Key Steps, Documents, Timelines and Important Information in Position Papers

10 February 2010

The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia

Position Paper Coordinating Committee . Malaysia 2 .Position Paper .Position Statement Committee . Abbreviations PPCC PSC PP TD .Technical Division The Institution of Engineers.Definition An IEM Position Statement is a statement and recommendations expressing the views and stand of IEM on issues related to engineering that is of importance to our country and to make specific recommendations to the government for consideration and implementation in addressing the issue.

Role of Position Statement Committee (PSC) Members Chairman • • • • To ensure PSC achieve its objectives and timeline To keep track of progress To direct PSC along the proposed objectives Call regular meetings with the assistance of IEM Secretariat • Secretary (Writer) • • To prepare meeting minutes – with the help of IEM Secretariat Members • To accept assignment needed such as collection of data/statistics. Prof. Dr. Lee Jin Position Chairman Secretary Chief Editor Member Member : Member To compile information and materials (discussed in meetings) to draft the position paper – freelance writer can be appointed Chief Editor • Edit the draft to be tabled to relevant agencies. MC Hee : Ir. Gue See Sew Ir. Tan Yean Chin Ir. Malaysia 3 . Ruslan Hassan Ir. Dr. Dr. research (if required) and regional practices • Compile information and data for meetings and discussions Assist Secretary/writer to draft the position paper Example: Mitigating the Risk of Landslides of HillSite Development Name Ir. Neoh Cheng Aik Ir. ministries and Cabinet The Institution of Engineers.

Documents. and TDs From members and public • Consolidate all comments • Excomm approval • Council endorsement • Cabinet • Ministry or government agencies • *Press release • IEM website Documents to Prepare • List of contacts • Schedule • Table of contents • Questionnaire • Summary of discussion • PPT and Word doc template • Draft report • Summary of comments • Final report < 2 Months *6 to 12 Months ~ 3 Months The Institution of Engineers.Key Steps. Standing Comm. Timelines and Important Information in Position Papers 1 2 Topic Proposal 3 Approval 4 Identify Stake -holders 5 Meetings 6 Draft Report 7 Gather Comments 8 Finalize Report 9 Approval & Endorse -ment Distribu -tion • Engineeringrelated • And of public interest • Topic approval • Formation of PSC • Identification of chairman • Invitation to experts from various stakeholders • Understanding procedures • Brainstorming sessions • Carry out study • Begin writeup • • From PPCC. Malaysia 4 .

member. or any responsible external entities Criteria for Approval • • • • The topic must be engineering-related and of public interest The issue is within the capabilities and expertise of IEM members The issue is within the objective and scope of IEM The issue has or may have an impact on IEM.1 2 Topic Proposal Approval < 2 Months Suggestion • May originate from IEM officer. its members and the country Approval • PPCC makes recommendation to Excomm for approval PSC Chairman • PPCC to appoint Chairman for PSC Examples of Topics • • • • Mitigating the Risk of Landslides of Hill-Site Development Prevention of Flash Floods and Mitigating of Erosion and Siltation Mitigation of Floods in Malaysia Safety Against Fire in Buildings The Institution of Engineers. committee and council. Malaysia 5 .

Dr Azlan Adnan Prof. Elias Ismail Assoc. of members is preferably between five and ten Balanced organizations and stakeholders Members shall be willing to serve until the project is completed Document to Prepare • List of contacts Name Ir. Andy Gan Khai Fatt Mr. UM Role of Secretariat • To advise PSC (i. John Kuna Raj The Institution of Engineers. Teo Ching Wee Ir. Prof. Dr. academics) Example: PSC Earthquake Organization IEM IEM Civil & Structural Technical Division IEM Geotechnical Technical Division Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia Department of Seismology REHDA CIDB UTM Department of Geology. members are from various background/stakeholders) Ir. MC Hee (Chairman) Ir.e.e. Malaysia 6 . Low Kong Chien (i. Dr. Jeffrey Chiang Ir.3 Identify Stake -holders Experts Consultant Authorities ~ 1-2 Months IEM TDs (Representatives) PSC membership shall be balanced *Contractors PSC Members/Stakeholders • PSC Chairman to appoint members Others Criteria for Selection of PSC Members/Stakeholders • • • No. Liew Shaw Shong Ar.

recommendations shall be made to PPCC • • • • Schedule Table of contents Questionnaire Summary of discussions Budget • A budget of RM5.000 could be allocated for research or detailed studies.4 Meetings ~ 3-6 Months Meetings Role of Secretariat • • • Charting of schedule and understanding procedures Regular brainstorming sessions for collection of views and opinions Carry out study • To regulate meetings. Malaysia 7 . and compliance of rules and methodology Notes • Documents to Prepare If PSC wishes to recommend changes in scope. writing and editing The Institution of Engineers. recommendation pertaining to public policies.5 6 Draft Report 7 Gather Comments Finalize Report ~ 3-4 Months Contents of the Draft Report Documents to Prepare • Executive Summary A statement of the issue.dll/getObject?MID=IEMWEBMAIN2&objID=1 Final Report • • Consolidate all comments and finalize report Submit to PPCC along with draft report and summary of consolidated comments The Institution of Engineers. commitment and activities Actions to be taken by government (specific ministry of relevant) • • • • PPT template Draft report Summary of gathered comments Final report Gather Comments • • • Send draft report to PPCC. and IEM’s commitment • • • • • • A listing of PSC members Background Bases of Consideration Implication Conclusion Recommendation IEM’s position. Standing Committees and Technical Divisions for comments Organize forum to hear from members and public *Post on website to hear from public or other interested parties • Appendix See examples at http://www. Malaysia 8 .

5. Malaysia 9 . 6 and 7 shall be completed in no more than 12 months Request for extension (if needed) must be submitted to PPCC The Institution of Engineers. 4. 3.5 6 Draft Report 7 Gather Comments Finalize Report ~ 3-4 Months Notes • • • Use standard IEM template for report writing Step no.

response of more than 50% of Council members would be accepted for approval • • PPCC to monitor and follow up on the implementation of PPs every 6 months Every PP shall be evaluated by PPCC for recommendation for revision or withdrawal at intervals of 3 years • In the absence of a recommendation for their revision or continuity. PPs will be automatically dissolved after 3 years having been issued Distribution • • • • Submit to cabinet through a relevant ministry Branches are encouraged to bring PP to the attention of the state governments Announcement of the availability of PP shall be made in IEM Bulletin and website Executive summary of PP shall be published in IEM Bulletin Note • PPs shall only be used to provide information and to give background public policy decisions The Institution of Engineers. Malaysia 10 .8 9 Approval & Endorse -ment ~ 3 Months Distri -bution Approval and Endorsement Post Distribution • • • PPCC will recommend to Excomm for approval PP can be presented to the IEM council for endorsement or by circulation method If circulation method is selected. . Lots 60 & 62 Jalan 52/4. O. Box 223 (Jalan Sultan) 46720 Petaling Jaya. Malaysia Tel: 603-79684001 Fax: 603-79577678 Email: The Institution of Engineers. Malaysia Bangunan Ingenieur.

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