…I was the man who unsealed my friend’s wife at first.

I am going to tell you the story of those days when I was unmarried young chap, shynatured boy having an attractive figure. Since college time when I was a medical student many of my female colleagues wanted me to have sexy terms with them because of my charming personality. But due to being reserve-natured I never liked to have close-terms with any of them. I was the master of my own will. No body could reach me directly without showing the reason. I had a friend who was recently transferred to another city while going to join his duty in a new city he requested me to take care of his family therefore I used to visit his home where only his wife lived with her unmarried sister-inlaw. Once upon a time I went to see her family I knew that my friend’s wife whom I used to call “Bhabhi” had fallen ill for last two days. She had been suffering from Malaria so the temperature was too high. I had made a promise with my friend to take care of his family after him; therefore it was my duty to provide her the best treatment to bring her back to the normal condition. Bhabhi, my friend’s wife requested me to stay that night with them because there was no male person who could help them in the night time. I was convinced at this point and stayed there. We all of three (my friend’s sister, his wife and me) talked on the different topics to a long time and when the clock stroke twelve I advised my friend’s sister to go to her bed while I kept watching the patient sitting near her bed. After the sister had gone to her bed she (patient) begged some water to drink and asked me that I should also take rest. I said nothing to her but remained sitting near her. Now it was one o’clock. I checked the pulse of the patient that was slightly normal and the fever had come down. She requested me to press her head as it was aching a little, I did so. After a while she, pulling my hand placed it on her left breast, said to me, “Please check my heart-beating up and let me know how it is.” I told her that it was quite normal therefore she had no need to worry at all. She moaned me thanks then I patted on her cheek and advised her to have a sound sleep. She told me that she wanted to go to toilet so I should help in getting her up. I caught her solder and helped lifting her up. She came back from toilet in such a tottering way as if her legs were not supporting her weakened body so I giving a good support to her body made her lie on the bed and advised to sleep. I still kept on watching sitting aside her. She insisted me to lie down on the bed next to hers. Saying nothing I remained sitting there. She took my hands in hers and kissed paying me thanks. A request ‘to press her aching head’ was made again. This time I had understood well that it was not a request but just an open invitation to keep me in the touch of her body. I could feel her warm breaths on my hands but I kept pressing her head calmly. She asked me to rub some Vicks on her aching chest. I could say some thing before it she told me not to hesitate a little after all I was a doctor, who should have no hesitation while treating the patient. She was right at her point but she was not only a patient after all she was my friend’s wife too. I wanted not to do any wrong that might get me ashamed before my friend and her family members. Not willingly I had to apply some Vicks (an ointment) on her chest. While rubbing the Vicks I felt her chest was widely open. There was no blouse and bra on her. She had switched off the light so all it was not visible but every thing could be felt clearly. My hands were on her well-maintained rounded breasts those were going up and down with her breath. She told me if I had rubbed her tits gently applying some ointment on it she would feel so nice of it. I opposed first but in the last I had to do it all what she

wished. I was feeling a strange thrill in my entire body and got shocked when she led my hands below her stomach onwards the midst area of her pubic. I any how controlled myself but said nothing. It didn’t take time to know that my manhood was being challenged by the foul activities of my friend’s wife. If she wanted to seduce me for a foul act I felt a little but ignored it soon. Mean while she pulled me very closed to her face, moaned a little and said, “Please do one thing…would you do it?” “What…! I do if I could” I asked. First she hesitated then said, “Please give me a close embrace for which I am eager for a long.” It is not possible Bhabhi…” I exclaimed loudly. “How could dare you! After all you are my friend’s wife. Please let your senses come back. You don’t know what you are saying.” She exclaimed too. “Yes, I can better distinguish the difference between right and wrong. Don’t preach me like a saint. Do you know your friend is not able to fulfill my sexual appetite? He is just an impotent person. Have I no right to satisfy my sexual requirements for which every female needs a man?” She was right! I said sorry to her then she pulled me down to her bed and began to kiss me again and again. I felt a deep excitement in my entire body and began to lose all my senses for which I was preaching my friend’s wife since a long. My character, my manhood it all began to melt when she pushed my hand to her pubic region and squeezed it between her thighs. I tried to explore her pubic area that was entirely wet. It was discharging some thing like watery secretion. I slipped my finger ahead. What it was! I felt as if my finger had touched a hot forge. She moaned and squeezed my finger in. She had shut her eyes and hid her face in the pillow. She was breathing very heavily and murmuring with ecstasy. Soon her words attacked my ears “Oh my dear brother-in-law, please do your finger in and out in me. Oh… I can control over my sexual appetite no more. Please do some thing to quench my thirst, for which my entire body is burning a lot. I was quite helpless before her. All the rigidity of my ideal character had gone off. Then I stepped my fingers slowly all over her naked body. Actually her entire body was quite naked. I didn’t remember when she put all her clothes off. I embraced her very closely and began to pay the role of her husband. She tried to find my manhood with one of her hand. Another hand was on my back. I also had come in my natural position I mean naked…quite naked. My hands were playing with her hard rounded breasts. The tits were too hard that were being sucked with my lips. Really I enjoyed it most. No nice moments like that had ever come in my life by then. She was fingering the midst part of her thighs and moaning in a very sexy voice. “Oh… oh… do some thing please…. I am dying with heat. Please thrust your huge fatty roller in side me…. Oh no! Won’t you satisfy me with all your might… are you unable too… to make me a woman…like your friend. You know I am still a virgin. No one could breach my virginity, your friend too. Please tear mine...my every thing that is inside me with some of your strong jerks. Oh …Please strike your rod just in the midst area of my thighs otherwise… what I will do you can’t imagine. “What will you do then…. Let me know.” I asked her given a smile to my lips. She became shied and hid her head into my chest. She looked very innocent at that time. I asked myself if she was really wrong at her doings. No not at all. She was really a sincere lady. If she demands for her rights what is wrong in it. I felt a true sympathy with her. I closed her warm, heated body with mine. After a long termed exploration we came to the main activity for which she was awaiting for a long since she had been married with my

