brought together the highly evolved cuisines of the four southern states- Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Dum Pukht is a unique restaurant dedicated to a 200-year old culinary tradition of slow cooking food, in sealed‘deghs’. The fragrance of the meal becomes an invitation befitting royalty. Today the connoisseur can savour these delicacies across the country. Rated high by food connoisseurs all over the world, the group takes exceptional pride in showcasing its internationally renowned cuisine. Distinguished for its ambience and unsurpassed standards of food and beverages, the list is a gastronomical journey starting with Dublin, the Irish pub; along with West View, an authentic grill that brings alive the Western in you; with the Pan Asian, serving specialties from China, Thailand, Mongolia, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. With branded Restaurants exclusive to ITC-Welcomgroup Hotels, spread throughout the country, ITCWelcomgroup has created benchmarks in all areas of hospitality. Achievements ITC-Welcomgroup was perhaps the first hotel chain in the mid 1980s to foresee a boom in business travel and realised distinct needs of the corporate traveller.

ITC-Welcomgroup has pioneered the concept of "Branded Accommodation" in the hospitality industry. Branding led to the creation of separate categories of rooms, each with a different service design, aimed at different target segments. The different room categories were branded Executive Club, The Towers and lately, ITC One. The Towers and ITC One introduced the winning concept of a ‘hotel within a hotel’. The Indian corporate world gave its unqualified approval to this segmentation. Going beyond the corporate travellers, the chain’s flagship hotels, ITC Maurya, New Delhi and ITC Windsor, Bangalore have had the proud privilege of hosting many world leaders: from former US President Bill Clinton, Russian President Vladimir Putin, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, to business tycoons like Bill Gates and Michael Dell. These hotels received not just the stamp of approval not only from these leaders, but from their security chiefs as well! There have been many other pioneering efforts at ITC-Welcomgroup: ITC Maurya, New Delhi is also the only one in India, to have won the British Safety Council’s ‘Sword of Honour’- Thrice. ITC Maurya, New Delhi is India’s first hotel to be accorded the ISO 14001 certification for its Environment Management Systems. Eight more ITC-Welcomgroup hotels followed in quick succession: ITC Mughal, Agra; ITC Windsor, Bangalore; ITC Hotel Park Sheraton & Towers, Chennai; Sheraton Chola, Chennai; ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad; Sheraton Rajputana, Jaipur; ITC Maratha, Mumbai and ITC Sonar, Kolkata. ITC Maurya is the first hotel in India to be awarded the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award for 2001 by the World Environment Foundation. ITC Maratha at Mumbai was declared to be the Best Luxury Hotel of the Year 2002, by the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India. ITC Mughal at Agra was Asia’s first winner of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Bukhara and Dum Pukht, both at ITC Maurya, New Delhi are amongst the first Indian restaurants to win the International Golden Fork Award. Bukhara has been rated as the Best Indian Restaurant amongst 15 others worldwide, by “The Restaurant Magazine” (UK), successively in the years 2002 and 2003. Most recently, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) in the April 2004 issue of its magazine Business and Travel, declared ITC Sonar, Kolkata as one of the best hotels in the world, Dublin amongst the top 20 bars and in a fitting finale, Bukhara was rated as the best restaurant in Asia and the finest Indian restaurant in the world. ITC-Welcomgroup won the PATA Gold Award in the Corporate Environmental category for its WelcomEnviron initiatives in April 2005. ITC – Welcomgroup was featured as a “Superbrand” - a status awarded to the organization by the Superbrands Council comprising of eminent personalities from the world of branding. For its distinctiveness in terms of historic evolution, marketing, advertising and design achievements, ITC – Welcomgroup has been voted as one amongst the 101 strongest brands in India. Promotion of India’s Cultural Heritage WelcomTheatre was launched eight years ago, to provide guests with a complete experience through entertainment. Acknowledging theatre and art as integral to a country’s culture and tradition, Welcomgroup offers Quality entertainment & theatrical experiences through WelcomTheatre. While each hotel has its own vast collection of art and art objects, the group decided to brand all art activities, under the banner WelcomArt. Through the Srishti Art Galleries located at Welcomgroup hotels, the best of Indian contemporary art finds a focus.

