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COURSE OBJECTIVE This course aims at developing a understanding of the vital terminologies, concepts, tools, and frameworks in Sales management A broad range of Sales management issues in a variety of consumer, industrial, and service environments is covered. IMPORTANT POLICIES 1. Readings Assignments (Pre-Requisite): You are expected to read the assigned materials before the class period. This helps you grasp the material more fully and creates a better classroom environment, additionally this will help you in participation. 2. Attendance: Your attendance in class is critical to fulfillment of course objectives. You will not be eligible to appear in the exam if you exceed the set absences for a course. Late coming, even for two minutes, would be marked as absent. 3. Due dates: No late work will be accepted. Assignments are due at the start of class. So if you are not prepared to, you receive a zero on that assignment/presentation. Talk to me in advance if there is any genuine problem. 4. Academic Dishonesty or Plagiarism: Plagiarism is defined by Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary as: a. To steal or pass off the ideas or words of another as one's own. b. To use a created production without crediting the source. In your writing and speaking it is expected that the ideas you express to be your own and to properly cite the sources you use. Cheating will not be tolerated in any form. 5. Pop Quizzes: Surprise quizzes as well as pre-informed quizzes will be conducted to check the level of preparation of students for exams. The marks of quizzes will be included in final grading. 6. Discussion: Since, discussion is vital to the learning process and I want to hear your input in class. Therefore, interactive sessions would be used rather than talking from one end and listening at the other. Page 1 of 4

presentations and quizzes you would be attempting will contribute towards a fixed ratio. Quizzes b.O Page 2 of 4 . cell phones. I want to help you improve all of your desired skills and for you to benefit fully from this certificate. Presentations d. Exchange of anything in exam hall will be penalized. Class participation Five marks are assigned to each activity. Grading Plan: Marks First Mid-Term Second Mid-Term Final exam Final Report Quizzes. Assignments c. scale etc) with you. try to understand everything by yourself.7.W) 9th Edition 13.T. Sessional marks Distribution: Sessional marks would be distributed on four activities: a. Participation Presentations Total 20 20 40 05 10 05 100 12. fellow or anybody else is strictly prohibited. 10. Bring all required material (pen. Format (Assignments): All assignments will be hand written unless otherwise stated. etc during class time. 11. Help: If you are having trouble in the course your welcome to talk to me. out line: P.F. Therefore asking anything from teacher. Ford. Walker (C. Electronics: Deactivate all electronic pagers. eraser. 9. Required Text Book Sales Force Management by Churchill. Total assignments. Assignments. pencil. 8. Exam hall decorum: In order to maintain the decorum of exam hall.

Techniques and Evaluation 194 223 252 277 305 Second Hourly (Second Midterm Examination) 11 12 13 14 15 Salesperson. 00 01 30 66 101 First Hourly (Midterm Examination) 6 7 8 9 10 Salesperson Performance: Behavior. Compensation and Incentives Sales Display and Sales Promotion Territory Management Key Account Management Managing Your Sales Career 334 (Separate Book) (Separate Book) (Separate Book) (Separate Book) Final Certification Examination Page 3 of 4 .Chapter No: 1 2 3 4 5 Chapter Title: Overview (Refer Slides (ppt) General Sales Activities overview within the market place Introduction to Sales Management in the Twenty-First Century The Process of Selling and Buying Linking the Strategies and the Sales Role in the Era of Customer Relationship Management Organizing the Sales Effort Page No. Role Perception and Satisfaction Salesperson Performance: Motivating the Sales Force Personal Characteristics and Sales Attitude: Criteria for selecting salespeople Sales Force Recruitment and Selection Sales Training: Objectives.

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