friend. I put then my stiffened and erect rod that was leaking some watery fluid at the top of it in just midst of her thighs and pushed it inward slowly. As my rod tried to get a little in side she screamed loudly. I kept my palm tightly on her mouth thinking lest her sister-in-law would be awakening up. She had controlled over the pain arose in the inner part of her body. She was really a virgin by that time. I was the man who broke her seal at first. That day she knew how to enjoy the sex. Her thighs were trembling, her boat-shaped part which was hidden between both of her thighs was throbbing upward and back as if it was ready to swallow my long, fatty cream-roll. Therefore, wasting no more time I started to give some hard thrusts into hers. She began to shout…Oh dear....fantastic...very fantastic …your performance has won my heart. Oh…! I love you too much my dear…Please don’t stay for a moment… I am now about to reach the peak of heavens. I continued my work fast…faster and fastest as much as I could run through her throbbing cave. It appeared as if a super-fast engine was running through the rocky hole breaking it into pieces. She began to cry with ecstasy. It was my first experience with her who proved me the best workshop for my practice. At last she was about to discharge her fluid therefore, she began to toss her waist to take my entire shaft into her throbbing cave. She was still moaning with joy. I was on my extremities too. My semen was about to ejaculate in hers so I pumped her so rapidly as fast as I could do. She had no sound or screaming except keeping on moaning with ecstasy. And the next moment I gave a strong jerk into her and my semen fell in to her hot throbbing cave. She clenched my buttocks with her legs tightly kept upon them and then we both remained lying still and immovable for some moments. We both were entirely satisfied with each-other. She had been transformed into a woman having lost her chastity. Her thighs and nearby area was aching from where a thick fluid mixed with bloody secretion was oozing. After a while I got up and sat on a chair pretending as I had slept upon it all the night long. It was really a memorable night. The story doesn’t reach its end here but it was just a half part of it. Rest of the part of this story would be told tomarrow. I hope that every one could wait for it with a deep patience till I return with the next part of this story. Thank you! Good bye! See you! JANAKI AUNTY: UNEXPECTED SEXUAL ENCOUNTER - MURALI I had spent the evening watching the start of the Olympic Games with a classmate, but when the show ended; Raghu got a call from a girl and left. It was late and since I didn't have a car, I decided to crash on the living room sofa. I woke up to the sound of someone falling down and while I thought it might have been Raghu, I discovered it was his mother. It was nearly two in the morning and my Raghu's mom, Janaki, was home drunk. There wasn't anything I could do for Janaki except to help her up the stairs and in bed as quickly as possible. Once I managed to get Janaki into her bedroom, she declared that I was trying to take advantage of her. I apologized immediately to Janaki if she thought I had touched her improperly; but my comments only caused Janaki to smile.

