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I ran, pushing myself faster even though my legs hurt and my muscles were screaming at me to stop and take a pause, but I had to, I had to be the best. We were doing a long race, to test both our speed and endurance; I was the first, yes was as in the past tense. I used to be always the first until he came. Yes and he was right beside me, as if mocking me that he was faster than me, stronger than me. I groaned in frustration and pushed my legs even more, making me go even faster but he easily kept up with me. With his long legs it seemed as if he were jogging beside me, not that I was short, heck I was the tallest girl in the class, but with my 5 6 feet I was still smaller than him. We were nearing the finish mark and we were running side by side, but then he shot past me I made myself not think about how he was better than me, I started running faster, my legs getting even worse, but I was too late, too slow. He won, by a couple of seconds granted, but he won. I win again he chuckled, I growled, massaging my sore muscles. You should know better than try and challenge me I cursed inwardly. I barely wanted to look at the 6 1 feet male with blond hair and blue-green eyed male. Don t get cocky I said It s an advice And insult he said. That is just a minor detail I replied turning away heading for the girls locker room. I heard him say something after me but I knew that if I turned back I would be there stuck with him arguing and I did not want to stay near him any longer. I quickly got into the room; it was empty since all girls are lazy in my class and walked the race more than they ran. To tell the truth I didn t have friends, people called me cynical and I wasn t the most trustful type of girl on Earth, they called various names, telling me I was a goth or emo, I mean who cares? It s my life not theirs and I decide how to look and what to wear. I sighed quickly changing into my black shirt and black trousers, everything to hide how I look. I freed my black, wavy hair letting my bangs fall in front my eyes, hiding my blue eyes, people couldn t see through my bangs but I could. I got out of the changing room, going outside, Ginny nearly bumping into me. S-sorry she stammered. No worries I said. I knew she was slightly nervous but whenever she had to talk to me she turned into a nervous wreck, I must have such a good reputation. I let her pass and continued my way into the

school, wincing as my eyes met our neon orange school, yes neon orange school. If you are asking yourselves what kind of wacky school is painted in neon orange it s the kind of school where wacko teachers teach which also has in package a mightily wacky director. You just gotta love my school. NOT. I entered the school, my sore eyes were resting from that horrid colour, I barely noticed how everybody looked at me, how they whispered to each other, I stuck out a lot, I knew that and I didn t care, I stuck out when I was with my pastel-colour-wearing classmates and school, so what, I don t care. I walked away from the whispers and stares moving into my classroom, I sat in my seat, in the back, where nearly no one sat. I looked out of the window day dreaming, nobody distracted me not even the teachers, we had some kind of silent contract, the don t touch me I do well in all tests and earn them some prizes, the touch me I fail everything and they get their pay cut down. I looked out of the window, seeing the block where I lived, I didn t live with my parents anymore; I lived alone in my own apartment left from my nice aunt. I was thinking about my life too much, so much that I barely noticed the male someone slide his hands on my desk, near my arms. Des he called, snapping his fingers in front my face. What do you want Nick? I asked barely glancing at him; I knew what I d see an arrogant 18 year old with brown hair and green eyes, with an astounding height of 6 4 feet. You know what I want he said with a very heavy touch of innuendo, Nick kept hitting on me from when we went to high school together, even though I wasn t from his elite group, I call them the elite Idiots , I wasn t judging them, because it was true half of them couldn t add 2 and 2. F off you idiot I said, this time I turned my head to look at him. I know you want me He winked at me and he leaned, his face was dangerously close to mine, I just pushed him with a hand I knew he was just a dog with a lot of bar but no bite, he didn t scare me. As much as I want blonde hair with a pink t-shirt with the words I heart Stereotypes I said, he pouted but left me alone, knowing I wasn t going to say yes to any of his advances. I was left in peace for the whole day, nothing interested me at school and I doubted anything would. But I had to say after school was loads better. The bell rung and everyone rushed to leave the class; I stood up pushing my textbooks in my backpack, being careful not to crush my flashlight. While everyone went home I decided to remain at school, I slung my bag on my shoulder and got out of the classroom, I went up the staircase it was locked, well it seemed to be, I just took out a piece of wood that held the door closed and it swung open. I closed the door behind me and walked down the staircase, reaching the library through a hidden entrance, I walked down the stairs behind the library, no one noticed it, I wouldn t have noticed it too if my science book didn t fall yesterday. I quickly went down but soon I had to fish a flashlight out of my bag, since it was too dark. It looked like a storage room at first but when I went through a white corridor, or at least it seemed white, everything turned dustier and darker. It must have been done near the second war, a refuge for people I whispered to myself, listening as the echo of my words bounced off the walls. I went into the maze even deeper, strangely I could hear water, when