Vitals - Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity, study shows

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Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity, study shows
By Kim ber ly H a y es Ta y lor Periodically smoking marijuana doesn't appear to hurt lung capacity, the largest study ever conducted on pot smokers has found. Even though most marijuana smokers tend to inhale deeply and
Smoking a joint a day for up to seven years didn't cause a reduction in lung capacity, a new study shows.

hold the smoke in for as long as they can before exhaling, the lung capacity didn't deteriorate even among those who smoked a joint a day for seven years or once a week for 20 years, according to the study published Tuesday in JAMA, the journal of the American M edical Association. I n recent years, studies on marijuana smoking and its effects on lung function have been contradictory. While most studies have shown no effects on the lungs from smoking cannabis, others have shown adverse effects, and still others have shown improvement in lung function. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, and University of Alabama at Birmingham knew tobacco smoking causes lung damage and leads to respiratory issues such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but they wanted to be clear whether smoking marijuana, had similar effects. 1/13/2012

Vitals - Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity, study shows

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They measured lung function multiple times in more than 5,100 men and women during a 20-year period. I n fact, the research shows, some people who regularly smoke marijuana can have a slight improvement in lung function. Experts say that people shouldn’t simply take the news as green light to get high, but should also consider other factors. “M arijuana is a complicated substance, and for people who are thinking about what they’ve done in the past or are thinking about using marijuana or believing it can help medically, their decision should not be based on lung consideration,” says study co-author Dr. Stefan Kertesz, a researcher and primary care doctor at University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Birmingham VA Medical Center.
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“I t’s not a decision about lung health, it’s all the other issues: the risk of addiction, an increase in the chance of having

accidents and social functioning.” Researchers reached their findings by using data from the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults, collecting repeated measurements of lung function and smoking from March 1985 to August 2006. More than half of the participants, or 54 percent, said they were current marijuana smokers, cigarette smokers or both when the study began. The average marijuana use was only a joint or two a few times a month —typical for U.S. marijuana users, Kertesz said. The authors calculated the effects of tobacco and marijuana separately, both in people who used only one or the other, and in people who used both. They also considered other factors that could influence lung function, including air pollution in cities studied. The analyses showed pot didn't appear to harm lung function, but cigarettes did. Cigarette smokers' test scores worsened steadily during the study. Researchers measured how well participants could blow air in and out. A healthy adult can exhale about a gallon of air in one second. Although their study focused on lighter smokers, they found some people who smoked more than a joint a day for seven years, could exhale slightly more air than that. Kertesz says that extra strength may come from the habit of deeply inhaling, holding and slowly exhaling marijuana smoke. “I t’s a tiny increase; it’s not a big increase to lung health,” he says. “So be careful not to say that, ‘Oh, wow! Lungs work better on marijuana.’ That would be totally inaccurate.” Authors say there weren't enough heavy users (those who smoked two or more joints a day) among those in the study to draw firm conclusions on that group. 1/13/2012

Vitals - Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity, study shows

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Dr. Donald Tashkin, who has studied the relationship between marijuana smoking and lung function for more than 30 years as a professor of medicine at UCLA, says the study confirms what other research has also concluded. “This is a well-done study involving more subjects than in the past,” says Tashkin, who is not affiliated with the new study. “The public should take away it’s a confirmatory study, but larger and longer than previous studies demonstrating, once again, that smoking marijuana does not impair lung function, unlike tobacco.” Tashkin says scientists have a theory that lung capacity is not affected in marijuana smokers because the chemical THC in marijuana has immunosuppressant properties that interfere with the development of respiratory issues such as COPD. He says this indicates there will be lower rates of COPD, but marijuana smokers are still at risk for chronic bronchitis, which means they tend to have increased cough and mucus. The study didn't look at the risk of lung cancer. And Tashkin cautions about drawing overall conclusions from the new work: “We’re only talking about one end point. We’re not looking at lung cancer, chronic bronchitis symptoms. We are not looking at other effects, behavioral effects. We are looking at lung function.” The Associated Pr ess contr ibuted to this r epor t. Does this change how you feel about pot use? Tell us on Facebook. Mor e fr om Vitals: All that str ess is shr inking your br ain, study finds Donating your body to science? No one wants a chubby cor pse Another r eason dogs r ule: They know w hat you'r e thinking Risk of hear t attack jumps 21 times after loved one's death Explore related topics: featured, marijuana, pot-smoking, lung-capacity

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Vitals - Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity, study shows

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"...the risk of addiction..." - yeah right. it was harder for me (with more side-effects) to quit drinking Coca-Cola than it was to stop smoking pot.
#1 - Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:30 PM EST
211 votes


W M G-21
“It’s not a decision about lung health, it’s all the other issues: Okay.... the risk of addiction, Marijuana is not physically addictive and has no withdrawal symptoms... so what addiction? an increase in the chance of having accidents The Department of Transportation concluded that marijuana's effect on people's driving skills was comparable to over the counter medicines. I'm not sure this is a pertinent concern... and social functioning." I think we're in the clear... most people tend to be more sociable when they've loosened up a bit with some grass-- less tendency to be violent too. So... green light?
#1.1 - Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:48 PM EST
225 votes 1/13/2012

3 . even though now it comes off as hilarious! #1. thinking about it I don't think it is right to tax MJ if/when it is legalized. The human race has used marijuana for thousands of different purposes for the past hundred thousand years. The whole myth about marijuana has been completely busted...Tue Jan 10.. Treat this the same way. 2012 6:29 PM EST 113 votes . #1.Tue Jan 10.msn.Tue Jan 10. I feel it my civic duty to protect the American public from the evils of THC. 2012 6:24 PM EST 124 votes Lor d of Tr uth a nd Rea son shecoff Marijuan's bad. 2012 6:27 PM EST 80 votes D G_ W That is until 1934 when some government genius got the bright idea that they could use marijuana prohibition as a way to discriminate against minorities.. SOOOOOOO: next study you guys do that you need someone who smokes on a REAL regular basis. And it's idiotic that pot is a Class 1 controlled substance while cocaine and meth are Class 2. just legalize it. A simple way to cut spending AND raise tax revenue. 2012 5:52 PM EST 240 votes advertisement y a kfitguy Right US.Tue Jan 10. #1. get ahold of me. mmm'kay. Bastards have to tax everything? #1.msnbc.2 . I'll smoke a zip a day for 20 years to help my brothers and sisters learn the dangers of this big nasty green monster. #1. This country has NO RIGHT to call itself a free nation as long as ridiculous laws like the prohibition against pot are in effect.4 ..5 .7 . I'm even more shocked at the lost revenue potential of not taxing it. I don't smoke it myself. Yep. Evidently there are some people who think Reefer Madness was an accurate documentary about pot. and people love raising the taxes on those.. but I am appalled at the amount of money our government spends (wastes) prosecuting users. 2012 6:23 PM EST 62 votes I ndiePa r ty Agreed.Tue Jan 10. study shows Page 5 of 41 U nitedSta tes1776 For crying-out-loud just legalize this plant of nature.. Comment collapsed by the community Nonetheless.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. LEGALIZE AND TAX NOW !! . 1/13/2012 .. muhahahaha .. 2012 6:20 PM EST 165 votes Ky ot You know. That is until 1934 when some government genius got the bright idea that they could use marijuana prohibition as a way to discriminate against minorities..8 . Legalize and tax. Cigarettes are more dangerous.Tue Jan 10.-D #1.

11 .Tue Jan 10. if they legalized and taxed the hell out of it. people fight. it’s all the other issues: the risk of addiction.msn. so good to know that I may have dodged that bullet.Tue Jan 10. 1/13/2012 . #1.Tue Jan 10. Look what alcohol does. study shows Page 6 of 41 a lim -28 10 0 59 Addiction has always been a ridiculous argument. Also. LEGALIZE AND TAX NOW !!! #1. The "man" never ceases to amaze me in its stupidity.. http://vitals.12 . but as I am agreed on the $20/week cost of sour patch kids comment below. I've never felt compulsion to get it. Trust me.” In other words. God gave us this plant for a reason. and God only knows what else when they are under the influence of alcohol. I do have to say that when I was in full swing. But. #1. But I have been a user off and on (off right now) for 15 years and never have I been addicted..14 . Thats not FREEDOM.. people die. I hope this is a sign of the times and it is legalized soon..msnbc. 2012 6:34 PM EST 61 votes hum a nha ter Lord of truth and reason i think you missed the point. its the gateway drug! haha. but a bonus. an increase in the chance of having accidents and social functioning. How bout a night? #1.13 . 2 to 3 joints a month lol. embrace it!!!!!! #1. this was not a problem. Me too.OMG LMMFAO. I worried I was developing COPD. @shecoff.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.Tue Jan 10. people would still buy it. I'm sure the gub'ment would rather you encounter an aggressive alcoholic as opposed to a mellow marijuanna smoker in a dark alley. The only "adverse effects" I experienced when quitting was a little bit of trouble winding down for sleep. 2012 6:33 PM EST 94 votes Qw eenofhear ts well mabe if you a part of the sheep herd it is? #1. a reduced appetite.Tue Jan 10. The negative effects are minimal. they are asking you not to pay attention to the science. 2012 6:33 PM EST 41 votes Kim fr om M ich. 2012 6:34 PM EST 38 votes Kor nfed “It’s not a decision about lung health.. I coughed up a lot of mucus and it was troubling at the time.. Our freedom is only what the government will allow.. It seems that there is a lot of research being done and conclusions being drawn.. I am 100% with you United States1776. Hence the statement in the article was false.Tue Jan 10. 2012 6:36 PM EST 63 votes Silly Shr inks And I shall to that that I don't know many who were in accidents while smoking marijuana but I can counton both hands friends and assocaites who have been in accidents while drunk.9 . All that ever needed to be done was a decision to be made that I would be stopping for whatever reason for a period of time. 2012 6:31 PM EST 79 votes advertisement Adr ienne Sm ith VI A FACEBOOK I'm with US..Vitals . but to the propaganda associated with marijuana! Remember.10 .

That's not exactly a good thing. it says nothing about the cardiovascular system. (Actually. But. #1.19 . etc. Additionally.Tue Jan 10.) I can't begin to describe the phenomenal success of the War on Drugs. 2012 6:49 PM EST 42 votes Joe-10 7260 1 http://vitals. Thousands dead. Regardless.17 . We know it raises blood pressure. which has a vested interest in its prohibition. It has been said that the THC component in marijuana functions as a natural antiinflamatory which is why it relieves the pain of glacoma. study shows Page 7 of 41 I also know of someone who was told that their cancer was inoperable and that it would continue to grow. I could write much more about this. Let's remove Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug. gout.Vitals .. 2012 6:36 PM EST 35 votes advertisement r y oushi12 The study is incomplete. is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy protection" Another unintended victim of the War on Drugs? Save the Twinkie. #1.Tue Jan 10. PMS. #1.18 . Legalize MJ now. Personally. #1. and harder drug USAGE should be decriminalized and such users should be treated as having a disease (check out Portugal's experience with this method of handling drug usage. especially the dramatic DECREASE in teenage drug using). Cancer. It's utterly ridiculous. While this evidence shows it may not hurt lung capacity. but the crumbs from my brownie keep getting in my keyboard. It is only those who refuse to accept it as a medicinal herb that prevent those in need from bennefitting from such while also the eliminating the taxes that could potentially get this country out of dept. #1.. I think marijuana should be legalized. hundreds of thousands in prison. marijuana itself is not illegal. And the researchers said they did NOT study any lung or throat cancers that might be related to smoking marijuana. Ho-Hos and Ding Dongs. arthritis. Legalization and/or decriminalization also means increased government revenues along with huge cuts in government expenditures. especially in light of the fact that we also know it has wonderful medicinal properties. being a Schedule 1 drug means it cannot be examined in a scientific fashion. we should NOT think of pot as harmless.Tue Jan 10. 2012 6:41 PM EST 38 votes D a vid W alker Pot lovers!!!! Time out! First things first.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. maker of Twinkies. although it might lead to chronic Chemo. It has everything to do with tax stamps at the federal level. cannabis has enormous potential in other economic areas. and this all seems so silly.Tue Jan 10. This designation came courtesy of law enforcement.msnbc. He began to smoke marijuana to deal with the pain and side effects-----the cancer was gone 18 months later and remains gone today.msn. Makes me want to get loaded just thinking about smart cops.15 . Marijuana does NOT apparently lead to emphysema the leading COPD.Tue Jan 10. We need to know all about this plant. 1/13/2012 . 2012 6:44 PM EST 43 votes Kor nfed I will volunteer to be a marijuana lab rat for as long as it takes to help humanity. 2012 6:39 PM EST 12 votes M Tpolitico This just in! "Hostess Brands.16 .

