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Isis-Seshat Journal
Personal Post of the Fellowship of Isis

Issue #32

Winter 2011

Volume 8

Number 4



David de Roeck

I am the keeper of the tablet The key to the door unswung I hold the wisdom of ages The vision and light of the young Although I am blind to the future And deaf from the past that I come The battle of light over darkness Is yet to be altered by one It's not that in flesh you will see me Or listen to a word that I speak Just tear down the block of your soul For the freedom your heart doth seek So dance to the sound of my music And heed the message I bring For I am the keeper of the tablet The One the New Risen King.

Isis-Seshat Journal
Issue #32 Vol.8 No.4 ISSN: 1552-082X

Cover Art: The Winged Pegasus, by Deena Butta....................................................................................................................... p.1 Inside Front Cover: Keeper of the Tablet, by David de Roeck ................................................................................................... p.2 Subscription Information ............................................................................................................................................................... p.3 Letter From the Editor ....................................................................................................................... p.4 In Memoriam ........... ...................................................................................................................................................................... p.4 Announcements from Lady Olivia Robertson............................................................................................................................... p.9 News Digest From FOI Global Sites............................................................................................................................................. p.10 News From Members .................................................................................................................................................................... p.12 Reviews, by Deena Butta .............................................................................................................................................................. p.17 Fellowship of Isis London Gathering Report, by Rosie Weaver .................................................................................................. p.20 Daughters Of Memory, by Michael Starsheen ............................................................................................................................. p.21 Lady Olivia in Phoenix, by Stephanie Campbell .......................................................................................................................... p.22 Isis Channeling, by Sarah Rooke ................................................................................................................................................. p.24 Experiences At the Oasis, by Carolina Amor-Boggs ................................................................................................................... p.25 Equus Rising, by Beth DuPont ..................................................................................................................................................... p.27 Convocation at Isis Oasis, by Loreon Vigne ................................................................................................................................ p.28 Believe, by Lillian Morgan Evans .................................................................................................................................................. p.30 Fellowship of Isis Convocation Report,by Linda Iles ................................................................................................................... p.31 Invocation of Isis, by Lady AMber Dawn ...................................................................................................................................... p.34 Lady Olivia in Salt Lake City, by Olivia Robertson and DeTraci Regula ..................................................................................... p.35 Chicago Goddess Festival Report, by Deena Butta .................................................................................................................... p.35 A Look At the Gayatri Mantra, by Carole Linda Gonzalez ........................................................................................................... p.39 Isis Aretalogy Workshop Report, by Amy Auset Rohn ................................................................................................................ p.40 Meet FOI Priestess Tamara Siuda, by Deena Butta .................................................................................................................... p.42 Athena FOI Source Materials List, by Deena Butta ..................................................................................................................... p.43 Granny Knows Best, by David de Roeck ..................................................................................................................................... p.45 Contemplating the FOI Manifesto, Part 10 by Deena Butta ........................................................................................................ p.46 How To Escape Control, by Lady Olivia Robertson ..................................................................................................................... p.48 King Memorial March and Dedication, by Lady AMber Dawn ..................................................................................................... p.49 An Isis Aretalogy, by Joan Forest Mage....................................................................................................................................... p.50 Remembering Imbolg 2010: Perkunas Day, by Demetria Nanos ............................................................................................... p.52 Impression of Goddess Festival 2011, by Joan Forest Mage ..................................................................................................... p.52 Time For Brigids Flames, by Sorita dEste .................................................................................................................................. p.52 Contributors to this issue .............................................................................................................................................................. p.54 Iside Back Cover: FOI Directory of Key Personnel ...................................................................................................................... p.55 Back Cover: FOI Manifesto ........................................................................................................................................................... p.56

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4 Letter From the Editor Dear FOI Family, See the cover of this issue, which portrays the blessings of Pegasusit says it all. I offer you the blessings of Winter... the gift of peace, the gift of silence. Love anf Blessings,

In Memoriam
Tauronn Paganus, 1925-2011 Norman McKinney died at his home in Toronto on September 22nd. He was Tauronn Paganus, Vatis, of The Iseum of Marienna Avatara the Black. The Iseum now is closed, and his memorial service was held on Saturday, November 12th, in Toronto. Norman was active in the early days of the Toronto Pagan Pub Moot. He owned a magnificent library, where people loved conversing with him. He was known as a man of great knowledge and experience. His loss affects us all; yet he will continue to be a guiding presence for us all. Guy Spiro, 1952-2011. Guy Spiro died on October 24. As publisher of The Monthly Aspectarian, he interviewed the best and brightest thinkers and authors over the last 30 years, and introduced leaders of spiritual practice to Chicago audiences. The magazine helped people connect to spiritual practitioners and services they needed, including the Fellowship of Isis. Guy taught astrology at Life Force Arts Center, with over 100 students in the past three years, many of whom became proficient in astrology, a great testament to Guy's abilities as a teacher, as well as to his goal of creating an astrological community in Chicago. In the year since Guy found out he had cancer, he became a model of a hopeful, courageous spirit in the face of daunting obstacles. Wurley Minette Quick shares her memories of her dear dog, Wurley: He now has a lovely place in the garden in the area he loved the most. He was my Temple Dog, he knew and introduced all the important places to us in the Fairy Site over the fields from our home and showed them to our group who used to meet there originally. He always knew where to take people who came to visit - not just the same places but places which were particularly relevant to them. He created all the dog trails with our other now elderly dog Bebe. He it was who ensured that we had Animal Water as well as human Sun Water which we were instructed to put out under the Sun on a special day in 1998. I had taken my best crystal bowl out to the Site with considerable difficulty 'over hill, over dale, thorough bush, thorough briar' and as I had said the prayers and consecrated the spring water in it, he took a drink from it .... so I had to get more water for the human water. Those waters went all round the world because a little drop of it potentised as many bottles as one cared to fill. The water was apparently full of wonderful energies including fairy energy I was told by one of my Vortex teachers, and certainly was loved by loads of people who used it and kept it going for years.....

5 Afterthoughts
About Tauronn Paganus Here is a final recommendation for your reading list, reprinted from an earlier issue of Isis Seshat Journal, shared by Tauronn Paganus in a letter dated 4 September 2006: Dear Reverend Sister: Thank you very much for your kind invitation to be present at the Lyceums Solstice celebration. As we said in our voice-mail call, we are aged and infirm, and cannot afford air-travel farres, hotel accommodations, or restaurants and incidentals. It is too bad, but there it is. Death has been much with us lately: my former- and much-loved wife died last October; a week later, so did my younger cousin (one of only two, both fine women). Just this past month, my cat died she had been with me longer than any of my previous house-pets. Then, last December, I had had a bad fall which laid me up for months (no apparent permanent damage, thank Our Lady). We should have liked to make an oral presentation (we are a trained and experienced public speaker), but again it seems it will not be possible. We will close by recommending a good, and interesting read to all Pagans, including FOI members: Hamlets Mill, subtitled An Essay in Myth and the Frame of Time, by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend. (D. R. Godine, Publishers, Boston , Mass., 1977 c.e.) The proposition advanced is quite fresh, and the rationale of the main arguments sound. It presents a new notion for the origin of myth globally. The book may not be easily found; it is a reprint. The original publisher, in 1969 c.e., was Gambit [?]. A citation (from p. 57): Being is change, motion, and rhythm the irresistible circle of time, the incidence of the right moment, as determined by the skies. De Santillana and von Dechend are not promoting conventional astrology: their factual basis is straight-up astronomy. Their premise seems to us to jibe with the recent announcement from the quantum physicists that space and time are equivalent and intertwined perhaps one substance, not simply coexistent. This seems to as, together with Hamlets Mill, to hold great promise, from a modern Pagan viewpoint. Thanks again: Tauronn, Vatis. About Guy Spiro: This snippet was found the day of Guys memorial service: Thank you Guy Spiro for being such a leader in the Spiritual Community here in Chicago, such a beautiful force for enlightenment! I would like to propose that in Guy Spiros name, we the spiritually minded people in Chicago-land, make a concerted effort to try to create a coherent wave of heart energy for Love, Peace, Unity, Healing and Enlightenment every Sunday morning, going forward. It would be too hard to pick an exact time or place that would suit everyone, so lets just say Sunday morning, any time before noon, anywhere you are. Lets meditate that Love, Peace, Unity, Healing and Enlightenment spring forth in manifest reality all over this beautiful Earth. We can call it The Guy Spiro Wave of Love, Peace, Unity, Healing and Enlightenment. I hope you resonate with this heartfelt message, my sisters and brothers of the Light. Namaste.

About Rael Bassan: It has been 3 years since Raels death. Rael loved Nature. He volunteered thousands of hours at North Park Nature Center in Chicago, a place that he helped make beautiful and strong, and which is loved by Lady Olivia Robertson. Rael attended activities of the Grove of the Primeval Forest in Chicago, and was associated with the Coven of the Sacred Stones run by FOI member Donna Cole Schultz. Here is a story written by a group of Raels friends and read at his memorial service at North Park Nature Center on January 4, 2009, a date that was chosen because the sun was at perihelion on that day:


Before the beginning was neither light nor darkness, Neither matter nor emptiness, Neither sound nor silence, Neither time nor space. Out of this Great Mystery came the beginning: 13 billion years ago, Out of nowhere, a point that was everywhere The center flared forth in a great fireball Creating time and space as it expanded outward. Everything that ever existed and will ever exist Comes from the fireball. You were there, I was there In the form of hydrogen abd helium Burning intensely for a million years The fireball burned itself out, And flung its atoms into the darkness which lasted a billion years. In the darkness, matter sought out matter, Attracting each other in vast clouds of dust Until waves of energy swept through them, Transforming the dark clouds into bright burning beings Stars were born! Stars!!! Fiery furnaces where all the elements of nature are forced:carbon, iron, oxygen Everything around us, and in us, was made in stars. Ten billion years ago, in a spiral galaxy called The Milky Way, Our grandmother star was born. Her shining splendor lasted for eons, Then exploded in a supernova brighter than a billion other stars And brought forth new elements with the potential for life. For five billion years, her stardust drifted in space Until another wave of energy rippled through To create ten thousand new stars, Including our Sun.

Other remnants of our grandmother star gathered into planets. And one of themplanet earthbecame a place where the Universe Could create a new adventure: Life! Countless living beings have emerged from the stardust that makes up the Earth. The vast majority are dependent on the suns energy. The sun gives up 4 million tons of its own body each second to provide this energy. From the first single-celled life forms came new experiments, explorations, and innovations. Each species, each individual expresses a unique way of being. With more diversity came more complexity and more connections, all of which enables life to flourish. For four billion years, the adventure of life on Earth has unfolded. Today, in the form of humans, the Earth is consciously aware of its own magnificent story, and celebrates it through art, music and ritual. One human, named Marvin, is Rael Bassan, who learned to generously give of himself so that the story of the Earth will continue into the next era: the Ecozoic Era of humans living in balance with the web of life. Raels generous giving is a continuation of the pattern of transformation, begin in the original fireball of creation, continued by the stars, supernovas, and our Sun. Today, the day of our yearly orbit when we are closest to the Sun, may we receive its radiant energy, in gratitude for the energy of Raels life, and generously give of ourselves, as it has been, since the Universe began.

George Norman McKinney May 12, 1925 - September 22, 2011 By Lorna Goshman
Norman was born on May 12th, 1925, in Ottawa, Ontario, to Willard and Mabel (Barber) McKinney. He was named after his recently deceased grandfather, George Barber, but always used his second name. The family move to Yonkers, New York and then to northern New Hampshire, to Berlin, where Willard worked as a research chemist for the Brown Company, a pulp and paper producer. Norman graduated from Berlin High School in 1943 and enlisted in the military. Because of his height, he was able to join the Army Military Police, but when General Patton urgently needed more troops in France after D-Day in 1944, he was re-assigned to the infantry. He was wounded in November near Nancy in Lorraine, and spent over four hours lying in the rain and mud, before being picked up and carried to a neighboring village. That November in Lorraine, it rained on twenty days. A bullet had pierced his right knee and exploded as it exited, but miraculously missed major blood vessels and nerves. Normans combat tour was over, and he recovered in hospitals in France and England. He was honorably discharged with a Purple Heart. Back in the United States, Norman hurried to return to his studies, taking advantage of the G-I Bill, but he was more of a restless explorer than a diligent student. His life-long ambition of

becoming a side-man, playing trombone in a big jazz band, eluded him. He attended Harvard and the University of New Hampshire. In 1948, the family moved to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, and Norman spent a year at Queens University in Kingston. He moved to Toronto and graduated from the Academy of Radio Arts, co-founded by Lorne Greene. He worked briefly as a radio announcer for CJIC, Sault Ste Marie. In the Sault, he met a schoolteacher, Marjorie Hickson, and they were married on October 4, 1952. Norman then was working for the Ontario Department of Land and Forests, the predecessor of the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources. Marjorie and Norman had two sons, Kevin, in 1955, and Kendal, in 1957. Their marriage effectively ended in 1962, and Norman left Sault Ste Marie and eventually settled in Toronto. Norman moved into the Bain Avenue Cooperative Apartment in the mid-seventies, just at the time the tenants organized the cooperative and bought the complex back from a developer, who wanted to change the apartments to condominiums. Many of the Co-op buildings are named for trees, like The Pines, The Lindens, etc. He became involved in Co-op councils, designed and organized landscaping for courtyards and tree planting. Norman founded Mother Earth College, and designed its logo. The Ontario government objected on the grounds that his living room didnt meet their definition of a college. Meanwhile, he had gradually embraced Pagan philosophy and he joined the Fellowship of Isis. He then transformed his living room, completely lined with books, many on The Goddess and the history of goddess worship, into The Iseum of Marienna Avatara the Black, Tauronn Paganus, Vatis. It was probable that the Government of Ontario had no idea of what an Iseum was. The Iseum had regular reading room and discussion hours. The Iseum published two position papers, Modern Pagan Vices and Nehushta. Norman published 36 issues of a periodical he called Thoughts that included notable quotes, condensed opinions, puns, links to ecological organizations, little-publicized news items and absurdities. Each issue was hand-lettered in calligraphy on about ten pages of legal-sized sheets. He mailed these out to about fifty subscribers who were really family and friends. A typical entry: Peace is not only the absence of war, but an attitude of mind: benevolence, confidence, and justice, after Spinoza. Norman was passionately involved with Mother Earth, global warming, pollution, urban beautification, gardening in small urban spaces, arboriculture, womens rights, civil liberties, the rights of aboriginal peoples, access to democratic participation, the inherent dishonesties of politics, the cruelty of war and the saving grace of humor. He loved beauty and covered the walls around his bookcases with photos and paintings and clippings of lovely scenes and people. He kept years worth of scenic calendars. Middle Earth was real for him. He loved the female figure and cared deeply for, but never married the loves in his later life. All through his life, he could vividly recall past experiences. He could, stream-of-consciousness, transport a listener into his realization of shooting two young German soldiers, seconds before he was himself shot, of being brought back from a near-death childhood illness by his mother, and of the intense sweetness of an affair with a caring nurse in England during The War. He died at home, after a brief illness, surrounded by the Iseum, on September 22 nd. He was cremated and his ashes scattered. A memorial celebration was held at the Bain Apartment Coop on Saturday, November the 12 th. His community honored the life of a guiding member, who

will be gratefully remembered. He left his collection of Goddess-related literature, about 500 volumes, to the Rowell Library of the Womens Study Program at York University. His immediate family includes his sons Kevin (Connie Quirk) of Snellville, Georgia, and Kendal (Heather MacIvor) of Windsor, his sister, Lorna Goshman, of Madison, Wisconsin and his friend and next-door neighbor, Warren Rice.

