1.1 Morphing
Morphing is a special effect in motion pictures and animations that changes (or morph) one image into another through a seamless transition. It is an image processing technique used for the metamorphosis from one image to another. The idea is to get a sequence of intermediate images which when put together with the original images would represent the change from one image to other. Simply speaking the tween of an object in between two existing objects is called morphing.



Tweening means to insert between other things or parts, or to estimate values of a function between two known values. To interpolate, according to Webster, means to insert between other things or parts, or to estimate values of a function between two known values. Note that we mean exactly the same by tweening! Insert between other things-(in be) tweening! Simply speaking, if we could tween to a different object it is called morphing.

therefore.is concerned with the process . bring life .2 1. safe . it is not always life matters! Animation. color .of course.3 Animation To animate is. literally.texture and so on. typically computer algorithms to immolate time –varying visual effects of motion . It can be implemented both in hardware and software. .

on the other hand. The working of morphing based on the algorithm which described below. Mathematically. It involves three steps:  Translation.3 Chapter-2 Working Principle The morph between commands is only active when exciting two objects are selected at the same time . combining both the warp and the dissolve. Some methods that helps in the above written parts of morphing technique: 2. There are two parts to the morphing technique: the warp and the color dissolve. y) to move the point to a new position (x’.1 Geometric Transformation It is the process of changing the position.We translate a two dimensional point by adding translation distances. tx and ty to the original position(x. The dissolve.It performs a linear morph between the two objects with a specified number of interim steps.  Rotation. warping is the process of distorting the source image so that it matches with the target image. . 2. is “mapping” from the source image to the target image with the constraint that sub image regions remain connected even after the transformation.1 Translation-: It is a method of shifting an image pixel . Given a source image and a target image.  Scaling.A translation is applied to an object by repositioning it along a straight line path from one coordinate location to other . creates a sensation of melting the source image into the subsequent image frames and finally to the target image. y’). The process of morphing. size of the geometric object. shape.1.

p (x .Scaling factors sx and sy scales the object in x-direction and y-direction respectively.1. y’) . y) of each vertex by scaling factors sx and sy to produce the transformed coordinates (x’. . X’= xsx Example: Sx =2.1 application of translation. y) Fig: 2. P (x.2 application of scaling. 2.2 Scaling-: It is a method of squeezing and stretching an image pixel.4 X’ = x + t x Example Y’= y + ty . This operation is carried out for polygons by multiplying the coordinate values (x. Sy=1/2 Y’= ysy Fig: 2. y’) ’ ’ . It is used to alter the size of an object. Mathematically.

3 application of rotation 2.To generate a rotation.3 Rotation:It is a method of rotating an image pixel at any angle 0. Consider an example: .2 Warp-: It is a two dimensional geometric transformation that generates a distorted image when it is applied to an image. Mathematically.Main purpose of this is to generate in-between pictures from the source image.Atwo dimensional rotation is applied to an object by repositioning it along a circular path in the xy-plane .1. we specify rotation angle 0 and the position of the rotation point about which the object is to be rotated . it is a process of digitally manipulating an image such that any shapes portrayed in the image have been significantly distorted . X’=xcos0-ysin0 Example: Y’=xsin0+ycos0 0 0 Fig 2.4 showing the intermediate images by using warp. . Fig: 2.5 2. In other words.

One is larger than the other. In the given figure. a flexible line strip used for designing purposes in computer aided design. The dot points are called as controllers that are used to signify the geometric regions on the image.5 showing the process of performing warping.3 Color dissolve:- . In warping. the dotted lines drawn are called as spline curve. the two images are taken and on them equal grid patterns are drawn as shown above. 2. Now consider the part of nose of both human and the pig. To warp the images we have to sequentially decrease in first one and sequentially increase in the second.6 Fig: 2.

6 RGB axes ➢ Color (r.7 showing the seamless transition between two images. Two color (vectors ) say (r1. green and blue colors. ( g 1+ g 2 ) / 2. b) in the RGB coordinate space. let us discuss some basics! A particular color is considered to be a vector in the orthogonal axes system as shown in the figure below. g=0. g m . b2) the average or midpoint is {r m . b1) and (r2. commonly known as RGB space Example: Fig: 2. g2.7 Before we present the formulation of color dissolve. g. g. g1. ( b1+ b2 ) / 2} Consider the example below:- Fig: 2. and b) denotes a vector from the origin to a point(r. ➢ ➢ The origin with r=0. b m}={(r 1+ r 2) / 2 . The three axes represent the true red. and b=0 is conveniently considered as black. .

morphing is used in the field of gaming to create the animation and to add special effects. Mostly it is used to produce animation.g. It is due to this technique that a beautiful girl gradually changes into a scary ghost or a vampire. music video clips. X-Men etc. E.8 Chapter-3 Application of Morphing Morphing is probably the most noticeably used to produce incredible special effects. then all those images can be morphed together by the common aspects of the sketches to get an accurate image of the criminal. The end result is a video that demonstrates the healing process in an animation that radiologist envision and report to other clinicians. . If there are several sketches of a criminal provided by different witnesses. ✔ Crime Investigation:In case of criminal investigation. it is used to identify and catch a criminal. ✔ Gaming:Likewise film industry. ✔ Film Industry:The morphing technique is widely used in entertainment industry especially in movie.: Terminator. Harry Potter. ✔ Medical Science:In case of serious fractures the healing process is morphed together representing a timelapsed video of the healing process.

Chapter 5 . morphing technique is very hard to implement. Because it will help us in future if anybody have an aim to design dynamic images in more advance form.9 Chapter-4 Conclusion ➢ What I discussed so far. But in realistic world. So being software professionals we should aware of the minimum knowledge regarding morphing. these are only the abstract views of morphing.

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