smoking a cigarette afterwards and having that lingering scent. 1/13/2012 .Tue Jan 10...Tue Jan 10. #1. Our forefathers agreed with me.23 . auto parts.Tue Jan 10. The will of the people being represented once again! #1. 2012 6:49 PM EST 25 votes advertisement D onkey H oty The biggest overlooked factor: not only is it harmless it is extremely helpful. 2012 6:55 PM EST 23 votes noiw onty esiw ill Legalization would screw the Mexican Drug Cartels royally..20 .com/_news/2012/01/10/10098412-smoking-pot-doesnt-hurt-lung-c.msnbc.8% taxes. I use to smoke pot years ago and i loved the feeling.Vitals . anything that can change moods or alter one's mental state can be addictive. Yea legalize it but don't do like they have in the states where it is medical and where possession of the roots is still illegal. The real reason it was lobbied into an unlawful status is for these reasons I have posted. 2012 6:49 PM EST 35 votes Kor nfed Not one argument against it. Is it addictive. study shows Page 8 of 41 odium. Fuel.Of course it is.Tue Jan 10.. but addressing the issue of pot. why did you stop for? I love this article. free of taxes and regulations (the GOP's favorite buzzwords). The GOP would not let him in on the debates even when he had higher % of some of those they let in on the 1st debates. sex. so the drug enforcement folks still make their money off the MJ "interdiction" racket. textiles. there is no one single substance that kills more people every year.there is no greater killer than alcohol. Pot? AYFKM??? #1.. 2012 7:07 PM EST 28 votes noiw onty esiw ill BTW. or whatever.. of course). 2012 7:10 PM EST 12 votes Sta n-1518 70 3 The gov't will not leaglize it. before I go to bed. etc. That stuff is the best sleeping medicine out there. #1. like.24 . Hmm wonder why? Not! Legalize it and utilize it because it really is a miracle plant. Only approved corporate entities like tobacco companies or liquor companies. $10 a joint (99. it reminds me.. Nicotine and alcohol deserve the evil status.. building materials. the only time I crave weed is when I need to forget how ridiculous people can be. Pot should be legal and using the same regulations for beer and wine as well as cigarettes and tax the snot out of it and and we would have our national debt paid in 18 months. But.22 .Tue Jan 10. It must be legal to own and smoke. If video games can be "addictive".msn. #1. the taste in my mouth.. I have stopped smoking it personally been about 2 years and I stopped smoking cigarettes about the same time. It could virtually replace the need for oil and logging and that will piss off some people( 1%) and even less really. 2012 7:09 PM EST 15 votes Rw Eva ns I'm pretty much straight edge. How? The roots of this plant can be used to make almost anything you can think of. They have more profit in Pot than any other drug. The drug cartels remain in business. http://vitals. the list is really incredible. I still dream about cigarettes and crave them. then yes its addictive. I better start rolling one for my 8:pm buzz-on.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.Tue Jan 10.25 .21 . This way you can buy it for. Gary Johnson former Gov of New Mexico is and has been for the legalization of pot.did not like his stance on Pot #1. because you're putting it in the wrong terms. We can't let people grow their own. illegal to grow. That way the gov't can say who is licensed to grow it. cleaning.

if you have watched Reefer madness (there are 3 versions BTW). It has helped me to gain a few pounds seeing as I have a fast metabolism and have trouble gaining weight.27 .. It doesn't happen often but most frequent users I know have lost control #1. I am just asking has it never happened to internet users? #1.28 . and Happiness" Remember that one? #1. It's a time consuming hobbie That has virtually no cost.Tue Jan 10.. It takes the anxiety away. I like to do resarch on marijuana. If you check now and see the things that have been discovered or made because of the inventors smoking pot. keeps me from doing things that could potentially cause trouble. Liberty.Vitals .26 . The government has no right to call us free when they regulate our social behavior.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.Tue Jan 10. 2012 7:21 PM EST 33 votes Joe-10 7260 1 Heres something to think about thats never mentioned in almost all the articles I read on smoking pot (besides High Times magazine). 2012 7:14 PM EST 2 votes advertisement y a kfitguy Lord of Truth and Reason: The prohibition against pot is a violation of the 4th Amendment.Tue Jan 10. 1/13/2012 .E8 5 I am very interested in the responses on here..29 . I have trouble believing none of you have ever gotten paranoid and lost control after smoking some high grade bud. Now. in at least the version it starts with a disclaimer that says basically that it is unsubstantiated BS. you'd be surprised. I do believe that pot will bring out the artistic abilities of some people along with other similar ideas that will just add to the way of living we have today.Tue Jan 10. 2012 7:28 PM EST 6 votes http://vitals. "Life. Somehow THC releases the brains confined thoughts and I'm willing to bet that if pot was legal and people used it comfortable.Tue Jan 10. I am a smoker. So let them thoughts and ideas grow and bloosum.msnbc. 2012 7:28 PM EST Robin Steele DG. When you allow religion and politics to mix.30 . 2012 7:14 PM EST 19 votes M r .Tue Jan 10. there's a plan for legalization. theres going to be more discoveries and a all together different kind of living from it. These are just a few of many more positive effects "US" pot smokers have. Except those that don't want to pay $10 a joint..msn. It was wrong when they enacted the prohibition on alcohol and this is no different.31 . of course. It has lowered my blood pressure (so my doctor says). I sometimes get small bursts of anxiety. study shows Page 9 of 41 Then let the gov't know that MJ is the greatest public mental diversion since the invention of television (especially Fox "News") and they'll be on board for the "regulation" of MJ. the result is totalitarianism every time. If you read this thanks for reading. In my opinion "which doesn't mean @!$%#" I have been an avid pot smoker for many years and have experienced no negative effects from the plant. At that point I smoke. This makes it a win-win for everybody. I just believe life will be upgraded from it becoming legal in a mental sense of discovery and in many different fields of life. Besides it being illegal. #1. 2012 7:26 PM EST 18 votes ta kena ka While everyone here including right wing nuts seems to be in favor I need to say there is a possibility of an adverse reaction to getting high on pot. #1. #1. for a product that costs less than 10 cents to make.

. So I have to agree with you on this.32 . #1. #1. You can always smoke more to adjust the high your looking for. smaller gov. I can't say I ever lost control smoking weed. yep.. Article the sixth [Amendment IV] The right of the people to be secure in their persons. study shows Page 10 of 41 lolfa tty ner dsw hoknew Noiwont . 2012 7:29 PM EST 12 votes advertisement Kor nfed Somehow THC releases the brains confined thoughts and I'm willing to bet that if pot was legal and people used it comfortable.. This is really an issue of personal choice. because I have friends that did.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. wondering what 2012 7:51 PM EST 8 votes Joe-10 7260 1 takenaka. See I think thats why I was able to stay in control when I smoked. but people are just as smart as the government in making this decision for themselves. The governments purpose is not to be our babysitter. sex... Some people have them to peanuts. At least we could cut off alot of money to criminals if we were to legalize it.. Ahh those were the days. but if it has any negative effects on society then they are not worse than that of alcohol. it is not something that i see the government should be involved in. even though it is illegal.. and the government could get some taxes and save money from enforcement. give it a little more time and before you even realize it.Tue Jan 10. Sagan is the creator of the brilliant series. 2012 7:46 PM EST 18 votes JeCgos Ok. so whats the point? I really dont think that there will be that much more people who are going to be smoking it if it were legal then if it were illegal. lol..You know that Ron Paul is in favor of legalizing marijuana. sex was incredible when I was high.35 . maybe its not. I bought from friends and when my friends told me it was good pot. Carl Sagan has some fascinating things to say about his experience with Marijuana.. Now I do remember other things happening to me when I smoked some really good pot. with an outstanding perspective on just about anything he talks about. 2012 7:51 PM EST 17 votes Sw a ggana ut how about this. #1. Maybe its bad.. As most of you know. A friend with weed is a friend indeed.33 ... it it not the job of the federal government to protect an individual citizen (from themselves) within its jurisdiction but to provide for the common defense of the Union and protect states from domestic violence (state vs state/insurrection). With me. "The Cosmos" His books are also brilliantly written.. This means that all we are doing to enforce this law is not helping. nowhere in the US constitution does it give the authority to the federal government to tell private citizens what they can and cant consume (we are free citizens right?). but you can't take and smoke less after you already smoked more. Maybe it does effect society.34 . So believe the person you bought the stuff from when they tell you its good but its a slow creeper.Vitals .msnbc. Like anything.the man loved it. too much at once is no good. tens of millions of Americans use it in any given year.Tue Jan 10... as long as it does not directly harm other people it is none of the governments business.. Pot actually enhances the feelings from sex. instead of just continuing smoking til I couldn't move.. I was patient and waited to see how it worked. Taneka .We call those allergic reactions. so I dont see what the fear people have of legalizing pot.Tue Jan 10. theres going to be more discoveries and a all together different kind of living from it. but I do know what your talking about. is there a political party out there for me? lol #1. right? Yet somehow he's managing to place in the top 3 candidates. you'll be stoned holding the joint.Tue Jan 10.. legalize pot... There were times I had sex and it was more like marathon sex than sex. is what prevents the government from telling us what to http://vitals. I believed them and I was patient with the buzz. 1/13/2012 ..

I have never seen two stoned people fight. 2012 8:10 PM EST 19 votes oldm a n y oung ey es Experimented with pot when in college. Peace. not punitive based on the whims of the politician or voter.petty and childish in keeping it illegal!!!! It is Your body you are a grown A$$ adult You own You not the government!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do not OWN us!!!!!!!!!! So why in the hell are we putting up with their bllsht!!!!!!!!! I was thought that we were a SELF governing nation!!!!!!!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE!!!!! You wouldn't let me come into Your house and tell you: Hey change that channel I don't like that show or don't cook that meal I don't like it!!! Yet you let the government come into your house and tell you what you can and cannot put into YOUR body!!!!!!!!!! That is the same as an employee telling the business owner how to run his Own business and what he can and cannot do with his OWN business!!!!! #1. It's like this..Tue Jan 10. Hell. and pay any consequences for mistakes made from those decisions. So for me. Now I am into full scale research. drugs abusers should be dealt with on a society level not government shackles. Look at the posts tonight. the marijuana tax stamps were the first effort to make cannabis illegal without the wording but failed so they did what ant totalitarian government would. #1. than it is to fire a doobie up.. I quit experimenting. no arguing with some people that did smoke pot in their day or some that still do and some that quit.37 .. drugs can and should be monitored by the FDA for QA but beyond that its the responsibility of the user to be sure they have good drugs and know how to properly use and cope with the effects.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. Music lasts longer. OUR rights and freedom. http://vitals..msnbc. And I ask them how am I offending this group and the government said that doesn't "fit" into there taste of there religion plus it's bad for your right foot. study shows Page 11 of 41 eat/drink/smoke/inject/etc. Sex lasts longer.Vitals . Munchies create jobs.36 . easy to grow versatile plant from putting whole industries out of business (money). they lied to us. the "studies" they had was all fake/doctored/misleading and nothing the government said was truthful but through fear and propaganda the government banned cannabis and labeled it a sch1 drug to make sure it would stay illegal. First of all it is MY right foot and second of all how can I "offend" them if I am in the privacy of My own home. if I wanted to wear two left shoes (I know this sounds silly. but the parallel of the illustration is the same) but the government said No you can't wear two left shoes you are offending a certain group of people. 2012 7:53 PM EST 11 votes advertisement D oobie M cTr ippin I have said it countless just stop telling people what to do with their own lives. the plant has so many uses and is so easy to grow that it could replace most of what things are made with. til I'm blue in the face it's NOT about the pot it's about OUR fundamental liberties.Tue Jan 10.. cannibis has a use for just about anything.msn.38 . When Igraduated. we have the right to make decisions for ourselves and our bodies. If I am at home by myself smoking minding my own business somebody please tell me how in the fkng hell am hurting you. if I wanna be a dumba$$ and hurt my right foot and walk around looking silly well it's MY right foot Nobody Else's. society our country's security or anything or anyone? The one reason to me that it is illegal although there are a few others is CONTROL!!! They have no INTELLIGENT or SANE REASON for to be illegal!!! Actually the United States government is being most extremely immature. my neighbor. 2012 7:54 PM EST 9 votes Joe-10 7260 1 My honest opinion on this.. Findings: in 40 years. the only way they could get anti-marijuana laws passed was to use a scapegoat (mexicans) rather than tell the people the real reasons they lied and blamed mexicans and blacks.Tue Jan 10. It makes no sense for a plant to be illegal. I'm thinking its more harmful being a hard right conservative. no bickering. you didn't give me life and for damn sure aint gonna be controlling it! #1. I think its more harmful to be republican than it is to smoke pot. the reason why cannabis is illegal has to do with keeping a cheap. nice pleasant conversations/debates. 1/13/2012 . the only thing that should be illegal with regards to any drug is the sell to minors and committing a crime while on drugs. taxes should be based on the same tax structure of any business and/or independent worker.