Announcements From Lady Olivia Robertson

Muses Symposium, September 29, 2011: A Website and Blog for The Muses Symposium, and are featured as an activity of one of our oldest iseums. The Iseum of Eleusis founded by Deena Butta in 1986 now also helps the splendid work of Isian News by including the Muses Symposium website and blog along with the mission of this early iseum to celebrate the Goddesses through the Eleusinian Goddess Festival. FOI Ongoing Directory, October 3, 2011: The new comprehensive handbooks and manuals in successive volumes will include all forms since 1976, and will not be changed. Many authors from various countries have provided information over the years. These include Lawrence Durdin Robertson, Olivia Robertson, Connia Silver, Caroline wise, Linda Iles, and Cressida Pryor. A list of contributors will be given with their names and dates. Additions, not omissions, will provide a consecutive historical overview of Fellowship of Isis development since its foundation. Sisters of Isis, October 28, 2011: The Iseum of the Sisters of Isis has been founded by Rev. Stephanie Campbell : Sisters of Isis aim to create happiness, friendship, and understanding for all whose lives touch theirs. The Iseum is inclusive, not exclusive. Members rescue victims: men, women, children and animals who are used as scapegoats. Many vulnerable people are despised and belittled because of personal, racial, social, or religious differences. Telepathy, empathy, and spiritual insight are used by members to promote self-confidence, open-mindedness, and originality. This rainbow network unites beings of all worlds through love and wisdom. Re. JohnMichael Capaldi is a Shaman Brother of the Iseum of the Sisters of Isis. Stephanie Campbell and Olivia Robertson.

Ordination of Tamara Siuda, October 29, 2011: "I had great pleasure on the 29th of October 2011 in ordaining the Rev. Tamara Siuda with Rt. Rev. Deena Butta in her chartering Lyceum of Alexandria in Chicago. I learnt much of Rev. Tamara's authentic work in reviving the Ancient Egyptian Kemetic faith in modern days, and I appreciate this effort by Tamara and the extent of her work. -- Olivia Robertson"

FOI Registrations: Because of the need for privacy, all FOI registrations and Centres will be kept at Foundation Centre's Archive Office. Those Centres and Members who wish to publish their activities and ceremonies are welcome to do so, on Fellowship of Isis Websites. Cressida Pryor will not publish any material sent to her. When my brother and I published Isian News originally, it was for Members only and we were careful not to print any private names or addresses. Now with the World Wide Web, the FOI still respects and maintains the privacy of each member and their Centres. Each individual answers to their own conscience and no-one else. 3rd September 2011, From Olivia Robertson Co-Founder (thank you to Minette Quick for forwarding this message)

News From FOI Global Wesbsites

FOI Homepage Archive, --New booklet: "The Many Voices of Isis, Oracles of Alchemy", by Olivia Robertson. This is a sequel to the booklet "Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess", and contains all of the Oracles that Olivia has since received and incorporated into the FOI Liturgy. "The Many Voices of Isis" includes a Preface, Introduction, 8 section illustrations, photos of Olivia as the Oracle, and 98 Invocations and Oracles. You may read it in full here, as well as find the link to order it in printed form: Other uploads: "La Familia Animal de Isis", Spanish translation of the Animal Family of Isis page: Our Spanish translators, Maa Kheru Nen and Ka-Nakht Ridi Aut-ib, just submitted this translation of the "Animal Family of Isis" page. Our thanks to both of them! a new clip from "Olivia, Priestess of Isis", courtesy of Dennis Murphy from Logic Reality, may be viewed on the FOI Homepage Archive Blog: Another book in the Communion with the Goddess series by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson: "Egypt Parts I and II" is now available at The Windows of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius - meditations by Olivia Robertson in past ritual uploaded to the Zodiac section of the Audio Gallery: The FOI Homepage Archive thanks Lynn of the Iseum of the Mystic Isis for her proofreading work; and the Durdin-Robertson family for their permission to share these booklets. In honor of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson's latest Communion of the Goddess booklet being uploaded (Egypt, Part I, ISIS), please enjoy this invocation from a past ritual:Lawrence Durdin-Robertson Invocation of Isis (MP3 :50 seconds / 202 kb) Audio transcript:

"Who protecteth the soul with thy feathery wings of the Kite; whose blood, enchantments and power strengthen the soul; inspire us with thy breath of the West Wind. Winged Goddess who concealeth thy brow with thy long hair, spread thy hair of enchantment and shake it over the brow of thy Devotees. Breathe into us thy Breath of life and health and strength." See the FOI Homepage Blog for other recent posts: Fellowship of Isis Central, --Isian News issue no. 142, Samhain 2011, is now available online. There are some wonderful offerings in this issue, lots of news, beautiful cover art by Olivia, titled "The Blue Heaven" and a new ritual format Olivia has never done before, a ritual in two parts, "The Narration" and "The Revelation." Blessings of the Season! --Athena: Coursework: Inclusion--Nesu House, Isis Oasis,--Geyserville, California, USA--October 11, 2011 For All Global Centres--From Olivia Robertson--FOI Co-Founder There are those who founded teaching centres within the Fellowship of Isis before coursework, guidelines and regulations were implemented. In those years between their founding and the production of guidelines, regulations and courses, these centres have brought through others, who have founded their own centres, and in turn, teach in the same format. The question arose - are they valid? ALL training courses are valid. ALL centres have autonomy. Regulations and procedures are provided as guidelines, they are meant as suggestions. The ONLY basic requirements are teaching centres base their work on the F.O.I. Manifesto and the F.O.I. Liturgy. The Candidate using rites suggested in the coursework most helpful to his or her own chosen Path. The College of Isis being the exception, as guidelines were laid out upon the revival of the College as inspired by Isis. --Athena: Coursework: The Queens regulations are handrails, not handcuffs. - General Sir Lawrence Parsons, grandfather of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and Olivia Robertson. He burnt mounds of red tape in his day! When members founded Lyceums, Iseums, Groves and Priories they did so in the understanding that their work, based on the F.O.I. Manifesto, had validity! Since 1976 there have been many lists of requirements and regulations for the courses of various centres. However, the requirement for acceptance of the Manifesto is the only basic necessity to unite us all. Regulations multiply which is the usual order of Societies! As Lawrence Durdin-Robertson was wont to remind us: In the beginning of Christianity, all members were called Saints. Now you need to have performed two miracles and to be dead to qualify! The time has come to be free from secrecy, binding vows and inflexible rules! Any coursework should be available to all sincere seekers. This is essential to preserve the ethical validity required by the Goddess Isis of Truth for her Fellowship. --Signed, Olivia Robertson--11/10/11 --Isis Is For All: Lady Olivia's new book "Isis is for All: Aims and Ideals of the Fellowship of Isis" is now available from IsisHouse Publishing. (Our thanks to Linda Iles for forwarding these messages.)

12 News From FOI Members

Nicki Scully reports: Normandi Ellis and Gloria Taylor Brown have written Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt: The Initiatory Path of Spiritual Journaling. Nicki has written the foreword for this important and valuable book for anyone interested in the ancient mysteries of Egypt, and especially for those who enjoy writing or who wish to expand their creative writing skills. Nicki was on the journey to Egypt that inspired this wonderful book. During that pilgrimage, Normandi led writing exercises in the temples and on a private dahabeya as they sailed the Nile. They wrote about their lives and about our experiences during the rites and ceremonies that Gloria led in the temples. Invoking the Scribes contains the meditations and creative writing exercises from the journey through Egypt, and includes many of the transformative and inspiring pieces written by the participants.. This book can help readers create meaning from their life experiences and manifest new destinies for themselves through spiritual writing. There is a website, where you will find more information about this book and can read samples of the writing. This book is available at Normandi and Nicki will co-lead a writers tour to Egypt in October 2012. For information email or Gloria Taylor Brown is also proud of this book, which she co-authored. Three and a half years ago, she had an idea to create a tour of Egypt around the idea of writing a book with all the participants contributing. Mohamed Nazmy of Quest Travels beautiful Afandina, a newly finished dahabeya, was the perfect venue; and Normandi had a course that she had wanted to teach for some time in this kind of special setting. The two plans came together with th 2009 tour of Egypt, which is memorialized in the book. The exercises and meditations included will help you to create your own story, your own spiritual journal. Caroline Wise attended an opening for Fellowship of Isis Priestess Jocelyn Chaplins art exhibition in London, that featured paintings of the Goddesses and Gods to restore the soul. The exhibition works were inspired by African and Caribbean spirits. Jocelyn is a child of Africa, Greek Mythology, and the streets of London. Caroline will do an illustrated interview with Jocelyn for the FOI Star of Elen website. From FOISCN on Facebook!/groups/361723650498/ Sheila Broun announces Native British Spirituality, The purpose of this website is to provide a focus of re-connection with the British islands to make the land well, and the land makes us well. The intention is to share lived experiences of these islands, their cycles and seasons, the elements, sacred places, spirits of place, and native flora & fauna, defining spirituality as connection with Spirit, or alignment with Nature.

This website uses the word British in its old sense, before the destruction of the British by Rome, with its culture of death and asceticism, which has led to alienation from, and destruction of Nature. By working with the geography, elements, and native flora & fauna of these islands we hope to restore the reverence for Nature which once we all shared. We will also use the old title of The Prettanic Isles, and the term these islands which is used by the Irish and British governments when jointly drawing up documents. What do we know about these islands? We know that Devon was once a desert; that Scotland was linked to North America; and that between 14,000 10,000BCE as the ice melted, the rising sea separated Ireland from mainland Europe, also creating the Isle of Man. Sheila welcomes contributions from the people of the British Islands (from any path or none) about their insights, alignments, spiritual experiences and practical information, which relate to these islands in the context defined here. Contact Sheila Broun, editor,

David de Roeck attended the FOI festival to celebrate Samhain and Isis seeking the body of Wasir, which was held at Huntington Castle, Clonegal, Ireland, on Saturday 12th November, 2011. Lady Olivia, High Priestess and Hierophant, led a resplendent procession to the ancient ruins of the Abbey. There, the Gods and Goddesses of the quarters were called. Guest of honour Vivianne Crowley who was to be ordained in the temple, spoke eloquently of the need for our union with nature and the Goddess. There followed a resounding folk song from priestess Cressida Pryor and husband Bob of the merits of biding welcome to the strangers at the door. Onward in procession to the alcove to Persephone where the Reverend David de Roeck spoke of the genesis to the harvest and the underworld, moving then to the Temple of Isis where the Gate Keeper tolling the bell, granted entrance to all. After libation to Brigids well, an oracle was given by Priestess Barbara Lee. Then Lady Olivia asked for the Priestess Cressida Pryor to advocate for the ordination of the new member, the esteemed Dr Vivianne Crowley. Lady Olivia ordained Dr Vivianne Crowley into the priesthood then lead us all to the underworld in meditation. At the end of the ceremony Reverend David de Roeck conferred Lady Olivia as an Honorary Ascendi to the Ascension of Isis mystery school which was formally launched at the festival. Members of the priesthood bestowed energy, counselling and readings before all attendants retired to Osbornes for refreshment.

with Deirdre Wadding.!/groups/361723650498/

David de Roeck On Ascension of Isis: Lady Olivia Robertson and I have often spoken on how to encourage and nurture people to the living spirit of the Goddess. With this in mind we have initiated an online mystery school to help and guide all towards the journey to your divine self. To hold your hand and walk with you, to see the sign posts of your true being. To assist you in opening the Ark of your divine inner Sun and therefore recognising the divine in all things. Email David deRoeck at Tamara Siuda tells of her work at her ordination ceremony, October 29, 2011: "The Kemetic Orthodox faith was founded in 1989. Through various incarnations, it now has hundreds of members in more than two dozen countries worldwide, and an extended fellowship, ritual, and instruction network online directed from our main temple, The House of Netjer, in Joliet, Illinois. We seek to revive the Ancient Egyptian religion via scholarship and spiritual work in both Egyptology and serving Ma'at in the world. For more information see our websites and" The gifts of Wisdom, Compassion, and Beauty offered by Tamara to her matron goddess (Isis Stella Maris) and helper goddesses (Neith of Egypt, Lada Matryushka of Russia, and La Sirene of Haiti) are numerous. The Lyceum of Alexandria is proud and grateful to welcome Rev. Tamara Siuda to the priesthood of the Fellowship of Isis. Congratulations can be emailed to Tamara also announces the publication of her newest book: Haitian Vodou: An Introduction to Haiti's Indigenous Spiritual Tradition / by Tamara Siuda, under the name Mambo Chita Tann. ISBN 0-7387-3069-6 $15.95. This book explores Haitian Vodou, which descends from the Vodu priesthood of West Africa, and introduces the 21 nations of the Lwa (spirits of Haitian Vodou). Tamara is a practitioner of Haitian Vodou of the highest initiatory rank. Her book offers a firsthand overview of Haiti's culture and history, as qwll as sacred ceremonies, rituals, and practices grounded in ancestral communion. Its relationship to other African diasporic traditions in the West are explored, and common misperceptions are addressed. Other books by Tamara Siuda are available: -- The 42 Purifications: Meditations on a translation of Chapter 125 of the Pert-em-Heru (Egyptian Book of the Dead) IKOS, c2003-2008. --Nebet-het: Lady of the House IKOS, c1999-2004. --The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook. Stargazer, c2005-2009. --The Neteru of Kemet: an Introduction Eschaton, c1994. Anastasia Fennell and her Moscow Iseum are preparing the annual online catalog Quintessences, dedicated to the Divine Cosmic Mother. Quintessenses will contain writings by Sharron Rose, Victoria Preobrazhensky, and the Sri Aurobindo Community in India, The Ashram of the Integral Yoga. The catalog will cover 300-350 pages. The first 3 pages will be dedicated to the FOI and Lady Olivia Robertson. The Iseum of Mystic Arts has created a new portal together with the Visionary artist,Josephine Wall:


Selena Fox ( Iseum of the Magical Isis) invites inquiries from FOI members and others who want an Ankh (or other symbol) on their headstone. Selena also encourages FOI military veterans and their friends and families to tune in to "Pagan Warrior Radio" on the "Pagans Tonight" network, Tuesdays, 8 to 9 pm CST. Contact Selena with your comments and suggestions. Magickal Hummingbyrd has founded Iseum Of ISIS Ambrosia Green Bee Hive. Paul Ingrassia (The Mystic Fool) hasself- published two Pocket Editions booklets of 'An Isis Rosary' and 'Reflections of a Taoist Isian'. Both parts included: Part I: Design and Prayers, and Part II: The Meditations) Reflections of a Taoist Isian Pocket Edition includes the entire 5 part piece) Each is presented as a pdf in PocketMod format, an economical, printer-friendly, single-page printout that cuts and folds origami-style into an 8-page booklet, small enough to fit in your pocket. These are the first in what will be a series of booklets, if well accepted, of course. Only $2.00 each and available at the Iseum of the Tao of Isis blog: Kasey Conder, Pr. H. of the Lyceum of Isis & Horus of the Horizons. has founded a new grove of the Druid Clan of Dana in Utah. It is dedicated to two goddesses, Isis and Uta, the Universal Mother of the White Mountain. The ArchDruidess deTraci Regula and Olivia Robertson gave the dedication in a ceremony in Salt Lake City. Lady AMber Dawn has created a new email group. If you love Egypt and want to discover a deeper love and understanding of Egypt, come and seek!!! All spiritual faiths are welcome! Will deal with Egypt: past, present and future. Gisela Kranz of the Iseum of Isis and Enki has translated Rite of Rebirth into German. Jean OCaine Foster has shared this picture from her 80th birthday ceebration Jean also announces her new book: Temple Beautiful / By Jean Foster -- Ebook, PDF Format - -- $8.99. Temple Beautiful is a Mystery for Your Soul, Your Personal Initiation into Sacral Rituals and Knowledge of the Mother -Goddess. This manuscript is an Educational Program into the Mystery of ISIS. Jean Foster is a Priestess of the Fellowship of ISIS. Sarah Rooke posted in Fellowship of Isis Central Site and News. ZCongratulations to the Rev Julie Weltch, who has now been consecrated as a Priestess Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis this Mabon. Julie's Lyceum is called Circle of Spirit, Earth and the Elements and is based in Drayton, Hampshire.

