The Secret Purpose of History The Conscious Loving Universe

A Talk by Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey World Fellowship Church Cottonwood, Arizona April 30, 2006 Connie Baxter Marlow - The Secret Purpose of History In giving this title to my part of this talk I have made a dramatic statement that I hope will inspire the curiosity to look beyond our current agreement to accept the prevailing perception of reality as real. I would like to lay a little groundwork for this talk today, so that we all might be speaking the same language for these few minutes together. Ours is only a suggestive language attempting to grasp and describe concepts that are beyond words. Our ability to conceptualize is derived from the words we use and the construct we have created to analyze and categorize experiences. The concepts Andrew and I will be speaking about today are outside of the commonly agreed upon construct and beyond any words we might have to describe them. To this end we will be speaking about "vibratory levels or frequencies" - We believe that there are vibratory levels that determine the reality we experience. Think of them as waves, parallel realities perhaps. Every belief we have, every assumption concerning the nature of the universe, every resulting thought determines our energetic frequency and therefore the reality we will experience. I gleaned this knowledge of the "nature of things" through the book "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot. The movie "What the Bleep do We Know" then came blasting onto the scene to confirm that perception determines reality in a very real sense. The science of quantum physics is developing to explain this, and the indigenous shamans live it. Close your eyes and imagine a world of loving support for all you are and desire to be. Feel the vibration. Then imagine the world that is presented to us in newspapers, on the news - the history of humanity as it is unfolding daily. How does that feel? Those different feelings determine your vibratory level. John Lennon gave us a reality in his song "Imagine". If we could imprint the words of that song on our brain, with the knowing that they describe the "truth or trust frequency" we would, given the power of our thoughts, become instrumental in bringing this reality to pass in our own lives and then collectively we would bring it to pass on earth. We believe that every action has two purposes - one to serve the higher/love vibration which you may have felt a few moments ago - which is really all there is - the coming of peace on earth/ heaven on earth - and one to serve the lower/fear vibration or the illusion we have created that we call reality which you also may have just experienced. We have been given the free will to choose which vibratory level we put our attention on, thereby creating our individual reality and ultimately the collective reality, It is our purpose today to offer tools to lift oneself into the higher frequency where we believe the conscious loving universe is waiting with a silver platter to give us everything we need, want and desire - and more than we can fathom.

How? Why? You might ask. It is our understanding that on the high frequency the "true, absolute nature of the universe" is infinitely abundant and loving - THERE IS ONLY LOVE. That it is our lack of understanding of the nature of that love* which has us see it as "not love" and that this misunderstanding lowers our vibratory level and puts us in a reality "out-of-balance" with the true nature of the universe. With free will we have the choice as to which vibratory level we want to align with and thereby experience as our reality, History has been a record of humanity playing out its response to the doubt/fear vibration - which appears to be a downward spiral - but since it is completely out of alignment with Truth or the true nature of the universe - this reality is only an illusion. One we can stop aligning with at any moment. In the high frequency - or trust frequency - because it is TRUST (Truly Rely Upon Spirit Timing) that will take us there - we believe that each soul agreed to come to Earth to fulfill a divine purpose - to bring a precious gift to the party. As divine, autonomous, sovereign beings we - individually and as a species - were born to become that gift. In the big ball game no one else can play that position - no one else can bring that gift, so the allloving energies in the universe support our learning, our growth, our journey to wholeness - as individuals and as a species. Hence the secret purpose of history - the energy of unconditional love coming to understand itself and ultimately manifest its true nature on Earth through free will - perfect balance, peace, infinite abundance Heaven on Earth. The catch is - we must choose it, and we must walk it. We must trust in the love that we are and we will become it, and in becoming it the human race will bring a gift to the universe that can come to pass no other way. Every experience, therefore, is to lead us inexorably toward the fulfillment of our divine purpose - as individuals and as a species. Circumstance is a manifestation of divine love. It forces us on our journey to our highest potential (it loves us more than we do) - if we accept and grow from the events in our lives. We believe the human heart is carrying a love so pure that once we see and understand how much we are loved, our hearts will open. This love will enhance the rest of creation. All of creation is awaiting that day, And we believe that day is soon to come to pass. It is in the prophecies, it is in the Bible - the fifth world according to the indigenous peoples, the world of unity and peace - the fifth kingdom according to the Bible the Kingdom of God. One thousand years of peace. The Mayan calendar points to December 21, 2012 - it appears that on this day the Earth will have transitioned to a place in the heavens where the love energy will become the only frequency available on Earth and those who have chosen to cleanse, heal and walk in alignment with this frequency will participate in the unfolding of Heaven on Earth - the alignment with the trust frequency where only perfect balance, infinite abundance and pure love can thrive. So, you ask, how does this all relate to the events of history, our current reality as it is playing out in our lives? What about war, violence, famine, poverty? Looking at these aspects of human history from a "divine perspective" - from the assumption that "there is only love" - they become manifestations of our beliefs: our belief in separateness, and our belief in scarcity - our doubt, our fear. This combined with the power of our thoughts to create the reality we experience has brought us the circumstances we need to learn and grow so that we have the courage to align with our heart's desire. Our belief that we are separate from one another - when in fact we are all different aspects of the whole - the consciousness of love- has led to war. Our belief in scarcity has led to power struggles and a desire to dominate others so that we have more, and therefore more power. The belief in scarcity has led to scarcity, poverty and famine. This is how much the conscious loving universe loves us. It must manifest our requests, that is its 2

