Honest safety, instead of ego cultivation. Let s look at statistics below prior calling me out on this paper. We, the folks of America, want to ban guns for the terror of crimes committed, while we accept carnage on the streets created by stupid politicians adapting open ended (passionate) rules for public transportation; that happens to be governed by corporation s (for improved sales and profit); instead of by the citizens of America - who are easily brainwashed into acceptance of corrupt leadership by each individual s hunger for status. This is a continuous war that titled the Illuminati in 1730 as heretics, ripe for execution. A repeated carryover of this attitude was demonstrated by the US government being the center of the slave trade in 1860 - which Abraham Lincoln supported. The South was violently opposed to this policy, and was attempting to abolish it [read the Confederate Nation s Constitution for verification] and that would interfere with the North s stock market, and major international finances. In 1861 the confederate nation was established, and was attempting to enjoy a free market by direct sales of cotton to Europe, and this had to be stopped at any cost! Lincoln s technique was the same iron handed anarchistic approach as the dark ages had spawned; might makes right. Example: Fort Sumter was invaded illegally by 200 Northern troops. In attempting to roust out Anderson s garrison, South Carolina open fired on the fort - with not much damage to its property. No one was injured during this assault, however, during the flag raising ceremony the next day one of the northern troops was careless, and a powder horn exploded injuring 5 troopers and killing the clumsy soldier. Lincoln then felt justified in ordering 75,000 voluntary troops to correct this (hostage) situation; primarily drafting volunteers from the legally separated South! Obviously, equity law was not to be followed by the illegal nobility of the North; who truly believed they were above the law, and anyone unwilling to obey them was traitors. [The prime reason for the succession! The modern version is: if you are not with us, you are an enemy. ] Because of the ruling (self appointed) nobility was being dominated by finance, we suffer today with the extreme stupidity that must be followed; convincing criminals that the logic that is being held back, is justification for their unsocial behavior. Smart criminals then migrate into politics so they can subcutaneously elevate themselves above offensive (to their endeavor) laws that they treacherously legislate - for perceived wiggle room. I hated the one motto the military enforced, hurry up and wait. For the last 30 years this motto has been strongly imposed upon the general public that now believe this is evolution for the future. From 1930 to today, mankind has not evolved much - yet our machines have tremendously improved until they have reached the point of being very antisocial, and horribly inefficient.

Car Crash Stats: There were nearly 6,420,000 auto accidents in the United States in 2005. The financial cost of these crashes is more than 230 Billion dollars. 2.9 million people were injured and 42,636 people


killed. About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States -- one death every 13 minutes. In 2003 there were 6,328,000 car accidents in the US. There were 2.9 million injuries and 42,643 people were killed in auto accidents. [As the price of gasoline increases, the number of traffic deaths goes down.] In 2002, there were an estimated 6,316,000 car accidents in the USA. There were about 2.9 million injuries and 42,815 people were killed in auto accidents in 2002. There were an estimated 6,356,000 car accidents in the US in 2000. There were about 3.2 million injuries and 41,821 people were killed in auto accidents in 2000 based on data collected by the Federal Highway Administration.

In 2007 there were 1520 gun deaths in the 0 through 17 age group (out of 74,340,127 children) and 3067 gun deaths in the 0 through 19 age group. By subtraction we find that there were a whopping 1547 gun deaths in just the 18 through 19 age group. In other words, in 2007 most "child gun death victims" were actually adults. Historically the 18 through 24 age group is the highest crime-committing group. At age 18 part-time drug dealers leave school and become fulltime drug dealers. Despite the propaganda from the gun control lobby, criminals in general and drug dealers in particular are the group of so-called children most likely to be shot by their fellow criminals. You can verify this by reading the local gun death news stories in any city newspaper. School shootings are so rare that everyone gets national television coverage, but drug dealers are shot so often that they are barely mentioned in their local newspaper. For comparison, the figures for 1999 were 1776 gun deaths in the 0 through 17 age group and 3385 gun deaths in the 0 through 19 age group. 1609 gun deaths were in the 18 through 19 age group. Older people's gun deaths are most likely to be suicides. Suicides typically make up 56.5% of all gun deaths in according to the information available circa 2006 at Bureau Of Justice Statistics. In fact, drugs and suicides account for more than 2 out of every 3 gun deaths in the USA. *************************** It appears that government manipulation is a bit heavy handed as usual, on pet political projects of theirs, while ignoring a screaming real problem that just may anger some corporate executives by interfering with their stimulation of a money mill. The 1930s created attention to the µmuscle car¶ for gangsters to evade justice, and transport illegal goods; which then forced law enforcement to follow this escalation of performance. Unfortunately corporate sales saw this as a good thing, and suckered the general public into compliance; that is to stupidity primarily because fuel was cheap. Back then we are talking of less than 3 million cars on the roads, with city speed limits of 25 mph, and highways were un-posted because most cars could not get to 45 mph. Insurance was paid for by its inclusion onto a drivers license, and cars had protection from minor crashes [that now µtotal¶ our modern vehicles]. Today we have about 100 million cars on the roads, with updating roadways far behind population growth. Add to the fact most vehicles are used for work or school travel, and shopping; rendering 140 mph vehicles extremely gaudy!