Dawn Paskowicz: The Children of Mother Earth Project is on a remote 70-acre site near Covington, MI and is accessible by canoe, or a 1 mile hike on an ATV trail. The final 1/4 mile is through a wooded area on a trail marked by plastic tree ribbons. There are no structures except for a 13 foot diameter wigwam. This program is now registered as a non-profit, and I'm currently working with a lawyer on putting the acreage into a 501(c)(3). The mission statement is to create that space for educational and environmental purposes for groups devoted to healing, spirituality, etc. Examples might be yoga retreats and outdoor and environmental groups. People who honor the Mother would be most welcome, even though they may have lived separated from Her in Her glory. Each group would come with its leader(s), and would receive orientation on camping in bear country, fire safety and other outdoor safety issues. About 2/3 of the parcel is bordered by a river of about 30 feet wide, which is good for canoeing short or long distances. Food storage would have to be alternative. Food is stored in a cooler suspended about 20 feet up in the trees. There is no refrigeration, but coolers in people's cars parked before the ATV trail could be used. I would recommend a vegan diet to be followed while there because of the wild carnivorous animals (which are rarely seen during the day). Water needs to be brought in and conserved carefully. Perhaps in the future, there will be water on the site. On the first night, because of the distance traveling, people can stay overnight in my house (5 miles away), sleeping on futons. The wigwam has no beds, and for people not comfortable sleeping on the ground, I would suggest an air mattress. Aniitra Ravenmoon:

Jewelry available through Power Goddesses Unleashed: DeTraci Regula: Isis Is For All by Lady Olivia Robertson Isis House Publishing -- Fall 2011 $18.99 Isis is for All is a collection of important writings by Olivia Robertson. Within the pages of this book Olivia outlines the principles of the Fellowship of Isis. They hold as true today as they did when the Fellowship was first founded.

Nancy Passmore:

By Deena Hartray Butta
Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt: the Initiatory path of Spiritual Journaling / by Normandi Ellis and Gloria Taylor Brown. Inner Traditions / Bear & Co., c2011. This book is essential reading for people attracted to the spirituality of Ancient Egypt. Tools are given here for the transformation of the psyche through writing your spiritual biography. The introduction identifies this as a task that must be renewed on a regular basis in order to integrate experienceas

we travel together, we come to appreciate how our stories intersect with the stories of every other traveler. The story of Isis and Osiris is used a aymbol of balance between two ways of contacting the divine. Matter and spirit, light and shadow, the rational and the mystical, memory and forgetfulnesswe have these polarities within us; and we approach creativity and inspiration through them. The ancient scribes are acknowledged as priests, healers, and shamans who knew that writing and thinking hieroglyphically was a healing act that empowers the writer. This book teaches us how to write sacred words and texts that will bring about change and achieve union with the divine. The writing exercises are by Normandi, the spiritual practices by Gloria, and the writings by their students in different Egyptian locations. This book provides a way to inner transformation. The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook / by Tamara L. Siuda. Azrael Press, c2005; Stargazer Design, c2009. This practical book begins with thoughts about how, when, and why to pray. Chapter 2 contains detailed background and instructions for the Kemetic Orthodox practice of the daily rite of Senut, including recipes, postures, etc.. Other chapters present prayers and hymns to specific deities, and for various purposes such as protection, children, family, blessings, holy days, etc. The Heart of the Mind: Using Our Mind To Transform Our Consciousness / by Jane Katra & Russell Targ. White Crow Books, c2011. Jane Katra experienced a near death experience that changed her awareness by gave her tremendous healing powers. This book tells about understanding the divine both scientifically and mystically. It discusses such topics as gratitude and forgiveness; different realities; addictions and cravings; approaching the divine through self-inquiry; transpersonal experiences; communications from the dead; effect of the future on the past; and much more. Interesting new perspectives are provided on reincarnation, meditation, and healing. There is an extensive resource section. Heart of the Sun: An Anthology in Exaltation of Sekhmet / edited by Candace C. Kant & Anne Key. iUniverse, c2011. This original and valuable collection of essays and poems in honor of Sekhmet is a joy and a delight. Each author approaches Sekhmet differentlythrough academic research, creative writing, images, and personal accounts. Contributors include authors well-known to FOI members, such as Barbara Hand Clow, Gloria Taylor Brown, Normandi Ellis, Galina Krasskova, Nicki Scully, and Patricia Monaghan. But it also introduces many less familiar names including Roynan Steres, Lorraine Tartasky, Deborah Holton, Jezibell, Anne Key, Sylvia Brallier, and others. Many of them are associated with the Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet, which was established in 1993 in the Mojave Desert by Genevieve Vaughan (also one of the contributors). They offer unique and original perspectives and experiences of Sekhmet. I especially enjoyed the essays about the Temple. This anthology is powerful, surprising, beautiful, and healing, like Sekhmet herself. If you find yourself attracted to Sekhmet, thistotally Sekhmet anthology gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in Her. Barbarian Rites: the Spiritual World of the Vikings and the Germanic Tribes / by Hans-Peter Hasenfratz; translated and edited by Michael Moynihan. Inner Traditions International, c2011. This book introduces ancient Germanic religion and spirituality in the context of the culture and society that gave rise to it. Types of religious experience such as rites of passage and magic are explored in the context of the values held by the Germanic tribes. Incantatory, rune, death, divinatory, cursing, and destructive magic are introduced. The powers confronting people included other humans, supernatural beings from mythology, deities, and the powers of fate. Each of these is examined in depth, and ways of interacting with them are presented. The uniquely Germanic structure and conception of the world and time are also described. This book provides a firm foundation for further study of Germanic magical practices. It is essential reading for anyone attracted to this spiritual path.

Desert Priestess: A Memoir / by Anne Key. Goddess Ink Ltd., c2011. A wonderful read! This is an enthralling first-hand account of Annes three years at the Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet in the Mojave Desert. Every aspect of the process of becoming a priestess of Sekhmet is documented, and Anne recounts in detail all the changes she went through. She describes her first day, her first month, and events leading up to the moment when she felt she had truly arrived. The ceremonial year is depicted in terms of meaning and symbolism. Other aspects are covered, such as the different kinds of people who come to the Temple in various capacities; and the social and political meaning of such things as air, land, animals, trees, and water. Peace and activism are also discussed, along with the subtle transformation brought about through the passage of time, the effect of the the ecological environment, the local natural economy, etc. Annes account of her inner experiences are especially valuable, since they provide a source of support, guidance, and encouragement to other priestesses. This personal story of immersion in an actual goddess culture is a wonderful resource for devotees of Sekhmet, priestesses, or those contemplating commitment to this path.. The Nine Muses / by Angeles Arrien I came across this wonderful book while studying the FOI ritual The Winged Pegasus. It is a great tool for people who want to continue working with that liturgy. It offers in-depth study of each Muse, and additional background on the etymology of "Muse;" Mnemosyne, Mother of the Muses; and myth as bridge between community and Mystery. The author asks 4 deep questions about our society: how do our mental tools, our collective consciousness, healthy expressions of the feminine principle, and creation of a world that works for everyone, relate to our creative abilities? Each chapter focuses on a single Muse, and contain images, practical exercises such as writing an effective invocation, and thoughtful reflections to awaken deep inner responses. Famous people who embody the power of specific Muses illustrate that Muse's energy in action. For example, the chapter about Mnemosyne explores the place of memory in our lives, along with ways to deepen its power and purpose. The chapter on Calliope includes contact information for story-telling associations. The chapter on Clio touches on personal, family, and oral history. The chapter on Erato introduces collections of multicultural love poetry. The excellent chapter on Melpomene not only explores grief and suffering, but offers thoughts on release and forgiveness as well. I can recommend this book as a useful way invite The Muses and different kinds of creativity into your life, and as enrichment for The Winged Pegasus. Cleopatras Moon / by Vicky Alvear Shecter. Arthur A. Levine Books, c2011. This historical novel was written for young adults (jr high through high school age) but anyone would enjoy reading it. It is about personal growth under exotic, wonderful, and difficult conditions. Issues important to teens are dramatized, such as questions and challenges involving values and identity. The main character is Cleopatra VIII Selene, daughter of the famous Cleopatra VII. Her story involves extremes of luxury and trauma at a time of tremendous cultural change. Readers will enjoy beautiful descriptions of daily life among the privileged class of the Hellenic world. Teens will learn a great deal about the history, art, religion, and philosophy of Egypt and Rome. The story tells of the struggle of this particular young woman to make meaningful, life-enhancing choices in the midst of terrible loss and despair, and to learn from the exceptional qualities of her mother without losing herself in them. Readers will ache for Selene as she struggles to learn who she is in spite of the burdens of heavy expectations. And they will rejoice with her as she learns to make good choices in the face of despair. The author explores features of Hellenic society that many teens would not realize, for example its religious and social diversity, which are illustrated in a positive and respectful way. This is a wonderful book for teens:

they will learn a lot about the goddess Isis, who is an invisible chacter throughout this story. They will learn a lot about ancient history, philosophy, religion, politics, and society. And if they pay attention to the process of inner examination gone through by Cleopatra Selene, and if they learn to hear the voice of Isis as she does, they will learn a lot about themselves, too. AndI have not seen this yet but would love to: SILENT SOULS: In this land there are only two gods: love and water. Shadow Distribution is proud to present the U.S. theatrical release of SILENT SOULS. Synopsis: SILENT SOULS (Ovsyanki) is the lyrical, dreamlike feature from Russian director Aleksei Fedorchenko. When Miron's beloved wife Tanya passes away, he asks his best friend Aist to help him say goodbye to her according to the pagan rituals of the Merja, an ancient people from western Russia whose customs live on in modern day. As the two men travel on a cross-country journey, Miron shares intimate memories of his conjugal life, as is custom for the Merja. But as they reach the banks of the sacred lake where they will forever part with the body, he realizes he wasn't the only one in love with Tanya Released by Shadow Distribution/75 minutes/Not Rated/In Russian with English Subtitles See the trailer and more info at and For more information, please contact Karen O'Hara at or 520-326-0813.

Fellowship of Isis London Gathering Report by Rosie Weaver

The Fellowship of Isis Goddess Gathering was a wonderful, memorable and thoroughly inspiring event for me. Despite getting on the wrong train to start my day off and then getting lost on the London underground (like a complete air head) I just managed to arrive at Treadwells bookshop on time (phew!) and meet some of the lovely F.O.I folk. I dont know if it was significant that I also managed to trip on the stairs on the way down to the Gathering and spill an entire cup of coffee everywhere but managed to wipe down the stairs & wall before anyone else slipped on it! What struck me most of all was that everyone present seemed to be strangely familiar to me, maybe the inner plane contacts of the F.O.I had been already occurring. As we all filed into the basement to the event itself, I took a seat behind Olivia and waited whilst everyone else also be seated. The people making a video recording of the Gathering had a lot of technical equipment in place. Then I noticed water which seemed to be coming from nowhere on the floor, it seemed to be increasing in volume by which time people were moving coats, bags followed by themselves too, as it flooded across the floor. It was then that I heard Caroline Wise say that Isis of the Thames had been evoked prior to everyones arrival! The film makers had to unplug all the technical paraphernalia and all of us were evacuated from the basement room as the water seemed to be everywhere at this point. We all returned back upstairs, unsure

what to do next ~ many volunteered in true Dunkirk spirit to help mop up, whilst some people were looking around to see where the water could have came from? I almost expected us all to be sent home now as the room had looked unusable to me, then after about 30 mins of wondering by many of us what would happen next, we heard that the water had receded and mostly gone. I still have no idea where, or from whence it came? Needless to say it was a great relief that the event could now go ahead. Our Isis of the Thames had certainly made Her presence felt though. The entire day was fabulous, I enjoyed every second. The guest speakers were amazing and Olivia herself oozed Isis. Thanks to All who made it possible, The Fellowship of Isis Goddess Gathering 2011 remains a treasured memory.

Daughters of Memory
by Michael Starsheen Nine daughters were born, one fine summers day to the Mother of Memory, who called them the Muses. Each has her profession. They show us the way to create Beauty in the world in the form that each chooses. Divine poetry falls from the harp of Calliope, stories of heroes to inspire one anew. Passionate love songs instead are the moiety of sloe-eyed Erato, hearts throbbing true. Thalias followers provide all our laughter; they give comics their edge on the theatres stage. Tragedy purifies the soul, coming after Melpomenes worshippers transfigure our rage. Singers and musicians play games with Euterpe, who gives them her flute songs and musical scores. Dancers flit the beat along with Terpsichore, bringing life to the songs with their feet on the floors. Even scientists can find a patron, if they only look: Clio holds history, bright Urania astronomy. Polyhymnia provides the story-telling book in which writers hold forth in fictive economy. The upshot remains we each find our own Muse, looking deep in our hearts, and searching our talents. Only our souls know which one we should choose, so that our truth flows forth freely, gently, and balanced.


Olivias Whirlwind Tour 2011

Phoenix, Arizona

Stephanie Campbell
Once again, Lady Olivias silver bodied bird touched down onto the desert landscape. The beautiful surprise was that DeTraci Regula escorted her. Sitting in the caf catching up, as if we had been friends for a very long time, we discussed the Goddess and how she has played her part in our lives and where she plans to lead us. And as quickly as she arrived, she was departing again. It is always a pleasure to meet a kindred spirit. Mornings were spent with stories, new and old, hot tea, laughter and meditation. Midday honored friends with good food, more stories, and short excursions. One such place held a lot of Mystery and Magick, a place called Cosanti. World-renowned architectural innovator, Paolo Soleri, designed this historic site. Paolo blends ecology and architecture, known as arcologyinto the natural landscape with accents of bronze and ceramic wind-bells. A true Alchemist! The Meditation held on Saturday evening was intimate, and very powerful! Lady Olivia was the ultimate Tour Guide to the Stars. Our small group had very profound and meaningful experiences. It was truly amazing to listen to each magickal journey.