nature. But, through it all - the higher purpose has led us to this point. The point at which we have - in our understanding - chosen to bring peace on Earth. And we are now simply playing out old thinking and old habits based on fear - something is dying and something is being born - all at the same time - and our lives are playing out this process. The atrocities of history have shown us the result of our thinking, and have taught us that this is not the world we want for our children. And if we look closely, listen attentively we will see the heart coming forth as a result of these apparently negative circumstances. An example is 9/11. From the lower vibration this looks like terrorism - them against us - victim/perpetrator. From a higher perspective this event shifted humanity at its very core and has taken us into playing out the last vestiges of our fear while at the same time, opening our hearts. Each natural disaster rattles the core of our attachment to this reality and opens our hearts to the plight of others. The current war has us questioning the validity of war at deep levels. Every apparent "loss" in our lives takes us to levels of grief and transformation we could not attain without this "gift". The atrocities of Hitler and his followers showed us our deepest shadow and tell us we never want to go there again. The example of Judas - we have always looked at Judas as the "bad guy" who betrayed Jesus - it is coming to light with the discovery of the Judas Gospel that Judas was, perhaps, a hero - the person chosen to play out the important role of sending Jesus on his soul's journey. Does this mean that Hitler was a hero? And what about the "terrorists" who flew the planes on 9/11? Another example is America. It is said "We promise according to our desires and fulfill according to our fears." The inspired founding of America, the creation of our freedom documents which articulate the "high vibration" of this nation's destiny are merely words on paper at this point. Extraordinary circumstances and inspired individuals came together in the trust frequency to form this nation based upon universal truths. Our actions since that time have played out our lower vibration - our fear, our greed, our separateness - it remains to be seen when America and Americans will step up and realize the higher vibratory model we promised the world we would be. In the end it has to do with each of us, our free will and our choices. Thank you. *The nature of the love that IS the universe: It is unconditional. It is conscious. It MUST give everything that is asked of it. Our beliefs are our requests. We are so loved we are supported in destroying ourselves if that is what we choose. Free will gives us the right to NOT align with the divine energies and one's higher self.

Addendum: In 1990, after several years of an illness I call "the malaise" that sent me on a journey through allopathic medicine to a shamanic healer in Santa Fe, New Mexico I made a leap - I saw and experienced a new reality. The healer subsequently told me that I had "made contact with the divine energies and they were communicating with me through my experiences." My ex-husband believes it all started when I came off a horse in 1988 and was knocked unconscious. .Could be. I was the mother of three small children (8, 6 and 2) and it was about then that my body said "red light" - time to "go within". After my visit with this healer the prevailing reality took on a new aspect for me. I was shown through everyday experiences the divine attributes of those experiences and my life became an exciting game of "Clue". 3

I was given clues from which I was to use my own inner resonance to decipher the nature of "divine reality" what I call the a"trust frequency" or "the big ball game". Andrew's and my coming together in 2003 provided a framework within which the reality I was being shown made sense. Andrew has a depth and breadth as an intellect and a visionary that gives credence to the reality I have been shown. Andrew Cameron Bailey - "The Conscious Loving Universe" Andrew read and commented upon the introduction to the upcoming book "The Conscious Loving Universe."