then that wouldn't put the Mexican drug cartel out of business. win situation from pot being legal.Tue Jan 10. and pray that Ron Paul runs 3rd party. now the supporters come crawling out of the woodwork! lol #1. so if you get caught wit 10 plants its an extra $200 on top of the original $250. I am a conservative that hates the establishment for just these reasons.. Maybe a general fine for growing it and then something like $20. 1/13/2012 .msnbc.Tue Jan 10. $250. in half the time our politicians would. I know you don't have to switch parties to vote for who you want too. I'm going to assume that a lot of people will try growing I have to agree with everyone of the comments about our freedom made in here tonight.Vitals . Yes..00 just for getting caught then a additional $20. I'm excited to fire up that joint tonight that I forgot to say what I initially wanted to say to you. So you get a citation for lets say. 2012 8:32 PM EST 4 votes Joe-10 7260 1 Kornfed. #1. should be freedom and theres been a lot of good comments about that on here tonight.. How can you speak of freedom when you oppress people socially as Republicans do. firing Oreo cookies at them. I was referring more toward the hard right conservatives in that post and trying to be a little funny too. 2012 8:25 PM EST 4 votes Joe-10 7260 1 Stan1518703.41 . I am completely disgusted with both parties. I think thats reasonable and a lot of people would take the chance growing some and thus we old and young hippies take and pull our country out of the red and put it back in the black. They emphasize financial freedom while doing a complete reversal when it comes to social issues. all kinds of farmers will pop up everywhere from it becoming legal. Who knows. Have a great night. theres going to be more discoveries maybe so. 2012 8:39 PM EST 4 votes Joe-10 7260 1 Kornfed.. 2012 8:18 PM EST 10 votes advertisement m oonbea m r a cer It's about time! . but putting said discoveries into motion is another story all together lol #1.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.00 a plant for growing it. I'm registered a dem and I'm not going to go change it now at my age..40 .43 .msn. I hope the government dosen't think that pot smokers will eventually want to overthrow them. It would have to be reasonably priced so people wanted to pay for it legally instead of buying it cheaper from the drug cartel. 2012 8:18 PM EST 28 votes Kor nfed Joe. I'm thinking we're a lot alike when it comes to voting. If pot was legalized and cost $10. #1.. I couldn't agree with you any more about this.00 a joint.00 a plant. the only thing I http://vitals. study shows Page 12 of 41 #1. 2012 8:38 PM EST 6 votes EROCK17 Somehow THC releases the brains confined thoughts and I'm willing to bet that if pot was legal and people used it comfortable. Once again another win.Tue Jan 10.. I would think even the fines for it would have to be sensable too. there just might be a different drug cartel from it being legal.. but I'll vote for the best person that I think is running. Freedom.44 . you get fined and the township you live in gets the money. If your growing it and you get busted growing it.Tue Jan 10.39 . this way people take the chance growing it and if they get caught they get fined and thats how the cities the people live in make money..42 . Well that would just bring in a lot of money too.Tue Jan 10. I have been doing this for years. #1..Tue Jan 10.

Have a good one. Now this year it might of made a .Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. did we determine their level of freedom based SOLELY on marijuana legalisation? Did we do so for Germany? Cambodia? NK? No. It is only an implication at this point because the specific cancers where they've proven this have not been lung cancer.45 . but that it is actually ANTI-carcinogenic for certain specific cancers. 2012 8:50 PM EST 4 votes advertisement Ba r r y -411365 Finally people are starting to believe what the pot smokers have been saying for DECADES. 2012 8:55 PM EST 4 votes Toosa no Potheads are just. because I'm thinking there just might be a lot of dems out there that would of voted for Ron Paul. got to run for a bit. We are so used to being lied to by our government that we are no longer outraged that the people we elect to represent us could lie to us for personal gain.. Take care Joe #1. (yet?) #1. To be honest with you. Maybe with a little help from our friends. Beyond that. so we'll see what happens. #1. later. 2012 9:04 PM EST 1 vote Get a Clue-19 99773 It has always been about money and control. And now studies being done at UCLA and elsewhere are confirming that not only is weed NON-carcinogenic.. This was supposed to be a free country.Tue Jan 10.47 . 2012 9:00 PM EST 11 votes Lor d of Tr uth a nd Rea son humanhaterYou're comment is funny. peace and good day.. California wanted a $60 an ounce tax! http://vitals.Tue Jan 10. 1/13/2012 . Lol. 2012 8:56 PM EST 1 vote Ba r r y -411365 I would like to pose a question to the religious among us: isn't making a plant illegal kind of like giving the middle finger to God? #1.Tue Jan 10. Later. The implication being that pot-only smokers would actually have LESS instances of lung cancer than even the general population..Tue Jan 10. 2012 8:53 PM EST 9 votes Joe-10 7260 1 EROCK17.49 .50 . potheads.Tue Jan 10. and if you'd like to post some relevant commments regarding that query. not just the cigarette smokers. there is this idea that it should be taxed at a rate higher than tobacco or alcohol.Tue Jan 10.46 .msnbc. I'd be happy to debate you on them. Even among those who know the truth. #1. out of all the people running this time.msn. Its not over yet. study shows Page 13 of 41 miss out on is picking the candidate. I didn't think this made too much of a difference in the outcome of who ended up being the candidate. putting those ideas into motion just might work.51 . Ok.Tue Jan 10. #1. There are far more important factors in dtermining whether or not a populace is free. 2012 8:52 PM EST 4 votes Kor nfed Maybe Ron Paul can be the compromise that we are all looking for. #1. Ron Paul just might be the best one.48 . well. Looking at the USSR. Now in the past.

2012 9:52 PM EST 9 votes D er ek-38 10 97 It sounds like another crackpot study. and the Cult is still touting it. They readily throw it out the window when it doesn't. Now if this proves to be a real study. God made Pot.. just the Cult of Pot which has more in common with Christian radical evangelists than they would ever admit to. 2012 3:26 AM EST 3 votes Oom Ya a qub My honest opinion on Jan 10.. Man made booze.56 . I'm not against legalizing pot. Worse. 2012 2:00 AM EST 2 votes Justm e-123 Derek. they fund inaccurate and biased studies.Tue Jan 10.Tue Jan 10. I'll wait for the second study on this and be willing to be proven wrong.msnbc. or want it legalized. but only when it supports their point of view. 2012 11:01 PM EST 12 votes D er ek-38 10 97 Lol! Are you? #1. Never mind that everyone should have the right to grow their own. There's nothing wrong with actual science. I suppose! You asked me.msn. But actual science doesn't decide what result it wants first. just like George Washington. and it is backed by others.54 . who do you trust? Legalize Gods plant if you truly believe that there is a God. raving sane. #1. We'll see where this is headed.57 . cutting out the very people who pioneered the industry. #1. they believe in science. 2012 9:09 PM EST 6 votes advertisement D oobie M cTr ippin I've seen Christians drink alcholic beverages and then condemn Marijuana.53 . 1/13/2012 . You don't have to hype pot or use selective science to either say you like it. sorry. study shows Page 14 of 41 The reason the legalization of Marijuana failed to pass with such a narrow margin in California is because the growers and sellers voted against it. but the last touted study by the Cult of Pot was thrown out.Vitals .Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.52 . it rather depends on whom one asks. And very much like your typical radicals. #1. 2012 10:27 PM EST Justm e-123 I'm with Derek up above. so I'll have to admit to being stark.55 .Tue Jan 10. Never mind.Wed Jan 11. It is always about money and control. Well I got one question for you Christians. The State tried to take over the industry and hand it to the corporations. #1.Wed Jan 11. But how many who really are whacko realize it and would admit it? #1. This study was done by al-Qaeda to weaken us before they invade Oklahoma and impose Sharia law on America!! Pot is highly addictive and is a gateway drug of the most Satanic sort and if you smoke it even twice you will almost immediately become addicted to heroin and LSD and become homosexual!!!! What? I'm completely insane? Oh. good. I think its more harmful to be republican than it is to smoke pot http://vitals.

In fact some of the most loathsome haters of marijuansa have been Democrats. tiny percentage... it’s all the other issues: the risk of addiction. 2012 6:58 AM EST 1 vote Shukla ck I don't smoke it 2012 9:09 AM EST 5 votes Kor nfed http://vitals. It's ridiculous the money we spend on controlling a substance that does not really need to be controlled in the first place. it is a disgusting lie bordering on slander. the device also measures the amount of THC present in your system. and criminalize the inappropriate use. Paul against birth control? Why does he want to ban it? When you talk about civil and social liberties.legalize a woman's right to her body!!! #1..delicious delicious carrots. you're in trouble. they know it's bull . Buckley for one.. of course. Since roughly 50% of voters are women. I don't smoke pot. #1. Pat Schroeder. legalizing pot is the only natural recourse. who wanted women in combat. If you over a certain. Perhaps you've noticed that Ron Paul is pro-legalization and President Obama is NOT. tobacco and othe rplants should be sold? #1. is to legalize it. We know it's bull.Wed Jan 11.HOWEVER. AND.61 .Wed Jan 11.I have a question about Ron Paul. the late William F. If not. because some time back in the past a bunch of fat-cats in the cabbage industry decided to lobby (grease palms) against carrots and get them banned.Vitals . Why does it have to be taxed? Why can't it be legalized and sold in the produce department of grocery stores where it. Actually I would fear a drunk driver much more than one who had just smoked a joint... suggest he get out our pants.. Do me a favor.msnbc.. you get to proceed on your way. an increase in the chance of having accidents and social functioning.. The solution... and it won't wash.62 . But I see no reason for continuing to make possession and use a criminal act....” Everything in the above passage could be said with equal justice about alcoholic beverages. but I am for legalization. It's like spending millions prosecuting people for eating carrots. #1. study shows Page 15 of 41 some of the earliest and most outspoken and articulate proponents of legalizing pot just happened to be Republican.59 . So when the cop tells you to blow into the breath analyzer.Wed Jan 11. removing a woman's right to autonomy is NOT going to get him ANYWHERE near the White House.. #1..60 .Wed Jan 11. Legalize pot..Why is Mr. next time he's talking about getting out of the middle east.. 2012 8:44 AM EST 4 votes Pa m M ontgom er y Kornfed.Wed Jan 11. Please stop trying to make this into a partisan issue. e.58 .g. 1/13/2012 . 2012 7:27 AM EST 6 votes Fr a nk-6 690 22 Unitedstates1776. too.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung wtf and legalize it already.msn. 2012 4:50 AM EST 5 votes advertisement dm a n-353357 “It’s not a decision about lung health. but god help any pacifist who just wants a joint in her own home.

.... all we have to do is .and its all about the money in this country #1... 2012 9:42 AM EST 3 votes Pa m M ontgom er y Kornfed. "I will not vote for any politician that opposes the legalization of Marijuana " spread the word .PAGES!!! He has stated that access to birth control is an affront to Christianity and has signed on the Santorum's band wagon on that issue! Since my C&P is note behaving.I have a question about Ron Paul. PLEASE! Prove me wrong!!! #1.Wed Jan 11.....Wed Jan 11... and deceitful about my wanting to know the truth.that 10% of $20 if legalized threw competition the price will drop lets say $10 per gram and tax is 8%. The comment about right wing republicans was intended to be funny.68 ..65 ... to illustrate lets say pot is $20 per Gram and the drug enforcement captures 10% of the money being moved..msn..msnbc...67 . Ya can't even take a joke.64 ... oppose marijuana legalization and lose!" #1.....66 . 2012 9:35 AM EST 4 votes Lusita nia This is good news for the Baby boomers.... You are yet another example of what our media does to the opinions of Americans.... light one up. during their era from wood stock through all the musicians in Fleetwood Mac have smoked more bud than any other generation after and beyond combined.....Wed Jan 11.. not serious.. #1. 1/13/2012 ..Wed Jan 11.. For gods sakes...Vitals . deceitfully and with malice #1.. study shows Page 16 of 41 Kornfed. perhaps you can post his quote's on the opposition to Santorum's lunacy...Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. there is NOTHING malicious about my question.including you.. Bringing this into the light is the most honest thing I can do.. then I totally approve of your faux insanity.. and since the content is too voluminous.... Made me laugh in a good way. 1 vote http://vitals.I just suggest that anyone interested just google the question..Is Ron Paul against birth control? PAGES came up. 2012 9:29 AM EST 2 votes m oonbea m r a cer It's real Simple ............ #1..I just googled the question... Paul against birth control? Why does he want to ban it? He has stated that he does not believe the Federal government should make law about the reproductive choices of American's 8% of $10 far less money for the feds to have ..63 ..Wed Jan 11......Why is Mr.Wed Jan 11. and lighten up....... 2012 9:32 AM EST 5 votes CBa it oomyaaqub ...OMG! I feel so sorry for YOU. Since roughly 50% of voters are women......... As a woman.....Since your C&P seems to be fine.. 2012 9:22 AM EST 5 votes advertisement w a de-370 8 30 0 the problem with legalizing pot is the government makes MORE money though confiscated FUNDS than it would EVER make though TAXING sales. Go look it up... 2012 9:42 AM EST 3 votes D er ek-38 10 97 @Justme..