I neared an old pipe I touched it was it nearly broke and water didn t leak from it. Where is the water coming from? Just as I asked myself that my flashlight died, I jumped not liking being in the utter darkness. Something touched my hand; I let out a small scream, before a flashlight bore down on me. I hit the person with my dead flashlight and it turned on, he laughed so hard tears sprung from his eyes, leaving his face red. Derek! You are such an idiot! I said, my heart beat stopped pounding and returned to its normal state, but I still continued to hit him. What are you doing here? I couldn t miss all the fun, could I? He asked brushing his tears away. I turned around, crossing my arms in front of my chest. I heard a groan from behind me. What are you doing here? I turned around and looked to see another idiot. Quoting Des much? He said Like you said, I couldn t miss the fun Quoting me much? Derek muttered under his breath. I didn t understand them, they are both idiots and both jocks, shouldn t they be best pals or something and shouldn t they stop bothering me. I looked at them both, they were having a glaring contest and if looks could kill, I wondered how both of them still weren t six feet under. I quickly made my way as far as I could but a hand shot out and grabbed the collar of my shirt. Derek didn t even glance at me, he continued glaring at idiot number two. Let me go! I squirmed. Never he replied, they finally ended their glaring contest and soon Nick was by my side.

Okay. Let s go we don t have all day I grumbled. Why aren t you complaining or sending us away? Nick asked. Will you? I asked hopefully and they both shook their heads. Somehow I knew that would be the answer So we continued walking in silence, we never met dead ends which was strange. The longer we walked the dustier it got, soon I was sneezing every step, coughing as the dust reached my lungs. Maybe we should go back, it must be dark outside already Nick said, we both nodded. But this*cough*is not *sneeze* the last time I am*cough*coming here I said. Take a mask with you next time Derek said putting his hand between my shoulder blades guiding me out of the room, I felt myself tense, but the second we got out of it he put his hand away and I relaxed. It took us longer to find a way outside than it was to go inside. I put my flashlight into my bag, and went outside, indeed it was dark and the moon hung high in the sky. Come on let s go Nick said. Where? I asked stupidly wondering why they were both following me. Did you actually forget that we have to take the same road? Nick asked, I winced and they took that as a yes. I had no desire to talk to them and they had none to talk to each other, so we walked in silence. Soon we had two choices either got through the street with the lake or go through the regular road; Nick chose the lake road while Derek chose the regular road. Come with me, I ll be bored Derek said, that infuriated me Don t go with him I am not a toy! I screeched and turned my back to him and walked on the other road. I heard Nick say something to Derek, but I didn t care. The lake road was actually bridge on a lake, the bridge was old but still strong. I walked alone for awhile hugging my arms, cursing the fact that I forgot my jacket at home, soon Nick reached me. Why do you keep forgetting your jacket? He asked. He himself had no jacket but he was wearing a long-sleeved sweater. Cuz I always wake up late I said. He put his arm around me; I leaned into the warmth before I snapped out of it and removed his arm forcefully. What are you doing? I asked moving away from him, he took a step towards me and she went back her back hitting the bridge railing behind me. I know you want me he said, he put one hand each by my side, trapping me. You have to, everyone does he said, with an arrogant smirk. I am not one of those pastel-wearing bimbos I said I m not like them and I m not like you! I do not like you! He didn t like taking no for an answer, his face said so and he crashed his lips on mine, I tried lifting my arm to hit him, but he trapped my arms with his hands, and my legs with his, he tried forcing his tongue in my mouth, but I didn t let him, he bit my lower lip, that hurt and made me gasp, he took his chance to plunge his tongue in my mouth. He used one hand to lock my hands from hitting him and the other to roam around my body. His hand was dangerously close to my lower body region, I was trying to move furiously and finally I succeeded in freeing one leg which I used to kick him off me, I screamed and ran the heck away, I was faster but the bridge wasn t exactly smooth and I tripped, he caught up with me when I stood up, he cornered me. My back hit the railing once again, I knew I had no chance to run away this time, my leg hurt too much to run. I won t let you go, I ll make you mine he said, I punched him and screamed again. He pushed me, the rail groaned behind me and I fell into the water. I tried pushing myself through the water but something caught my leg, my bad one. The more I tried to free it the more it hurt, soon I was out of breath completely and it took all I had not to breathe in water. Something dropped beside me, a male body, but I was too out of it to care. I closed my eyes, but someone shook me, I noticed I wasn t surrounded or at least I didn t feel it. I felt someone s breath on my lips before I quickly opened my eyes, he jumped off me and I coughed up the water from my lungs. I told you not to go with him Derek said. I tried to say something but that just worsened my coughing fit; I looked at my red ankle, at my red and swollen ankle. I m killing Nick I wheezed. Not before me Derek said I saw what he was doing to you he talked seriously, his face angry he was going to rape you Do you think he would have? I suddenly asked him in a small voice, I wasn t one to cry, so I didn t know what to do.