In the days that followed as we gathered, so did the Goddess. Feeling her presence and guidance as we shared our experiences brought messages of hope. What I will mostly remember from this visit is that the Goddess is spontaneous. Just when you think you know the next step, she lovingly directs you another way. Trust her, she is all seeing, all knowing, and ever present! With that said, we introduce the new Iseum of the Sisters of Isis. Shaman Brother Rev. JohnMichael Capaldi balances this Iseum. We wish to create happiness, friendship, wisdom and kindness to all beings. This includes Men, Women Children, animals and all sentient beings who reside on this planet and who are visiting from the stars. Telepathy and psychic goodwill promotes diversity, open-mindedness and individuality to those very beings. SO MOTE IT BE from this 28th day of October, 2011. So, the story ends as it began. Lady Olivia reclined in her blue chariot as she was whisked through the portal from whence she came. Leaving behind a contrail of the Goddess herself. Until next time. May the circle be open, but unbroken May the love of the Goddess be always in your heart Merry meet and Merry part And Merry Meet Again!


Channeling From the Goddess Isis

By Sarah Rooke Here is a channeling i received from the Goddess Isis in 1990. Ise esmou "Greetings, sons and daughters of the Earths New Aeon. For many Suns and Moons have we waited for the Herald of the New Aquarius like a trumpeter sounds a fanfare. The Gods and Goddesses of the Divine Sun of the Cosmos have envisaged for many Aeons the Power that Was, Is, and Shall Be. I am Auset, though you know me by my Greek name of Isis. I am the Mother of the Great Saviour Horus, Defeater of Set, the Evil One. I am the Wife of Osiris, the Divine King and Ruler of Earth. I am the Mistress of Magic, Goddess of the Corn and the Seasons, Protectress of Women and Children, Comforter of the Meek and Strengthener of the Weak. All things come from me, and ultimately return to me. I am your Mother Divine, the Celestial Goddess of the Spheres, She of Many Names. I am Creatress as your Father Osiris is Creator The lesson I give you concerns the embodiment of the Story of the Grail. To receive the Grail requires great humility and respect for the Divine. It is the selfish and foolish man who regards treasure as the greatest force in the Universe. The greatest force in the universe is love. In one of your motion pictures was enacted the Search for the Grail. It was not a search for some treasure or mighty cup, but a very humble vessel (this refers to the film 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'). However, your path runs a different course for the present, and you are still learning. Indeed, you are all still learning, though you may not appreciate that the lessons you face are for your own good. Life is a school. Earth is your classroom. Your teachers are the situations you face every day along the road of the cosmos. You all wish to get there as soon as possible, but some get there too quickly, and sadly fall back to the beginning. Some travel slowly and wisely. It is the case of the Rabbit and the Hare, or if you prefer, a game akin to Snakes and Ladders. But life is not a game. It has to do with learning. Those who are still sadly at the material level allow all sorts of decay and personal illnesses to set in. They are easily defeated by lifes little worries and hassles, and it is there in their faces, how they think, act and look. They have taken the lessons life has provided for them and thrown them to the wind. They are unable to cope, and so stress creeps in. Such people have the negative characteristics of the god Set. These characteristics include such things as delays in achieving objectives and goals. Positive characteristics of Set, on the other hand, are where people feel everyone is against them. They are the paranoid personalities of the world. The problem is that this is damaging, as it emanates from the self, as well as from external factors. Once the self has been eaten away, decay sets in and breakdown results. Obviously, this is true for both types to a lesser or greater degree. It is akin to depression, schizophrenia, and a host of other mental illnesses such as neuroses or psychoses. Take what I have said and consider it. It is important for you to understand the fundamental principles underlying such matters as these. In short, you understand yourself in the process, and that is your greatest challenge. Each of you is progressing towards the achievement of the Grail, your Grail. For is not truth different things to all men and women? You all have to earn the right to drink from the Grail to receive its knowledge. May it remind you of the Celtic tale of Cerridwen and Gwain and the Cauldron. The result of Gwain's drinking of Cerridwen's

cauldron was the birth of Taliesin, the famous Bard. Here is a relationship akin to the Grail story. To receive the Grail you must first learn humility, love, respect, and reverence for all things. This is why the Tuatha de Danaans of Ireland entrusted those few seekers with the Four Gifts of the Planet Earth, the symbols of the Cauldron representing water, the Spear representing Fire, the Sword representing Air and the Stone representing Earth. These have much in common with the Tarot symbols of the Cup, Wand, Sword and Pentacle, which symbolise the Elemental Kingdoms by whose kind offices Man can co-exist in harmony with a host of other entities in the physical body. The Elemental or Fairy Kingdoms watch, and they see what Man has done to their Planet Earth. Unseen and ridiculed as if fable for centuries, they survive only first in the space of the twin Earths changing perspectives. What do you do to the Mother on whom you breed, feed, breathe, bathe, and live, oh people of the Earth? How do you expect your Mother Isis, to love, protect, teach, and nurture you in the coming Aeon? She is a living spirit world, an entity in her own right. There are those who realise this truth and are helping the Earth, but they are few and it needs a combined effort of the whole population I am not here to offer you a view of hopelessness and despair. I am here to say to you that above all things life is a celebration. Where there is joy, there is hope; and this is the greatest weapon to have in defeating the evils of Set. It is true that Horus defeated Set at Edfu as Horus Bedhety, the Winged Suns Disk. This is the symbol of rising above negativity and reaching towards the spiritual heights of the Gods. So we come full circle. To realise this is to realise ones hidden self; and in this way, you learn to be at peace with yourself and those around you. You merge into the One, and you earn the right of the Grail by permission of the Gods. May Ra bless his children; blessed be the children of the Earth in this Age of Aquarius, and may the Gods and Goddesses of Earth watch over their children forever into eternity...." Posted to Fellowship of Isis Central Site and News (FOICSN) by Sarah Rooke 8:34am Aug 25 Thank you to Sarah Rooke and FOICSN

Experiences at the Oasis by Carolina Amor-Boggs

As I sit down to write about my experiences at the Oasis, I can't help but run short of words. It seems the words that would describe such an amazing event as Convocation don't exist in English or Spanish. Yes! Me, the lady of words, is out of words. Isn't that insane? Intensity is one word that can define my experience; out of this world another. The day started as I got ready to leave my house. I started packing all my belongings, my robes, my cord, my rattle, my diary, everything that I need for an event like that while I was watching Lady Olivia's DVD - Priestess of Isis. I

wanted to get my mind out of the mundane and into the magical realm. On my way to the Temple, my dad and I experiences some serious traffic and what usually took us one hour and a half took almost two hours and a half. In my mind, I kept thinking that we will arrive at the right time and maybe this delay was just meant to be. As we arrived in the Temple, we could see lots of cars. How exciting to see the event growing so much!!!! We checked in and walk around. Last year, during convocation, I was looking for a Sekhmet necklace. As a Sekhmet Priestess I was called to have a piece of jewelry dedicated to her. Little did I know that as I walked back to my room, I would run across a Priestess whose work is to create Goddess Rosaries and there it was! A beautiful Sekhmet Rosary!!!! You guessed it, I got the Rosary since it was meant to be mine. That night, during dinner, Lady Loreon invited me to have dinner at Lady Olivia's table since I was not able to stay for the full event and I was leaving the next day. The dinner was amazing. Lady Olivia's vibrant energy filled me with joy since it's incredible to spend time with an elder and I consider myself very fortunate. Convocation this year was dedicated to the frog Goddess Heqet. Le'ema's performance was amazing and she captured the energy of Heqet beautifully. The performance started with some crystal bowls and as the sound increased in the Temple Theater we all felt we raised our vibrations to the next level. Then Lady Olivia guide us in a journey to the cleansing waters and helped us release the old to make space for the new. The night ended with presentations and stories of Heqet. As I said in the past, Isis is the lady of Synchronicity. The next morning, I woke up and went to have breakfast with Lady Olivia, Linda Iles, Le'ema Graham, Francesca Gentile, DeTraci Regula and some other Priests and Priestesses from the Fellowship of Isis. The fire was burning, the coffee was great, but the conversations were amazing. Many times, Goddess brings to our lives the experiences and people we need around to grow and evolve. This breakfast time granted me the honor to bond with Francesca and find a Goddess Sister. As we talked, we found out that our lives were more connected than we thought and I invited her to my consecration later that day. Linda Iles class about Hieroglyphic Writing was amazing and I am still chewing on what she talked about. Her scholar presentation was out of this world and filled with knowledge in every level. I am so grateful to call her my mentor and teacher. After the class, we headed to the Isis Chapel for my consecration as ArchDruidess but before that, we stopped for tea. While having tea, we meditated on how the Goddess has touched our lives. Lady Olivia guided us in a journey and when the time was right, we moved to the Chapel to start the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful and filled with power. Sometimes simpicity is much more powerful than sophisticated steps. As Lady Olivia placed the Sekhmet Rosary on me, she told me to think of each bead in that rosary as a person I have touched with my work and how all of them would support me in my Priestess work. She told me not to get stuck in the literal meaning of words but to feel them from the heart. Lady Olivia's vision of the Goddess Dana as a blond hair woman in the woods reminded me of my first vision of myself when I became a witch. I would see myself as a witch dancing around the fire in the middle of the woods with white robes and long blonde hair (since my hair is naturally blonde). Maybe, that vision was just the beginning of this journey, and now I had found my way back home. The ceremony ended with Lady Olivia telling me something like "Now you are an ArchDruidess, you know what to do, don't let anybody tell you how to do things, just find your own way to do it." It was a very powerful statement for me since at times we may look for approval or try to see if others will tell us how to do things but in that we give our power away.

Priestesses come in many forms and shapes. Convocation is one place where I can see all of us coming together, each with our gifts and skills, and each bringing the Goddess back to life in our own ways. I feel so blessed to have been part of such an amazing event and a life changing journey. I look forward to the future and what Goddess has in store for me.

Equus Rising
By Beth duPont Black waters, still as glass, stretch to the horizon, to meet a cool, wet, starless, predawn sky. Equus rises wet and heavy. Blue black waters run down her soft grey heavily musk scented sides into a gently ebbing tide. Muscles surging, working with bone exalt in her own effort, launching her forward in a rocking rhythm of four. Hooves pound the sand, and slap the surface of dark water. Salt spray splashes up to nostrils flaring, heaving, filling lungs with bright scents, tasting faintly of fish & seaweed as they pass over her tongue. A wind on the night air blows, carrying with it the smell of the black rocks, of sand, and of summer. Her dark eyes reflect the dark vastness of the night. Awareness resonates. I am now. This moment in time, having no need to be followed by another. I am exquisitely aware of every breath that I take, and delightedly grateful for the life that I have been given. I am in no hurry to have it come to an end, but ask for no more time than that which I have already spent. I am not reckless, but am a bit impulsive. I do not want to spend my life chasing more life. I exalt in every nanosecond. I do not want to throw my life away. It is precious to me, but I do accept my own mortality. I have no memory of time before my current state of being, and no way to see what will come after, if anything. Death is not something far away that can be put off indefinitely by science. Death is a shadow, a constant companion who will at some point lead me to another state of being.


By Loreon Vigne Oh my Goddess!What a wonderful convocation we had from October 7th to the 10th. The Goddess we choose to focus on this year was the Goddess Heqet, the frog Goddess of birth and rebirth. She proved to be a rich and rewarding subject. As usual, we always start with a dance representing the Goddess we are dedicating the convocation to, Rev. Leema Kathleen Graham was the main dancer and choreographer to this stunning dance she worked out with her entourage of magical dancers. Lady Olivia than offered her wisdom with a guided meditation which is always magical and mindaltering. Thereafter is time of introducing each other. This was done by everyone telling a frog story. Each one was more precious than the next as somehow frogs bring out the humor and whimsy of all of us. This really broke the ice and we all got to know one another through this technique. Rev. Linda Iles spoke in the morning after breakfast and brought Heqet to life by telling the meaning of her hieroglyphics and her presence in religious festivals, art , and the spiritual consciousness of ancient Egypt. Ceslestine Starr was next to talk of ritual as magic, she is a powerful priestess who knows some secrets she was willing to share with all of us. The temple priestesses performed their noon ritual within her talk as they do every noon in the small shrine on the grounds of Isis Oasis. Then we had the pleasure of having Isadora Forrest, author of Isis Magic, giving her perspective on the magical aspects of the Goddess. She created a ritual around an altar table utilizing four groups, each representing the different phases of the moon. Rev. De Traci Regula, author of The Mysteries of Isis was next on the agenda. She spoke of the talisman that was worn in ancient Egypt utilizing the image of Heqet. We then all were given some Femo to fashion an amulet of our own while she told us a little known Greek myth of a Frog Priestess. Some terrific amulets emerged from our oven after that and we wore them to bring in renewal, joy, and abundance. Before dinner everyone went down to the pavilion to work with Rev. Jennifer Mantle who offered a Soul Collage shamanic workshop to access the inner wisdom of our animal totems. After dinner we all joined together at the pool where Rev. Mana Youngbear, and Rev. Annie Waters, created a water ballet that was exquisite. They were joined by others from the Temple of the Muse in Willits, a town not too far from Geyserville, who had put together a lovely altar at the pool to honor the Waters of the World.

A procession led everyone into the Grand Temple to witness a play by the Rev. Loreon Vigne called The Ogdoad and the Goddess Heqet. This was inspired by the Ancient Egyptian creation myth from Heliopolis and was both humorous and profound. The images projected on the stage were performed by Rev. Elizabeth Kelley. Rev. Zarita Zook performed the Goddess Heqet in her own special way. Then there was Dancing with the Goddess, with Heaven, Priestess of Sacred Dance. She taught how to embody the alchemical mystery teachings of the Goddess through breath, dance, sound and ceremony. At midnight we gathered for the Mysteries of the Blue Lotus Ceremony with Rev. Priestess Aryshta Dean, who created this special elixir. When Sunday came it was time for the Gnostic Mass with the Rev. Elizabeth Kelley and her Magdalene Priestesses which always leaves us with a sense of ecstatic joy. Thereafter we experienced Miguel Elliot who entertained us with his Mayan Healing Invocationwe got to sing along with him. This was followed by Rev. Jan Cercone who offered a sound healing with the aid of her students. We had a bit of time after lunch to get ready for the ordination of Priestesses and Priests. By now our number who attended were well over 100more than ever, and the ordainees were a whopping forty. The Temple is growing by leaps and bounds. Lady Olivia looked smashing in a silver and black smock as she ordained each candidate in their turn. In between, to allow her to rest, we had entertainment in the form of dances by Rev. Ravenmoon, Rev. Leema and newly ordained Rev. Heaven. 3 of the men working at Isis Oasis Sanctuary were ordained as well as some of the women, and altogether we had a larger number of men than ever before. I see this as a sign that men are waking up to the need to balance the God with the Goddess. After our evening feast we climbed the stairs to the Temple to view Dancing with Gaia, a wonderful film by Jo Carson who was also in attendance. It was a visual delight, with a fairylike quality. Jo addressed the audience after the show. Finally Rev. Motherbear gathered some of the participants to meet in the hot tub and perform a ritual for the awakening of the New Paradigm. To top this magnificent weekend, there was after breakfast, the Adoration of the Goddess Heqet. We were told to wear green and many had already done so all week. Those reciting the adoration wore white with green belts or scarves. Zarita had created a most astounding altar. Heqet was surrounded by white roses trimmed in green, and offerings were given to her by Rev. Ptahmassu who sang her praise in ancient Egyptian, which he has mastered. Who would have thought that the Goddess Heqet could receive so many accolades as was given to her at this holy adoration. After lunch, some stayed for a meeting with the Temple of Isis officers. It is here that we determine what Goddess to choose next year, 2012. Loreon came up with the Goddess Tauret. Many knew her not but felt that it was a great choice. She is the hippo Goddess of the Nile who is another birthing Goddess representing great opulence. It is time to think big!