I have been on the fence about Dr.." First of all... Opposes all federal laws banning or restricting abortion and birth control. if you are trying to win votes for Dr.. believing that these are matters relegated to state control under the Tenth Amendment. There was a time when Dr.Wed Jan 11. 2012 9:49 AM EST Kor nfed Abortion and Birth Control: advertisement Opposes Roe v. (Which are a current development).for example.we're just trying to figure out where he stands on issues like this. but the fact that the gov't doesnt listen to over 50% (i beleive it is somewhere in the 70 or even 80 percent) of Americans who feel it shoud be legal..71 .Vitals .. post a current statement about his opposition to Santorum's will to ban birth control. You had a chance to actually win a vote here... Paul.) From a woman's point of view. 1/13/2012 .maybe because you whole life is based on a lie. study shows Page 17 of 41 #1.. herb. Remember. and being conservative enough to know I cannot afford to have a child every year. Giving you another shot at this. Source..... ( What was the time line for this statement? ) But recently.... and how it will affect his overall electibility. or religion does not seem to grasp reality.Imagine one "law maker" determined that roses were illegal.. Marijuana is one of the many.msn. Paul's platforms are trying to submarine him. Paul in light of his adoption of Santorum's policies.About.. If you could. It has been this issue that has made me reconcider my His personal beliefs are of course anti abortion...well. you should be concerned about his stance on this issue. please.. but I cannot vote for Dr. Paul might have had this view. Why would the gov't make a natural plant. and smart enough to know that if I cut my husband off from sex because of it.Wed Jan 11.(BTW.however the fact that pot is illegal goes to show how un-free we are. Not everyone who questions Dr. why is it that someone with some sort of reference to god.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. No one is basing freedom on whether pot is legal or not.69 .would that http://vitals. Paul. Wade.. NDAA are 2 very big reasons.. the Patriot Act.... So if this is a sountry where "we the people" have some sort of influence.. he seems to have changed his position.70 .msnbc. these are issues you are going to have to address. we are NOT discussing abortion here..There are many other reasons we are not free. #1. free medicine illegal???? That right there shows how unfair the law is. you get the picture....... 2012 10:02 AM EST Pa m M ontgom er y Kornfed... 2012 10:20 AM EST 7 votes m qir a @ Lord of truth and reason You said: "So you want to base freedom on whether or not pot is legal? wow... WTF is he thinking?! As a Ron Paul supporter.Wed Jan 11...we are talking about banning oral contraceptives.

....Vitals .72 . 2012 12:11 PM EST 2 votes m qir a @Toosano Potheads are just. #1.msnbc. #1.74 .just ignorant! But also. well. 2012 8:56 PM EST And ignorant people are well....I looked hard myself.. 1/13/2012 . 2012 11:10 AM EST 3 votes Pa m M ontgom er y It's OK.. We must make our voices loud and clear for EVERYONE'S civil and social liberties.Tue Jan 10.for GOD sakes.he will lose.. does it really seem like the govt really cares about the people..73 .but saying it and doing it are two different things. Increased pizza deliveries and orders for Shake Weights alone will create lots of new jobs... mysogenistic whack job.. Legalization is coming. Santorum is a sexually preoccupied.makes him seem like he cares about everyones right to liberty.Wed Jan 11.yes. (Have we learned nothing?) I sincerely believe that legalization is on it's way. #1..... but the bigger picture here is the trade off..Wed Jan 11.msn..75 . 2012 10:38 AM EST 2 votes advertisement M SD N C "Lord of Reason" -. #1. Legalize it as a stimulant for the economy. Note the articles and documentaries on the subject lately? Something we would have never seen even 5 years ago. I think it's admirable that you are such a staunch supporter. NO! #1. I am very sorry that he had to jump on the Santorum bandwagon. study shows Page 18 of 41 make sense? If tobacco kills so many people and marijuana does not (remember. 2012 11:30 AM EST 2 votes m ike-4 64493 The only real side effects of smoking weed are the munchies and buying stupid stuff you don't need from late night TV commercials.. But to throw away someone else's liberties for the sake of your own isn't the way to go about it. there has been not 1 case of death from marijuana) kill people. Paul thinks this is a valid platform. kornfed.why is mj illegal and tobacco is not.. That is gospel..49 . it absolutely does have to do with freedom. except WOMEN. even went to his website several times looking for his platform. I think it's awesome that he wants to legalize.Wed Jan 11.... You can't claim to be a completely free country if you allow the government to dictate what you can and cannot put into your own body.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. If he doesn't disassociate himself from this flake.Wed Jan 11. Potheads are presidents Potheads are musicians Potheads are Entertainers Potheads are Business owners Potheads are Mayors Potheads are Billionaires Potheads are Millionaires http://vitals.. Women WILL be viewed as second class citizens when the government starts infringe on their reproductive rights. and I'm very disappointed that Dr.

Wed Jan 11..78 . bllsht dmbA$$!!! Duh..79 . They tell us what they think we want to hear to tickle our ears and make us feel good just so we will vote for them and then do whatever the hell they want after they are in office. #1. don't you think that if they LIE about everything else that they would lie about Pot. theres going to be more discoveries and a all together different kind of living from it.well said!!! Very well said indeed!!! #1. 2012 3:49 PM EST 1 vote http://vitals. I've had some breakthrough ideas while stoned. parents nor I wouldn't and didn't. They are unconstitutional so the "anti-druglaws" are against the constitution and therefore the law. Not so sure about this.76 .msn.. so who did?!!! No one has the right or privilege to go against the constitution ever! PERIOD!!! The government is waaaaaaaaaaay over stepping their authority!!! The last I checked it was we the people who were the BOSS and NOT the other way around!!! I would like to know when we the people are going to quit being so gullible and stop believing their LIES!!!! They lie to us about everything and make jokes about there not being any politicians yet when they tell us about marijuana then all of a sudden they all become these angels of honesty and don't LIE. 2012 1:27 PM EST D oobie M cTr ippin All these "anti-drug laws” are illegal to begin with. it should also include their campaigns.. democrat or republican it is the same scenario... So who gave those FOOLS the right to place themselves above the law and the constitution and write illegal laws to to CONTROL us FREE Americans!!! I know my ancestors. They are laughing their a$$e$ off at us. study shows Page 19 of 41 Potheads are actors Potheads are Innovators Care to debate? Need Proof? Just ask.. 1/13/2012 .com/_news/2012/01/10/10098412-smoking-pot-doesnt-hurt-lung-c. i will give you exacts! Please do not be ignorant! Because stupid people are well.77 . but when I came down. It happens every time 100% without fail.Wed Jan 11.stupid! #1. omit (fail to inform us in any way) or commit any dishonest act of any degree that is proven with evidence that they are to be FIRED instantly on the spot with zero chance of EVER serving in ANY public office of ANY kind!!! One other thing.Vitals .80 . 2012 12:34 PM EST 8 votes advertisement Sever ed H ea d in a Ja r Somehow THC releases the brains confined thoughts and I'm willing to bet that if pot was legal and people used it comfortable.Wed Jan 11. by the way is an awesome idea) above : any and ALL politicians that are even a tiniest bit against unconditional legalization vote them OUT!!! Vote only for those that are for T-totally UNconditional legalization!!!!!! #1. tell a half truth. 2012 3:39 PM EST 1 vote D oobie M cTr ippin Free the Weed!!! In the words of Teal'c from Stargate SG1: "Indeed"! Like a poster said (which.msnbc. They are laughing at you!!! It doesn't matter if you are conservative or liberal. 2012 12:34 PM EST Pa m M ontgom er y mqira.Wed Jan 11.. This government has turned into the very thing that our forefathers fought against in the 1700s. #1. especially Pot.. We Need to FORCE them to pass a law that if they lie.Wed Jan 11.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.

or most of this nation would still be hanging black people from the biggest tree. Frankly. I'm 18 and I rip bong every day sometimes a lot each day. 2012 5:33 PM EST 31 votes w r ench-20 31930 The Feds will pump a bunch of lies & propaganda to reinforce their stand (Creel Commision tactics). there are absolute health benefits to it. in the center of town.1 .. who idoloized a sociopath and hypocrite. #1.....84 . I understand it's their choice and I think personal liberty is important which is why I'm for legalization. It seems like if something works there are no peer studies on it for a reason. study shows Page 20 of 41 Jessica -1170 252 Kornfed . #1. just for sport.Wed Jan 11. I've seen people who basically throw their lives away because they decided to get high all the time. #1. #2 .and therefore.. i've got no room for a guy like Ron Paul..Thu Jan 12.. I am in better shape than 99% of people I encounter.. 2012 6:28 PM EST 26 votes SLU V E This is a lame study.but it is still habit forming. my lungs are efficient and I never have issues whether I am extreme mountain biking. so I'm a "pothead" I have been doing this for 2-3 years. as this study proves..they just want one. not all things should be left to the states. or swimming. and I also smoke WAY more weed than 99% of people I encounter. 2012 4:26 PM EST 3 votes advertisement H Chr is I'm for legalization and regulation . Hemp oil has been known for some time to do many wonderful things as a curative agent.Wed Jan 11. 2012 9:10 PM EST EROCK17 i agree. lifting.however I do think Marijuana is addictive. http://vitals."leaving it to the states" is code speak. for "we know the good conservatives in most states.82 . One of them is curing cancer.every day.. like Ayn Rand.. I know it's not chemically addictive like alcohol or other drugs .msnbc... 1/13/2012 .Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.... #1. 2012 10:11 PM EST 1 vote FogOr a cle The reason it's not legal has nothing to do with anything except. But that can still be a hard habit to break.Tue Jan There are certain people with addictive personalities. I dont live in a Utopia. need much more extreme conditions. 2012 6:18 AM EST Ja ck-4740 34 Oh. The Big Bro has created an industry around pot and must maintain the jobs now! People and their children have become a commodity to be used and abused by law enforcement and child welfare offices. I've also seen people who smoke all the time and have no problems.. #2. END OF STORY. The people who develop a habit of smoking don't NEED another hit .. Yea. I think it depends on the person..81 . Now before people jump all over me.msn..83 ..Vitals . I also am an athlete and I have been lifting consistently never stopping for over 3 weeks for 4 years. running.Tue Jan 10. will do the right thing and ban abortion and contraception".Wed Jan 11.sometimes. i am sure the Feds will find something screwy about the test results. someone will say 'There's not been any peer studies'.

