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Cuestionario de Ingls

1. are sports at good you? 2. are how they old ? 3. America been have you to ? 4. today you seen have boss your ? 5. of a He a on tattoo arm snake his had / 6. at in I the of tears film end the was / 7. upright against the wall ladder Put the 8. is ticket valid for week Your one bus 9. assistant the shop tomatoes The weighed 10. glass the must pay it Whoever for broke / 11. is more disease widespread The becoming / 12. money the into my account I bank paid / 13. will box be awkward carry This to big / 14. ice leg slipped his He the and on broke / 15. envelope knife slit with open a I the / 16. tomatoes butter bought I some some and / 17. comes sources information Our many from / 18. its away bird and wings flew The spread / 19. wallpaper walls stripped I the the off / 20. substitute butter can You for margarine / 21. in job finally She succeeded a getting / 22. is surroundings farm The beautiful in / 23. suspicious story police The are her of / 24. school qualifications with left He no / 25. telephone You bill get a quarter every / 26. are football reading interests My and / 27. that He he needs reassurance right is / 28. removed The from statue was museum the / 29. apples Nobody so picked the rotted they / 30. making The a children were row terrible / 31. its my head cat rubbed leg The against /

Cuestionario de Ingls

32. my the I on and knee wall fell scraped / 33. with first He at in her sight fell love / 34. in fell river drowned and the boy The / 35. a buys and cassette a book student Each / 36. in the empty hall footsteps His echoed / 37. treats workers company fairly This its / 38. serious a in machine the fault is There / 39. buses in the evenings are There fewer / 40. tall a outside window the figure saw I / 41. filed the students classroom The into / 42. first the of year the month is January / 43. flying through the window stone A came / 44. the hit fell with a ground bump and He / 45. grow Coffee will in a cold climate not / 46. names The list was written in code of / 47. and The rain the sun came out stopped / 48. bomb They concealed the in a suitcase / 49. close We live conveniently to the shops / 50. robbery Murder are serious and crimes / 51. a We stayed in delightful little hotel / 52. divided The book is into ten chapters / 53. died Thousands of people in the drought / 54. the can of this chair You adjust height / 55. applicants There the job six for were / 56. lying Her the room were around clothes / 57. too ice to is bear your thin weight The / 58. made The concrete blocks is of bridge / 59. some blew for the party We up balloons / 60. passport need cross the border You a to / 61. books I the library some from borrowed / 62. at actors end bowed of the the play The / 63. different There of dog many breeds are /

clothes (1) Relaciona cada palabra con su definicin

Cuestionario de Ingls

cape glove dressing gown denim bib apron bra gown boiler suit dress handkerchief fur bikini cardigan blouse dungarees coat
1. a piece of clothing that you wear over the front of your usual clothes in order to keep them clean, especially when cooking / /

2. a piece of cloth or plastic that a baby or small child wears under the chin to protect its clothes while it is eating/ / /

3. a piece of clothing, in two pieces, that women wear for swimming / 4. a piece of clothing like a shirt, that women wear / /

5. a piece of clothing that you wear over your normal clothes to protect them when you are doing dirty work / / /

6. a piece of clothing that women wear under their other clothes to support their breasts / 7. a piece of clothing with no sleeves that hangs from your shoulders / /

8. a warm piece of clothing, often made of wool, which you wear on the top half of your body. It has long sleeves and fastens at the front, usually with buttons / /

9. a piece of clothing that you wear over your other clothes to keep warm when you are outside / / 10. a thick cotton material (often blue) that is used for making clothes, especially jeans / /

11. a piece of clothing worn by a girl or a woman. It covers the body from the shoulders to the knees or below. / /

12. a piece of clothing like a loose coat with a belt, which you wear before or after a bath, before you get dressed in the morning, etc. / /

13. a piece of clothing, similar to trousers, but covering your chest as well as your legs and with narrow pieces of cloth that go over the shoulders / /

14. the skin and hair of an animal that is used for making clothes, etc.; a piece of clothing that is made from this / /

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15. a piece of clothing that covers your hand and has five separate parts for the fingers / 16. a long loose piece of clothing that is worn by judges, doctors performing operations, etc. / 17. a square piece of cloth or soft thin paper that you use for clearing your nose /

/ / /

Choose lane forest heath orchard hedgerow hill field village cottage farm inn stately home valley stream footpath
1. a path for people to walk on / /

2. a narrow road in the country /

/ /

3. a row of bushes, etc. especially at the side of a country road or around a field / 4. a high area of land that is not as high as a mountain / 5. a large area of land that is covered with trees / / /

6. the low land between two mountains or hills, which often has a river flowing through it / / 7. a small river / /

8. an area of land on a farm, usually surrounded by fences or walls and used for growing crops or keeping animals in / /