Yes he said I know him, he always gets what he wants I nodded looking away, I tried standing up but as soon as I put weight on my ankle, I fell, Derek caught me before I hit the ground. Thank God you re light he said, carrying me in his arms, I flinched once before I relaxed, I rested my head on his chest So where do you live exactly? he asked. I gasped. My backpack, where is it? I asked him. It s still down there he said and at my horrified expression he continued Look I ll get it for you tomorrow, when the sun will be out But I had my keys there, how will I get inside? she said more to herself than to him. You can come with me? He said that more like a question. Don t, I can just go to I couldn t even finish my sentence, I didn t have a best friend to go to, heck I didn t have just a friend to go to. He just carried me and we walked for a long time. Aren t you getting tired? I asked, okay I wasn t heavy and he was strong but that didn t mean that it was easy to carry anyone for such a long distance. No he said and they continued walking until he stopped in front of his block, or at least I think it s his block. He entered, and went into a lift, I was silent my near-death experience caused me to be tired and sleepy, I closed my eyes. Welcome to my home he said and walked, deeper inside, and walked through an open door. He set me down on a bed, putting the covers on me, he started leaving before my hand shot and caught his shirt. Huh? Where are you going? I asked sleepily. To sleep he said. Where? I asked him On the couch he said. You idiot this is your room I said and pulled him, making him stumble and fall on top of me, I forced him to lie down next to me. You know the couch is actually very comfortable he said sounding nervous. Shut up and sleep I said, before finally closing my eyes and falling asleep. I opened my eyes blinking fast as the light hit my eyes, instead of being met by my pale blue room, I was in a white and navy blue room, cuddled up to someone s body, barely noticing how I was leaning into the warmth, with that somebody s arm around my waist keeping me close. I closed my eyes as I remembered everything and finally I understood that the body pressed to mine was his and why a dull ache came from my ankle, I could feel his warm breath on my neck, I shivered lightly, but strangely I wasn t cold. In fact my whole body felt too warm, did I have a fever? I tried standing up but Derek s hold just tightened around me and he nuzzled my neck, making me shiver again, I must be catching a cold. I tried turning around to face him and try to wake him up, which I finally succeeded in after a couple of seconds. Derek I whispered shaking him Derek wake up Finally his eyes opened and widened, his face turned red. Sorry he said removing his arm from me I didn t do that on purpose I know I replied, standing up before falling on the bed again, hissing in pain. Just stay in bed he said Its Saturday, no one cares if we miss school today, just wait here, I ll go for your bag Okay I said, crossing my arms over my chest But I wanted to go to school Why? he asked. To learn of course I said, but he raised an eyebrow Okay I wanted to punch Nick from here to Madagascar, call someone in Madagascar and ask them to kick Nick from Madagascar to here, so I can kick him again but this time into jail He frowned. I think I should probably go to school but I will just reduce him to a bloody pulp going to jail he said, clenching his fists. I wrinkled my nose. Okay, that s also not bad and much more realistic but I want to take part in that I said, smiling as I imagine that scene. You look downright evil when you smile like that he said looking disturbed, it just made my smile wider No seriously you are freaking me out. I stopped smiling, he grinned. Good, at least you don t look like some horror movie chick

Derek, if my ankle didn t hurt so much you would be officially dead I said smiling again my evil smile. And the evil smiling horror chick returns he mumbled. What was that? I asked, crossing my arms. Nothing, nothing he replied quickly. I ll get you some breakfast and leave I nodded and sighed, lying on the bed and I waited. And waited and waited. My patience was running short but I looked at the watch on the bedside table, barely 30 seconds passed. I groaned in impatience, how other people have patience? It definitely isn t one of my virtues. After what felt like an eternity, he finally entered the room and the smell of breakfast was accompanied by a rumble of my stomach. She thanked him as he set down the food in front of her. You can cook she said in awe as she bit down the toast and a bite of bacon, he merely raised an eyebrow at her. You say that like if it s the first time you ve heard a guy being able to cook he said chuckling as she ate everything in front of her But I have to say you sure are a fast