After that all went home except a few stayed on. It is our habit to attend the Salvation Army Store we call the Salve, which is near us and is the mother of all Salvation Army Stores. As de Traci and I were looking through some boxes of toys I said would it not be nice to find a hippo. At that very moment she held up a hippo from the box she was looking through. Then I said would it not be nice if I could find a purple hippo, and right then and there a purple hippo appeared. By these synchronicities we knew we had made the proper choice. We look forward to another year and our new subject for the adoration.

BELIEVE By Lillian Morgan Evans On the longest night, When all is dark And snowy and cold, And ice crystals sparkle On bare branches, Deep in the Otherworld She sings The Lady of All Life dreams Of the returning Sun, Of the greening of Spring, And the blossoming of Summer. She cradles her harp, Her glowing fingers touch its strings That are the threads of life, Each note calling forth a pattern, A form, a color, a soul. And She sings, and plays the music That radiates and hums through the earth Prepare for the waxing light, lovely seeds. Dream of your renewal. When the time is right You shall rise and be reborn. Golden light surrounds Her, And all around Her, flowers spring up, Fresh and new ans filled with light, Trembling with the sounds As of dancing. The Ladys dream is manifest And certain. Deep in this Winters night, tis we who must remember And believe. Blessed Be.

Fellowship of Isis Convocation, hosted by Temple of Isis, Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California Friday evening, October 7 - Monday afternoon, October 10 Dedicated to the Goddess Heqet A Report by Most Rev. Linda Iles, Prs. H., ArchDrs. GDC This was a record year for attendance. Loreon actually didnt have enough room to accommodate everyone. Some stayed at local motels and bed and breakfast establishments, one group at a local timeshare. But everyone, no matter where they stayed to sleep, was assembled for the activities each day. It was a wonderful sight seeing all the cars lined up on the grounds! The weather was perfect this year. Even the light rain experienced on Monday was perfect for the Adoration of Heqet - water is her sacred element. The events run like clockwork. We do have some regularly scheduled events that have taken place for years - Leemas sacred dance where she channels the Goddess honored that particular year, Olivias guided visualization all take place on Friday evenings. Saturday begins with my talk on the Goddess, which serves as a basic introduction, but goes beyond that into the deeper mysteries. deTraci gives a presentation which includes making an amulet for the Goddess, this year we made our own amulets of Heqet. There was the wonderful play on Saturday night, written by Loreon Vigne. And in between these regular offerings, there was a beautiful ritual facilitated by Celestine Starr and another by Isidora Forrest. Sundays include the beautiful Gnostic Mass conducted by Elizabeth Kelley and the ordinations and consecrations on Sunday afternoon facilitated by Olivia, the Adoration of Heqet on Monday by Zarita and the Temple of Isis Board Meeting, open to all who wish to attend in the afternoon. I could sit here and write a brief report on every single presentation of the Convocation, but instead, I want to share with you what it feels like to attend this event. Each year, attending brings challenges. The process of travel, going through security and the waits at the airport, and how to pack all I think I need (but really dont) into a carry-on suitcase. The arrangements made at home before I leave, making sure my husband has everything he needs to feed and medicate our geriatric cat. Making sure I havent forgotten anything, including a copy of my notes for the talk and the hand-outs. Once I arrive at Isis Oasis, it feels like Ive come home. The purple obelisk that marks the driveway onto the grounds off of Geyserville Avenue is always a welcome sight. After attending this event every year since 1997, there are layers and layers of memories attached to those grounds - making new friends, seeing old ones, performing ritual together with some friends I normally dont see except once a year, sharing meals and good conversations. The late night conversations in particular are such a joy. These can take place in the dining pavilion, the theater/temple, the conference room in the lodge, the swimming pool, hot tub or even in the Nesu House. We come from all across the USA and from Europe to gather together for one magical weekend. Our joy at seeing each other is real, the energy is very high. I love the ambiance of the Isis Chapel, where devotions to Isis have been held daily for the past twenty five years. There is no other word to describe it except profound. Besides daily devotions, it has been the scene of consecrations, blessings and healing work. There is the Great Tree, where ordinations were held for so long, a tree that has a living presence that exudes peace and strength. There is the dining pavilion where we meet for meals three times a day, situated inside it or just outside is a display of items

brought to Isis Oasis by Helen McCrea, of the Egypt Collection. She personally hand picks during her trips to Egypt. Many of us, including Olivia, have a collection now of her beautiful dresses, which we wear during presentations and ritual. Many of us have statues she has brought from Egypt on our altars at home. Annie Waters also brings beautiful dresses and silk Isis robes, attendees will bring their art and books which are displayed for sale near the entry way. Loreon Vigne is our hostess for these events. She has my total admiration and respect. Loreon is a priestess of integrity, she is a fine artist and a fine human being. She has taught us all to see the world with delight. She loves nature, all creatures and she loves to bring beauty into the world. Isis Oasis has been a kind of living art project of hers since she bought the property in 1978. It shows - there are magical touches everywhere. Her enamel work graces many areas, along with stained glass panels she has created. The rooms and houses are filled with antiques she has collected over the years, and statues and tapestries from Egypt and ancient Egyptian themed collectibles. There isnt another place like Isis Oasis anywhere. She will occasionally sing a song shes written for the Goddess, or a special birthday song - Warren Zook is fortunate to have his birthday fall during Convocation each year. Her plays are a featured event every Saturday night during Convocation. Loreon manifests joy and beauty which has touched the hearts of a many people. Besides all of these treasured moments, there is the time we all get to spend with Olivia Robertson. She is a joy, and she is remarkable. I have so many memories of her that I shall always treasure. Not only the spiritual things, but the mundane things we have shared at the Nesu House. Every morning I get up early while it is still dark, to light the gas fireplace that serves to heat the den in the Nesu House where we gather each morning with Olivia before Convocation starts. This job came naturally as I am an early riser. Next I start heating water for tea, and usually start the coffee. Olivia is also up early, and she is always ready for her day. She is happy, bright and cheerful from the moment she opens her bedroom door. As she sips her morning tea and has a light breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, she delights us all with stories and engages us in conversation. She has given us lessons on how to read tea leaves. She has performed impromptu ritual and we have conducted healings in those early morning sessions. But mostly, weve been able to share good conversations, enjoying a true Fellowship. Olivia says our time shared at the Nesu House feels like family. I am reminded of what she wrote in the first edition of the Fellowship of Isis Handbook about Iseums: A solitary member sitting in a bed-sitting room or in a public park, may attain the beauty of communion with the Goddess. However, most members enjoy working with an Iseum. An Iseum is a Hearth of the Goddess around which the members draw strength, love and inspiration from one they accept as Mother. They are a family. And there we all are, assembled as the unofficial but very real and functioning Iseum of the Nesu House for those few days each year. Our group at the Nesu House is limited in number - not because of any desire for exclusivity - but due to space constraints and due to the early hours. When most people are still asleep in their beds in other places on the grounds, our work for the Goddess has already begun. Later in the day I see Olivia, participating in events, enjoying conversations with other attendees in the dining pavilion at the place she normally occupies at the same table for every meal each year. People are drawn to her. She says it is the Isis Current. And I believe that sums up the whole event every year, the magical beautiful energy we all experience is the Isis Current. I would like to close this report with a transcript of the guided visualization that Olivia brought through for us this year. During the sacred dance of Heqet by Leema Kathleen Graham, some of the priestesses and priests that worked with her had opened portals through the use of

crystal bowls. Leema remarked later that Olivia had sensed this and included use of the portals in the visualization. Transcript Be still and calm, as we embark on our trance journey. I want you to know this doesnt come from me. Im empty so the Goddess comes through. Im empty that is the way to do it. Now, I call upon Isis She comes I see Her. Holy Goddess Isis of the Aquarian New Aeon, You come to us because the veil is like the diaphanous veil of Atlantis-Avalon. Now we enter a wonderful realm, halfway between - the astral world where we all go when we sleep. As we enter into this realm we begin to feel, to experience a silvery glow. It is like rainwater descending from heaven right into your body. We are asked now to form the new pattern, to attune to the energies of the galactic tunnel, the huge black hole which is the heart of the galaxy. It is zero, it is darkness, it is the Great Mother. Continue to feel this light water as it takes care of all your ills and washes them away. Worry over money, love, you have been abused, you are the abuser, wounded souls are here, you can help, it is simply not real. Evil does not exist. We are all living in a hologram - we create this and learn then to find the real world. In silence let the water cleanse your heart and mind. Omm, omm. Amun Amun Amun. We feel directly, a sound, a divine sound. The sound is clear, like water. The message is prepare for the great psychic changes. This is the time when we must reach the highest place within ourselves ... The holy chamber of the true inner Sun ... the True Place of Inner Wisdom. Once more we ascend. We ascend to the realm of Hathor, Goddess of love. We find here the psychic center of love. Love is the heart beat of the universe. You are love. Each of us is born of the Divine Mother. Ator, Ator Ator. Now we feel a particular gleam in our heart. We feel divine guidance as to how we may help. Silently say the name of someone you know, who may need healing. Angelic beings help Hathor. Feel this healing for yourselves, now that you have given it to someone else, you can ask it for yourselves. We need to rise higher enfolded in the Wings of Isis. All beings are eternal. Call out the sacred name of Aset. Aset, Aset Aset. Her name brings power. As we feel this power coming down from above, at last we find our own true spiritual guide. We find why we are here on earth and what we are to do during the Great Awakening that is coming to earth. If anyone has a message by all means give it, whether from God or Angel. October 28 [2011]. Within ourselves, and in the Stars, we can contact higher beings on that day. See their dazzling white light. You are given now an emblem, use it when you pray, and ask as you sleep for guidance from your spirit guide, as you enter the spiritual realm - it may be a flower, a leaf, a stone, it is a symbol which will give you a key to heaven and to higher consciousness. This time is a special time before the Galactic Alignment. Now we return, back to our bodies, from the realm of Isis to the realm of Hathor of love, down, down we become aware of our bodies once more and our surroundings. [a period silence follows] We have returned. And now we give thanks to the Goddess. Blessings of Isis to you all! May the Isis Current live within you!

by Lady AMber Dawn Blood of MY blood! Thirst among my tears! Hear ME, Queen of Egypt!! Hear ME!! Tell me of your wonders!! Bride,queen,princess Breath of the Nile Hear ME softly.......Queen of Egypt Hear ME, Lady of the Nile Blood of MY Moon Sacred kiss among MY tears See me, Queen of Egypt See me with my eyes!!! Lady of glory Bride,queen, princess Glory of the Nile See ME through MY tears!! See ME softly Queen of Egypt See ME, Lady of the Nile Blood of MY dance Victory among MY tears!! Touch ME Listen to MY wonders Isis, Lady of the silver rays!!! Touch ME Great Queen You are my mother You are my father Bride, queen, princess Touch MY soul Divine light!!! Mighty love forever Oh Isis, Oh Isis,Oh Isis Hear, See, Touch Love ME Love ME "For as we receive THEE into our hearts, we ask that you that you never leave US!! In times of trials and of joy, and even unto death!!!"


Lady Olivia Robertson In Salt Lake City

I am delighted at the brilliant originality and cheerfulness that inaugurated the first Isis Fest--The participants were so young and energetic gave such hope as we prepare for 2012! The founder Kasey was a splendid Theseus in the Labyrinth Mystery in the FOI Liturgy, with deTraci Regula as a magnificent Ariadne. All participants enjoyed the talks, workshops, and the drama, so I hope return with deTraci in 2012! I find that we were surrounded by Mountains, the Wasatchone was Mt. Olympus, and above a vortex. Through a psychic contact I discovered the Goddess Uta Kale Ha of the Uti Tribe through her priestess. -- Lady Olivia Robertson, 10/15/11 I was so pleased to be part of the inaugurated Isis Fest with Kasey Conders group in Utah. I never expected such a richly diverse spiritual community in a place of dazzling natural beauty. Utah was compelling and different from what I had expected, all in good and surprising ways. I look forward to returning and exploring more of this beautiful place. We made good friends among the attendees who joyfully and wholeheartedly participated in the rites, workshops, and sacred drama. I am confident that next years festival will be even more enchanting. --deTraci Regula, 10/15/11

Goddess Festival 2011 By Deena Hartray Butta Our members begin planning each Goddess Festival as soon as the previous one ends. It is a process involving meditation, contemplation, synchronicity, dreams, visions, and other communications from the goddess. We began a process years ago of preparation for entry into a new world that is coming (in one way or another) in 2012 or at some other time. This new world is in the place where the Arcadias arethat is, wherever we are when we dwell in the heart and creative joy of the Goddess. This land may not be apparent to others. Whether 2012 brings catastrophe, or nothing different at allwe still want to dwell in The New World. And whether we make the journey there inwardly or outwardly, we still want to be in a condition of dwelling in the heart of the Goddess!

We create whatever world we dwell in; so we considered which FOI ritual would most invoke the force of creativity. Joan Forest Mage had experienced an exceptionally meaningful encounter with Pegasus as spirit guideand so we felt we should continue following him! This years main ritual was The Winged Pegasus. The main themes of the rite involve elemental Water and Air, and deities of the Sea. This was our 18th annual Chicago Goddess Festival of the Fellowship of Isis, sponsored by members and friends of the Iseum of Eleusis and the Lyceum of Alexandria. It is open to everyone, FOI members and non-members alike. Of all the Goddess Festivals on which we have collaborated over the years, this one was by far the best, in terms of the exceptional quality of presentations that came our way, the way the program balanced out nicely, the amazing flow of artistic creative inspiration, and the ease with which it all came together in a way that would not logically have seemed possible. Perhaps it was the guidance and presence of Pegasus and the Muses, whom we had invoked and communed with for months. Perhaps it was an unconscious mastery of the lessons and Water and Air. Perhaps it was the configuration of stars and planets in our composite charts. Perhaps it was special blessings that followed me home from Clonegal. Whatever the cause, the result was a blessing and a gift serene enjoyment of a very special experience, replete with imaginative inspirations and solutions that unfolded blossom-like in our minds. For this shared experience, I want to offer thanks from the bottom of my heart to the people who worked on the festivalespecially those who participated in the liturgy and the liturgical dance and who made many sacrifices of time and energy in many rehearsals: the Oracle that came through Lady Olivia Robertson.the Lector for the written oracle from The Winged Pegasus, Gayle Mack.priests and priesessses in The Winged Pegasus rite, Raymond Butta, Joan Forest Mage, Richard Spendio, Demetria Nanos, Kiel Ankh-Nem-Ti-Raour Voyager, Bea Westrateour Liturgical Dancers Deena Butta, Joan Forest Mage, Colin Costa (a HUGE thank you!! to Colin, what a TALENTED young man who stepped in at the 11th hour and danced magnificently), Kiel Ankh-Nem-Ti-Ra. Choreography was by Deena Butta, with assistance from Joan Forest Mage. I offer another HUGE thank you to Joan not just for her physical efforts and resourcesbut for encouraging me to persevere in incorporating a dance element I received in a vision involving lines of creative force radiating from Pegasus who became embodied in the dancers. The lines of energy were symbolized artistically in the form of free reins. Horse and companion alternately transformed into each other, and at one point the reins were transformed (cats-cradle-like) into wings. A truly amazing aspect of this choreography is how it seemed to compose itself, without a lot of help from me, and with minimal help from the others. This demonstrated what happens when you mount Pegasus with humility and receptivity. He helps you ascend. He offers liberation to your creative spirit. One of the themes of this ritual, we learned, is freedom. The unconscious message here was to allow the imagination, guided by Pegasus, the Muses, and my own heart, to have free rein. Thank you Joan! thank you Pegasus! this was so healing and so liberating. I had already followed the guidance of my heart in activating artistic abilities which languish dormant most of the time. Each goddess festival is an opportunity to translate one of Lady Olivia Robertsons liturgies into costume, music, action, and color. This year my inner guidance told me I absolutely MUST hand paint silk stoles for the priesthood in the liturgy, along with some additional scarves. On the cover of this issue you will see one of the scarves, which shows Pegasus striking Mount Helicon with his hoof to bring forth the water of life and creativity while a Muse looks on, and a star illuminates the scene. Pegasus, you were my dearest invisible companion when I was a child, and I abandoned you when I thought I had to grow up. I did not grow up; losing you in fact delayed my growing up because I lost

