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Data-driven Printing

Marketing Infrastructure Web Development

Printing innovation

Global Printing solves complicated print and online communications printing services
challenges at a pace few others can match. Our innovative approach
- offset and digital
incorporates world class printing facilities, highly trained information
technology staff, experienced creative professionals, and a 24-hour - print on demand
distribution center. - web to print

Our goal is to provide each client with fresh ideas and technical expertise - variable data integration

that go beyond traditional printing. We provide turnkey services ranging campaigns and packaging
from project conception to personalized printing to international
turnkey project support

Over the last 30 years, Global Printing has earned a reputation for speed,
quality, and reliability. However, we’ve learned from our clients that they
often need more than just perfection in printing – they need new ideas
to meet new challenges.

Personalized communication

Global Printing can help you reach your target audience quickly and
effectively, both in print and online. Our team of data and distribution
Print Online
specialists can make the most of your critical data sources by personalizing
your message for integrated direct mail, online, and email campaigns.

We specialize in real-time variable data processing that guarantees the

right people get the right materials quickly. Furthermore, our staff can Distribution Data
sanitize, organize, and hand-check all your contact information in a
secure environment.

Need new ideas on how to work with your data sources? Our specialists
can help you develop new database platforms for tracking your contacts
and new methods for reaching your target audience.

Our in-house development team can also build customized web

interfaces for ecommerce transactions, requesting collateral, or ordering
business cards.

On-demand distribution

So you’ve just printed 20,000 new company brochures and a dozen distribution services
variable data product sheets. How do you get the right product sheets
to the right customers? How can you get it done fast? How can you save - 24 hour fulfillment center
money on postage on domestic and international destinations? Global - international mailhouse
Printing knows how to get the job done. Put our experts to work for you
- customized packaging
with your large and small campaigns, both in print and online.
- online ordering
On-demand customized packaging is our specialty. We take your
- inventory storage
fulfillment request based on variable data, pull the pieces together, and
package everything the same day the request is received. We hand-check
everything to make sure the right packages reach the right people. Plus,
we can store your inventory on-site, as needed.

Our in-house development team can also build customized web

interfaces for ecommerce transactions, requesting collateral, or ordering
business cards.

Creative support

Whether we are following your instructions to the letter or working with creative support
you to develop new marketing ideas, Global Printing can help your firm
make the most of its marketing budget. - print and online design

- email/direct mail campaigns

We can help produce brochures and flyers, signage, personalized mailings,
publishing support
web sites, and other electronic media. Also, if you need more hands-on
involvement, we can supply database services, color correction, and file - print on demand
storage services as needed.
- e-commerce

Global Printing can also help publishers with behind-the-scenes - inventory and storage
operational support ranging from printing on-demand to order
fulfillment to inventory storage. By using the infrastructure we already
have in place, our publishing clients focus on what they do best: creating
valuable content. We worry about the rest.

case studies: offset & digital printing
Case study:


CARFAX required on-demand printing and assembly of sales training project highlights
collateral for delivery to potential clients prior to meetings. Also, they
were looking for a fulfillment specialist to send car dealerships a steady - printing on demand
flow of marketing collateral as needed. The keys to success in this project - collateral ordering system
were flexibility and responsiveness.
- customized packaging

Global Printing worked with the client’s designers to produce a series of - same-day distribution
standard marketing brochures and pocket folders, as well as customizable
material designed for on-demand printing.

Global Printing also developed a complete inventory system for CARFAX,

including material printed in-house and specially manufactured collateral
from third parties. In this ongoing project, the client continues to make
requests for collateral to be delivered directly to clients on a same-day

Case study:

Jones Lang Lasalle

Jones Lang Lasalle, one of the nation’s top three property development project highlights
firms, requires continuous ultra-high-quality collateral to reflect the
value of its overall business and specific properties. - continuous creative support

- ultra-high-quality designs
Global Printing has assigned its most senior creative support staff to
- on-demand customization
work continuously with JLL’s marketing team to design innovative
communications collateral. In weekly planning meetings, Global and
JLL discuss new ideas, materials, and techniques to reach the right
audience with the right message.