eater It is the first time, and I know I am a fast eater thanks to all the challenges when we were younger on who will eat lunch faster than anybody else, eating fast is like a talent of mine I said proudly, he just laughed. Okay stay here, don t move he said. Like I have a choice I mumbled as he closed the door and left me here alone. Soon I felt the need to wash myself and I hoped he wouldn t mind. I hopped on one leg till the bathroom and went inside, the bathroom was white with some flecks of navy blue, a large navy blue towel was near the sink, crisp and clean. He won t be here for a long time, so I ll take my time. I hobbled into the bathtub and took a nice lukewarm shower, the water always made me feel peaceful, something that rarely happened. After god knows how long, I left the bathroom, the towel barely covered my butt, but O didn t mind, it s not as if any ones here. Hey, I brought you your HOLY SHOOTING CRAP he shouted and looked at me up and down. I nervously tightened my hold on the towel, hoping to hide as much of my skin as was possible, I blushed, cursing myself for what I said and did. Erm thanks for bringing me my backpack, but if you could stop looking at me that way, I would be really grateful. I said, and he gulped before he turned around looking into some drawers, he must have found what he wanted because he walked to her, his eyes closed in his hands a pair of tight boxers and a t-shirt. He quickly left the room, I cursed. Where s a spare bra when needed I grumbled, and I finally decided to wear the bra I wore yesterday. I put on my bra and the boxers, the shirt was very large and it reached me mid-thigh. I went out of the room, but my ankle hurt too much, that was when I started falling. I put my arms around my face before I felt strong, warm arms catching me. Thanks I sighed happily, one less bruise. If you went to school this way you d be more popular he said laughing. As a slut I scoffed. So don t even joke about it He just laughed in answer, he carried me till the kitchen and started looking for something. What are you looking for? I asked. For this he said and turned to look at me with a first aid kit in his hands, he lifted my foot carefully and bandaged it. Now, isn t that better he said admiring his handiwork. You re a cook and a nurse I said and mocked A real keeper You finally understood that, eh? He grinned, before losing his grin, he slightly leaned in, enough to invade my personal space and make me blush. What are you doing? I asked nervously, a piece of my dark hair falling into my face. He put my hair behind my ear and stood up. Nothing, did you think I was going to kiss you? I don t do wallflowers he said harshly, turning his back to me, I didn t notice as he tried to hide a blush, the words he said hurt but they were true. And I don t do jerks I replied standing up, and going into his room for my clothes, I locked the door behind me, letting my tears fall. I quickly took off his shirt, shrugging into my slightly wet one and into my trousers; I put on my backpack adjusting the straps. I dried my tears and got out of the room, I heard his footsteps but I couldn t bring myself to care. Wait, Des please! he said, trying to catch me, but I just ran faster, the door in my sight, maybe he was faster, but I was more graceful and agile when I moved away from obstacles. I opened the door and

ran to the lift pressing the ground floor, just as soon as Derek s body had nearly entered the small space, the doors closed and I sighed in relief. I got out of the building running to my building which wasn t the far away, when I reached it I went into my apartment and collapsed into my bed in pain, my ankle finally reminding me of what happened. I cried myself to sleep, knowing that it was something I d have to get used to. When I woke up, the pain still there, I took some painkillers and they made me sleepy, so I fell asleep through all Sunday. What woke me up was the annoying ring of my alarm clock, shrieking at me to wake up. I hate Mondays I grumbled and stood up wobbling, before falling onto my back. And I absolutely detest medicine I stood up again, this time I was steady and walked into the bathroom, my ankle was still swollen but it didn t hurt as much as it used to. I showered taking off the bandage and put on a black hoody, with black skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers. I put the textbooks into my backpack and put the hoody on, walking to school. Soon I reached the neon green gates and entered the school grounds, I rubbed my eyes, a neon orange school wasn t exactly what your eyes needed in the morning but it sure did a good job of waking you up. I entered the school and I instantly knew something was wrong, the stares, glares and whispers got worse and one blonde cheerleader finally told me exactly what was wrong. We heard what happened