#2.2 . Just heard on the radio that 17% of American adults binge drink. cozy Jack Daniels Christmas commercials would we? #2. 1/13/2012 .Vitals . 2012 7:28 PM EST 10 votes Robin Steele OomYaaqub.6 .4 . 2012 6:38 PM EST 24 votes advertisement m issr n The feds are more than likely not going to say a damn thing about it and then cut funding to the institutions that sponsored or somehow support the study. If you don't want to smoke pot.Tue Jan 10. It's really sad that our leaders are so corrupt and gutless. you are probably correct.Tue Jan 10. It sucks living behind enemy lines. #2.. and after lunch. #2. I had no real problems with smoking and breathing.Tue Jan 10. I also am an athlete and I have been lifting consistently never stopping for over 3 weeks for 4 years That's actually an important factor .com/_news/2012/01/10/10098412-smoking-pot-doesnt-hurt-lung-c. #2. have been for over a decade .Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. study shows Page 21 of 41 We need to legalize immediately.. 2012 6:49 PM EST 11 votes Oom Ya a qub Unfortuantely. wanted to completely decriminalize it. why don't they worry about THAT instead? #2. which would be http://vitals. #2. 2012 4:54 AM EST 3 votes Shukla ck .the adverse effects of inhaling smoke regularly will be very much minimized if non-existant. But now that I'm not 'purging' that from my system and exercising.if one stays active and fit .What do you want to bet that lawmaking and binge drinking go hand in hand? #2.Wed Jan 11.msnbc. 2012 7:32 AM EST 3 votes Fr a nk-6 690 22 I don't think so.msn.and up until the last couple years I was very physically active and fit. 2012 7:31 PM EST 4 votes Oom Ya a qub Quite possible.Tue Jan 10. which is good as this should be a state issue unless the Fed. we wouldn't want to have to take down those warm. too..8 .3 . I think they should breathlyze the lot of them when they show up for work. 2012 7:17 PM EST 7 votes D ougCoe2220 1 My niece just got six months in the county jail for USE!!! The judge said she "was going to make an example out of her". I'm a regular tobacco smoker.Wed Jan 11. just a state away and it's nearly legal yet here they give the the electric chair for posession. the negative effects seem to be catching up to me rather swiftly. missrn.Tue Jan 10.5 . But I am sick of having to deal with the garbage that goes hand in hand with danks being illegal. the Feds under Obama do not enforce the federal part of pot possession basically leaving it up to the states.7 .9 .Tue Jan 10. don't. 2012 7:01 PM EST 10 votes y a kfitguy Well OomYaaqub.

so much fderal money was wasted prosecuting possession of pot charges. I'm going to buy stock in Frito-Lay. 2012 5:42 PM EST 39 votes N or Cal via Boston And when it is. 1/13/2012 . May I suggest stock in gummy candies of ANY sort? LOLOLOL #3.2 ." Congress under the CSA of 1970 placed marijuana the plant as a Schedule I controlled substance. Simply the gummint should not be allowed to tell ree people what they can and can not put into their own bodies.Tue Jan 10.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. the FDA ( the people who study food and drugs) realize the medical benefits of the active ingredient..Wed Jan 11. 2012 6:39 PM EST 6 votes D ua ne Gilber t go vote #3.. 2012 11:12 AM EST 1 vote M m m M m m Beer The problem is defining "the Feds. 2012 6:25 PM EST 20 votes Qw eenofhear ts Buy it now.10 .same as many other prescription pills. 2012 2:40 PM EST 1 vote Sinister Phnx Legalize! #3 .Vitals . However. Obama went back on this promise and there was a story only a few months ago about the feds beginning to shut down a bunch of dispensaries in California. Under W. 2012 10:46 AM EST 2 votes M SD N C I was going to point out the same thing but Morgs74 beat me to it. #2.13 .12 . and therefore THC and CBD extracts have been rescheduled from I in the 1970's.. to II in 1985.msn. or whatever conglomerate now owns that company. Our Congress won't budge on this despite a myriad of evidence.1 .Wed Jan 11. Jan 10. #2. more people than you would ever imagine. LOL They are already smoking it. Inc.Wed Jan 11.4 . 2012 8:48 AM EST 4 votes advertisement M or gs74 Unfortunately Frank he reneged on his campaign promises and started to federally shut down dispensaries in CA.11 . #2.Tue Jan 10. and now cannabis-based pharmaceuticals are Schedule III. This is a perfect example of congress having too much power over issues they neither understand nor care to investigate.Tue Jan 10. study shows Page 22 of 41 great.Wed Jan 11. 2012 6:52 PM EST 11 votes D onkey H oty Hostess!!! Buy! #3. 2012 6:53 PM EST 7 votes http://vitals.3 . I have not found any clause in the constitution that gives them such powers.. Someone with money got to him again.Tue Jan 10. #3.msnbc..

2012 7:49 PM EST 2 votes D avid-19 8 4932 Been smoking pot every day for 10 years and have yet to have experienced any adverse effects.msn.Vitals . lol #5.Wed Jan 11. 2012 5:44 PM EST 15 votes Silly Shr inks BDD comments such as yours are partially why so many are against it----#4.Wed Jan 11. 2012 6:42 PM EST 3 votes Kim fr om M ich. #5.. Would you like to know why I think they're fighting so hard to keep it that way? Its not about effects on you or they belive all that propaganda they know is incorrect.7 .Tue Jan 10.1 . Besides. The feds were not supposed to have this much power we need to knock them off the high horse that they have placed them selves on so the states could do what the states were intended to do make laws based on the peoples wants and needs not the feds rules and regulations based on BS.msnbc. unless you consider the $20 a week I spend on Sour Patch Kids to be an adverse effect. 2012 5:46 PM EST 45 votes y a kfitguy I bet you help keep the cereal companies in business too. 2012 5:56 AM EST 1 vote BD D My doobie smoking bruddah will just be proud to know this! #4 . who know what freedoms people might ask for next? #3. Capn' Crunch at midnight is a heavenly thing. each state has it core cell of ultra-conservatives so most if not all states would keep it illegal to please them..Tue Jan 10.. Its because when you smoke pot you're being disobedient! That alone makes them rabid. 2012 7:13 PM EST 9 votes advertisement nightw a lker MOMMY. 2012 3:19 AM EST 5 votes left-ha nded This is to Justme up above.Tue Jan 10. one or the other????? #3. study shows Page 23 of 41 M om m y O4 The feds have made the states afraid to legalize it.. The fed's just need to be knocked back down a few pegs on the totem pole if you ask me and let the states do what they want. 1/13/2012 . Only problem is.Tue Jan 10. Either you smoke it and are lying or you don't smoke and don't know what the hell you are talking about.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. if they backed off on pot laws. http://vitals. #5 .5 .2 . yes. before you know it your peice of heaven gets bigger and bigger and bigger.1 . 2012 6:21 PM EST 22 votes Qw eenofhear ts Heavenly.Tue Jan 10.Tue Jan 10. You get the point.6 .

quit for 6yrs without any adverse MJ is really a detriment to society.. You don't need to combust weed in order to inhale the vaporized THC.msnbc.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. everyday while off the cigs. Pot is not agressive as alcohol. got into the best shape of my life and and was able to maintain the weight loss after I fell off the fitness bandwagon. http://vitals. from years of Cigs.. get a vaporizer..msn. I`m 62 and also a cig smoker.5 . and I am 5`8" and weigh 150lbs. Just google it.Vitals . and the government just loves them.Tue Jan 10. 2012 7:02 PM EST 13 votes Jon-410 312 I`ve been smoking since 1967 as well. #5.Tue Jan 10.. back to smoking and have a hard time walking a block now. now I weigh about 125lbs and look good..whats that song? smoke two joints? great song. Oh ..Tue Jan 10. #5.Tue Jan 10. #5. #5. then maybe something salty alitle bit later. 2012 7:32 PM EST 1 vote Ba r r y -411365 Jon. cholostral.. heart rate all in the brackets of a 20yr old. Gotta love them munchies.I`ve told my kids I would rather see them smoking pot than drinking alcohol anyday.. You can take care of business when needed unlike alcohol.. I can almost eat a small box right around midnight..3 . you don`t beat your kids and wife. one of these days I will smarten up and quit the cigs and stop giving the government their cut and maybe add a few years to my life.. 2012 6:49 PM EST 10 votes advertisement dellm an Been smoking pot since 1967 and I`ll take an IQ test against most 71 year old men like I am. Yeah. or kill people on the highways while driving drunk. study shows Page 24 of 41 LOL about the cereal. I've opted to pass. but it's a road to slave labor so.. I also went back to college.7 .. stat.4 . I would be more concerned about diabetes.. but what will kill you faster than anything is those damn cigs. 1/13/2012 .6 .8 . 2012 6:54 PM EST 2 votes m issr n Since I started toking up nightly almost 8 years ago I lost 40lbs..Tue Jan 10. You get the effect of the THC without creating any carcinogens in your lungs. 2012 6:52 PM EST 23 votes Qw eenofhear ts Call me when you get closer to 200 and we'll commiserate lol. #5..I wouldn`t have to worry so much for them while they are out at night. I recommend the Volcano.. Thank you Mary Jane!! #5.I still smoke today and will continue until my lungs wont allow me too.. My blood pressure. quit smoking cigs for 6yrs and would run 5mi a day.. I just quit one day because of random testing at a good job I have.. 2012 7:30 PM EST 14 votes Robin Steele David. Pot is NOT addicitive. and complete physical 2mos ago. I used to weigh 100lbs and looked sickly. don`t spend all your money at the bars.Tue Jan 10. and I do NOT drink alcohol and look pretty good for an old man. Time to fill the bowl and have a toke.and the medical uses it has are endless. although I`m in the early stages of COPD.Had a wellness test a month ago. got my RN and got the best grades of my life! Work has begged me to step into a higher position.People who say its an addictive drug only work for the government.

1/13/2012 . that is about 1/10th the cost of that lovely volcano and use's about the same amount of power as a 100watt lightbulb.Wed Jan 11.1 . Gladly take that over the flashing lights and pounding pain of a migraine. where for no discernable reasons my airways will constrict and I can barely breathe.msn. 2012 8:13 AM EST 3 votes buckw hea t elvis I've got a Volcano & use it now & then but I still prefer to bong.. #6.3 . 2012 12:14 AM EST 2 votes advertisement Rich M cCa r ty VIA FACEBOOK Agree with Barry. I'm not a smoker. For most of my life I have had problems with asthma-like symptoms. but I do agree with you on that one! #5.Wed Jan 11.11 .12 . but I discovered years ago that a hit of pot relaxes my airways and allows me to breathe normally. #6. with some breaks in between. 2012 7:04 PM EST 11 votes D isa bled Voter Migraine suffers .2 . I'll agree that MJ is not physically addictive but I believe that it is psychologically addictive.Tue Jan 10. is simpler to use and allows a user to benefit from not "burning the bud" which is bad Mmm'K #5.Tue Jan 10. study shows Page 25 of 41 #5.. 2012 7:57 PM EST 4 votes http://vitals. try one if you know somebody with it and see if its for you.Wed Jan 11.Tue Jan 10..Tue Jan 10..Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.Vitals . Yesterday I wanted to smoke some but I used restraint & did not. 2012 5:55 PM EST 37 votes Sasha T Mine too.msnbc. 2012 6:50 PM EST 12 votes ca ny ongal56 I've been smoking more or less steadily for 40 years. It does such an excellent job that when I have one of these attacks my (adult) son automatically loads a bowl when I can't breathe.Do you know if any studies have been done with cannabis and migraines? I'm a chronic migraine sufferer and I am always interested in looking for better therapies. I usually smoke MJ in the late afternoon & one bong is plenty for the day.9 . Been smoking since 1969. There is a different type of vaporizer. Lazarus. Do you have to smoke it or can you bake it in brownies? #6. In fact most "official" migraine meds don't work for me (or knock me out for like 7-10 hours so I lose a day anyway) but with pot my headache is gone and I'm functional again in like a half though right now I'm abstaining because I'm job hunting. but You dont need to spend that much for a volcano vaporizer. #5.Tue Jan 10. 2012 9:39 PM EST 4 votes U p U r a nus Capn' Crunch at midnight is a heavenly thing.10 . I can easily not smoke MJ so the psychological addiction for me is marginal after 40 plus years. 2012 9:51 AM EST 3 votes vk53 Pot helps my migraines and have probably much less harmful to my body than tylenol! Yay for this study! #6 .

but I'm sure as I research more. I've smoked practically every day for the past ten to fifteen years and I've been saying for years that it is more effective at getting rid of migraines and headaches than any sort of over-the-counter pain pill you can buy. Oh and I should maybe mention that I'm a registered Republican. and if I can catch the pain before it progresses. 2012 11:17 AM EST Em ily inI ow a Voter .Wed Jan 11. I don't know how much luck you'd have doing a brownie. It also will be a lot more "mellow" and will take a much longer amount of time for it to work since your body has to digest it whereas inhaling it into your lungs causes it to immediately enter your blood stream and hit your brain within a minute or two. This is one of several issues I disagree with my party over and I've been fighting for years trying to persuade representatives and candidates to change their position on the subject.If you think you might need to use it regularly for your migraines I'd highly suggest investing in a vaporizer which make it much less harsh then using a joint or pipe. 2012 3:35 AM EST 4 votes D isa bled Voter Qweenofhearts & nightwalker . then that is most desirable. You have both given me more things to consider.4 . I never thought about brewing a tea. #6.Wed Jan 11. it is cost prohibitive because you normally have to use a LOT of it when baking it into things like brownies in order to feel any effects.Thank you two for more information.Vitals . #6." When a person gets desperate. 1/13/2012 . "Migraines may not kill you.msn. That's why people smoke it. 2012 9:21 PM EST 4 votes advertisement nightw a lker VOTER. though. you can bake it into things and or make tea but it's cost prohibitive. Anyone who has suffered with migraines can understand why migraine suffers would resort to anything to get relief.5 . Thanks again for the help.Tue Jan 10. Disabled Voter. With a full blown migraine. As in it will be completely gone within five to ten minutes. It was also a good point about eating with a full blown. but that may be a good alternative.Wed Jan 11.Thanks for the information. #6. then I will find out. My neurologist once said.Wed Jan 11. might be hard to eat it. If that is too expensive though you should at least use a bong which you can make yourself modifying a pipe if you need to. study shows Page 26 of 41 Qw eenofhear ts Yes. but they sure as He## will make you wish you were dead. but I'm hoping to find more data that deals with the onset of the headache.6 . 2012 2:22 PM EST 1 vote http://vitals.7 .msnbc. They did do a study. #6. I'm not sure as why it is cost prohibitive to do so. Good luck with your migraines. and yes it does helps migraines. they will do things they never dreamed of doing.8 . typically. 2012 11:05 AM EST M SD N C Count me among you.9 .. Thanks Again to Everyone! #6. but it sure as hell cured my normal headaches. 2012 1:21 PM EST D isa bled Voter MSDNC and EmilyinIowa . I have classic migraines with aura..Wed Jan 11. Both of you have given me something to think about as I do more research.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. Can't say anything for #6.