WelcomJawan In re-deploying ex-servicemen it assists the national effort by offering a platform for their rehabilitation into productive civilian life. WelcomEnviron WelcomEnviron defines Welcomgroup’s active commitment to the environment. The need for maintaining an ecological balance and working towards that goal as a concerned "Corporate Citizen" is a high priority at Welcomgroup. Each hotel thus operates in harmony with nature. "Reduce, Re-use and Recycle" is the Environmental message sent out by every ITC-Welcomgroup hotel. To know more Click here.

ITC-Welcomgroup is the only hospitality chain, perhaps in the world to have a unique programme like the "Welcomlegionnaire". This competitive hotel management programme, recruits students on their completion of class 12 for a 4-year course. The first two years are devoted to the basics in hoteliering, personality development, culture building, etc., along with a bachelors in Tourism Administration. The remaining 2 years are spent as Hotel Executive Trainees in sync with in house Management Training Programmes, thus providing the students valuable hands on practical experiences with solid theoretical knowledge.

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The Executive Training Program - 2009-2011 WelcomLegionnaire Programme 2009-2013

ITC is one of India's foremost private sector companies with a market capitalisation of nearly US $ 19 billion* and a turnover of over US $ 5.1 Billion. ITC is rated among the World's Best Big Companies, Asia's 'Fab 50' and the World's Most Reputable Companies by Forbes magazine, among India's Most Respected Companies by BusinessWorld and among India's Most Valuable Companies by Business Today. ITC ranks among India's `10 Most Valuable (Company) Brands', in a study conducted by Brand Finance and published by the Economic Times. ITC also ranks among Asia's 50 best performing companies compiled by Business Week. ITC has a diversified presence in Cigarettes, Hotels, Paperboards & Specialty Papers, Packaging, Agri-Business, Packaged Foods & Confectionery, Information Technology, Branded Apparel, Personal Care, Stationery, Safety Matches and other FMCG products. While ITC is an outstanding market leader in its traditional businesses of Cigarettes, Hotels, Paperboards, Packaging and Agri-Exports, it is rapidly gaining market share even in its nascent businesses of Packaged Foods & Confectionery, Branded Apparel, Personal Care and Stationery. As one of India's most valuable and respected corporations, ITC is widely perceived to be

Flowing from the concept and principles of Corporate Governance adopted by the Company, leadership within ITC is exercised at three levels. The Board of Directors at the apex, as trustee of shareholders, carries the responsibility for strategic supervision of the Company. The strategic management of the Company rests with the Corporate Management Committee comprising the wholetime Directors and members drawn from senior management. The executive management of each business division is vested with the Divisional Management Committee (DMC), headed by the Chief Executive. Each DMC is responsible for and totally focused on the management of its assigned business. This three-tiered interlinked leadership process creates a wholesome balance between the need for focus and executive freedom, and the need for supervision and control.

Vision & Mission | Core Values | Corporate Governance | Code of Conduct | Policy on Human Rights

Sustain ITC's position as one of India's most valuable corporations through world class performance, creating growing value for the Indian economy and the Company’s stakeholders

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Business Process Outsourcing - hiring a vendor to take responsibility for a business process. Following are the key factors that contribute to India?s position as a preferred destination for offshore outsourcing: 1. Availability of large talent pool 2. Low cost 3. Fast turnaround time Availability of a large pool of talented and motivated professionals India has a large pool of young talented professionals. Its 380 universities and 11,200 higher education institutions produce 2.1 million graduates each year. As a result, companies have sufficient options to choose from, while recruiting employees for their offshore captive centers. One of the biggest advantages of offshoring to India is cost savings. Companies have been able to save about 30 to 40 percent for most services by outsourcing processes to India.Cost savings in India can be accounted by following things ,Indian professionals work at wages much lower than that in the US and Europe. You have completed your 5 postings, you can't say more. Please wait for the session to complete.