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Colors & Symbols
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Deirdre LeBlanc

Birds are most seen at rest. represents leadership and strength in the face of opposition. rarely flying. guardianship. victory. They stand for speed. joy and masculinity. Animals: The Stag. it has evolved to mean Christ in Christian representation. Evergreens mean eternal youth and health. Another male symbol. and the rooster brings good fortune. Song birds represent spring and the pushing away of evil. in the old Trypillian culture. represented leadership. Fish and hens for a bride.todeirdre. were believed to pull the sun along in its daily journey. Understandably. endurance and prosperity. the Cossacks especially revered the horse. Sunflowers wish us health. Fish: Ancient in its early symbolism for fertility. Wheat bestows a bountiful harvest (prosperity) and also good health. Horses in ancient times. charity.com . The hen is the bearer of the talismanic egg. Deirdre's Pysanky Booklet www. during the cult of the sun. They signify patience and good luck. the Ram. Birds symbolize fulfillment of wishes and fertility. Spiders are highly stylized and incorporate the sun symbol. The Dog means loyalty. the rooster also predicts a rich married life with many children.Symbols 2 Plants: Flowers symbolize love. roosters for the groom are very popular for weddings. exultation and vigilance. Rams also stand for perseverance and dignity. and its symbolism is deeply enmeshed in Ukrainian lore. and good hunting. beauty and wisdom. As a symbol of masculinity. Petals or teardrop shapes mean the same as the whole flower.com • emailus@todeirdre. so that the powers of their symbolism remain and are not temporary.

signify defense or protection. Kucheri. for without water your crops will fail. something that is to be contained. Lomana. Wolves Teeth offer protection from harm. Deirdre's Pysanky Booklet www. On pysanky they represent eternity and long life.com . a straight line encircling the egg. It may also represent water or waves with growth and cleansing properties. Water meanders wish prosperity forever. Examples of these are: Miandyr. Around a central design that has a specific wish. symbolizes eternity or the continuous thread of life. engrailed and inverted lines. Zubchasta. bends.com • emailus@todeirdre. Prjama. indicates fire as the symbol of the sun or life-giving heat. In the western world they mean the hero’s quest and long life. the embattled line.todeirdre. signifies a forest or enclosure. the saw. suggest a place of meeting or union of opposites. such as land meeting water.Symbols 3 Ribbons or Meanders are running designs that have no end. the meander makes that wish eternal.

so that looking at any Bezkonechnyk.com . It is used to separate one ribbon from another or to surround the symbolism within each ribbon for eternity. another meander.eternity within the Orphic egg. reflecting the influences of open spaces and water. much like the Yin and Yang symbol. In the isolated mountainous areas. Deirdre's Pysanky Booklet www. It also mean eternity. In ancient times they represented the stars in the heavens. waves and immortality. Dots.com • emailus@todeirdre. and is almost always seen in unbroken form so that the thread of life will not be broken.todeirdre. whether right side up. The different styles of this symbol are all reflected in negative and positive space. In the central and eastern regions. However. in the Christian sense. the diamonds would then help the recipient of the egg to gain that knowledge. It’s a good idea to add flowers or yellow with diamonds so that the knowledge contains wisdom. you still see the same design. if a person is seeking knowledge about something in particular. Diamonds are the symbol of knowledge that is being sought. and motion depicting infinity. is an ancient form that is very popular in all regions of Ukraine. it is more expansive. A dot within a circle represents the axis of the universe . It means harmony. or upside down. Bezkonechnyk.Symbols 4 Doroha-Smuha is the ribbon or belt. are the fallen tears of Mary as she wept for Jesus at the cross. it is small and delicate.

the star will have a diamond shape in its center. If the upright cross is used to begin a star pattern.Symbols 5 Sieves are made with vertical and horizontal crosshatching. They are usually drawn in eight points.todeirdre. so they stand for metamorphosis. If the X pattern.com . Stars incorporate crosses. A more ancient meaning of the triangle stood for “female”. “woman”. adulthood and old age/death. They also announce the coming of spring. or St.com • emailus@todeirdre. Second in importance to the sun. but also means love and affection. Combs suggest putting things in order. the center of the star will be a square. Andrew’s cross is used. stars are the most frequently drawn symbol. The points are always in even numbers as even numbers foretell good fortune. Rozha (the Rose) is interchangeable with the star motif. but six are also used. and represent contained knowledge. change and regeneration Deirdre's Pysanky Booklet www. motherhood as well as the giver of life. and gifts. Three teeth can represent the three stages in life. Rakes and Ladders mean good husbandry and prosperity. Stars mean success. They signify the separation of good and evil. as did the old symbol of the triangle: birth. Butterflies stand for the resurrection and rebirth. Baskets are triangles or diamonds with diagonal crosshatching.

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