Maybe they can compare the lung capacity of pot smokers who smoke 10-20 joints a day and get back to us about whether or not pot is or is not as bad for the lungs as tobacco.Michael Phelps maybe??? or Paul McCartney who sang "yesterday" after 9/11. whatever.Tue Jan 10. 1/13/2012 . Not to mention all of the chemicals added to tobacco.. 2012 6:35 PM EST 1 vote Qw eenofhear ts You've clearly missed the part on how Marijuana is smoked in comparison. pot robs you of all your ambition. i agree with you. take the good news with a sober. #7. study shows Page 27 of 41 N a tur a l_ SciGuy Interesting study.. Just sayin. whatever man. As it mentions. 2012 6:52 PM EST 2 votes Jtheo To say that MJ has no carcinogens is completely innaccurate. Cheers. and I would be curious to see how marijuana might (or might not) affect metrics that measure this function. this study is just on pot smokers that smoke 12x/day or month. The lungs' job is not simply to move air.. I doubt the cigarette smokers in the study kept their cigarette intake to 1 cigarette per day or 1 cigarette per week!!! I don't see how this is a fair comparison to cigarette smoking. 2012 6:26 PM EST 2 votes ifsa ndsa ndbutts Not to mention. 2012 7:12 PM EST 1 vote M a r k M cKee Ask uh. skeptical view.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.1 .. nor the accumulation of byproducts from the smoke in lung tissues ... #7. . this study did not evaluate the effect of smoking marijuana on oxygen uptake or utilization. agreed on the fact that the study really does not cover that much ground. This isn't a green light to smoke the green. but none of the OTHER stuff that is in cigarrettes..3 .Tue Jan 10. Marijuana has more than 5 times the amount of tar of a cigarrette..Tue Jan 10. they need to be studying pot smokers who smoke before they go to bed at night. 2012 6:09 PM EST 10 votes advertisement Lor d of Tr uth a nd Rea son Great post and thoughtful insight. #7.. yeah. #7. Marijuana is just a dried plant with no chemicals or cacinogens added. #7. in the SAME KEY that he sang at the age of 20??? And don't forget.msnbc. though I see a few problems with concluding that marijuana smoking "does not adversely affect pulmonary function.msn. pot smokers are more susceptible to bronchitis (as are cigarette smokers) and probably a few other things that are unrelated to lung capacity. first thing when they wake up in the morning and on their lunch break.Tue Jan 10.5 ... necessarily. Marijuana smoking didn't harm this . However. I would doubt that people who smoke 1 cigarette per day or week have much lung capacity impairment either.. cigarette smokers are usually more than that..2 .that's great news." They evaluated the mechanical function of the lungs by measuring the volume of air that they could move in and out of the body.Tue Jan 10. #7 . but also assimilate it into the body.Vitals . http://vitals. 2012 6:46 PM EST 13 votes Kiufer ifsandsandsbutts. which also obviously pertains to Phelps & McCartney.Tue Jan 10..

MJ smoke DOES contain far more tar in it. say. yeah. Praise this wonderful plant for all of its benefits (and its cousin.7 . than is found in tobacco.even heavy MJ smokers I know do not (read: can not) smoke 10-20 joints a day. Regulate its use accordingly (and appropriately). baby. but simply that it is ridiculous to continue perpetrating the very government-sanctioned misinformation that has dominated the societal mindset for decades. 2012 9:31 AM EST 5 votes M SD N C Smoke 10-20 joints a day? You'd be comatose! #7. Legalize it. #7. Vaporize Vaporize. hemp!).10 . we desperately need a renaissance of industry and great thinkers.. But again. Brilliant man. it's nearly a moot point. That being said.Wed Jan 11. 2012 1:34 PM EST chickenchickenbokbok see.11 ..and a total pot head.msnbc. 1/2 pack per day. #7. 2012 7:25 PM EST 6 votes N or ther nLights4M e Vaporize. #7. mainly the resins that contain the THC-9. just like a filter.6 .Tue Jan 10. In reality.. 2012 6:18 PM EST 7 votes silver ha w k63 Comment collapsed by the community W hoknow s-1768 30 1 http://vitals. 2012 7:32 PM EST 6 votes advertisement killr oy -26 7510 5 What about smoking it in a water pipe (bong) with cold water and ice.Tue Jan 10.Tue Jan 10.. one more reason why the purple sticky punch is the only way to fly.. One of the reasons I believe pot isn't as harmful is simply because users do not have to smoke great quantities of it in order to reach the desired effect.. that in this country. a chronic user would still smoke far less in actual weight of substance than one would find in a typical pack of cigarettes.Wed Jan or even snow for that matter. 2012 11:22 AM EST 1 vote I ndy Pa tr iot-1934313 Uhh.Vitals ..inventor of the i-pad. both phyically and mentally. Seems to me.... don't smoke. would the carcinogens be less? the smoke would be cool and the water or snow. The best part is that cannabis is relatively safe and harmless.. 2012 11:08 PM EST 3 votes Pa m M ontgom er y Let's not forget Steve Jobs. 1/13/2012 ...8 . study shows Page 28 of 41 #7..Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.. That would be an excessive amount of weed. #8 . and thank God above for giving us something to help take away life's sting at times. vaporize #7. if one is not smoking great quantities of the stuff.. when we compare it to a moderate tobacco smoker.Wed Jan 11.Tue Jan 10. active.9 . That does not mean that smoking it is "good for you".msn.

.Tue Jan 10. so. And they didnt even test for carcinogenic qualities. vaporize or eat mj food.Vitals . 2012 6:43 PM EST 17 votes m ilw a ukee262 http://vitals. I asked her outright if she's ever seen or treated a pot smoker for lung disease or cancer. I'm not allowed to think for myself! #11. Unless pot smoke is somehow radically different from tobacco smoke. but should also consider other factors.Tue Jan 10. but hey. but I can't believe that sucking combustion byproducts into your lungs isn't somehow carcinogenic. logic and reason are secondary to what the "experts" tell us. My brother has a traumatic brain injury from the war and smoking weed has improved his brain function greatly.msnbc. and she said "no.. it doesnt hurt your body or lungs. She's worked there for 20+ years..Tue Jan 10. 2012 6:28 PM EST 4 votes Rich-30 50 148 Pot smoke is radically different than tobacco smoke.Tue Jan 10.. 2012 7:21 PM EST 5 votes advertisement N or ther nLights4M e Don't smoke. 2012 6:41 PM EST 12 votes La cie-298 0 8 74 If you're going to think anything.msn. you'd do better to listen to scientists and not misinformed. 2012 7:36 PM EST 2 votes m kspea ks Sorry." of course sucking smoke down your lungs is not the greateset thing to do but it is saying it is a hell of a lot better for you than legal cigarettes that we pay taxes on and kill thousands of people a year! #10.1 . #11. #10. never". 1/13/2012 .Tue Jan 10. 2012 6:21 PM EST 2 votes Lor d of Tr uth a nd Rea son BUt nowadays. #11. 2012 6:21 PM EST 2 votes N ikko-27998 18 dude are you an idiot?? re-read the article these are the type of people that really piss me off.1 . #11. "Experts say that people shouldn’t simply take the news as green light to get high.4 . #11 . you know nothing about it but are posting stupid comments. #10 .. 2012 6:35 PM EST 21 votes Aly ssa r a y ya stupid it is radically different. Tobacco smoke tests positive for radioactive material.Tue Jan 10. lying politicians who pander to your religious .Tue Jan 10. Makes you wonder what they put in cigs.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. pot is a plant no tobacco rolled around in poisonous substances like cigarettes. study shows Page 29 of 41 Yes it is all ways good for the lungs to suck in smoke.Tue Jan 10. My best friends mother is the head Nurse in the pulmonary ward of a large hospital.2 .3 .

Tue Jan 10. and it actually lowers the risk of having study shows Page 30 of 41 Are you serious? Tobacco smoke is filled with carcinogenic material. But it would help explain why pot-only smokers do not have a higher rate of lung cancer than the general population. #11. 1/13/2012 .9 .. Granted. hmmmm dirt? water? photosynthesis? LOL give me a break.5 .... try doing that instead of relying on what someone told you when you were growing up.Tue Jan 10..msn. hm lets see? what goes into making marijuana.7 . But even comparing it to the harmful toxic product that is tobacco shows that you clearly don't have your facts straight. #11. You are dead wrong on this. #11. lung cancer not being among them. 2012 6:49 PM EST 4 votes D onkey H oty MK speaks more than thinks.. My advice to you. but it is still a high enough temp to vaporize the the ingredients and chemicals that go into a cigarette you will find hundreds of toxic chemicals.Tue Jan 10.msnbc. You're allowed to THINK for yourself. #11. 2012 6:46 PM EST 13 votes advertisement D Ta tum Yes.Tue Jan 10. 2012 9:45 PM EST 4 votes SonofM olly M http://norml.6 . tar.Wed Jan 11. They heat air to a controlled temperature that remains below the combustion point for cellulose (plant matter).. 2012 7:23 PM EST 2 votes Ba r r y -411365 well mkspeaks. then you'd be interested to know that several recent studies (I know one was done at UCLA but unsure of the others) that show marijuana is not just NON-carcinogenic. it is ANTI-carcinogenic. and probably aboud 150 other toxic additives that most of us have no clue what they are. You might actually learn something.Tue Jan 10... What is kind of funny is that all of this is kind of moot. 2012 2:59 AM EST 1 vote ber nie-17228 29 Any mention of brain capacity? #12 #11. The other is a natural plant with so many additives they wont fit on the warning labels and scientists are hired to sit around a table and derive ways to make it as addictive as possible. Inhaling the vapor causes the intended effect without ever creating carcinogens. With the advent of vaporizers.Vitals . the studies were on specific cancers. logic and reason from experts is less important that the common taught beliefs of people like you.. 2012 7:06 PM EST 9 votes N ikko-27998 18 read the article that is ecxactly what it is saying.. don't say everything you think. if you would read the article #11. One is a natural plant..10 .Tue Jan 10.8 . Weed only when I want to escape from the lack of reality people like yourself seem to spout. addictive nicotine. not saying smoke is "healthy" for your lungs.. people can get high without ever combusting the for pot... Last time I checked marijuana had nothing added to it.. I quit smoking both and cigarettes I still crave from time to time two FN years later. 2012 6:21 PM EST 2 votes a lim -28 10 0 59 http://vitals..Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.

two very healthy children.. You'll find a lot of idiots. study shows Page 31 of 41 Yours? #12.Thu Jan 12.2 .now what would my record look like if I was an alcoholic? just sayin. and you'll find a lot of geniuses.1 .com/_news/2012/01/10/10098412-smoking-pot-doesnt-hurt-lung-c.been smoking pot since 1967 as well. And I now grow my own. #14. 2012 10:00 AM EST 3 votes http://vitals. 2012 7:25 PM EST 1 vote Ba r r y -411365 Just google 'famous pot smoking personalities'.. #12.5 .. you think they could do that if they were alcoholics? I doubt it. no correlation or causality to brain function. But I am now retired after running my own business for 26 years.. #13 .I will advertise it.4 . Happily married. 2012 6:39 PM EST 3 votes advertisement ber nie-17228 29 alim..msn. Still love the feeling of smoking some MJ.. 1/13/2012 .. #12.Tue Jan 10. And moderation is the one of the keys to life.. with a list of pot smoking Nobel Prize winners ! Pot smoking dilates blood vessels. 2012 5:26 PM EST 1 vote N or Ca l via Boston Legalize it. Married 31 years... Very clever.. owned my own business and have not hurt anyone..Tue Jan 10. 2012 6:55 PM EST 1 vote a lim -28 10 0 59 I'm sorry.. #14 . All benefits flow from this simple distinction. never been in an accident.. #14.Tue Jan 10...Tue Jan 10. business owners...Tue Jan 10.... married 35yrs.. #12.. 2012 6:23 PM EST 42 votes Jon-410 312 I`m with ya Blucon.1 . 2012 7:49 PM EST 9 votes buckw hea t elvis I don't go quite as far back as you two. 2012 6:23 PM EST 10 votes blucon I've smoked pot since 1967 and have lived a full happy life.Vitals . 2012 9:47 PM EST 6 votes Jeffr ey L Weekend at Bernie's..2 ..Tue Jan 10. Own my home.Wed Jan 11.5 million miles logged and have Never had an accident. Nice try though. a over the road truck driver most of my life with over 3.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity...3 .msnbc.Tue Jan 10. In other words. Just turned 64 and plan on many more years of peace and love.... friends who worked the same job for 30+yrs and are now retired. which is a most enjoyable hobby. I have friends I`v known from High School who also smoke everyday.only since 1969 lol. while nicotine constricts same.

