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July, |,957







Brc scerr MoDELS are always impressive, and for this "first 772 in Europe" help to emwhen the subject is a perfectly proportioned bellish the bright decorative scheme and the Cessna 772, with traditionally bright American aluminium finish is easily reproduced by metal colour scheme, trike undercarriage and a fuselage polishing a coat of silver dope. capacious enough for any radio gear, one can Construction, though not for beginners, is quite readily appreciate how Peter Holland's design has simple. Wing and tail halves detach for transportajoined ArnouoDELLER Plans Service. tion and the fuselage presents the only carrying The model is 1/6th full size-just 6 ft. wing problem. Built-up formers are cemented to the span and construction has been kept as simple as basic $ in. sheet sides, top and bottom, making possible. Initially it was tested as pure free-flight, assembly very simple, planking being required then it was equipped with radio, and Peter's own for the radiused corners and cowling. Window speciality-a "pendulator". This ingenious device sections on the doors open to give interior access takes over in the event of over-control and prevents should R/C be fitted. Point to hatch on the wing a button happy operator from spiral diving such is that spars have to be lifted off the board to allovra fine inherently stable model. Further details of for letting into ribs, and the outer sections are the "pendulator" are included on the full-size plan. raised when building for incorporated dihedral. Light weight (less than 3 lbs.) is one of the Being a tricycle UiC, the front unit employs a contributing factors to the stability virtues of the sensible torsion bar springing with a stop to prevent design (it climbs at a steady angle with the AM25 a complete fold-back. rewing moderately on a 10 x 6 nylon prop) and .Has this whetted your appetite for big-stuff? whether required for sport flying or precision The full-size plan is packed with constructional radio work, it is a most attractive aircraft to see and colour detail gen to enable one to make a around the flying field. Much credit for the inspiraperfect replica of this fine modelling subject. tion to build the plane should go to Swiss Al2 and Wakefield 1.. .rr r :: r, : 1.. " . :: ,:.:,-: expert Rrun o Bachli, n ow wit h S w issa ir,who flie s the f ull s iz e : : , - , l. HB-CPD regularly from Kloten .:..1r.....,"jjr;i,:.;ii and personafiy demonstrated its ;.;,j.= ,., , ,,;;,,i1:ii'il : ' ". '; ,, 1;j, , . ; lirworthy charmg to our Asst. Ed. last July. Swiss markings iir ', $ar,

Large size, lightweight and perfect proportions of the Cessna 172 tnake it an ideal model for those uho are able to ,ranspora ,he raaher bulky luselage, -*i* Pe,e; Holland. is seen herb in" prototype in these t@o photos. The model has alrea<Iy been subjected to stringent tests under and raclio flight free-flight controlled conditions.

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