Pride is the attribute that is stimulated with vehicles having ³race track´ characteristics; and vehicle potential becomes the stimulant for unsafe driving habits, that is augmented by alcohol of any amount [Government steps in and stupidly regulates a value for inebriation that is totally unrealistic; because of our individual variations within the bulk of humanity.] Let us logically look at the true dilemma. We build cars that are designed to fold up on impact to save passengers lives. We have seat belts like the racecar drivers employ, to save passenger lives. To that we add (expensive) air bags to save passenger lives. Then the engineers pat themselves on their back because they can stuff six airbags into a car to save passenger lives. [Evolution? Not really] Now look at all the distractions that are added onto drivers: Radio, CD players, GPS, cell phones, internet, alcohol, drugs (prescription and illegal drugs) in the hands of the (incompetent) public that believe they need an even faster vehicle because they get into stalled traffic that moves at 15 mph typically during rush hour. So everyone else should buy 200 mph vehicles (like their SUV monster being driven at the time)! Add mankind¶s immature desire for competition that is greater than the desire for security of safe passage and we see a seething mess occurring. Then we get into the aging of us humans where wisdom should pad down our egotism, but that doesn¶t happen because we see youth doing, and getting away with, stupid antics; like doing motorcycle wheelies in traffic at 80 mph. This gives comfort to the 80 year old traveling at 75 mph, convincing him into believing he is ³conservative,´ even though his sluggish 1 second reaction time is reduced by medication. Realistically, the old timer is doing basically the same stunt as the young wheelie artist, but with a lot more potential for collateral damage. This cultural malady can only be corrected at the roots, and orchestrated by a conservative government ± that requires wise leadership, rather than legalistic idiots [attorneys that wear blindfolds to common sense] that constantly test the limits of their µpurchased¶ credentials [fraternal college education degrees]. Knowledge can be educated, but wisdom is a result of life¶s experience; unfortunately there is no such thing as a ³tree of wisdom.´ Now that we are in 2012, (the end of time) this should be a reconstruction period i.e. after the market crashes. Unlike the successful ranting of Ralph Nader, new cars should have an engine limit for a long stroke high torque, efficient engine displacement of 250 cc; whereas a new service industry should be created to salvage the present old cars by removing pistons to drop displacement to less than 1000 cc (one liter) [SUVs included]. This would raise the stall speed of rush hour by less µfender benders,¶ and reduce the dragon¶s breath of over displaced engines huffing and puffing pollution. Like the good cop, bad cop technology, Government used Nader to cover up a serious problem, and convinced the public to live with disaster. You have to bear in mind that Ralph belonged to the fraternity of attorneys, and thus was limited in his actions. Currently our transportation concepts are upside down. One has the time for travel by automobile; one can cruise nice and safe at 45 mph down our current highways. Not good enough? We should have an inexpensive light airplane available that is easier to fly than it is to drive a car; in fact an aircraft operator¶s license should be easier to obtain then an automobiles driver¶s license - if aircraft is mechanically limited to 6 degree Alpha; it would handle like a gyro copter. New square grass covered airfields to support interstate/intercity air traffic would mean more employment, safer airfields, and the gain of considerably less traffic problems. Now put the 80 year old into something he can scoot safely at 120 mph; have a GPS system to locate where