Case study:

General Dynamics

General Dynamics, a major defense contractor, required a printer capable of project highlights
manufacturing and distributing 50,000 calendars and letter packages with
eight design variations for each of the company’s business units and varying - printing on deadline
quantities depending on individual or corporate destination. The primary - volume packaging
challenge was the time line: we had only two weeks to print, assemble,
- complex distribution
and mail the packages. Further complicating the project was the time of
year: work had to begin before and run through the Thanksgiving holiday, - rush delivery
creating some extraordinary mail scheduling requirements.

Global Printing took on the job and eight different calendars went to press,
varying in volume from a few hundred to several thousand. Although the
calendars were built on the same template, each displayed unique branding
for each business unit. Letters and cards designed to accompany the calendars
were printed in parallel.

The destinations of the packages included individual homes as well as dozens

of offices around the country, each receiving various quantities of the final
product. We prepared the client-submitted destination data to match against
a variable quantity of branded calendars, letters, and cards.

Case study:


The U.S. Army Family and MWR Command (FMWRC), which project highlights
provides a network of support and leisure services to active, Reserve, and
Guard soldiers around the world, is a long standing client of Global’s - large volume printing
printing services. - deadline delivery

FMWRC printing requirements range from monthly newsletters to

annual calendars to event printing. Most recently, Global has helped
to publish marketing materials for The Soldier Show, a global tour of
garrisons featuring the U.S. Army’s top stage talent.

Case study:

National Portrait Gallery

The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington was preparing project highlights
to re-open its doors following major renovations. New visitor guides
and printed collateral were scheduled for production at Global Printing - same-day proof-to-print
well ahead of the gallery’s re-opening. - emergency delivery

One important milestone in the re-opening process had been forgotten,

however. Less than a day before a major sneak-peak event, the gallery’s
staff realized they needed thousands of brochures a week early. Working
late into the night, Global Printing staff prepared, printed, and hand-
delivered the emergency materials ahead of schedule.

case studies: HR & health personalization
Case study:

Washington Post

Personalized messaging, attention to detail, and speed were the keys to project highlights
success in this project. The client had thousands of employees across
several divisions, all with different benefits packages and unique - printing variable data
requirements. In a very short time frame, Global Printing manufactured, - data security
assembled and distributed a complicated set of personalized materials –
- hand-checked packaging
with zero errors.
- distribution on deadline
Global Printing also produced a series of brochures to combine with
personalized statements for each of the company’s employees. Our
fulfillment specialists then customized 30,000 open enrollment kits by
hand. Each was checked by a supervisor to provide 100% verification
that the right materials go to the right people. The kits were mailed out
directly to individuals and in bulk to client offices around the country.

Case Study:

Black & Decker

Global Printing provides continuous HR communications support to project highlights

Black & Decker, a major manufacturing firm based in Maryland. Recent
projects have ranged from open enrollment packages to Summary Plan - printing on demand
Descriptions (SPDs) and monthly wellness campaigns. - online ordering

- open enrollment
Most recently Global has created a web-based system for ordering
custom-built SPDs as they are required. This zero-inventory system - monthly campaigns
eliminates the need to store excess SPDs and will ultimately lead to the
phase-out of large annual print runs.

Case study:

Massey Energy

Massey Energy, a major mining company, required assistance in project highlights

communicating with its employees on the “total value” of the company’s
compensation practices, including salary and benefits across an employee’s - printing variable data
career with the company. Global Printing designed a secure system for - database development
working with Massey’s employee data and developed a customized
- creative support
communications package.
- packaging and distribution
Global Printing provided creative support and database implementation
services to build a multi-page personalized letter and graphical statement
for several thousand employees.

In this ongoing project, thousands of customized statements now flow

on-demand from database to digital press while customized envelopes
are produced in tandem. The customized packages are hand-checked
for 100% accuracy and mailed as efficiently as possible.

