International Distributor Application

Date: April 27, 2011 Company Legal Name: INCEPTO MEDIA LTD Trade Names: INCEPTO MEDIA IDC Group

IDC Group : Associations of the companies with head office in London ±UK. Associated equity stakes, joint financing and implementation of projects, linking U.S. companies with emerging markets.
Years in Business:7 Number of Employees:45 Annual Sales ($US): 9,5 mil.

Corporate Office Phone Number:

Head Office : President Office : Eastern Europe Office : U.S. Office : Asian Office :

++44.203.5142401 ++ 44.197.4261491 ++ 385.92.2688876 ++ 1. 214.927.3139 ++ 92.302.8599746


Head office : 20-22 Bedford Row, London WC1R JC, UK Eastern Europe office : Zagreb 10000, Kolareva 6, Croatia U.S. office : Arlington , Texas 1050 N HWY 360 Asian office : Peshawar 25000, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan.

Corporate Bank: Lloyds TSB Lloyds Bank, Volksbank Austria , Banca

Commerciale Italiana ( BCI ) , OTP Bank

Which trade organizations are you a member?

Croatian Chamber of Economy , Serbian Chamber of Economy , Chamber of Economy for Bosnia and Herzegovina , Monte Negros Chamber of Economy, Macedonian Chember of Economy , Austrian Chamber of Economy , UN SCO NGO , Member of the European Commision,
List your Website address: List the countries that you do business in: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and

Hercegovina , Monte Negro, Macedonia, Austria , UK , USA , Hungary , Romania, Russia , Pakistan , Germany , Italy
List all owned office locations: The company policy is not to own locations, rent

only. As the owned locations we own the Hotel in Austria and the Hotel in Croatia at the Adriatic Coast in total value of 8 mil. EURO
List all owners and officers with more than 10% ownership: IDC Group Dragon Heritage Limited 1) HIRH Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg , 20% 2) Mr. Afred Freddy Krupa , 20% 3) Mrs. Charlene Peters , 20% 4) Mrs. Gordana Pintaric , 20% 5) Mr. Goran Freimann Fistric , 20% INCEPTO MEDIA LTD 1) Mrs. Gordana Pintaric , 100% AROMA MEDIA LTD 1) Mr. Goran Freimann Fistric , 100 % HOTEL ESPLANADE GmbH 1) Mr. Goran Freimann Fistric , 100 % IDC LLC 1) Mr. Adrew Stephen Wilson , 14,28 % 2) HIRH Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg , 14,28 % 3) Mr. Goran Freimann Fistric , 14,28 % 4) Mrs. Gordana Pintaric , 14,28 % 5) Mr. Charles Johnson , 14,28 % 6) Mr. Alfred Freddy Krupa , 14,28 % 7) Arif Hasan Akhundzada , 14,28 %

What products/services do you sell?

Financial & Consulting Sector : Financing specific projects locally Trade sector : Import ± Export the products of general consumption, medical , health products , Essential Oils, Marketing Sector : Full package, Printing, Design, Movie Production, Media buying, owned private TV channel in Croatia

List all US companies (include contacts) and products that you import and distribute?

Not at the present. In the past we brought at the local markets of Ex-Yugoslav Republics the Whirlpool Corporation and the KRAFT FOOD INDUSTRY as well.
Do you currently sell or distributor scent marketing or delivery products? If so please list all products and manufacturers that you represent.

NO. But we know very well the market of the scent marketing and similar products. We have started to study all elements about the scents for 5 years ago. We been able to take some positions as the distributor for the ³Fresh maxx´ from Germany two years ago , but we refused that option because of our internal policy that we want to offer the best products to the costumers. Due to the fact that we know the market development locally very well, it was not a proper time to offer any more sophisticated scent aproach by now. Also been following your company and your development .
List your top ten clients:

1. Hotels & Resorts : The Westin, The Sheraton, The Four Points, Meridien, The Hilton, and all others hotels at the Adriatic Coats over the Ministry of Turism. 2. Ministry of Health in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina 3. Casino Business : MERKUR CASINO , WETTOPUNKT, SOLEI , GOLDEN SUN. Generally, over our marketing agencies we operate with the all major Casinos groups at the region 4. The COCA ± COLA Company over our partners 5. The McDonalds 6. Banking sector : PBZ Bank, ZABA Bank , Reifeissen Bank ( more then 1000 bank offices )

7. Car industry : MERCEDES - BENZ , AUDI , MAZDA , HYNDAI, OPEL, FIAT, MASSERATI , LANCHA, JEEP 8. Petrol industry : OMW Petrol stations , INA Petrol stations 9. Coffee production : FRANCK ( the biggest local coffee company ) 10. FOOD INDUSTRY : KRAS ( the biggest local chocolate production company ) , MILKA ( Kraft Food Ind. )

What countries are you interested in marketing ScentAir products and services?

As the first step , we would like to promote and start with operation at the region of ex-Yugoslav Republics ( Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Macedonia ) because of our experience , market and costumer knowledge , as the same histrory of this part of Europe , mentality , tradition, heritage as well. The region with 25 mil. people could be good start for our cooperation and also a good opportunity to learn and grow properly and ascending . For the next step in some real time frame ( till 8 months ) , we would like to open a new markets with your products as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, with your permission . With such a constellation , we would like to invest extraordinary effort and resources into the market and human resources with a significant financial investment to the main part of the company INCEPTO MEDIA ScentAir focused solely on products and services to this area .
How many people do you have in your sales team?

11 by now
How many people do you have in your installation/service team?

7 by now , because one of the our branch is the distribution/sales and installation & service the ³STERI POWER´ devise . ( see the attachment , please ) So, the installation staff is well trained and the device is very common at yours only for the other purposes . It is disinfection device .

Why would your firm be a good distribution partner for ScentAir?

1) MISSION : To become a first professional scent marketing company at the region with the most quality brand ! 2) GOAL : Long term cooperation with ScentAir based at the professional business relations , knowledge , development, trust, and income.


S ± strength
- Local Markets knowledge - Present clients - Financial power - Human Resources - Strong / professional US brand ( ScentAir) - Trust 

W - weakness
price levels transportation stock customs 

O ± opportunity
Experience Current position of our companies Knowledge ³new´ products


professional scents for the costumers Customer care After sales service INCEPTO MEDIA - aroma therapist employees Advertising , publishing , ³ScentAir news letter´ 

T - threat
Competitors at the simular range ( Air wick, Glade, etc ) . They are present at the local markets for a long time ago. Cheap produce very poor

quality .
Strong competitors advertising

Conclusions : At this Application for , we try to present our IDC Group of companies bliefly. The main fokus should be at the INCEPTO MEDIA LTD , as the marketing company with the high quality team and exelent market knowledge. Since 2005 , my team and me been looking for next developments at the global field of advertising and all other activities based at todays pofessional marketing agencies. We been studing all world trends nad monitoring all new aspects in our branch. As you promote as well, we have found that the SCENTS are one of the most important senses and they implanted the memories as emotions in general. We wanted to use that at once for some our campaigns. After a while , we have found your company and been folowing your development by now. At 2007 we have seen some of your products in Holand. Therefore, after all this years, and all studies we made, we would like to be your distributor for the region we mentioned before. Hope that you will recognize our deep interest and hope for the long time cooperation. Thank You very much for your attention and hope to see your answer soon. Kind regards, Mrs. Gordana Pintaric ,
General Manager

Mr. Goran Freimann Fistric, MBA

CEO International

Mr. Charles Johnson
Executive Account Rep. USA

email : email .
email :

phone : ++ 385.92.2688876 phone : ++ 385.92.3068366
phone :


skype :

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