9. a group of houses with other buildings, for example a shop, school, etc., in a country area. It is smaller than a town / / /

10. a small and usually old house, especially in the country /

11. an area of open land that is not used for farming and that is often covered with rough grass and other wild plants / /

12. an area of land with fields and buildings that is used for growing crops and keeping animals / / 13. a piece of land on which fruit trees are grown / /

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14. a large old house that has historical interest and can be visited by the public / 15. a small hotel or old pub usually in the country

air forc blitz squadron enlist airbase air force cadet bomber pilot reconnaissance runway carrier jet engine land air raid wing mission veteran missile
1. an airport for military aircraft / /

2. the part of a country's military organization that fights in the air / 3. an attack by military aircraft / 4. a sudden effort or attack on sb/sth / / /

5. a young person who is training to be in the army, navy, air force or police /

/ /

6. a military vehicle or ship that is used for transporting soldiers, planes, weapons, etc. / 7. an important official job that sb is sent somewhere to do, especially to another country / / 8. the study of a place or area for military reasons / / /

9. to operate the controls of a vehicle, especially an aircraft or a boat / 10. a type of plane that drops bombs / /

11. a powerful exploding weapon that can be sent long distances through the air / 12. a long piece of ground with a hard surface where aircraft take off and land at an airport / / 13. a group of military aircraft or ships / / /

14. to join the army, navy or air force; to make sb a member of the army, etc. /

15. a powerful engine that makes planes fly by pushing out a current of hot air and gases at the back / / 16. the solid part of the surface of the earth/ /

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17. a person who has very long experience of a particular job or activity /

18. one of the two long parts that stick out from the side of a plane and support it in the air

airport jet passport control landing passport control tower take-off jet lag immigration control flight attendant runway cockpit check-in
1. the place where you check in at an airport / /

2. a building at an airport from which the movements of aircraft are controlled /

3. the control point at an airport where the passports and documents of people who want to come into a country are checked / /

4. an official document that identifies you and that you have to show when you enter or leave a country / / /

5. the place in an airport where you must show your passport / 6. a fast modern aeroplane with a jet engine / /

7. the tired feeling that people often have after a long journey in a plane to a place where the local time is different / /

8. a long piece of ground with a hard surface where aircraft take off and land at an airport / / 9. the moment when an aircraft leaves the ground and starts to fly / 10. the act of coming down onto the ground in an aircraft / / / /

11. a person whose job is to serve and take care of passengers on an aircraft / 12. the part of a plane where the pilot sits

eating out

cheese starter snack bar vegetarian menu chef caf course soup fast food steak pie pasta salad hamburger dessert
1. a list of the food that you can choose at a restaurant / /

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2. a professional cook, especially the head cook in a hotel, restaurant, etc. /

3. food that can be served very quickly in special restaurants and is often taken away to be eaten in the street / / / / /

4. a small restaurant that serves drinks and light meals / 5. a place where you can buy a small quick meal, such as a /

6. a small amount of food that is served before the main course of a meal / 7. the first, second, third, etc. separate part of a meal / 8. a person who does not eat meat or fish / / / /

9. something sweet that is eaten after the main part of a meal / 10. a thick flat piece of meat or fish / / /

11. liquid food made by cooking meat, vegetables, etc. in water /

12. a type of food made from milk. It is usually white or yellow in colour and can be soft or hard. / / 13. meat that has been cut up small and pressed into a flat round shape. It is often eaten in a bread roll. / /

14. an Italian food made from flour, water and sometimes eggs, formed into different shapes, cooked, and usually served with a sauce / / /

15. a type of food consisting of fruit, meat or vegetables inside a pastry /

16. a mixture of vegetables, usually not cooked, that you often eat together with other foods / /

hotel bed and breakfast full board porter half board reception guest chambermaid guest house board en suite single booking youth hostel vacancy hostel maid foyer

Cuestionario de Ingls

1. the place inside the entrance of a hotel or office building where guests or visitors go when they first arrive / /

2. a cheap and simple place to stay, especially for young people, when they are travelling / / 3. a person whose job is to be in charge of the entrance of a hotel or other large building / 4. the meals that are provided when you stay in a hotel, etc. / 5. (in a hotel, etc.) including all meals / / / /

6. a place like a cheap hotel where people can stay when they are living away from home / / 7. a woman whose job is to clean and tidy hotel bedrooms / / /

8. the arrangement you make in advance to have a hotel room, a seat on a plane, etc. / 9. a person who is staying at a hotel, etc. / /

10. a price for a room in a hotel, etc. which includes breakfast and an evening meal / 11. a bedroom for one person in a hotel, etc. / 12. a small hotel, sometimes in a private house / / /

13. a place to stay in a private house or small hotel that consists of a room for the night and breakfast; a place that provides this / / /