part of myselfthe same part that the arrogant hero Bellerophon lost when you shook him from your divine back. Just as people relate to animals in a less complicated way and perhaps on different psychic levels than they interact with humans, interacting with a divine animal like Pegasus creates a deep and resounding effect on multiple inner levels of consciousness. Where would human culture be without animals? without animal spirit guides? Many humans are too arrogant to acknowledge our tremendous debt. Where would our souls be without divine beings in animal form? Think hard on this lesson. We, too, are animals, and our DNA serves what is divine within us. It does not make us great or special. Quite the contrary. Other lessons of Pegasus, along with freedom, are humility and gratitude. Thank you for coming back to me, Pegasus! This, too, was so healing and so liberating. So many people made long journeys to celebrate with us. Lady Olivia traveled the farthest. The Eleusinian Goddess Festival would not exist without her! Dear and beautiful FOI priestesses also made long journeys. It was wonderful fun and a tremendous blessing to be with Angela Alsira of Michigan, Normandi Ellis of Kentucky, Carole Linda Gonzalez of New York City, Lady Haight-Ashton of Pennsylvania, Gayle Mack of Georgia, Amy Auset Rohn of Indiana, Tamara Siuda of Peoria IL, Corinne Wessel of Pennsylvaniaand also priest Richard Spendio! Thank you especially to Pegasus and the deities invoked in this rite, we truly felt your touch and your guidance throughout! Our day began at 9:30 in the morning with a procession, clearing ceremony, quarter invocations, introductions, and blessings by FOI priesthood and assembly. By 10:00 a.m. we were in our circle of reconnection, getting orientated to this year's liturgy: Highlights of The Winged Pegasus, such as themes, archetypes, symbols, deities, mythology, synchronous events, astrology, astronomy, and anything else related to this rite on any level was discussed. Insights were shared, and background communicated to all assembled as preparation for getting the most out of the rite. Some instructions were also provided for interactive parts of the liturgy celebration, where participation by the congregation was called for. Carole Linda Gonzalez of Grove Argentum, NYC presented Make a Sacred Sound, an experiential workshop in which the audience chanted the Gayatri Mantra. (See Caroles essay in this issue.) The act of chanting, and its vibrations, helped us to inwardly consolidate what we had absorbed from the preceding discussion. We enjoyed an amazing workshop, Writing the Isis Aretalogy by Normandi Ellis. Under her close guidance, Normandis students worked quietly and industriously composing their aretalogies according to the inspirational framework for their manifestation. There was a peaceful hum of golden energy in the room during this process. These incredible original aretalogies burst into being beautifully and amazingly. Hearing them read by the authors was a powerful and moving experience. An interactive mystery play, Dana's Pantheon, was another highlight of the day, led by Lady Olivia Robertson with the help of volunteers from the audience who allowed various deities to have a little fun with them. Lady Haight-Ashton and Richard Spendio presented Dancing With the Goddess and Singing With the Muses. Lady Haight-Ashton is a beautiful dancer. Everyone was most impressed with her lovely ethereal chiffon Isadora Duncan style dance robes. Lady Haight taught us some sacred dance movements that provided a structure and vocabulary to express communion with the goddess in dance form, while Richard Spendio provided harp accompaniment. Lady Haight says: "Dance is ritual whenever and wherever it is performed and experienced. During this workshop, participants will experience the Goddess in her many facets, explore ancient dance styles from the temple priestesses, sacred festivals, and the processional dances of medieval times and help create a chant to be sung while dancing. We will be accompanied by music played on Lyre, Harp and Percussion. Guided by the Muses we will explore our ancient past and bring forth the myriad emotions that help inspire sacred dance and music today." We

were greatly blessed with Richards harp music, played on a variety of harps, at various points throughout the day, notably during Lady Olivias mystery play, and the main liturgy. Visitors enjoyed shopping for handmade jewelry and other items. The silent auction is always fun, and this year there was a special raffle of a Pegasus statue beautifully carved from wood, donated by Demetria Nanos. The statue had stood on the altar all day absorbing some great energy. The music used for the liturgical dance preceding the main liturgy is a piece named Symbiosis from the album Cavalia by Michael Cusson. Music used during meditations in the three realms of The Winged Pegasus was from the album Music From the Pleaides by Gerald Jay Markoe. I had input from an unexpected source for the music for the the spiral dance that concludes every celebration of the main goddess festival liturgy. My son Philip introduced me to the track Isis from the album IS IS by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and I immediately recognized it as the right music for the spiral dance that concludes every celebration of the main liturgy at every Eleeusinian Goddess festival. Here are some of the (somewhat repetitious) words, which (unbeknownst to Philip) expressed ideas in the ritual: All my loves are hidden in pieces All my loves are within a wild night If they are still up high we'll throw them to the seaIf they are still on high we'll throw them to the seaWatch the murder of the wilds To the music of the deep Wild night, wild nightIf they are still up high we'll throw them to the sea If they are still on high we'll throw them to the seawatch the murder of the wilds to the music of the deep wild night, wild night within a wild night It was loud, heavy, dark but extremely danceable, with a vaguely Middle Eastern rhythm at the right tempo. (thanks to This festival took place at Life Force Arts Centers Lincoln Ave. Chicago location, which was a beautiful venue. This, too, was the culmination of perfection. LFAC will be moving to new more conservative quarters for a while. We are more grateful than can possibly be expressed for the opportunity to celebrate this particular ritual in this particular venue. We visited LFAC one final time, to celebrate Samhain with Lady Olivia Robertson at which the FOI ritual Communiion With the World of Spirits was enacted. The Lyceum of Alexandria was the scene for various joyous occasions. A major highlight was the ordination of Tamara Siuda, long-time FOI member and founder of The House of Netjer. There was also an enjoyable Halloween dinner with Lady Olivia, at which spooky stories and poems were read, and jack-o-lanterns were carved to watch over our garden. As you can tell this years Fellowship of Isis Eleusinian Goddess Festival was an awesome experience. Goddess willing, may we all be together again next yearand may you be able join us!


A Look At the Gayatri Mantra As Participatory Sound Meditation in the Manner of the Ancient Practice of Mantra Yoga
By Carole Linda Gonzalez, ArchD. Grove Argentum in New York City I was honored to participate in this years Fellowship of Isis festival in Chicago on October 1, 2011. Grove Argentum is a Druid Clan of Dana Grove based in New York City. We are made up of folks from all walks of life. In the past century, Celtic ideas have become popular through the revival of Neo-Pagan ideas. We are inspired by the beauty of these ideas. We had the honor of having as friend to Grove Argentum, Celtic scholar and linguist, Alexei Kondratiev, author of The Apple Branch, a commentary on ritual based on Celtic folklore. From our friend, we learned the role of the bard is to listen, learn, speak and sing of spiritual realms, that of the ovate is to see them, and that of the Druid is to help us experience the spirit of nature and the divine. In keeping with the universal ideals of the Fellowship of Isis of which we are part, Grove Argentum extends these roles to the world. In that spirit, we often work with spiritual practices from other traditions that complement our practice. My presentation at this years festival came from the ancient practice of Mantra Yoga. The recitation of the Gayatri Mantra (also known as the Savitri Mantra) has been practiced for thousands of years. The Gayatri is one of Hinduisms most sacred mantras. It comes from a hymn of the Rigveda (3.62.10), the oldest of the Hindu Scriptures and has been continuously chanted for generations. The premise of mantra yoga is that chanting mantra affects consciousness. Chanting this mantra is said to give wisdom and aid in overcoming hardships and obstacles. The number of recitations used is considered important. There are certain cycles considered sacred, but we used One Hundred and Eight (108) recitations because it considered the most effective to use. There is no specific melody associated with it. The chant can be sung or simply recited. For those with internet access, a search on YouTube will uncover it in various forms. It isnt a performance piece. It is meant as an experience that affects one in various ways. In times past, it was recited morning, noon and night. It is recited solo or in group practice as we did at the Goddess Festival. Here follows the text of the mantra with simple transliteration (Transliteration markings have been omitted.) and a translation.

[Om bhur bhuvah svaha]* Bhargo devasya dhimahi Tat savitur varenyam

Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat


We meditate on the sacred light of the effulgent source. Let that inspire our thoughts.

[Om Earth, Air, Heavens]*

(Translation from Vyas Houston, American Sanskrit Institute)

*Traditional Recitation is always begun with om () and the formula bhur bhuvah svah, known as the (great utterance.

The Isis AretalogyWorkshop By Amy Auset Rohn Having the opportunity to attend the Isis Aretalogy workshop presented by Normandi Ellis at this years FOI Goddess Festival was one of the highlights of my year. Normandi speaks, reads, and teaches and her students become accomplished weavers of words on the white loom of a blank page. She inspires the heart and mind and brings out the gift of writing in a way that is soft and gentlethe magic being created under her tutelage is not fully realized until you stop and take a look at what you have created. As she presented the magic formula for composing the Isis Aretalogy, which she describes as a hagiographic poem that extols the virtues of Isis, lists her sacred attributes, and recounts her stories through a first-person narrative, the room of twenty-plus apprentices fumbled with pen and paper and pulled words out of a large mysterious cauldron to formulate a sacred, unique and personal spell which would illuminate that spark of the Divine wishing to be expressed and released from the vessel that lies hidden deep within the heart. Many felt as if their fingers were clumsy with their writing and their words too jumbled to make sense but as each one read their Aretalogy aloud, the music of the voices, the power of the words, and the texture of the writings changed the space inside the quaint art center in Chicago into the expansive halls of a great temple in Egypt Herself and all were transported to a place and time where it is understood that we are all Divine Beings housed in this body of flesh and bone, sustained by air and food, supported by

the earth and each other, moved by the sacred waters of blood and sweat, and driven by the small embers of the fire that fuels our passions. The workshop brought new life to the writers sequestered away in the dark recesses of our busy lives and the sweet scent of inspiration returns to the light breeze againbreathe it in! Here is my Isis Aretalogy composed at the workshop:

I am Isis, Mistress of the Waves, the Keeper of the Soil and Grain. I am the Ruler of the Throne, Queen of the Night, and Giver of Life. I bestow upon my children soft kisses. I assist Ra in the Underworld. Behold my beautiful countenance how it is reflected on the face of Ra as he rises in the east. I am Isis and I command the barking dogs to howl my name, the green of the grass to shine luminescent and the waves of the sea to roll and foam. The silken robes sashay through the temple halls where songs of praise are sung. The stiff sistrum is shaken and the billowing wings of the Ibis beat a rhythm upon the air all to honor my name. I am the Eternal Funky Goddess of the dance, music, and celebrations. Say my name, Isis, Isis, Isis! Blessed are the mothers, blessed are the fathers; blessed are the children. May my blessings be on the unseen whistle of the wind, the everyday goddess in the kitchen, and the sustaining grain of the fields.

42 Meet FOI Priestess Tamara Siuda

Tamara was ordained by Lady Olivia Robertson on October 29, 2011. She modified the FOI Rite of Ordination to invoke her matron and assisting goddesses. Isis (with Horus) was invoked in the east; Neith (with Osiris) in the west; and Lada-Matushka (with Svarog) in the north. Tamara was ordained in the name of Isis Stella Maris. She selected readings consisting of letters from Emperor Julian of Rome to the priestess Theodora and to a priest of the Olympian religion, emphasizing the importance of active temple worship of the deities, awareness of their conscious attention, and above all philanthropy. There was also a reading of the dedication of Lucius Apuleius to the service of the goddess, which brought about intense experiences of the underworld and the celestial realms along with the worlds of the elements. He experienced many of the gods, and saw the sun shine at midnight. Tamara has, over the years, made numerous offerings of wisdom, compassion, and beauty to her matron and helping goddesses; and on October 29, at her FOI ordination, where her offerings were formally recognized and acknowledged, she presented the following scroll of her many qualifications and gifts to the goddess: Tamara Lynn Siuda Matron: Isis Stella Maris [Isis Star of the Sea) of Rome First Helper: Neith [Nit of the Primeval Waters) of Egypt Second Helper: LadaMatryushka (Mother Lada) of Russia Third Helper: La Sirne (The Mermaid) of Haiti Gifts of Wisdom - a master's degree in Egyptology, University of Chicago, 2000 - a second master's degree in Coptic Studies, Macquarie University, 2008 - doctoral work in Egyptology, via Gottingen University, to be completed 2014 - assistance with the Grand Egyptian Museum Database project in Cairo, training new registrars and helping to create a computer database of the Egyptian collections - member of the Egyptologists Electronic Forum Board of Directors hosted by Yale University - work with the Oriental Institute Museum, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago Chinatown Museum, Honolulu Museum of Art, Indianapolis Museum of Art, several Chicago metaphysical stores, and College of DuPage, to train docents, catalogue and preserve artifacts, or teach about ancient Egypt - dozens of live and Internet lectures and a History Channel (television) appearance to discuss ancient Egyptian religion and Coptic Christianity - Reiki Master-Teacher certification in 2004 - two initiations as priestess of Haitian Vodou, in Haiti in ]uly 2001 and January Z006, respectively - lectures and presentations of Haitian Vodou ritual and theology in interfaith conferences Gifts of Compassion - delegate to the 1993, 1999, and 2004 Parliaments of World Religions - Assembly of Religious Leaders delegate at the 2004 Parliament of World Religions, assigned to the International Debt panel to represent Haiti's poor - ten years of instructing senior citizens in how to read and translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs - five years of assistance with the America Online religious forums, to educate and share interfaith values with 225 employees and thousands of users - teaching and serving as founder and spiritual leader of the Kemetic Orthodox religion and the House Of Netjer Kemetic Orthodox temple since 1989, serving more than 1,200 members and students

in more than 30 countries since its opening - mother to 50 children/students in Sosyete Fos Fe Yo We, a house of Haitian Vodou serving the ancient spirits of Africa alongside Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Our Lady of Sorrows - founder of the Udjat Foundation for Children Gifts of Beauty - seven published books on ancient Egypt and ancient Egyptian religion - seven published academic articles on ancient Egyptian religion - contributing to a book about the spiritual response to the September 11 attacks - a book about Haitian Vodou to be released in February 2012 - many websites, articles, and other Internet writings about ancient Egyptian religion, Haitian Vodou, and interfaith subjects based on a Ramesside papyrus reinterpreted by Rev. Tamara L. Siuda We wish blessings and congratulations to Rev. Tamara Siuda. May she experience joy and fulfillment on her FOI journey!