Janaki acted if it was all just a joke as she kicked off her high heel pumps. A few seconds later, Janaki had slipped off her dress and was standing naked before me. Janaki said of recognizing the way I was looking at her and knew what I must have been thinking. Janaki then climbed on to the middle of her bed, before smiling again as she spread her legs. Janaki reached between her legs and asked if reality measured up with my imagination. I wasn't really sure of what to do, as it appeared that Janaki wasn't drunk and simply testing to see of what I might do if I thought she was. Janaki was showing her pussy and gave flying kisses as she continued to smile at me before finally say, "Do you want me?" What a change in personalities, as one moment Janaki was almost mocking me and in the next I find Janaki almost pleading for me to make love to her. And while I've had sex with a couple of girls, this was totally different as I had a voluptuous adult woman pleading for me to have sex with her. I wasn't stupid as I moved between Janaki's splay legs and began licking her pussy. Janaki responded immediately to the sensation of my tongue licking her pussy as she placed her hands on my head before moaning of how good my tongue felt. Janaki also gave me directions to where she wanted me to lick and what to do with my fingers. I did everything that Janaki suggested and brought her to climax as she sprayed my face with love honey. It took me a bit by surprise, as while I've had girls ooze cum; the amount that came out of Janaki caused nearly my entire head to be covered with the fluids. After her orgasm subsided, Janaki pushed me from between her legs and caused me to almost wonder if she had regained her senses; but I quickly discovered that Janaki wasn't through with me yet as she got me on my back and began undressing me. Once she had me nude, Janaki lowered her pussy back over my mouth while she went to work on my penis. Janaki was totally different from the girls I had been with, as she was in no hurry to take my penis into her mouth. Instead, Janaki used her tongue to lick up and down the shaft of my penis and even attempted to take one of my nuts into her mouth. Janaki was like a hungry animal at times as I felt her teeth scrap against the shaft of my penis as well as on the

bulbous head. Janaki concentrated her efforts on the most sensitive parts of my penis and unlike the girls my own age, Janaki made no effort in attempting to deep throat me. I really had to wonder about Janaki's ex-husband as it surprised me that a man could give up on a woman that could give head like Janaki was performing on me. I had my mouth on Janaki's clit and was finger-fucking her, but while she let out a couple of moans; Janaki maintained her concentration and brought me to climax. Janaki gripped my penis and swallowed my ejaculation if it was the nectar of the gods. When she finished, Janaki moved like a panther as she moved from straddling over my face to my erection. Janaki moaned, "Oh god, I need this" as my erection slowly disappeared into her pussy. Janaki demonstrated the skill that none of my girlfriends ever demonstrated, as unlike the girls that simply sat on my penis; Janaki gripped the bars of the headboard before moving to a straddle position. Janaki used this position to slide effortlessly up and down on my erection, while I felt her pussy grip down on my penis like warm glove. Janaki was like an animal in heat as in between moans she cursed at me to join her and I did, as I thrust my hips up off the bed and could feel the head of my penis bottom out on the back of Janaki's pussy. Janaki and I stayed fucking with her on top until she experienced an orgasm and collapsed on top of me. Janaki and I had both worked up a good sweat as we rested for a moment before I rolled Janaki on her back before fucking in the missionary position. Janaki moaned for me to fuck her harder, as she lifted herself off the bed to meet the thrust of my erection. It was at this time that I developed the idea that it might have been Janaki's intense sexual appetite that frightened her husband away. After I climaxed, I rested on top of Janaki and kissed her while my cock was still lodged in her pussy. Janaki and I stayed in this position for a few minutes before we went into the adjoining bathroom to clean up in the shower. When we returned to the bedroom, Janaki crawled back into bed and seeing her on all fours got me going. I placed my hands on Janaki's hips and held her in place as I ate out her pussy from behind. Janaki moaned and gasped in response to the oral love making, but once I felt my penis

ready for intercourse, I replaced my tongue with my penis. I fucked Janaki doggie style and pummeled her pussy. Having climaxed twice already numbed my cock and drained my nuts, as it gave me the opportunity to give Janaki the most intense lovemaking of the evening. Janaki was a moaner, as she was very verbal in responding to the sensation of my erect penis sliding in and out of her pussy. Listening to Janaki moan and gasp in conjunction of how great her pussy made my penis feel was better than Viagra ever could. And Janaki knew all the little tRaghus that made what I was doing even better as she instructed me to reach around her thigh and tickle her clitoris as I continued my lovemaking; thus causing Janaki to have the most intense orgasm yet that left her collapsed on the bed. I withdrew my penis before rolling Janaki on her back; allowing me to move between Janaki's legs and lick at her pussy. Janaki moaned and cursed in response to the sensation of my tongue sliding between the swollen folds of her pussy. After several minutes, Janaki screamed for me to lick her clitoris with my tongue and to use my fingers to fuck her pussy. I did as Janaki wanted and brought her to yet another climax, but before her orgasm subsided, Janaki screamed for me to fuck her with my cock. I did as Janaki wanted as I fucked her with a vengeance before I experienced my third orgasm of the evening, but despite having spilled my seed in Janaki's pussy, I continued to fuck her. Our lovemaking didn't end until Janaki reached between her legs to do as she had suggested while fucking her doggie style as Janaki rubbed at her clitoris to trigger yet another orgasm. Janaki and I were exhausted, as we slept together with my penis still lodged in her pussy before waking up a! nd showering yet again. We toweled off before getting dressed just in time to get to the kitchen as my friend (Raghu), Janaki's son returned home a bit wasted; Janaki told Raghu to get some rest as she would take care of me and true to her word, Janaki has taken care of my every needs.