I am a Senior Test Consultant with Polaris Software labs for last 1 year before that i am in Tata Consultancy Services

for 3.6 years with a total experience of 4.5 year. My main area of experience has been Manual Testing-Both Application and Product Testing. I am working primarily in the domain services of Banking and Financial Services. My current role is Senior Test Consultant.

Manual Testing,Quality Center

Ankur Jain's Experience
Senior QA Consultant
Polaris Software Lab Public Company; 10,001+ employees; Information Technology and Services industry August 2010 ± Present (1 year 3 months) Mumbai, India Project Description: This application is created for HSBC London. HSBC launches this application (Intellect Sweeps) for its customer to move their fund to different platforms within the HSBC internal systems and also with systems external to HSBC. For fund movement HSBC using following sweeps types: ‡ Credit Trigger ‡ Debit Trigger ‡ Sweep Transfer ‡ Percentage ‡ Range Balancing ‡ Range Base Target ‡ Target Balancing ‡ Zero Balancing When fund move from external bank account handled through swift message MT940 for account statement, MT101 for fund request & MT103 for fund transfer. Responsibilities: ‡ Involved in Test Case writing for functional & system integration test (SIT) for enhancement of external account to internal account sweep. ‡ Preparing Test Conditions & Test Script for System Testing. ‡ Executed Test Cases for functional & SIT. ‡ Using SQL query for backend testing. ‡ Prepared daily Status Report. ‡ Reported bugs and tracked them until closure. ‡ Involved in usability testing.

Test Analyst (Module Lead)

and covers a geographical span over eight European countries for this umbrella project. Technologies vary from Ingres to Oracle (RDBMS).Tata Consultancy Services Public Company. Responsibilities: ‡ Preparation of Test Scripts for the enhancements and updating Regression testing script in Mercury Quality Centre.001+ employees. Ingres 4GL to Java and . UNIX to Win2k (Operating system). TCS works on a wide range of complex applications and systems.The project involves the verification of LIAT product as well as metric collection for process improvement Responsibilities: ‡ Managing full test cycles for various change management releases ‡ Acquire Business and Functional Knowledge on application and interfaces ‡ Study business process flow ‡ Understand current system architecture ‡ Understand current strategy and approach ‡ Feasibility study and Impact Analysis of business systems ‡ Study current Testing Procedures and tools usage ‡ Prepare Test Plan and Test Strategy Document ‡ Study current set of Test cases ‡ Perform Gap Analysis. defect meetings & inspection as per standards Mumbai.001+ employees. 10.NET (Programming Language). India Tata Consultancy Services Public Company. India Project Description: TCS¶s Testing Centre of Excellence (³COE´) for testing CIBC Mortgages and Lending IT Group (³CMLIT´). Information Technology and Services industry 2007 ± January 2009 (2 years) Test Analyst (Module Lead) Project Description: GE Fleet Services Solution Delivery is umbrella project for maintenance and enhancements of GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services Europe¶s Vehicle Leasing business applications and systems (under BFSI domain). and so on.requirements and test cases ‡ Prepare/enhance the test cases where needed ‡ Performing walkthroughs. 10. ‡ Testing Planning. Testing Estimates design for Web and phoenix Projects . Information Technology and Services industry February 2009 ± August 2010 (1 year 7 months) Mumbai Area.

Development and Staging (Unit Testing).0 for various types of project. logging and tracking of defects testing in Quality Centre.e. ‡ Reporting. ‡ Regression testing for the complete system (System Testing) . ‡ Manual Testing of enhancements in two stages of cycle i. Test Scripts and Execution in Mercury Quality Centre 9. ‡ Requirement gathering and discuss with developers to map requirements to the enhancements. ‡ Development of Scenarios.‡ Discussion with Client regarding the Requirements and estimation of the effort required. ‡ Mapping of requirements to the testing script steps in Mercury Quality Centre.

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