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Official Press Kit

Bonny Downs, Director Our director is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University in 2003 She continued her education Dramatic Theory at Southwest Missouri State University. In the summer of 2001 she worked for the Summer Repertory Theatre of Santa Rosa, CA as a scenic painter. This is Bonny's fourth show with Actors Company of Tulsa since joining as Production Director last year.

A Note From the Director “Othello” is inevitably a story about jealousy and manipulation. The running theme of the play is wanting what another has, or protecting what you have from being taken by another. In the setting we have chosen, 1921 Tulsa, such themes were highly prevalent not only in the text of Shakespeare’s play, but in the local society of that time. “Othello” dramatizes those insecurities, and those insecurities we can all relate to. As much as we may not like to admit it, we have all been jealous. We have all been both the manipulator and the manipulated. We have all been falsely accused and have falsely accused, and no one dares admit when their intentions are less than benevolent. It is these basic human insecurities that tell the tale of “Othello”.

The design for Othello will use mixed multimedia with elements of newspapers, burnt buildings, and realistic furniture to create the look and feel of 1921 Tulsa. Projection screen columns and a projection screen roof will display outward elements as well as reinforce the inward feelings of characters. The play will be performed in ¾ round staging.

General Director Starr Hardgrove will act as designer and actor in the production with the help of Technical Director Matt Lindsey

Starr Hardgrove As Iago

Derek Cowan as Othello

Rebekah Gene Liston As Desdemona

From Left to Right; Thomas Harden, Paulette Record, Dave Garcia, David Diller, Mvnte July, Timothy Hunter

The Greewood Cultural Center serves as our theatre for the production. In 1970, civic leaders black and white worked to allocate funds to restore the Greenwood District. As a consequence of their work, a 3.5 million dollar grant was received. The cultural center was built next to the Sam and Lucy Mackey home which was a surviving example of the architecture of the district. The center has a banquet hall, exhibit area, meeting rooms, in-house catering, and a gift shop. The purpose of the Greenwood Cultural Center is educational and for those who live in the city and cultural interaction between the residents who live in the city, the county and the State of Oklahoma. Actors Company of Tulsa is proud to be bringing this production to Tulsa with the partnership of Greenwood Cultural Center. 20% of our proceeds go to benefiting the center, their programs, and their continued existence in this community.

Our primary elements that will have a through line through all marketing is the element of fire, consumption of wood, and it's action and motion. Through the visual branding of our show, we will use the web, social media, print, news,, radio and television.

The online center for Othello is OthelloTulsa.Com. This site is used to keep updated on the production and it progress.

Thank you for your time and your interest in our company and our production. We are a new company with a lot of energy and determination to lead Tulsa and create dynamic, intense, theatrical experiences. Our mission is to educate the Tulsa theatrical artist, connect with local business and the community, and produce quality theatre that entertains, informs, and enlightens . For more information about Actors Company of Tulsa: Phone: (918)409-0571 Email info@actorsoftulsa.org Website http://www.actorsoftulsa.org

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