Wed Jan 11.... Frito-Lay. I participate in several competition sports. Your anecdotal evidence is completely fabricated and useless. #17. as mine has just cancelled it out.3 .. mellow out!" It wouldn't surprise me to find a follow up study confirming this study.Tue Jan 10. I even smoke on my way to the gym. please not that! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! #15 .msnbc.msn..Wed Jan 11.. but what about the crime rate if its legalized?! All the assaults on bags of Doritos! Friends stealing bagglers (loose fries) from other friends fast food bags! Oh! The horror of the couch cushion tossing. along with my friends.1 ..3 2012 6:41 PM EST 6 votes M a ster Pir a te You forgot about all the empty cookie dough containers. smoke this .2 . sponsored by Ben'n'Jerry's. #15. think of the empty cartons of ice cream too.Tue Jan 10..2 .Tue Jan 10. study shows Page 32 of 41 Jon-410 312 Well put buckwheat elvis. 2012 12:11 PM EST advertisement StephAce Oh. Whomever told you it doesn't affect them was lying or doing it wrong. smoke pot. #14. 2012 6:24 PM EST 13 votes toons222 It doenst effect some people and most people it just makes lazy as hell. #15. 2012 6:24 PM EST 3 votes N or Cal via Boston Pot = the great demotivator.. 2012 6:24 PM EST 26 votes a lim -28 10 0 59 Funny! And true! #15.Moderation IS the Key. for god's sake. My wife LOVES that aspect of it. all for a 6 piece chicken of nuggets! Please.Vitals .. everybody smoke pot!! #16 .Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.1 .Tue Jan 10.Tue Jan 10. I'd be rich if I had a quarter for every time a few hits after work has kept me home instead of going to my local bar and hoisting a couple... and Taco John's. 1/13/2012 . quick . and each of us smokes daily. 2012 12:19 AM EST 2 votes Bob-2270 68 smoke pot.Tue Jan 10. all living at high altitude.Tue Jan 10. 2012 6:46 PM EST 4 votes http://vitals. #17. 2012 8:30 PM EST 2 votes node4 StephAce: as my friend in college use to say to me whenever I got overly excited "Here . 2012 6:27 PM EST 16 votes La cie-298 0 8 74 Wrong and wrong.. #17 .

I'd never smoke beforehand. as you go through the posts on this thread. well duh. On work days. 2012 5:03 AM EST 4 votes Old M a n-2223570 http://vitals. Smoking a bunch of it(especially if you mix a bunch of different strains). a small hit or 2 would give me I stayed home. and I could get a seriously intense work out on at the gym. etc. that lack of motivation can be a good thing. 2012 7:29 PM EST 9 votes advertisement Am er ica n Lobo I smoked herb for over 20 years.Vitals . Nazis would of killed a lot less people had they of smoked an ounce of weed each a day. For some people. wasn't motivated to fight people.Wed Jan 11.4 .Tue Jan 10. otherwise I could have been left that way permanently. it had the opposite effect. 1/13/2012 .5 .Tue Jan 10. Smoke an ounce a day.although all drugs effect people differently. it's majorly benficial to be demotivated. 2012 8:15 PM EST 4 votes Oom Ya a qub I used to smoke all day everyday. The key word is "responsibly. so I'm guessing you're not high ALL day from waking until sleeping (and while sleeping).msnbc. and I always waited until after I clocked out. and made me super relaxed. #17. You can burn out if you smoke too much. because from what I've heard the damage can last a long. it is made up of the mellowest people out there on the web? Speaks volumes.Tue Jan 10. I used to smoke all day everyday.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. because after a week long binge the booze had depleted my body of thiamine. Luckily I crawled to my computer. let me know how much you feel like doing then.. There are few drugs you can use constantly.. I will admit freely.if you were you'd be less motivated I'm sure (or fairly certain anyways).3 . I was not motivated to do anything. a B vitamin essential to neurological functioning. commit violent or theft-related criminal acts. And then I got to where I couldn't even walk. doesn't it! #17. on days off of work. I was not motivated to do anything. though.. and different people have different thresholds for how much they can smoke and still funtion well. I'm pro-pot. study shows Page 33 of 41 a lim -28 10 0 59 You guys do realize. But as the other commentor said.. I kept this up for days. Funny. and swallowed B1 pills (because I keep vitamins around in large number) like they were gumballs. is only smoke a hit or two in the AM and again in the PM. WILL eventually make you sleepy. I was the same way when I stayed drunk around the clock seven days a wek. #17. 2012 7:47 PM EST 8 votes Pr oI ndividua l-390 690 7 Lacie. You smoke "daily". ran a google search. I'm a long time smoker. long time. even when sober.msn. Even a nightly pot smoker can usually get to work the next day--they might find themselves less productive.. The smoking schedule I found worked best." #17. if you're high you are less motivated. I still take a lot of vitamins even though I'm not drinking.6 . that won't hurt you.. as in around the clock every day. If I smoked more than that a couple hour time frame.

Wed Jan 11. schmax.Tue Jan 10. I hope they do legalize.msnbc. as a society. 2012 6:25 PM EST 20 votes Bob-2270 68 Hey blucon----hugged any trees lately?? #20 . regulate and tax! The economy could use the boost. and most drink responsibly.Vitals . 2012 6:26 PM EST 1 vote ed ta y lor -20 65223 look at california who legalized it for medical patients. #19 .4 . Go potheads. If they are worried about high workers in the workplace.. like everything else in this country #21 . then I say we drink. PLEASE! It should not be against the law. It should be legal for adults.Tue Jan 10. do drink but most drink responsibly. study shows Page 34 of 41 Legalize.1 . 2012 6:48 PM EST 5 votes Oom Ya a qub alim. Many people are too lazy to grow so it would still increase revenue and also increase healthy hobbies. it is just another item for adults to buy. I do not see the harm.Tue Jan 10. yet its legal. 2012 6:55 PM EST 5 votes SP-3268 112 It's called compromise . we have to tax something and. Dipping (chew) destroys the esophagus. #18. yet its legal. 2012 1:28 PM EST 1 vote poly scidude With all the extra cancer causing crap tobacco companies hide in cigarettes. We. 2012 6:27 PM EST 12 votes a lim -28 10 0 59 Tax? What is this default to inviting the government into your living room? Lonely? #21. I'd much rather my money go to schools and roads and emergency services than the cartels.1 #18.Tue Jan 10. Drinking destroys the liver.Wed Jan 11. Regulate what? Another hit on personal freedoms? Who ARE you people the thought police? #18. 1/13/2012 . DO SOMETHING RIGHT! Legalize it and tax it.Tue Jan 10. 2012 6:24 PM EST 16 votes a lim -28 10 0 59 What is this default to taxing everything under the sun? Grow your own. Smoking destroys the lungs. and tax. they should also allow a certain amount of plants per household for personal use. you don't literally NEED pot the way you do food. Think about it.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. and lips.3 .they give us something we want (freedom to toke) and we give them something they want (our tax dollars). yet its legal. http://vitals.. for once.Tue Jan 10. However. 2012 11:22 AM EST 3 votes Em ily inI ow a Personally.2 . #18 . unless it's medical. and tax it. it's no doubt smoking weed is not as bad probably better. Tax. The state and federal have thier fingers in the pot(sorry)! But if they legalize it. regulate.Tue Jan 10. 2012 6:43 PM EST 7 votes advertisement m ikethespike you tax my pot and i'll cut your dick off! #18.

Just wondering. However. #22.Tue Jan 10.3 ..why not check for other effects at the same time?If a cigarette smoker holds in as much smoke and as long as he can with each puff. or the worst and legal drug of them all.. 2012 7:44 PM EST John-10 226 51 Can some one please explain why if you had test subjects for this long. Should have stated the only mild mind altering substance. There are a couple of forms of mushrooms that will do a number on you in their original harvested state. if you make decent $$ or a LOT of $$ off of selling it to others.msn..Tue Jan 10. 2012 7:54 PM EST 7 votes Rea list-50 2574 Stop putting people in prison for having possession of a plant GOD put on the earth. study shows Page 35 of 41 #21.3 . heroin. then there should be NO taxation. then I can see a tax being fair. and don't make money off of it. #21. #22.4 . FYI..2 .. 2012 7:11 PM EST 2 votes Jtheo and salvia. perfectly legal #22. 2012 7:21 PM EST Rea list -50 2574 I stand corrected.. 1/13/2012 ..4 . One of the most intense hallucinagenic drugs on the plant. #23 . grows from the ground..msnbc. You cannot say that about cocaine.Tue Jan 10. which has made people jump out of windows in a matter of 10 seconds after smoking it.Tue Jan 10.Tue Jan 10.Tue Jan 10.2 . http://vitals.1 . #22 ..Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. marijuana is the only mind altering substance usable in it's original harvested state. the sponsors have to pay millions.Tue Jan 10. #22. 2012 6:29 PM EST 1 vote La cie-298 0 8 74 Because for every parameter you test in a clinical trial. 2012 7:33 PM EST advertisement Am er ica n Lobo If you grow it for your own personal use.Vitals .would his lung capacity grow before he died of cancer. 2012 7:01 PM EST 7 votes M a r ily n1972 That's the realist thing I heard yet. 2012 7:07 PM EST 3 votes a lim -28 10 0 59 Come again? We need to #21. It should be regulated. alcohol. to make sure adults aren't selling it to minors(under 18).Tue Jan 10. methamphetamine. 2012 6:29 PM EST 23 votes Think a bout it-20 12248 Not quite true about the only mind altering substance usable in it's original harvested state.Tue Jan 10.

2012 6:52 PM EST 2 votes advertisement M a r k-768 20 9 Like I've saying all along.2 . and heaven forbid. Exhaling all that smoke is bad for the atmosphere. suffered the severe side effects of prescription pain killers (including suicidal thoughts).msn. IT CURES NOTHING!!! It doesn't cure Cancer (the feeling of reduced pain is the placebo effect when it comes to weed). And your name is Dr. smoking is not medicine.Vitals . I'm sick of these studies that go back and forth. at the least. As someone who suffers from Lupus. If you're going to leagalize it. Mother Nature.1 . #23. smoke it. to check for say. http://vitals. legalize it. Go with it. damnit and it should be legalized NOW!!!!!!!! #24 .Tue Jan 10. Second of all. 2012 6:54 PM EST 10 votes ber nie-17228 29 alim. The bottom line is that Marijuana distorts your mind and that's what people want when they smoke it.1 I know we can work through your concerns. and the constant stomach issued suffered from OTC pain killers.Tue Jan 10. or so quick to speak your unsupported babble. Rejoice. Something good is happening. we've all been stoned before. What???? Medical Marijuana Cop Out? #25.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. it doesn't cure insomnia (if you can't sleep. I have nothing against marijuana if you want to smoke it. Its phucking is helpful. etc. Pot-Heads will eat it up. you wouldn't be so quick to judge. and last of all Medical Marijuana is a CopOut for people who want to smoke it and not worry about getting busted. marijuana was the only thing I could use. Most likely. that didn't give me trouble. shipment costs. Thank you.Tue Jan 10. 2012 6:45 PM EST 22 votes Kim fr om M ich.msnbc. it doesn't stop anxiety. Maybe if you took your head out of your butt. #25. Relax.Tue Jan 10.3 . 1/13/2012 . it doesn't cure PMS.. 2012 6:30 PM EST 5 votes StephAce The pain relief is not placebo. but I'm tired of all this medical marijuana propeganda.1 . #25. it's just what the researchers want to believe. light one up and talk about this. KMA PEOPLE. 2012 6:30 PM EST 18 votes a lim -28 10 0 59 It is far better than harmless . yeah right. And to all you tree-hugging pot-heads out there that get baked and then all the sudden think that you know everything while you're stoned. had to go through something like that. 2012 6:50 PM EST 12 votes M edica l M a r ijua na Cop-Out First off.Tue Jan 10. it creates it. #24. carcinogens on 5100 people X times per year for 7 years is another few million dollars. study shows Page 36 of 41 So. #25 . and thanks for contributing to global warming and polluting the air.Tue Jan 10. or watched someone you loved. personnel extracting the samples/running the tests.Tue Jan 10. You have to consider lab contracts. inhaling smoke and not natural air is good for your lungs this report is @#$%&! stupid. they were restricted by budgetary concerns and opted for the parameter (lung capacity) that made the most sense and that they were trying to verify. cannot take steroids. they might as well prescribe Medical Alcohol until you pass out). 2012 6:52 PM EST 10 votes a lim -28 10 0 59 We need to sit down together. we have been lied to from the very start about the "harms" of marijuana. You worry too much. go through that.

