Health Canada National Guidelines January 12, 2012 Open Letter

Minister of Health Health Canada Deputy Minister Glenda Yeates Health Canada Assistant Deputy Minister Hilary Geller Health Canada Ms Beth Pieterson, Director General Health Canada

January 12, 2012 The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq

Re: Canadian Guidelines for Wind Turbine Noise Working Group of the FPT Committee on Health and the Environment (FPT) Since mid-2011, Ms Beth Harrington and I have met and corresponded with members of your team regarding the draft Canadian Guidelines for Wind Turbine Noise Working Group of the FPT Committee on Health and the Environment (FPT) (National Guidelines). Ms Harrington and I have communicated with you directly regarding our concerns. Mr Eric Gillespie, has corresponded with you regarding the harm to human health that can occur when industrial wind turbines are sited too close to residents. Ms Harrington and I are concerned that the Ontario Guidelines are perceived as acceptable in other jurisdictions.

David Hutton, (Star Phoenix January 11, 2012) reports in an article entitled “Sask. to use federal setback standards for turbines” that Saskatchewan’s chief medical health officer states “The national guidelines, which have been circulated in draft form, will closely match those in place in Ontario, where the provincial government spells out a minimum distance of 550 metres…” The article goes on to report “Saskatchewan will defer to the federal guidelines, a move that likely won’t quell a growing number of anti-wind activists who are calling for more stringent home grown regulations as the province expands wind power.” “At this stage, they’re looking very similar to Ontario,” said Dr. Moira McKinnon, Saskatchewan’ chief medical health officer. “There will only be minor discrepancies (to Ontario’s regulations).” However, as the highest health authority in Canada, you have been advised through correspondence and two legal opinions that based on evidence and / or testimony under oath obtained during the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT), the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal Decision, July 18, 2011, an Ontario Ministry of Environment Freedom of Information request, and an inventory of peer reviewed articles published in academic and scientific journals during 2011, it is clear the Ontario Guidelines for industrial wind turbines are not protective of human health and that harm occur if industrial wind turbines are in too close proximity to humans. Ms Harrington and I are also aware that a September 23, 2011 Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) request revealed that participants on the National Guidelines committee were not vetted for credentials, expertise and affiliations. The ATIP revealed that:

We respectfully request that members of the Canadian Guidelines for Wind Turbine Noise Working Group of the FPT Committee on Health and the Environment (FPT) be formally advised by your Office, that based on recent information, the Ontario Guidelines are not protective of human health. A 2011 Ontario Environmental Review tribunal decision found that “serious harm to human health” includes “indirect impacts (e.g., a person being exposed to noise and then exhibiting stress and developing other related symptoms).” In December 2011 the Ontario government released a consultant report which explicitly acknowledges at typical Ontario wind turbine setbacks and noise levels a nontrivial

percentage of Ontarians are expected to be highly annoyed and experience stress related health impacts. We note that in Australia, the State of Victoria is requiring a 2 km setback for new wind facilities. Our intention is to avoid confusion and potential misinformation. We urge that as the highest health authority in Canada, Health Canada inform the public about the current status of the Ontario Guidelines. For further detail, please refer to the attachments provided. We also request a meeting with you to discuss this important matter. We would be willing to arrange a meeting with members of Ontario families who are experiencing adverse health effects, some of which have abandoned their homes and/or have reached financial arrangements with wind energy developers. Thank you for giving this request your serious consideration. Respectfully submitted, Ms Carmen Krogh Ms Beth Harrington

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