Case Study:

Enron Trust

Following a disastrous database mix-up by another vendor which project highlights

resulted in thousands of former employees and shareholders receiving
erroneous financial payout information, Global was retained by Enron - complex variable data
Trust representatives to repair the situation. Because the project dealt - hand-checked accuracy
with sensitive personal information on a large and complicated scale, no
- secure online proofing
other printer could approach the job.
- deadline distribution
On a very tight deadline, Global produced a complex set of customized
statements for thousands of beneficiaries in the US and abroad. Global
also hand-checked the accuracy of the statements and built secure
communications channels for reviewing and storing all the documents

Case study:


This ongoing project is unique because it requires the ability to print project highlights
and deliver a continuous stream of customized advisory letters for
patients following a doctor’s visit. In order for the communications to - printing on demand
be effective, the letters must be customized to the patients’ needs and - real-time variable data
reach them immediately following their appointment. Also, the entire
- security and accuracy
process must be designed for security and accuracy to protect the privacy
of sensitive medical information. - same-day distribution

In the set up phase of this project, Global Printing worked with the
client to build a secure, continuous data feed yielding a personalized
letter ranging from two to ten pages in length. After the documents are
printed and inserted into envelopes, they are individually hand-checked
to ensure 100% accuracy. Following the quality control process, the
letters are mailed out on a same day basis.

Case study:


REXAM, a major industrial firm, was searching for a way to centralize project highlights
the production and shipping of human resources materials to its offices
around the country. Global Printing provided a solution whereby - web-based collateral system
individual offices can order the latest version of documents which are - printing on demand
printed and delivered on demand.
- same-day distribution

Global Printing built a proprietary web-based system on behalf of the

client. Branch office HR departments around the country now have
over 40 choices of documents to request, depending on their location
and employee type. Orders are then sent to corporate headquarters for

Once approved, orders are sent to Global Printing for on-demand

printing and delivery. Because documents are submitted by corporate
headquarters as changes are made, the client can be sure that employees
will see the latest official version of the necessary documents.

case studies: publisher support
Case study:

Motley Fool

The Motley Fool, a major financial publisher, required continuous project highlights
printing of newsletters and reports as well as on-demand distribution
and marketing services. Global Printing built a work flow system for - outsourced bookstore
printing new material, storing inventory, and fulfilling orders on a same- - printing on deadline
day basis.
- third party inventory storage

Today Global Printing continues to print several thousand units of - same-day fulfillment
nine different newsletters each month. Each newsletter is taken from
submission through proofing, printing, and mail drop in under a week.

In addition to storing previous newsletters on site, Global Printing takes

in inventory of other materials for sale through Motley Fool’s web site
for a comprehensive fulfillment service.

Global Printing distributes thousands of newsletters and books each

week. Book buyers receive a customized mailing label describing what’s
inside, including teaser information on related titles.

Case study:

Access Intelligence

Access Intelligence, a major business publisher, had decades of experience project highlights
in print and web production but required outside help to develop an
interactive CD-ROM to accompany its market-leading satellite industry - software development
directory. - CD-ROM production

- custom packaging
Global Printing, which was already working on the printed edition
of the satellite directory, quickly created an interactive software tool - inventory and fulfillment
for loading the document, navigating the content, and cross-linking
advertisers inside. Global then mass-produced the CD-ROM and added
the product to Access Intelligence’s on-site inventory for shipping on

Case study:


TeleGeography, an international telecommunications market research project highlights

firm, has worked with Global Printing for over 10 years on projects
ranging from digital book printing to offset map printing to complete - printing on demand
inventory and fulfillment services. - map poster printing

- inventory and fulfillment

In addition to publishing support services, Global has helped
TeleGeography build its direct mail marketing capabilities for clients in - international direct mail
the US and over 100 other countries. At each step of its relationship,
Global advised TeleGeography on efficient mail piece design as well as
bulk shipping for domestic and foreign destinations.

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