I'm tired of seeing prescription drug commercials that take more time to tell you the adverse side affects of a pill than they spend telling you what the pill is actually good for! 15 votes http://vitals.Vitals .9 . we dont use it until we get stoned we use it til we fill comfortable with what's going on around us and in us. ANY drug the doctors give you now a days NONE of them CURE anything! If they cured us they would be out of business.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.4 . now. Maybe you should toke up every once in a while and you wouldnt post stupid stuff like this.msn. legs and brain and had not been out of bed in over a week get up out of bed. You have a right to believe whatever you want to believe. Scotches. Do some abuse it? Of course! But do you know that number one in drug use among teens is PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS not marijuana. drink part of a beer and eat a sandwich after smoking a little weed. reduce anxiety. 2012 6:56 PM EST 1 vote advertisement m ikethespike you sir. MMC-O.msnbc. aid in sleep.7 . Sorry youre so perfect and "we're not" #25. Asprin.. relieve muscle spasms. Google it. You may be TIRED OF THIS MEDICAL MARIJUANA crap but too freaking Jan 10. However YOU believing it does NOT make it true. I saw my step father who had numerous tumors in his back.Tue Jan 10. stop bein an ass hole about it and let ppl do what they need to do. study shows Page 37 of 41 Talk about brain capacity! #25. 2012 6:59 PM EST 11 votes Avenger -1511759 People can't KYA because your head is in the way. you can get off of your opinionated soap box. are a dumb ass hole and a cop out! #25.Tue Jan 10. walk to the living room. #25. Ibuprofen.Tue Jan 10.6 . I have seen it work on others and I have experienced it with my own medical issues. and/or beers you consume in one sitting? To each. 2012 7:00 PM EST 9 votes tom 474e Marijuana has been shown to reduce tumor size and even cure lung and pancreatic cancer. Morphine. 1/13/2012 . I'm 21 and i've had depression since i was 12 the only thing that has helped is pot.5 . Oxycontin. his/her own. sit on the couch. 2012 7:16 PM EST 7 votes La dy Poh Actually studies in Europe have found that Marijuana has been shown to reduce the size of some tumors. reduce nausea and increase appetite. #25. It helps with nausea and anxiety. Tylenol..Tue Jan 10. 2012 7:03 PM EST 13 votes N or Cal via Boston And may I ask how many whiskies. Marijuana DOES have properties that relieve pain.8 . 2012 6:57 PM EST 4 votes Aly ssa r a y believe wut u want but it does help with all those things especially pain my brother who has compressed spinal columns can actually function and move around with it and he can sleep without having flash backs to the war. #25.Tue Jan 10.

10 . and that abstaining from something will get them nowhere though they have done it all of their life.Tue Jan 10. 1/13/2012 . in my theory.. the universe is crammed full of ingredients that can be beneficial when used correctly. then i cannot support your claims without further reasoning.. and yes i know there are people who dont do these things that are still able to find benefit. Laws regarding required abstinence in order to be supported are very encouraging to those who have never done such things.13 . But even if it was legal. alright i understand you. making mistakes in the most crucial moments etc. In the end I theorize that every law and prohibition as well as freedom and right is only here to encourage those which they encourage.. Ibn fact it is often very funny. you just want the money and property that you can get from the bust. and understanding while doing such things. and might be incompatible with such things. mistakes are made by all kinds of people whether they use and/or abuse drugs or abstain from them completely. #25. disease treatment. the complaints ending because of the complainers smoking pot. what about the countless moments where weed has been beneficial? The fights ended or unfought because of getting stoned. But who are we to tell someone that something shouldnt be done to gain a certain end. fire in general is pollution to the air if you truly want to get down to the specifics. or right in general. i believe that there is a place for all things.. wisdom. I will agree with you on the basis that perhaps some (if not all)soldiers shouldnt smoke pot... but unless you are anti pot for reasons of than to accept that its wrong.. or because of it. are often told that they need to stop using them. and/or believe that such things lead to spiritual inferiority. but cmon . and even that is debated by some being that the earth has the sufficient resources to repair itself. your statement is just ignorant! As someone who benefited from marijuana s medical properties. or both. the bonds made between kids and adults alike because of social pot gatherings. I have seen potheads tell of great ideals while being high. It is like the States legalize it but the Feds will still bust you. some of them which may be in an important position of power and authority. I know that your remarks are ignorant and without any foundation in fact. pain relief...Tue Jan 10.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. #25. but the truth is. and babies have been made.. 2012 7:30 PM EST 1 vote Chr istopher J Pettice hahha. The pollution thing. whether despite it. Spiritualists have found enlightenmnet. and those that make mistakes and do use them. I have heard stories of people frieking out when it was time to fight.12 .. when we have seen people do such things AND then gain the end. nobody would get past their Companies policies at the work place.11 .. Like sexual enhancement. Couples have been made because of pot smoking in social settings. even if it is only where pencil pushers and abstinence freaks (who have also been proven to be very beneficial under the right cercumstances) cannot enforce their laws and the laws of those that were able to establish their opinions and beliefs in the lives of all in their environment. #25. Plus. and emotional.msnbc.Tue Jan 10... than to accept that they are virgins to something for no reason. making them a possible liability to their entire move. because those people that do make a mistake and dont use drugs are often told that they may need to use some. http://vitals. mental.. though their ideas were very contradictory to the times. if only we balance our indulgences with work on green energy and purification tactics. 2012 7:30 PM EST 1 vote advertisement ed-2113954 Law enforcement. or spritual exploration. You are a fool. also. study shows Page 38 of 41 #25. a liar. 2012 8:26 PM EST 3 votes m oonbea m r a cer Medical Marijuana Cop-Out .Vitals . it is easier for someone to do something because it is said to be a right. and that everyone else is evil.. being that they are in the middle of war. I do agree with you as far as the mind distortion goes. or at least permissible.msn. laziness is the source of pollution. and that they are inferior because of it. It is so much easier for someone to accept that they are perfect for the times that they live in.Tue Jan 10. 2012 7:28 PM EST Richa r d-2538 136 Horse manure MMCO..

but he is out there! But overall..)-there is no way they want to give this up. study shows Page 39 of 41 The success stories are just to common today to be overlooked.16 .org/library/recent-research-on-medical-marijuana #25. alcohol. I have always felt that as the white haired old farts who are likely lushes as well -that run our country die off and newer fresher smarter folks assume position in our government-things will change...Wed Jan 11..Vitals . Sometimes my guts get in such a spasm-it snot something I can deal with. 2012 9:01 PM EST 7 votes advertisement TX Kitka t I have had gut issues for many years. Polly wanna cracker? Ooo pot kills brain cells... 2012 10:49 AM EST 1 vote http://vitals..19 .msn. Term limitations should absolutely be in force for any lawmaking position.msnbc. polly wanna cracker? I can't stand being around people like this. I have no motivation to do so (lucky for them.14 . the tobacco. A few tokes and my guts ease up. and no I was not stoned when I typed that.. It makes me want to commit extreme acts of violence toward them. 2012 9:39 PM EST 6 votes TX Kitka t sorry you CAN'T run today's country with a 70+ yo mindset..Wed Jan 11.15 . #25.. i do agree with you! #25.)----polly wanna cracker???????????? #25.yada yada yada.17 .Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. 1/13/2012 .18 ." I gotta say that one of the greatest presidential candidates is from your state of TX (im assuming you are from TX). or drug or drug testing industry. But because I smoke so much pot..he has the freshest.Wed Jan 11. and invigorating ideas... just look at some of the posts by people like Medical Marijuana Cop Out.Tue Jan can run a country in the year 2012 with a 1940's mindset. and attitudes like yours is exactly why we are in this position today! And the real question we should be asking is why? Who pays you . 2012 9:44 PM EST 2 votes SonofM olly M http://norml. 2012 3:01 AM EST 2 votes M a r k-768 20 9 Marijuana prohibition has been a masterpiece in the art of brainwashing LITERALLY.he has the vision of what America needs to be.and while be may be the oldest candidate.Tue Jan 10.Tue Jan 10. As someone said mj prohibition is a multi-billion dollar industry (everyone in the legal system-jails probation officers parole officers judges. in order to be great again. and i really admire him for it! I understand he is one in a billion. (as well as the line split making the words its not into = it snot !) #25. however this one piece: "sorry you CAN'T run today's country with a 70+ yo mindset.... He is in tune with reality. 2012 9:27 AM EST 4 votes m qir a TX Kitkat I agree with most of what you said. or law enforcement? Whose pimp are you? Cause a person with a half a brain is more discerning than you! Ron Paul. Completely propaganda based and repeated like a dumb parraot. polly wanna cracker? Ooo pot gives you lung cancer.

1/13/2012 . infectious-disease.. birth-control. quit-smoking. kim-il-sung Also Top m sexual-health.21 . says Afghan president Mercedes apologizes for using Che Guevara image Experts: Some Barbour pardons lack key info Video: Judge stops more prisoners from being released Specter of SOPA haunts CES Heather Locklear hospitalized after 911 call First winter blast disrupts flights. alzheimers.msn. prostate-cancer. We already figured it out BTW! #25.S. mens-health. sex. dogs. cigarettes. hiv. #25. A couple hits stopped me from getting one that would incapacitate me for a day or two. flu. aids. childrens-health.. food-safety. adhd. breast-cancer. womens-health. alcohol. pancreatic-cancer. it just helps with the symptoms.Wed Jan 11. listeria. hea dlines U. whole-body-donation. obesity. Although for the most part. art-caplan. Please legalize this medicine. 16 Leave a Comment: Post to my Facebook Wall Browse featured. salmonella. aging. health-care. behavior. mental-health. cantaloupe. parenting. bacillus-cereus. weight-loss. Marine video 'insane'. 2012 11:04 AM EST 1 vote advertisement D onkey H oty Smoke a bowl Troll! Always gotta be some moron who is probably hired by Exxon to demonize pot because they don't want us to figure out we don't need Exxon. study shows Page 40 of 41 K-727 My medical marijuana sure helped my back pain last night and helped me sleep. author and speaker who http://vitals. jensen-farms. fda.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. but last weekend I started to get a terrible migraine. airlines attempt first fare increase of 2012 Private equity bigwigs fundraise for Romney Video: Republican attacks intensify on the trail Video: U.. heart-attack. relationships. schools advertisement K im ber ly H ay es Tay lor Kimberly Hayes Taylor is an independent health journalist. brain.Wed Jan 11. recall.20 . 2012 12:24 PM EST 1 vote Jump to discussion page: 1 2 3 . pot doesn't cure anything. marijuana.Vitals . cancer.msnbc.. organ-donation.

Vitals . study finds (173) Homicide no longer a top cause of death in U. advertisement Archives 2012 2011 January (27) Most Commented Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity.. Marine video 'insane'. and has appeared in dozens of American and international newspapers. The Hartford Courant. USA Today and the Louisville Courier-Journal. msnbc.tainted venison kabobs sicken Minn. study finds (94) Woman gives birth on China Eastern Airlines flight (85) E. schools © 2012 msnbc..S. She has been a reporter at several newspapers including The Detroit News.msn. (173) 1 in 10 smokers hides it from the doctor (136) Nicotine patch may help improve memory. Minneapolis Star About us Contact Help Site map Careers Terms & Conditions MSN Privacy Legal Advertise older newer and TODAY. study shows (958) Donating your body to science? Nobody wants a chubby corpse (295) Mental decline can begin as early as 1/13/2012 . says Afghan president Mercedes apologizes for using Che Guevara image Experts: Some Barbour pardons lack key info Video: Judge stops more prisoners from being released Specter of SOPA haunts CES Heather Locklear hospitalized after 911 call First winter blast disrupts flights. airlines attempt first fare increase of 2012 Private equity bigwigs fundraise for Romney Video: Republican attacks intensify on the trail Video: U. study shows Page 41 of 41 frequently contributes to msnbc.Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity. students (58) Other blogs The Body Odd Cosmic Log Red Tape Chronicles PhotoBlog Gadgetbox Technolog Daryl Cagle's Cartoon Blog Open Channel InGame top stories U. Her work has been translated into other languages.msnbc.

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