To the Reader
Love courses through everything, No, Love is everything. How can you say, there is no love, When nothing but love exists? All that you see has appeared because of Love. All shines from Love All pulses with Love, All flows from LoveNo, once again all is Love! Fakhruddin Araqi, Sufi poet. This is our reality, our perspective on things, one which, to some of you, may

Hi folks!

appear to be coming from far left field, but we believe the time has come to put this stuff center-stage. Not a moment too soon, either. This material is not channeled from beyond the grave, nor did we get it from the Space Brothers. It comes directly from the wisdom of the living human experience, from cutting-edge science as well as ancient indigenous wisdom.

harmony, in perfect alignment with the divine intention and intelligence which created It in the first place. This “new” world may not be immediately visible to many. To us, the authors, it is very real. It is the only reality. It is already happening. We are in the midst of the most significant paradigm shift in human history, at least since we swung down from the trees and leapt into our Ferraris. If that’s indeed what we did. Or did Darwin get it wrong? The current quantum leap in consciousness has been predicted for centuries by the wisdom keepers of many traditions. We are, know it or not, like it or not, participating in an enormous, sweeping shift that is leading rapidly to a new reality, one that has never before existed on this or any other planet. How each of us experiences the shift will depend on our understanding of what is going on. It might be heaven. It might be hell. It all depends on your expectations, on where you put 4

Welcome to the Conscious Loving Universe, a Universe in dynamic balance, in cosmic

your attention.

The first purpose of this book is to present a body of information that is a distillation,

a synthesis of knowledge about the nature of the universe. It comes from the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of Planet Earth, as well as from the cosmology, scientific knowledge, philosophical enquiry, intuition and ingenuity of the so-called developed peoples. AND THE DEPTHS OF THE HUMAN HEART. The second goal is to provide a couple of practical suggestions and techniques for integrating this (radically different/admittedly uncommon) worldview into everyday life.

timepiece in a lifeless vacuum. The Universe is in fact a living, loving, super-intelligent, totally interconnected, ever-evolving cosmic BEING, of which you and I are not only a vital and indispensable part, but, amazingly, each of us is the whole universe, just as each drop of water may be seen to contain the entire ocean. It can’t exist without us. We are It! There is only One! We are each of us, precious, brilliant, visionary. The Universe loves us more than we can possibly imagine. It is just waiting for our instructions to bring to us everything our heart desires. And more. More than we can fathom, as Connie is fond of saying.

The Universe is not a cold, dead, unconscious machine, moving like some enormous Swiss

we? A couple of middle-aged white Anglo-Saxons with a cosmic vision? Excuse me?

Where did we get this information? How do we know this stuff? Who the #$@!!*^ are

descendent. She has spent much of the past 15 years on the reservations and in the jungles, hanging out with visionary elders of the Native American people of Mexico and North America, including the Hopi, the Maya and the Penobscot of Maine..

Connie Baxter Marlow is one of the Baxters of Maine. She’s also a Mayflower

the First People of Africa, the Kalahari Bushmen, hunter-gatherers who carry the oldest DNA of any living humans. He emigrated to the USA in 1969 (what was that song about “California Girls”?) and found himself involved in the emerging consciousness movement.

Andrew Cameron Bailey is a South African scientist/anthropologist who has befriended The authors believe that the world’s indigenous people carry vital information about the

true nature of the Universe. In Andrew’s anthropologically-trained view, Australian aborigine cosmology lies closer than any other to a scientifically verifiable, accurate vision of reality. It accords with speculative quantum physics in ways that the mainstream religions cannot begin to grasp. The indigenous people truly know what it is to be human, and have much to teach the rest of us on the subject, if we’d only pay attention. They have had the last 100,000 years and more to contemplate the Universe, and you’d better believe it, they know a thing or two.

Does that mean that we white Westerners have nothing to bring to the party? Have we

contributed nothing but guns, germs and steel to the human condition? Are we just stupid white 5

men? On the contrary, the science, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, literature, art, poetry, music, architecture, and technology that have emerged from European culture bring an equal and balancing contribution to the whole enchilada. Chaos Mathematics, Quantum Physics, the Hubble Space Telescope, the Internet, the cell phone - each scientific innovation adds vital information and connectivity to the emerging picture. What about the contributions of China, India, the Islamic world? Africa? Latin America? What has the extraordinary variety of the human experience been all about?

According to contemporary astronomy we live in an unimaginably vast, ever-expanding

series of so-called “bubble universes.” There are almost certainly many other planets very much like ours, with beings very much like ourselves, facing questions very much like the ones in this book. Time and space are turning out to be a lot less real than we have been led to believe, so it is not impossible that those people on those other faraway planets are not only like us, they are us, in some parallel reality. If there are so many, how can we all be One? If there is only One, how can there be so many? Aha! Excellent questions! We’ll get to them.

only experiment ever conceived. There is no alternative to being part of it. There is nowhere else to be, nothing else to do. The only choice we are given is whether to co-operate or to resist. Free Will is one of the absolutes we will be talking about. We are free to resist, to “fail”, to suffer, to “go through hell”, or, alternatively, to create heaven on earth. Are we going to allow this new understanding, this new reality into our lives? Each of us is absolutely free, free to create whatever reality we choose, on a moment-by- moment basis.