he is, and a cell phone aboard to contact airports along the way to land at; making air travel very comfortable. It is difficult to convince folks that a 6 degree alpha aircraft is easier to fly then driving a car in traffic, and it is their own stubborn egotism that keeps them grounded. Flying is different because it is less spontaneous. I wish to fly from Dallas to Oklahoma City for example: ride to the private (square) airport, and park my vehicle. Untie my (or rented) lightplane, start the engine, warm it up and taxi to the indicated position by the wind sock. Press on the wheel brakes and do a run up to insure engine is secure. Extend the Al Sugar patented [let me enjoy a little egotism here] fowler type flap until it indexes in a latched position. Set the flap for 7 degrees (take off position). Push the throttle to the metal observing the tachometer needle in the blue, and steer the craft into the breeze and it will take off by itself and climb. Once at 900 feet AGL (above ground level) set the throttle for a green indication on the tachometer. Unlock the flap and drive it home. If variometer on the altimeter is showing high sink during this process, increase throttle to settle back into a higher speed climb rate. Reset throttle for green and stable flight for exit out of the takeoff pattern while then resetting throttle to select altitude of operation - and just steer for direction of travel. Here is where ³cruise control´ linked to variometer can be an effective tool to improve gas mileage by minimizing a pilots tinkering with the throttle. Airspeed will be about 120 mph by a mechanical engineering program, so there is no room to modify this system that cannot stunt or easily fly formation. Your GPS tells you that your destination is ahead, and you see no other aircraft traffic. You then deploy flaps at 7 degrees to slow machine to 80 mph, and descend to 1500 feet, and pass over the airport noting wind direction for your touchdown approach. Go into a landing pattern using throttle to set up glide slope. Once passing the perimeter of the field, haul on 20 degree flap to drop airspeed to 50 mph, controlling sink rate with throttle like an old fashioned (building¶s) elevator. The 6 degree alpha machine will settle in on a cushion of air by flap induced ground effect to make every landing silky soft and smooth. Now this is actually much easier then I describe because of the time-base for maneuvering is in minutes, and not the fractions of a second that driving a car entails - that makes it so nervously frantic a transportation tool; so flying suites the elderly rather nicely (with less chance of panic heart attacks etc.). Imagine, flying a corridor 3 miles high and 3 miles wide with little other traffic to contend with. Calm comfort, and is great for cell phone babble. Cheap auto pilot would be just two channel, rudder for direction regulation, and altitude regulation by throttle control. [NOTE: Aircraft simplification; because engine is diesel, or fuel injected by manifold, it eliminates carburetor icing and mixture adjustments for changes in altitude. Elevator trim tab is used to obtain maximum airspeed for green scale of tachometer ± to be set without aircraft losing altitude. This compensates for center of gravity shifts by luggage, pilot weight etc. (and has its limits indicated on front panel to warn operator of unsafe conditions). Instead of ailerons, this machine uses spoilerons where the control surface mechanically lifts up, and never down thus dragging a sinking tip back for a turn, while twisting the nose up for automobile type steering with assistance of dihedral.] Large displacement motorcycles should have no business competing with 45 mph traffic, and should become extinct like the dinosaurs they are. People clinging for their life onto the back of

a 150 cc (or less) machine is closer to normality, and probably safer then the horseback riders of the past. [Yet, 45 mph is still a lot faster than horseback travel, while 45 mph is typically below the oscillatory velocity of 2 wheel suspensions; that happens to be one of the greatest causes of motorcycle injuries (emergency stopping)]. Well designed automobiles initiated America¶s spectacular growth, and it appears that now foolishly engineered automobiles are now helping to destroy that America by overwhelming excesses. Transportation should be broken down into classes for competence, and political control: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Walking Bicycle 15 mph Neighborhood Vehicle. Pilot¶s license. Motor bike 150 cc (max) license. Automobile 250 cc (max) license. Corporate chauffeur¶s 1 liter (max) license. (For SUVs and pickup trucks). Lieutenant pilot¶s license; an education for lightplane pilots to manage high inertia aircraft; that land on runways; along with the older conventional 1930 to 2012 aircraft designs (that are now relics of the past). This skill level is a basic requirement for military pilots that fly in formation and do aerial combat.

While we are at it, a railroad system that is working would be far better than bullet trains! Instead of seeking performance, we need reliability and safety. It is senseless to wait 2 hours for a train that will scoot you to destination in one hour; meaning one could be sitting comfortably for 3 hours while trip progresses; conservatively - less frantically. High Inertia Aircraft @ 6 degrees A Texan wants to fly to China. He boards a 6 degree alpha airliner scheduled for a nonstop flight, and it climbs to 80,000 feet AGL. Airspeed is twice current values (supersonic), and fuel consumption is better than one half the hourly rate. Yes, a trained pilot is required because of runway needs, due to size, and a need for leadership; however, in a pinch a light plane pilot (who would now be a lot more common) could set her up for a safe landing in emergency. [Especially one that has a Lieutenant rating] Large aircraft can handle troublesome meteorology better than light aircraft; so as to handle emergencies better. With all the skills of the weather stations we currently have acquired, and a stronger enforcement and respect of ground control - via TCA reporting to pilots, along with aircraft that are misers on fuel, we should have less µterrorism¶ invoked by corporations with their zero tolerance to time schedules. It takes a team of operators for large heavy aircraft to be successful; pilot, copilot, engineer, navigator, and because we have returned to Babylon, an interpreter (and Master of Ceremonies) for the passenger audience. Although this denigrates the pilot¶s pride, it does strengthen the flight team by enforcing stronger militarism to quench individual egotism via less (needed) specialization. Obviously 2012 should be the year for disasters, and I see the new beginning for America. With a planet in chaos this year, we should reopen the WOPA in order to remedy our horrific errors; that open ended philosophy created. I do perceive of a new (Southern type) America, without the

structure of class nobility; so as to gain contributions by the people; because of technology, instead of in spite of technology! Mansions should be a homestead for (permitted) cults without (the ridiculous) concern for anarchy, and should not be for egotistical individuals to wallow in their miserly wealth, with automobiles simply being tools of inexpensive transportation ± predominately for local travel. Cheap light aircraft should open the door to interstate traffic for individuals and/or the elderly and handicapped; along with railroads, or simply driving with less effective distractions at 45 mph (while having robotic monitoring). [Violators must do public service with this system, like mow the lawn at private airfields regardless of political status.] America following a true Constitution that is a contract with the people, should be a wonderful country to be a member of; the dream of Jefferson Davis upon the onset of the American Civil War!


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