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Granny Knows Best by David de Roeck

As the icy bite of winter is snapping at our heels the comfort of double duvets, electric blankets and fleecy pjs trick us into a warm safe slumber. Until our ear are shattered by buzzers and bells of untimely alarm clocks, summoned to war like battle weary troops shell shocked from too little sleep. Thats when the brain says move and the body shouts no, with aches and pains in places that you never before thought possible. The only desire one has is to launch the alarm clock in to outer space as you pull the duvet up over your ears and sink into that fluffy cotton candy who gives a dam sleep. This is modern living the mortgage, the insurance the car the fuel bill, the fees, the fees and more fee your get up and go has got up and gone. Thats when my grannys words always seem to echo in the recesses of my brain a few tips on keeping ahead of the bugs that chase one and all at the festive time of year and beyond. If you are like me, and love to wallow in hot bubble bathes then this one is for you. Take one clean muslin bag or a white sock and place into it two handfuls of fresh rosemary one soup spoon of cracked black pepper corns the peel of one orange and one lemon and finally one vanilla pod with all the ingredients inside the bag/ sock tie the top in a knot. When drawing a nice hot bath through the bag/sock in like a tea bag you add your favourite bubble bath if you wish but its not essential. The herbal bag/sock will give a nice relaxing aroma plus energise and condition the skin the rosemary works on mussels and joints colds and flu, as dose the black pepper, the orange, lemon and vanilla work on conditioning the skin and energising the mind the whole combo helps de-stress and pamper the largest organ of the human body the skin which all to often we neglect. You can float around like dumpling in a

soup of Herby sweet Yule Tide-ness. Remember when you drain the bath you can wring excess water out and hang the bag/sock and its contents from the shower hook to dry and use it again it lasts about seven to ten days before you need to change the contents. The next one was for those who suffer from earache neck and throat infections or pain take the other white sock and half fill with table salt. Tie the top, secure with an elastic band, and warm the whole thing in a microwave for three to four minutes. Then place on your pillow for earache and lay your head on the warm sock. Neck and throat place the sock like a scarf or sausage around the throat area. This helps warm and sooth but also the gentle fumes given off by the warm salt has a therapeutic effect on these areas. Those who suffer with cold feet can make a quick mix of talcum powder and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in an eggcup mix the two well and sprinkle on your feet to get a lovely warming sensation. To refresh tied feet in a bowl hot water add four bay leaves two sprigs of lavender two soup spoons of rock salt a bunch of thyme and one soup spoon of olive oil then soak feet and drift until relaxed and ready to get on with altering the course of world.

A very good thing for gently inducing sleep is to have a small pot of lawn chamomile place it on your bedroom windowsill and water occasionally the faint aroma you can barely smell yet it relaxes and induces a peaceful night. Alternatively if one wants the sleep of the dead then essential eucalyptus oil two drops on the souls of your feet and massage in about 15 to 20 minutes before bed and into the arms of Morpheus you ascend. I have hope you all have a giggle experimenting with the above because it was my Grandmother who told me! posted in Fellowship of Isis Central Site and News.

Contemplating the Manifesto of the fellowship of Isis Question 10 By Deena Butta

Consider the first 2 sentences of the FOI Manifesto. -- Do you identify with these words? -- Do you agree or disagree with them? Are they true? -- describe some ways in which this

phenomenon can apply to your life in a variety of ways...such as through spirituality, theology, philosophy, culture, etc.. Use concrete examples as illustrations. These are the 2 sentences under consideration: Growing numbers of people are rediscovering their love for the Goddess. and At first this love may seem to be no more than an inner feeling. These sentences describe the subtlety of the dawning awareness of the presence of something previously unsuspected, something below the level of consciousness. When it became clear that many people worldwide were becoming aware of a longing for some way to reach out to The Feminine Divine, it was time for the Fellowship of Isis to be born. The FOI Founders took an inchoate longing for something that had been there all along, unacknowledged, and gave it concrete form. They made it explicit and manifest, bringing it into full consciousness. They gave it a name. They called it ISIS. The Fellowship of Isis is dedicated to honoring the religion of The Feminine DivineThe Goddess in Her many forms. The Goddess is seen as Deity, the Divine Mother of all beings. As Lady Olivia has said, Isis is God in female form. These two sentences also each use the word LOVE. We are like the newborn who has not even begun to explore its world or understand it has a mother. Yet it has loved its mother from before it existed. It has come from love, it is made of love, and its existence is a journey into ever greater love. We are that infant, in the arms of Isis. Our longing has been given a name. This love often takes the form of a longing to help the Goddess actively in the manifestation of Her divine plan. The Goddess is present, in one way or another, in every religion in the world. In some of the worlds religions, She is a central deity, and as such is honored and acknowledged. Some examples are the religions of Kali or Lakshmi in the Hindu faith. Unfortunately, in many other religions and spiritual paths, Her presence has been unacknowledged, undiscovered, ignored, or even suppressed. For example, in the Catholic religion, Mary the Blessed Mother is honored but not worshipped, as she is not acknowledged as a deity. Yet every religion of the world has a female side. In the Muslim faith, Fatima the daughter of Muhammad provides a female dimension. But in general, the presence of The Divine Feminine is most often implicit rather than explicit, and is not highly honored. For example, the Buddhists sit upon Mother Earth when they meditate; but they do not always remember to acknowledge or thank her. Once they become aware of this, they realize the presence of the feminine divine is everywhere. The purpose of the Fellowship of Isis is to rediscover, honor, and acknowledge Her wherever She may be found. FOI members practice this form of service to The Goddess on a daily basis. It is our mission to rediscover the feminine divine in all the religions and spiritual paths of the world, and to restore it to its rightful place of balance and equality.
2005 Lyceum of Eleusis Rev.6/10/05


This article was written for Mirror of Isis, but Olivia would like it to be available to everyone, so I am sending it on to you as wellThe illustration with the caption "Orders from Atlantis" was first published in the novel "The Golden Eye" written and illustrated by Olivia Robertson, published in 1949 by Peter Davies Ltd., in Kingswood, Surrey, UK.. -- Minette Quick HOW TO ESCAPE CONTROL. There is a quick solution. Do not control your Others! by Olivia Robertson We live in a world where we are ordered and instructed by experts on every conceivable subject, scientific, psychological and spiritual, who presume to advise on every detail throughout our lives, for our own good. Medical notices can even be seen hung at the head of patients beds for professional use with lettered codes to disguise their true meaning which affect life itself, such as UVO (Useful for Vital Organs), or DNR, which one husband, who dearly loved his wife, could only interpret as meaning Do Not Resuscitate. But I had not realised I had fallen into this trap of Pejoratives, until my brother pointed out that I was writing about psychic experiences in the role of Teacher, the reader being but my Student. So I learnt to say Let us sit and meditate rather than: Sit and meditate as an order I started to give trance journeys on equal terms with the sitters. We find ourselves in an Egyptian Temple. Im there too! It is really very simple. Put in no let us put in We rather than You. We do not assume a superior position or knowledge. The harvest is miraculous! I discovered why some books infuriate me. My unconscious mind would find myself uttering a stream of negative comment. The writer would pontificate: Remove all negativity from your mind. No, I shant. Feel love for all your so-called enemies. No, I wont. Rubbish. You are feeling healthier, more spiritual. No, I dont. I was healthy and spiritual. Now Im cross. Change the way you eat, think, sleep, live. No, I shant, I wont. SHUT UP! Of course I do not in any way wish to influence a single reader to follow anything I suggest. Im probably wrong in my advice. My diet once weakened me I can annoy people quite a lot. I make about one mistake a day. Oh yes. Discovery! I believe I know now why we have The Devil. This is our own reaction against being preached at. I hope this will make someone laugh! Laughing makes me happy. But of course in no way do I recommend my way to others. I live in Arcadia, dream land. We dreamers paint, write, create. But hopefully we dont push at others to join us. Not usually.


King Memorial March and Dedication By Lady AMber Dawn A man that "stirred our conscience", (said by President Barrack Obama, Sunday morning, October 16, 2011) was memorialized and revered this past weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) in Washington, D.C. Following family traditions: I eagerly marched on Saturday afternoon with my partner, David Motheral. My father who died September 28, 1993 marched with Martin Luther King in 1963. I have also marched in 1993 (months before my father's death), in 2003, in 2010 and this past weekend! The original King memorial march and dedication was scheduled back in August 28, 2011. However, the March was highly postponed due to much havoc by Hurricane Irene! The August march was cited to draw up to 200, 000 people according to the Associated Press in August 2011. This event this time was mentioned to have 60, 000 people according to the International News but with Occupy D.C. and D.C. Statehood reform movement both marching on Saturday afternoon, I am sure there were many, many, many people present on both days... This March featured copies of "I AM A MAN"!! posters copied indirectly from the 1963 March. David took a few pictures of me holding up that sign with a Occupy D.C. supporter, holding his own signs. My two highlights of the March for me was almost running into Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Dexter and Martin Luther King, III marching at the Memorial, (I was almost tackled trying to take pictures of them). My next highlight was meeting a 85 year white man who held a sign stating "I'm 85, ALIVE and I walk for jobs!!!" He walked this March with a metal walker...... Sunday's highlights was a song for Aretha Franklin, poetry from Nikki Giovanni, and the speech of President Obama....Sunday's event was frequented by many athletes, stars and many members of the King family. It was a very wonderful event(s) both days.


An Isis Aretalogy
From the Workshop by Normandi Ellis By Joan Forest Mage I am Isis Mistress of the mulch, the stars, the ants I am Isis, Full of strength, dignified, tender I am Isis, I command songs of sweetness, nurturing children, free fall journeys through the stars I am Isis For me, the fragrance of sandalwood is offered, songs are sung, humans pray with sacred sex I am Isis I move the stars in proper orbit, sow the seed bring sleep to the weary I am Isis Queen of the resonant voice, Mother of fungi, poison ivy, celery, on the trail of melody Brow of the full white moon

51 Remembering Imbolg 2011 Perkunas Day of Thunder Snow by Demetria Nanos

After shoveling snow, I went inside and thought about the timing of the storm, the planetary aspects, holy days, etc. I took the freshly consecrated thunder candle and put it in a place of note by my statues of Brigid, Hera, and a plaque of Erato on the mantle. The winds were incredible! The sound and the chill forcing itself into the building were impressive. Small twisters of blowing, circling snow, wide spirals on boulevards and smaller/"thinner" ones on streets and in yards. The Year of the Tiger went out with a Roar for us! It made me think of Oya, Juno, and other thunderers. I burnt my blest candle I made last year on the 1st, as the snow fell. I felt prompted by the blue lightning to do it then instead of the 2nd. The lightning was beautiful and looked 'wide' for lightning - it filled the entire sky with sheets of light. Five times I saw it, twice while driving home, once while shoveling, and twice through my window at home. When I was driving and saw the lightning the first time, it flashed blue the entire sky and the lights in the West went out! Maybe it hit a transformer or something - it was weird to have the ambient background glow of the streetlights disappear like that! Once inside, the lightning flashed bright blue through the sky again in the southwest. I lit the candle and had a most peaceful feeling as the flame burned straight and clean. I heard thunder only once, about 9 PM, accompanying the lightning. I wonder what the color spectrum readings were, since cyan can block perception of yellows, and often lightning looks yellow or whitish to us. Anyway, the thunder crack was louder than it seems in summer.

Impression of Goddess Festival 2011 By Joan Forest Mage

My favorite part of the Goddess Festival 2011 was the workshop on Sacred Dance in the tradition of Isadora Duncan by Lady Haight Ashton. Since I was a teenager, Isadora Duncan has been my hero, with her championship of freedom and of expression through the body. It inspired my own career of over 40 years in dance. Lady Haight exhibited a great mastery of this dance form, which is based on the continuous flow of movement found in nature, such as waves constantly moving to and away from the shore. I gained a new appreciation of the things Isadora writes about in her autobiography about her studies in museums of the

dancing figures on ancient Greek vases. In the workshop, we put into practice the movements of these figures, such as how the priestesses scattered flowers, or how they gracefully bent their heads as they walked forward. Through performing these actions, I connected with the energy of these ancient women communing with the deities. It was delightful to dance with all the other participants as we each embodied a Goddess that came through us. We saw such authentic expression of the different energies of each Goddess in dance.

A Time For Brigid's Flames By Sorita dEste As we approach the month of February, with the first promises of Spring awakening hope here in the cold, wet and green hills of Wales, we start emerging from our own winter slumbers too. It is a traditional time to start "spring cleaning" and for those of us who like to grow a few of our own plants for the garden from seed, its a time to start preparations. The festival of Imbolc, at the start of February, is a time when the cross-over and the fine line between Christian and Pagan is emphasised in the form of Brighid, Brigid or Bride - Saint or Goddess, depending on which side of the fence you are on. It is generally believed that there was a historical Brigid, in the form of an early Abbess of Kildare (Ireland). But, there are many contradictions and variations on the theme. Some believe that she was "the aid woman of the Mother of Nazarus", the midwife at the birth of the baby Jesus (equating her to the Byzantine Maia) or that she was the daughter of an inn keeper who turned the pregnant Mary away. But then there is Brigid, as she appears in the various legends of the Cailleach, the Crone of Winter. In these myths, Brigid or Bride as she is also referred to, is equated to the Queen of Spring and the bride-to-be of the Lord of the Summer Isles, Angus, who is the son of the Cailleach. These legends explain the interchange between the seasons: Winter being the domain of the Cailleach, a time when she forces the young and beautiful Bride to wash her cloak until it is perfectly white (snow); and Summer starting when Bride is rescued / escapes to be with her love, Angus; and the cycle repeating when the Cailleach once again captures Bride. One version of this story also provides us with the association of this time of the year with snowdrops and snowdrops with Bride, because it is the kind Father Winter, who gives these flowers to the tortured Bride and through its presence that new life again begins to flourish upon the Earth. Although now celebrated at the Spring Equinox, the ascend of Persephone back to the surface to

53 be with her mother the Grain Mother, Demeter, was also originally celebrated around this time of the year. Though later writers adapt the story to being one-half of the year on either side once a four season cycle is adapted, earlier sources such as the Homeric Hymns are centred on a three season cycle, thus we find "And all-seeing Zeus sent a messenger to them, rich-haired Rheia, to bring dark-cloaked Demeter to join the families of the gods (phyla theon) : and he promised to give her what rights she should choose among the deathless gods and agreed that her daughter (Persephone) should go down for the third part of the circling year to darkness and gloom, but for the two parts should live with her mother and the other deathless gods. Thus he commanded. And the goddess did not disobey the message of Zeus...". For this reason, it is also appropriate that there are some who will be celebrating the Mysteries of Demeter and Persephone around the start of February. But regardless of myth cycles, ignoring folklore and religious convictions, there is no doubt that the first stirrings of Spring brings with it a new surge of energy and hope for the year ahead. Certainly, here in the Avalonia office we need that right now as we prepare for the release of several new titles over the coming weeks, including the long-awaited anthology Vs. (edited by Kim Huggens) in which the different manifestations of polarity within mythology and pagan practices are explored, as well as the exciting new work SEIDR: The Gate is Open by Katie Gerrard in which the author presents her research, combined with personal experiences, advice and ritual practices she has developed both through her own practices and work with others since the 1990's. But more about that in due course (if you are desperate for more info, you will find more information on our website, see link below) or by searching for the titles on Facebook. For now, we would like to wish all our readers a very blessed Imbolc and Candlemass; regardless of how you celebrate we hope it will bring you peace, joy, fulfilment and happiness in the months ahead. We will be doing the final spring cleaning in the office over here over the weekend, and weather allowing, clean out the potting shed! Best wishes Sorita d'Este & the Avalonia team