14. an entrance hall in a cinema, theatre, hotel, etc. where people can meet or wait / 15. (used about a bedroom and bathroom) forming one unit / 16. a woman whose job is to clean in a hotel or large house / 17. a room in a hotel, etc. that is available / / / /

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Read an do The real Snow White Adriana Caselotti was the first person to audition to be the voice of Snow White in the classic Walt Disney cartoon film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was to be over a year before she heard that she had indeed landed the job. She was 19 years old. Here, she tells her story.(1) ...'Then, once he had chosen someone, he always liked to copy the person's features for the cartoon character as much as possible. So, before the cartoonists could draw anything at all, he had to decide who would be the voice of Snow White.' (2) ...'He had wanted someone who could sing and speak as a child. Although the person had to sound young, she had to have operatic training to hit so many high notes. I was able to do this very easily because I was a natural singer.' (3) ...'I was having a ball, enjoying it so much. I really didn't know how phenomenally successful it would be.' (4) ...'It's turned out to be the most fabulous thing that's ever happened in my life. I can walk down the street and nobody will recognize me, but the moment I open my mouth they know it's Snow White. It's made my life so happy.' Choose the most suitable sentence to fill each gap in the text (1-5). Type the appropriate number next to each sentence below. Five of the sentences do not fit into any of the gaps - mark these with a 0 (zero). 'I didn't begin to realize that until the night of the premiere. When it was being made, I just did my work.' / / 'When that was done, he decided he would go with my hair colour, and at the time my hair was quite dark. Before then, I think she was going to be a blonde.' / / 'The film took over two years to make. Surprisingly, I only worked 44 days, but they were long ones. Of course, I was handed all my lines in advance and for the most part I worked alone, so I could accomplish very much during that time.' / / 'Then the musical director handed me the song 'Someday My Prince Will Come'. He went over to the piano to play for me and when I sang the song he was sold on me right then.' / / 'Everyone who was tried out for a part as a voice on a Walt Disney picture did so in front of Walt. But they didn't see him, as he always sat behind a curtain so as not to be influenced by the person's looks on this first encounter.' / /

Somes entences below have mistakes Correct the mistake

1. I'm really a keen on going to the cinema, so I've got lots of favourite / 2. films. But the best one as I've seen lately is called 'Pressure'. In some / / /

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3. ways, I suppose that you could regard it as a detective film but it's / 4. different from most films of that one kind because the characters are /

/ / / / / / / / / / / / /

5. they such unusual people. The detective in it, for example, is a computer / 6. expert who solves crimes on her computer using information given to / 7. her by her assistants, who go out and interview to people. The case in / 8. the film concerns about the wife of a millionaire, who has gone missing. / 9. Sometimes the plot gets a bit complicated but it isn't too hard to keep / 10. up with it. There are a lot of strange characters in it, such as a man / 11. who always wears two hats on, and some of the scenes really made me / 12. laugh. Also, there is a big surprise at the end but I won't say you what / 13. that is in the case you go to see it. It's very well acted and I also like / 14. the music in it. But what do I really like the most about it is that it is / 15. so original - I've certainly never seen another film that is quite like it. / 16. Last weekend all of the students in my class went on a trip to London / 17. to do some of sightseeing. We left very early in the morning so that / 18. we would be able to see as much places as possible. After getting off / 19. the coach somewhere which in the centre, the first place that we visited / 20. it was Buckingham Palace. As everyone knows, that is the place where / 21. the Queen lives in. Despite the fact that there were loads of tourists / 22. taking photographs there, I enjoyed seeing this famous building. Next / 23. we went to the Houses of Parliament, which is another one impressive / 24. place. Unfortunately, visitors couldn't go to inside that day. After that, / 25. we saw Downing Street, where the Prime Minister's house is. Then we / 26. sat and had our lunch in a very nice park at nearby. Then it was time / 27. to visit an art gallery called the Tate, and which had modern art in it. / 28. When we came out of there, our coach was waiting to take us back. I / 29. was tired by then because London is a rather noisy place. But I want / 30. to go back - there are lots of other famous places for to see there. / 31. I haven't seen Maria for a couple of months. 32. I've had a headache since lunchtime. 33. | haven't had a cigarette since three weeks! 34. I've known Julia for we went to university. 35. I've lived here since ten years. 36. | have studied English since I was at school. 37. Have you been here since a long time? / / / / / /


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38. I've had a bad cold for last weekend. 39. I haven't slept since the moment heard the noise 40. I haven't eaten anything for nine o 'clock this morning.

Sentence completion 1 Utiliza las palabras en negrita para completar la segunda frase manteniendo el significado de la primera. Puedes escribir un mximo de cinco palabras. No pongas ms de un espacio entre palabra y palabra. Utiliza las formas abreviadas de los verbos (didn't, won't, etc.).