between you and Nick Brenda said in a high, squeaky and absolutely annoying voice You ll just be a one nightstand for him, nothing more, so don t get delusional that something between you two happened she said pooping her pink bubblegum. I growled I could really see red as blood filled my face. Did that idiot say we had sex?! I practically screamed as the intimidated blonde cowered and nodded. That son of good-for-nothing I grumbled the rest of the words Did he tell you that he nearly raped me? Huh? Did he? The blonde shook her head Did you know that he pushed me into the lake and I got caught in something and nearly drowned? again I heard a no for an answer. Well now you know that and you should also know that I am going to kill him I said and moved away from the girl and went into the class, one of those that I shared with Nick. I practically ran to him and punched him in the nose, feeling it break beneath my fist as the blood poured out of it. That s what you making up rumors about me and then I gave him a swift kick in the groin and that s for the attempted rape I said and turned around to get away from him and his dumbstruck friends. I would have killed you but you are so not worth going into jail for even for the sake of revenge I said loudly. His friends took him to the infirmary and everyone left me alone, I didn t see Derek all day until gym, there I saw him, but I didn t say a thing to him and just went to change quietly. Today we had to jump on the trampoline and do some tricks before jumping off it and land on the mat gracefully. I looked as my other classmates did it, and I even watched Derek and if at this moment I wasn t so angry with him I d have also clapped. When it was my turn he stopped me. You are going to injure yourself he whispered in my ear. Like you care I replied and removed his hand from my arm, he just watched me shocked at what I said. I jumped on the trampoline performing the tricks perfectly, but nobody cheered for me, the problem was my landing, even though I did that too perfectly, I worsened my situation with my ankle. I had to sit down but halfway to where I was walking, or should I say limping, somebody lifted me. Now are you done being stupid, cuz we re going to the infirmary Derek said, I just crossed my arms in reply. He opened the door with his foot, which actually was quite funny to watch. The room was empty bit for the middle-aged woman that sat in front of a desk; he gently put me down on the bed. Oh, what happened? Ms. Natura asked, quickly bringing a bandage as Derek explained what happened. She out some sort of cream on my injured ankle, making me shiver since it felt so cold to my skin and then she bandaged it and ordered Derek to hold the bag with ice-cubes on my ankle. Ms. Natura left the room; she had to go since there was some important health meeting, leaving me and Derek alone. So, no thanks? he asked with humor. Nope I said popping the p , he smiled looking away. I heard the distant ring of the bell and he removed the ice bag from my ankle, I put on my sock carefully and my sneakers. He helped me up, I walked slowly but I wasn t falling at least. And by the way, I care he whispered and left, my eyes widened.

Derek! I said trying to catch him, but it just made me crash into him. He caught me before I fell, but removed his hands from me; I slid against the wall of the corridor and he sat in front of me. I don t know how to tell you, so I hugged him, feeling his body go flush against mine, I felt him, he was so warm and his arms slowly went around me, before squeezing me lightly. You finally understood he said and caressed my cheek with his hand, before leaning into me, his lips meeting mine, it was just a soft, short kiss, but it was enough for me to understand a lot more from it than from words. I thought you didn t do wallflowers I said, grinning. And I thought you didn t do jerks he said, also grinning. It seems we both changed our preferences I replied. It seems so he said my only reply was putting my lips to his.

The End
Wallflower by Karlen Gavrilenko Dedication to: many important writers which wrote the books that fed my mind, and made it obese. Acknowledgements to: my real friends and best friends who supported me with my writing always with me even if they are six hours on plane away from me. The Wallflower is part of the Dream series. Copyright Karlen Gavrilenko, 2011 all rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. The publisher does not have any control over and does not assume any responsibility for author or third-party Web sites or their content. The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this book via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal and punishable by law. Your support of the author s rights is appreciated. Visit her website at or

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