Rev. Carolina Amor-Boggs is an ArchDruidess, and founder of the Lyceum Circulo de Isis, an online FOI Community dedicated to serving Spanish speakers globally. Carolina is translating the FOI Liturgy into Spanish, and creating a Grove to serve those who are interested in DCD teachings in Spanish. She is s bridge that connects the Spanish speaking community to FOI and its Goddess teachings. Stephanie Campbell is priestess of Iseum of the Arts. She was ordained by Lady Olivia Robertson in October of 2008. Contact Stephanie at 602391-5825 or David de Roeck is a priest in the Fellowship of Isis, and one of the eight members of the Circle of Brigid. He has been schooled in the Egyptian Mysteries for many years, and runs the Ascension of Isis online mystery school, Sorita dEste is an esoteric researcher, author and priestess who brings her knowledge of the wisdom of the ancient world into the modern age. Her published works include Practical Elemental Magick, Practical Planetary Magick, Visions of the Cailleach and Hekate Liminal Rites. Sorita is actively involved in the Western Esoteric Tradition, with a focus on the Greco-Egyptian mysteries and rituals as presented in grimoires such as the Key of Solomon. For more information visit Beth Dupont is a devotee of Nature. She is a member of the Lyceum of Alexandria in Chicago. Lillian Morgan Evans is an FOI member who lives in the State of Washington. Carole Linda Gonzalez has been a member of FOI since the late 1980's. She is a founder of "Grove Argentum, and a member of the Druid Clan of Dana. As a long time member of the NYC Pagan Community, Carole has served as a writer for "Our Pagan Times," the newsletter of New Moon New York, NYC's oldest Pagan networking group. Her work about the NY community has been featured in NYC's Village Voice and is currently online at,gonzalez,3679,1.html Grove Argentum, c/o Rev. Carole Linda Gonzalez, 340 W. 28th Street, Apt. 2G, New York, NY 10001 Linda Iles was appointed by Lady Olivia as Honorary Secretary of the Circle of Isis. She is a Priestess, Hierophant, Solar Alchemist, GDC and ArchDruidess in the Fellowship of Isis, as well as a Priestess in the Temple of Isis. Her Lyceum is Isis, Lotus of Alexandria. She offers teaching by correspondence. Lsdy AMber Dawn is a Priestess of Ausset in the Fellowship of Isis. She is founder of the Temple of Lotus Pyramid, and a Reiki Master-Teacher in Sacred flames Reiki, Sechim/Sehkem Reiki, and Usui Reiki. She is a student of Haitian Voudoun and Umbanda, as well as an activist, poet, and creative writer. Joan Forest Mage has worked as a shamanic healer in her hometown of Chicago since 1995, and is the head of Life Force Ensemble, a shamanic world music band and performing company. She teaches workshops and training programs in shamanism. She can be reached at 312-642-1811 or Demetria Nanos was raised in a book and art-loving home by parents who encouraged learning as the key to personal excellence regardless of socioeconomic status. She has been active as an astrologer working with various forms of divination and oracular work since 1968, and involved in magickal/philosophical organizations since 1974. Demetria received her B.A. in Cultural Studies from Columbia College Chicago in 2009. She and her family live in Chicago. Amy Auset Rohn is a Priestess of Isis, harpist, Reiki Master/Teacher and Sound Healer from Indiana who teaches all levels of Usui Reiki, offers healing sessions and readings, and teaches various classes to enhance spiritual growth. She offers an Isis Intensive Course through her Iseum of the Divine Isis Within to those wishing to become ordained within the Fellowship of Isis. visit Her womens retreat to New Mexico is highlighted at .Information on her music and harp performances is at .Contact Auset through her websites or at and Sarah Rooke has been a member of the Fellowship of Isis since the late 1980s. She was ordained priestess of Sekhmet and consecrated Dame Commander of the Noble Order of Tara in 1992. In 1993, she became an Arbandraoi in the Druid Clan of Dana. In 1995, she was consecrated Priestess Hierophant. Her Lyceum is called Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars. Michael Starsheen is the Archpriest Hierophant of the Lyseum of Isis of the Stars. He is an artist, poet, mystic, shaman, medium, warrior, researcher, writer, and all-round dogsbody for the Gods. The focus of his ministry is primarily on the Gods, although he does some individual work with people. Loreon Vigne is the founder of the Temple of Isis Lyceum and Isis Oasis in Geyserville, California, where spiritually oriented programs, including , including weekly Sunday Goddess Salons, take place throughout the year.

Rosie Weaver is a priestess of Isis and a community activist.


Directory of Key FOI Personnel

AU = ArchPriesthood Union; ADU = ArchDruid Union; GCU = Grand Commander Union Afarri, Prof. A. E., AU/ADU (Star of Isis, Nemeton of Dana)--Accra North, Ghana Akpabio, Vincent (Nemeton of Dana)--Nigeria Allen, Denise (Circle of Pelagia Hon. Sister-Member)--USA Almond, Jocelyn, AU (Star of Isis; FOI Q&A Forum moderator)--Lyceum of Isis Myrionymous (BM Box 1129, London, WC1N 3XX England. Astraea, Joanne (Circle of Pelagia Hon. Sister-Member)--California USA Barikor, Abraham K. D, AU/GCU--Isis and Ngama Paradise, Rivers, Nigeria. Bhagavati Devi Dasi, Mother Beatrice, AU/ADU--Lyceum of the Cosmic Isis, Abia, Ebonyi, Nigeria Brannigan, Cait (Circle of Brigid) Browne, Mary (Round Table of Tara) & Steven, ADU/GCU--New York USA Brueckner, Dietlinde, GCU (Circle of Isis)--Germany Butta, Deena (Star of Isis; Isis Seshat Journal editor; Goddess Festival coordinator; FOI Q&A Forum moderator) & Raymond, AU/ADU/GCU--Lyceum of Alexandria (Chicago, Illinois 60625 USA.; (773) 478-4763;; Campbell, Daniel (Nemeton of Dana)--USA Cwetna, Ronald (Circle of Isis)--Germany DeWitt, Mary (Circle of Pelagia Hon. Sister-Member)--USA Dillon, Ruth & Richard, AU--Crystal Moon Lyceum, Matteson, Illinois, USA; Duncan, Karl, ADU--London, UK Ekwe, Uchechukwu Oko, AU--Lyceum of the Cosmic Isis, Abia, Nigeria Farah, Catherine (Circle of Isis)--California USA Fawcett, Kris (Circle of Pelagia Hon. Sister-Member) Forrest, M. Isidora (Circle of Pelagia Hon. Sister-Member) Goggin, Stephen, GCU--Ireland Greer, Mary, AU--Isis Aurea, Nevada City, California 95959; Griffin, Patricia, AU/ADU (Circle of Brigid, Nemeton of Dana; Assistant Foundation Center Temple priestess)--Lyceum of Aine and Sophia, Ireland Iles, Linda, ADU/GCU (Circle of Isis Hon. Sec.; Circle of Pelagia Honorary Sister-Member)California USA Janesdaughter, Laura, ADU (Circle of Pelagia, Star of Elen)--California USA Kelley, Elizabeth (Circle of Isis)--California USA Kurimoto, Sumika, AU/ADU/GCU--Lyceum Isis Orientalis, Tokyo, Japan; Lamond, Fred (Star of Elen)--Austria Langston, Alex, ADU--Cornwall UK Lawrence, Eileen, ADU (Circle of Brigid; Nemeton of Dana)--County Laois, Ireland Layson, Letecia (Circle of Pelagia)--California USA Lee, Callista (Circle of Pelagia)--California USA MacWatt, Ian, AU/GCU--Isis Invicta, England Maheo, Misha (Circle of Pelagia Hon.Sister-Member) Marshall, Jane, ADU--Glastonbury, UK Matthews, Caitlin & John, AU/ADU--Domus Sophiae Terrae and Sancte Gradalis Lyceum (BCM Hallowquest, London WC1N 3XX England; McBride, Fee, ADU--Glastonbury UK McCabe, Sean, CGU (Circle of Brigid, Special Advisor) McCord, Julie (Estara Tshirai) AU: Lyceum of the Wayfarer, California; Merron, John, AU/ADU (Circle of Isis; Nemeton of Dana; Star of Elen): Elen of the Green Ways (P.O. Box 196, London WC1A ILY England) Nwogu, Sunday, AU--Isis of Happiness, Imo, Nigeria Nwonti, Joseph, AU--Lyceum of Miraculous Healing, Rivers, Nigeria Ohnuma, Prof. Tadahira AU/ADU/GCU (Round Tablle of Tara)--Lyceum Isis Orientalis, Tokyo, Japan; Okoruwa, Michael, AU/ADU/GCU (Round Table of Tara)--Temple of Ngame, Edo, Nigeria Onyeani, Apostel Paul, AU--Isis of Divine Healing, Cotoneu, Benin Republic O'Reilly, Padraic, ADU--Ireland Peterson, Cathleen (Circle of Pelagia Hon. Sister-Member) Poorun, Strm (Star of Elen)--UK Pryor, Cressida (Star of Elen)--UK Quicke, Minette, ADU (Circle of Brigid, Hon. Secretary)Ireland; Ravenmoon, Anniitra (Circle of Pelagia) California USA Regula, DeTraci, AU/GCU (Star of Isis, Circle of Isis)--Throne of Isis Lyceum, California; Robb, Kat (Circle of Pelagia)--California USA Robertson, Olivia, AU/ADU/GCU (Star of Isis, Circle of Brigid, Star of Elen, and Circle of Pelagia Overseeing Consultant; Circle of Isis Global Advisor; Nemeton of Dana; Round Table of Tara Chancellor): FOI Foundation Center; Grove of Eithne; Chancellor: Priory of Tara of 108 Names (Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Ireland (FOI co-founder; FOI Q&A Forum overseeing consultant; creator of FOI policies and procedures) Robinson, Sara, GDC (Round Table of Tara)--UK Roca, Henri (Round Table of Tara)--USA Roeck, David (Circle of Brigid)--Ireland Rogers, Cathryn Anne, AU (Star of Isis; Nemeton of Dana; FOI Q&A Forum moderator)--Font of Isis Lyceum, Minnesota USA; Sarocco, InannaMoon (Circle of Pelagia)--California USA Silver, Connia, AU (Star of Isis, Round Table of Tara; FOI central homepage; FOI central register; FOI Q&A Forum moderator)--Crossroads Lyceum Smiles, Marian (Circle of Brigid) Staley, Michael, ADU/GCU (Star of Elen)--London, UK Starsheen, Michael Artonn, AU/ADU/GCU (Circle of Isis)-- Isis of the Stars Lyceum (203 Marion St., Dunsmuir, California 96025 USA; Sudheer, Swami Prem, AU/ADU (Star of Isis, Round Table of Tara)--Lyceum of Brighid, Penicuik Midlothian, Scotland Taylor, Pat (Circle of Pelagia Hon. Sister-Member) Tristram, GCU--Ontario, Canada Veleda, Aauriane, ADU--Florida USA Vernon, Glory (Circle of Pelagia)--California USA Victor, Arisa (Circle of Isis)--California USA Vigne, Loreon, AU/GCU (Circle of Isis; Temple of Isis legal status / federal recognition in California USA) Isis Oasis, Geyserville California 95441 USA; Wadding, Deirdre (Circle of Brigid) Wehmeyer, Claudia & Thomas, AU/ADU/GCU (Circle of Isis)--Tara Hedge Lyceum, Westfalia, Germany; Wilson, Steve, AU/ADU--Isis of Time and Space, England; Wise, Caroline, AU/ADU/GCU (Circle of Isis; Star of Elen; Circle of Pelagia Honorary Sister-Member; London Convention)--Isis of the Thames (P.O. Box 196, London WC1A ILY England Wright, Catherine (Circle of Pelagia)--California USA


Aset Shemsu - The Retinue of Isis

hieroglyphs were researched by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and drawn by Olivia Robertson Aset Shemsu - the logo of the Fellowship of Isis

Growing numbers of people are rediscovering their love for the Goddess. At first, this love may seem to be no m ore than an inner feeling. But soon it develops; it becomes a longing to help the Goddess actively in the manifestation of Her divine plan. Thu s, one hears such inquiries as, "How can I get initiated into the Mysteries of the Goddess? How can I experience a closer communion with her? Where are her nearest temples and devotees? How can I join the priesthood of the Goddess?", and many other such questions. The Fellowship of Isis has been founded to answer these needs. Membership provides means of promoting a closer communion between the Goddess and each member, both singly and as part of a larger group. There are hundreds of Iseums and thousands of members all over the world, since the Fellowship was founded in 1976 by Lawrence, Pamela and Olivia Durdin-Robertson. Love, Beauty and Truth are expressed through a multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-racial Fellowship. The good in all faiths is honored. The Fellowship of Isis has no particular affiliations. The Fellowship is organized on a democratic basis. All members have equal privileges within it, whether as a single member or part of an Iseum or Lyceum This manifesto applies also to the daughter societies: the College Of Isis, the Spiral of the Adepti, the Spiral of Alchemy, the Noble Order of Tara, and the Druid Clan of Dana. The Fellowship respects the freedom of conscience of each member. There are no vows required or commitments to secrecy. All Fellowship activities are optional and members are free to resign without question. Membership is free. The Fellowship reverences all manifestations of Life. The God also is venerated. The Rites exclude any form of sacrifice, whether actu al or symbolic. Nature is revered and conserved. The work of the Noble Order of Tara is for conservation of Nature. The Fellowship accepts religious toleration, and is not exclusivist. Members are free to maintain other religious allegiances. Membership is open to all of every religion, tradition and race. Children, listed as "Children of Isis", are welcomed, subject to parent al consent. The Fellowship believes in the promotion of Love, Beauty and Abundance. No encouragement is given to asceticism. The Fellowsh ip seeks to develop friendliness, psychic gifts, happiness, and compassion for all life. The Druid Clan of Dana develops Nature 's psychic gifts. The College of Isis has been revived after its suppression 1,500 years ago. Like Aset Shemsu, The FOI itself, it has always b een alive in the Inner Planes. It is from these Inner Planes that its return has been inspired. Magi degrees may be conferred through Lyceums of the College. Correspondence courses are offered. There are no vows nor secrecy. Iseums are the very Hearths of the Goddess, or Goddess and God to Whom they are dedicated. These are listed, along with Lyceu ms in every Isian News. Tara Priories and Dana Groves are also listed regularly. All these centers and Isian News are for FOI members only. The Fellowship of Isis Foundation Union Triad is over-all Custodian for the Fellowship. The Fellowship of Isis Priesthood is derived from a hereditary line of the Robertson from Ancient Egypt. Priestesses, priests, every member, have equal honor. Priestesses and Priests work with the Goddess - or Goddess and God - of their own Faith. Every human, animal, bird, tree is an eternal offspring of the Mother Goddess's Divine Family of Life.

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