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IT Depreciation for Assets, India
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Valid Since 05.04.2010

The IT Depreciation Report (transaction J1IQ) should consider all the common business scenarios pertaining to Asset Accounting.

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Reason and Prerequisites
The IT Depreciation report will be designed to handle all the common business processes relevant for Asset Accounting Depreciation.

Report J1IQ has been withdrawn due to the limitations of the underlying Group Asset Functionality. The solution for IT Depreciation Calculation is being revamped and the new solution shall be available in EhP5 SP02. The list of functionalities being delivered for Income Tax Depreciation Calculation is as follows:1. Customizing table for maintaining Asset Blocks 2. Enhancement of Asset Master Transaction to include Block assignment and Additional Depreciation. 3. Customizing Table for maintaining Opening WDV at the beginning of financial year 4. Utility Programs for:i. Upload of Asset Blocks and Depreciation rates to the system through a CSV file (comma separated values file) ii. Download of Asset Group Assignment maintained in the SAP ERP system and upload of Asset Assignments to Blocks through a CSV file (comma separated values file) iii. Upload of Opening WDV at the beginning of a financial year through a CSV file (comma separated values file) 5. Update Asset Transaction Details at block level program for Consolidating values of all transactions for all assets in the block and updating the block transaction table with these values 6. Income Tax Depreciation Calculation Report for calculating depreciation as per the Income Tax Act, 1961 for each asset block. It also calculates the capital gain and capital loss whenever applicable. This report also has the option of drilldown of asset blocks to show individual assets and its corresponding data. 7. Projection Program to project depreciation value for that asset block for the remaining part of the same fiscal Year.


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2011 Page 2 of 2 .05. Adjustment Transaction is provided for scenarios where manual intervenstion is required. Adjustments can be made to the opening WDV of an asset block or to transactions.SAP Note 738919 - IT Depreciation for Assets.04.2010 09:21:59 English Recommendations/additional info Correction of Legal Function XX-CSC-FIAA Localization Asset Accounting Valid Releases Software Component SAP_APPL Release 605 From Release 605 To Release 605 and Subsequent 31. Header Data Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: (General Issues) Secondary Components: FI-AA Asset Accounting Released for Customer 06. India 8.

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