Contemporary Art Final Project

Not afraid of love, 2000 by Maurizio Cattelan

This means how much we appreciate and value our lives. When I look to this piece of art. But what is art? Art is a way to let you go. let these feelings out. In other cultures they think that women were born to be always with their husbands and must dedicate their lives only to raise their family. society teaches us how love should be«perfect. Maybe because I relate it with my life or with the society attitude. ideologies and social pressure. So love is not the same for all in the way they live it. But love does not always involve feelings towards others but also to one selves. love is so more powerful than that because it can move lives. Be intelligent expressing what you feel there will always be many ways to do it. Love is the feeling that makes you do things that you never thought you would do for someone else and that makes you feel comfortable. We can find love evidences through many art works. create stories and where you could create a reality that will make you a better person because you will be the person you want to be. when we stop believing in the reality we see and in the goals we have. Love is also shown when you help others to solve problems and support them because in life there will always be difficult times since life is not pink as in the fairytales. This piece of art moves me in different ways. experiences. Love is not only about a woman and a man in a relationship. but this rain is not composed of water but it¶s composed by images and scenes with a lot of colors that fall quickly. Since we are children. Some others believe that a man must have many wives. So in those times of gray skies we have to be intelligent and not let unpleasant emotions bring us down and with down I refer when we stop believing in ourselves. These scenes represent movies. our goals. like expressing through art. our health and our interests. Many times we are pushed into certain ideas and forms of life but we need to be strong enough to put limits because if we are not comfortable with this situation we must do .Through history there have always been evidences of the existence of love in human beings. So I believe that this is the meaning that society must teach because true love is expressed by loyalty of the one that is always there for you. between a girl and a boy that they love each other forever and ever and will be happy forever without problems. to the eyes of the elephant I feel like if I were transported to a place where it is raining. advertisements. society. Many stories had been told and their plot depends on the context either by time or by the culture.

money. And think. scenes and mores scenes. I am alone in this place but at the same time I feel with a lot of pressure because I have to decide just one thing! There is not an exit door or a button that you could push and go away from that place and the rain does not stop. But I wont rush. now I think that I need to take some advantage of this new experience. But this reminds me of pop art!! This kind of art is so funny because the artists are making fun of the social life and the capitalism system and people don¶t even imagine the meaning of this art. . living with honesty and the soul of people. also I see some ³magical´ products? Sometimes I ask to myself how people can believe in these lies. I see another one where a woman is cooking because it is the only thing she knows how to do. etc. and now I am seeing a funny one! I am seeing a Shrek and a Fiona image. in this rainy place. Now I am seeing some commercials from the TV where models seem to be perfect. That of course won¶t be material things. Again when I look at the piece of art and see myself in this place I feel like if I have to choose some of these scenes in order to follow the same story. I will take my time in this place although I feel afraid. They look special because they are special. afraid of having to decide just one way of living« same as me. with this decision you will be happy? Or you will be trying to make the others happy? The elephant is scared and I feel exactly the same when I look to his eyes because I don¶t really know what ideology I must believe in. Still there. but here one must be careful because there are many stories and when you already chose one there is not a way back. because society maybe expects us to be something that we really are not. I like it when artists make their own reality and they don¶t care if people get it or not or even if they like it or not.something to change it. these images represent many cultures«for example I am seeing one where there is a princess and her prince.. they know the important things are feelings. They don¶t follow the mass and they know what the important things in life really are. The elephant is hiding under a sheet because he is afraid of all this pressure. I will continue walking and looking at these images that fall. Scenes. I have to say that I really like this image because it is so different to the other ones because they look happy being different and seems like they don¶t care what the others think about them so they enjoy being authentic.

there are so many moments that a person lives since you are a kid and all these experiences are forming your personality and your way of thinking about all things that are around us every day. there people hide something and they are not acting correctly. I do not like these images because they are so false and because they don¶t really look very happy because they think they deserve more and more and they forget to act for the benefit of a nation. but at the same time we can find a contradiction because this movement also has some characteristics likes these: lost of innocence. But the saddest thing is that nobody does anything and I know that maybe it is not that easy but it is so sad to see that this blind governments have caused so much violence and all this unfairness. It is because it is the closest thing we have to magic. it¶s the way for . But the power of imagination and creating another reality is one characteristic that we don¶t have or at least we don¶t think about it because we are so in the routine that we don¶t give us that time to escape from the reality that society demands. maybe our system needs to understand this art because it could make a positive change. and all these characteristics we can find them in our system. violence. the fourth is a guy that saves his money to be able to visit his girlfriend to other country. So now that I have seen all these images in the rain I am thinking that I don¶t really have to be or feel pressure because it¶s my life. So I will go on with this journey. Also I realize that the more time I spend looking at this rain the less afraid I feel to be here. And maybe this situation is improving but we all have to help to this process.Now I see some images that are like the government. here are many images but now I will describe them. With these images I remember the surrealism art because this movement goes beyond the traditional conventions. The first one is a man taking care of his baby because the mother is working. Now that this pleasant time in the rain is almost ending I can tell that this is real love! Maybe it wont always be perfect and many times we could get hurt but if we don¶t take the chance to know love we wont really live all the beautiful moments that this feeling has and maybe I am finding the reason why all human beings look for love. it is like a completely different feeling because now I am feeling comfortable. fear. it is the way I see art. With every step I make I am thinking so many things because I am realizing that this rain is like life. this part of the rain feels like different. the second image is a girl taking care of her mother because she is sick. the third image is a teen buying some food for poor children. instinctive.

if you feel good with yourself it will be fine.metroartwork. Now I really feel good. I can change it and use to guide me to the goals that I want to achieve. It took me 30 years to understand that if I was a failure it wasn't my fault. 2000). So the contemporary art for me is a very different experience because it is a way to go beyond your limits. how you look. appreciates others. to challenge yourself. Bibliography: Metro &dq=contemporary+art&hl=en&ei=AOvTTv6MG5L9iQKj1YCqDg&sa=X&oi=boo k_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CEoQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=contempor ary%20art&f=false . to create new scenarios and why not to go crazy and construct or destroy new to feel love and I realize that it is my reality and I can control questions about art. I guess in the end that's what we all are trying to love without limits and is really intelligent then our world might become a different and better one. Ill: University of Chicago Press.htm Smith. I think that if every human being lets himself create a new reality. http://www. http://books. from. Maurizio Cattelan. Recovered the November 26. Art. (2009). (2011). of life and of your own reality.php?manufacturers_id=51 S. new art. find a way out. Esaak. 2009. So the most important thing of this piece of art is that no matter how you are. I realize that it is not easy to get it at the first time and its true. I feel happy because I just have discovered that if I don¶t really enjoy my life I will not be living. most concerned with making a living. But you have to be sure and be able to take out the sheet and really don¶t be afraid of love. Recovered the November 26." (Cattelan. and set some rules that could work for me and a few others. I had to reinvent a system. from.What is contemporary art? Chicago.about. T. the author of this piece of art said: ³I was a loser.

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