1 I couldn't run any faster. incapable I/ / any faster.

2 I haven't been to a concert for months. last It's / / to a concert.

3 'Can I change my ticket?' I asked the assistant. change I asked the assistant if / / my ticket.

4 Joe organized the party and also paid for it. well Joe paid for the party / / it.

5 There was no meat left in the supermarket when I got there. run The supermarket / / meat when I got there.

6 Anne said that I had caused the problem. accused Anne / / the problem.

7 My interest in politics isn't as great as yours. 11

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interested I'm not / / are in politics.

8 James works late at the office fairly often. unusual It's not / / work late at the office.

9 We didn't see each other again for three years. before It was / / each other again.

10 I couldn't decide which course I wanted to do. mind I couldn't / / which course I wanted to do.

1 It's a pity I can't go to the game next Saturday. wish I/ / to the game next Saturday.

2 Dave couldn't drive well enough to pass his driving test. enough Dave wasn't a / / to pass his driving test.

3 In spite of losing his job, he remained cheerful. even He remained cheerful / 4 Do I have to fill in any forms? necessary Is / / me to fill in any forms?

/ his job.

5 This machine is so noisy that you can hear it in the street. noise This machine / 12 / that you can hear it in the street.

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6 I had difficulty understanding her accent. found I/ / understand her accent.

7 I'll try to contact Christine when I go to Paris. touch I'll try to / / Christine when I go to Paris.

8 Because the Managing Director was ill, he cancelled the meeting. caused The Managing Director's / / the meeting.

9 I only found out the truth because I heard the two of them talking. found If I hadn't heard the two of them talking, I / 10 Two brothers started the business in the US in the 1950s. set The business / Complete call up off by out
1. The police were called / to an emergency) 2. I'll call / / to pick up the book on my way to work. (to make a short visit to a place / to tell me the good news. (to telephone somebody) / because of the bad weather. (to cancel or person as you pass) 3. He called me / something ) 4. The football match was called / / to control the riot. (to ask somebody to come, especially

/ the truth.

/ two brothers in the US in the 1950s.

cut out to be cut down cut back cut off cut her head open cut out


Cuestionario de Ingls

1. We were / 2. to / 3. to / 4. to / 5. You're not / 6. She fell and /

/ before I could give her my message. (to stop or interrupt / a dress from a piece of cloth (to remove something or to form / a tree (to make something fall down by cutting it) / on public spending (to reduce something) / a soldier. (to have the qualities needed to do / . (to open something by cutting)

somebody's telephone conversation) something into a particular shape by cutting)

something; to be suitable for something or somebody)

give give up gave up give out gave himself up give away gave up
1. The suspected robber / they are trying to catch you) 2. The team / 3. Could you / to each person) 4. Her work was so poor that all her teachers / somebody to arrive, succeed, improve, etc) 5. I've tried many times to / 6. He smiled politely and didn't / / smoking. (to stop doing or having something / his real feelings. (to show or tell the truth that you had done or had regularly before) about something or somebody which was secret) / on her. (to stop expecting / once the other team had scored their third goal. (to stop trying / these books to the class, please? (to give one of something to do something; to accept that you cannot do something) / to the police. (to go to the police when

alone/lonely/only choose the correct option

1. ...a alone|lonely|onlyand deserted beach... 2. There's alone|lonely|onlyone pillow - I'll toss you for it. 3. Leave me alone|lonely|only, you big bully! 4. I alone|lonely|onlychose to do it because of you.


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5. I feel very alone|lonely|only. 6. I was alone|lonely|onlyjoking. 7. It's better to leave well alone|lonely|only. 8. Permit holders alone|lonely|only. 9. I got bored|boringwith my job, so I resigned. 10. a long and bored|boringjourney 11. I find his novels bored|boring. 12. The lesson was so bored|boringthat the students fell asleep. 13. It was such an awful film - I was bored|boringstiff. 14. This novel is good|better|bestthan any he's written before. 15. This is comedy at its good|better|best. 16. His second novel isn't anything like as good|better|bestas his first. 17. It was a pretty good|better|bestparty. 18. We are good|better|bestplaced than most. 19. They know good|better|bestthan the rest. 20. He's the good|better|bestplayer alive. 21. A good|better|besteducation should not be the monopoly of the rich. 22. They acted in good|better|bestfaith. 23. a high|talldegree of skill 24. high|talltrees


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25. a castle perched high|tallon hill 26. an exceptionally high|tallnumber of... 27. She's not an especially high|tallwoman. 28. a high|talllevel of attainment 29. She has high|tallhopes of winning. 30. He is six feet high|tall. 31. They have very high|talltrees in their garden.


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