The fact is that we are participants in the greatest experiment ever conceived. The

I write my movie, you write yours. We are each players in each other’s movie, with each

of us having total control over, and responsibility for, our own life as it unfolds. How can this be? Are we not helpless pawns swept up by irresistible forces beyond our control? Are we not all either victims or perpetrators, either suffering or benefiting from the waste, greed, war, and cut-throat competition we see all around us?

absolutely will and indeed must provide for each of us, exactly what we ask. That is its very nature, its inherent purpose. That is how it works. The problem is, most of us don’t know what we want, we don’t believe that we deserve it, we don’t know how to ask for it, and we don’t know how to receive it when it falls into our laps. Our every thought is a creative act, so much of what we get in life appears negative. Negative thoughts result in negative things. Bad things happen to good people. That is because good people have bad thoughts, and the Universe delivers accordingly. Remember, we each create our own reality. Absolutely. On the other hand, it is not possible for anything actually to be negative. There is only Love, and love can not be negative. Seemingly bad events in our lives occur for very good reasons. Firstly, we asked for them, indeed, we created them. Secondly, such events are always, absolutely, exactly what we need for the next phase of our soul’s progression. The love of the Universe is unconditional, 6

We don’t think so! The Conscious Loving Universe is just waiting for our instructions. It

absolutely unconditional. It can and will never second-guess us. It always gives us exactly what we ask for. That is its unchangeable nature. And what we think is in fact what we ask for. What you fear will soon appear. So, careful what you think. Careful what you ask for. You will get it, in one form or another.

assumption of scarcity. There is never enough. How could there be? Six billion people each wanting their own Mercedes? Their own house in the Hamptons? Mom and Dad said, over and over again, that there’s not enough to go around. So did Mr. Greenspan. As a result, we have to compete, exploit, hoard, dominate. We have to fear each other, defend ourselves, lock our doors, build more and more prisons, spend more and more of our precious, limited resources on weaponry, invade the neighbors, and undertake pre-emptive military strikes, just in case. The assumption of scarcity creates fear. Fear in turn results in war, greed, poverty, pollution. Where did all this come from? Two little words: “What if?” As Wallace Black Elk, the Lakota elder, told Connie after a sweat lodge in Colorado: “Man has doubted the Creator since the beginning. That doubt has plagued him ever since.” What if there’s no food? Not enough money? Not enough rain? What if those guys over there are planning to attack us? What if she won’t marry me? What if I can’t pay the mortgage?

The current paradigm ruling life on earth is based on a fundamental and erroneous

But wait. Hold it right there. Didn’t we just assert that we live in a universe of unlimited

abundance? It’s true. We do. Well, who says so? Prove it! OK. All it takes is trust. A lot of trust. Real, unconditional trust. You can’t fake it. You have to walk off the cliff like the Fool in the Tarot deck, eyes fixed on the stars, a goofy grin on your face. A lot of people know that. The indigenous people, for example, many of them. That girl who just roared by in her Ferrari might have an inkling. Deepak Chopra probably knows a thing or two. Trust the Conscious Loving Universe to provide everything you could ever wish for, whether in the material, spiritual or social domains. Guess what? It works. It’s true. There never was scarcity. That was a man-made fantasy. A complete illusion. There are no limits, only the limits of one’s own imagination. The limits of one’s own trust. There never was anything to fear, except the scariest thing of all, fear itself.

out of our minds. That’s true! Trust is a thing of the heart, of the intuition, not of the mind. You will read things that flatly contradict what you have been told by your parents, religious leaders, kindergarten teachers, college professors and Fox News. Much or all of this information may already be familiar to you. Some of it may be completely new, and some of it may seem so outrageous that you have to suppress the impulse to fling this book through the nearest window. We beg your patience. We know that this is not your everyday mainstream perspective. Bear with us. It might just be worth it. It has the potential to change everything. Absolutely everything.

We ask you to suspend your disbelief as you read this book. You may well think we are

In the immortal words of Max Hartstein, one of America’s last wild, wise beatniks,

“Welcome to paradise!”

Connie Baxter Marlow Andrew Cameron Bailey


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