´ APPARATUS REQUIRE: 1) 2) 3) 4) Trainers Board-1 Audio signal Generator-1 Ammeter-1 Voltmeter-3

THEORY: A resistance R, an inductive coil of inductance L, and a capacitor of capacitance C are connected in series as shown below.


V=r.m.s value of applied voltage I=r.m.s value of circuit current VR=IR-voltage drop across R (in phase with I) VL=IXL-voltage drop across L (ahead of I by 90) VC=IXC-voltage drop across C(lags I by 90)

Fig: vector diagram of voltage

Fig: vector diagram of impedance

Now, these voltage drop are shown in above vector diagram. Since in the series resonance circuit XL=XC so voltage drop across inductor and capacitor cancel each other i.e. they are equal in magnitude but opposite in phase. Now the applied voltage is the vector sum of three, and the net impedance of the circuit is derived as follow.


Prepared by: Manil Sigdel

series resonance circuit has following properties 1) The net reactance of the circuit is zero. at resonance condition the impedance of the circuit is equal to the value of resistance. 2) Circuit impedance is minimum. Since.V= V= V=I V/I= Z= Z= Z=R Hence. XL=XC Hence. Its value can be found as under: XL=XC 0L=1/ 0C =1/LC (2 f0)2=1/LC f0=1/(2 ) If L is in henry and C in farad then f0 is given in Hz. Since it the lowest value of impedance possible in series RLC circuit the current at this instant is maximum. The theoretical graph between frequency and circuit current is shown below. 5) Circuit power factor angle =0. Imax=V/R Resonant Frequency: The frequency at which the net reactance of the series circuit is zero is called the resonant frequency f0 or fr. 4) Power dissipated is maximum. 2 Prepared by: Manil Sigdel . 3) Circuit current is maximum.

4. power factor at resonance and plotted the graph between Frequency and circuit current.. 11. 8.CIRCUIT DIAGRAM: Fig: connection diagram of series R-L-C circuit OBSERVATION TABLE: S. 5.Amp R=««« Impedance. Supply voltage V Applied frequency.N 1. RESULT: Hence from above observation and calculation we found the resonant frequency f0. 7. cos =R/Z =cos-1(R/Z)=«««. f Circuit current I Remark CALCULATION: f0=1/(2 )=««««. 3. maximum value of circuit current Imax. 10...Hz Imax=V/R=««««. 6. Z=R =«««. 2. 3 Prepared by: Manil Sigdel . 9.. 12.

2) Precise reading should be taken to plot the curve.CONCLUSION: At the end of this practical we can conclude that the power factor of series resonance circuit is unity and at this power factor the circuit current is maximum. From the graph between frequency and circuit current we can say that initially when the frequency of the circuit is increased from 0 the current also gradually increases till it reaches its maximum value again after reaching this maximum value the circuit current gradually falls while the frequency is still increased. PRECUATION: 1) Connection should be done correctly. 3) Reading of ammeter should be taken correctly. 4 Prepared by: Manil Sigdel .

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