Newsletter – Q2/3 2003

Welcome to this Update from TMP/Hudson HRC
There have been many changes across our Human Resource Consulting business within TMP/Hudson Asia. They include new partnerships in countries like India and the Philippines.

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And new services like Coaching Skills for Managers’ programs run locally under licence from Dr Anthony Grant, our executive coaching guru. Read on to learn more about how we can serve you better…

Outplacement – Performance Management 2003
Apart from restructuring, in what other situations do ‘best practice leaders’ in HR use outplacement?

To help manage effective separation of staff for performance reasons. These services are offered to staff that don’t measure up to roles they have been appointed to, in cases where they have failed to deliver. This is seen as a way of handling especially long term staff who have been with you over ten years or more…company sponsored outplacement gives them hope for their future starting with an act of good faith from their current employer Changes in role, function or performance standards. In many cases these can create a mismatch of skills or poor performance for staff that lead to separation being the only choice left… To discharge their obligations to employees who may be in remote locations or on expatriate terms and are being replaced by local staff.

These are some of the reasons that you may wish to consider retaining us for outplacement on an ongoing basis, and offer consistent hr separation processes for your staff. We can even take care of your exit interviewing and other confidential counseling that may be an important part of your next separation exercise. Training your managers in effective separation techniques is another morale boosting program that should be on your agenda as you move to rationalise this aspect of your staff management program. Handling ‘difficult’ situations like these speaks most strongly about your approach to human resource management style. Make sure that you are well known…contact me, John Read for more.


Inside read about: Regional News, Executive Coaching, and much more…


Regional Outplacement Capabilities
Countries across Asia where we supply outplacement and exit interview support:

• • • • • •

Singapore Malaysia Thailand Philippines India Japan (Tokyo)

• • • • •

Hong Kong Taiwan Korea Shanghai Beijing

Other Asian locations can be arranged upon request. To find a contact in your area of need click here.

Regional Office News
Singapore (South East Asia) We recently appointed Career Systems Inc. as our partners in outplacement in Manila, Philippines. They have an enviable 20-year track record of successful career transition support to major corporations and individuals. They also supply in-house career management programs for companies. These include training managers how to effectively plan career tracks for themselves and also their staff. You can visit their website by clicking here. Contact with them is requested to come through our Singapore office first. Recently we delivered our first outplacement in India for this year, reflecting a growing trend across Asia to offer outplacement to local staff, especially at more senior levels. Is this important to you? Contact: John Read, email:, telephone: (65) 6430 5324 Shanghai (China Region) Our Shanghai office has strengthened our HRC offerings by introducing human resources consulting services into the China market recently. We are helping a number of regional clients on outplacement delivery in Shanghai and are planning to extend our service offerings to cover psychometric tests, organizational surveys and training and development programs phase by phase. We are very glad to see that the role of human resources is gaining importance in China and is transforming from a "legs and arms" job to an advisory / consulting position. Hence, a high demand of quality human resources consulting services, including tools for organizational diagnosis, talent development and staff retention is foreseen. In the next 12 months, we will be building our forces in the HRC areas by working closely with strategic partners and qualified associates, and also counterparts of TMP/Hudson in the regions, to deliver the best possible services to our clients, both locally and regionally.


Contact: Alice Tse, email:, telephone: (862) 1 6375 8922 Ext. 882 Hong Kong The Hong Kong office is currently very busy providing our clients with Career Transition Management (CTM) services, although there has been a marked reduction in demand compared to 2002. The finance and technology sectors continue to be the worst affected by the current economic environment and the majority of our projects come from these industries. We have also tailored our traditional CTM product offering to include supporting the trailing spouses of senior executives entering the region. Further to our CTM business we are also working with our clients on such projects as running development centres and coordinating psychometric assessments. We have also seen an increase in the demand for executive coaches and the need to help our clients through periods of organisational change. Contact: William Probert, email:, telephone: (852) 2528 1191 Tokyo, Japan The Tokyo office has been active in the HR Consulting area since its establishment in early 1999. Since that time, we have built up a successful practice providing outplacement, coaching, HR due diligence, recruitment process design and strategy, salary surveys and competency benchmarking. There is a growing demand in Tokyo for executive coaching and mentoring- we are currently working with a variety of multinational and domestic in industries such as automotive, telecom and consulting to make sure that their executives have the right tools to manage their businesses in this difficult economic time. At the same time, we continue to regularly outplace both Japanese and expat candidates of all levels and have developed a strong track record of placing restructured staff into roles of their choice. One new trend in the Tokyo market is the use of career counselors to assist in internal succession planning, to aid individuals in building their careers inside their current organization and to facilitate intelligent succession planning. There have been a few inquiries from our client base into this service, as clients look to maximize internal resources and minimize turnover of key staff. Contact: Lyle Andrews, email:, telephone: (813) 3511 5668

Executive Coaching
As you know we provide two forms of executive coaching:

1. A strong Talent Bench of qualified and experienced executive coaches including former and current
Managing Directors – click here for more information

2. ‘Coaching Skills for Managers’ 2 day training program – want to know more? -4-

– contact me for more information A recent survey of coaching by the Centre for Creative Leadership shows a rise in the use of coaching in
organizations over the last decade.

Key findings include:

• • •

Three-quarters of respondents who had used a coach rated the experience favourably Coaching typically is accessed when there is a clear business need, which may be more remedial than developmental Finding the right coach is more complex than screening for credentials and experience

Read more here…

How can our Executive Coaching work for you?
• • • Ensure ROI of training - help to convert learning into practice after any form of training program Deliver opportunities for innovation in your company – coaching is an empowering relationship Improve performance of your ‘star’ performers – lead them to capitalise on their strengths through executive coaching

Learn more about our approach to coaching here.

Coaching Competencies for Managers
Our expert Dr Anthony Grant suggests that Managers need to develop the following attributes to become effective coaches at work: [The model below has been developed by David Clutterbuck.] The 10 core coaching competencies are:
• • • • • • • • •

Self-awareness, including understanding of self and interest in self-knowledge) Behavioral awareness, including understanding others Communication and listening skills Conceptualising and intellectual ability Business and professional savvy, business knowledge; ethics, integrity Sense of proportion and humour Interest in developing others and a desire to coach Committed to own learning Goal setting skills, and relationship management, empathy, personal boundary management

More recent research (Dec. 2002) reported at the Consortium of Emotional Intelligence shows these attributes as vital for counselors to be successful and can be used to separate effectiveness in this skills domain:


The critically important competencies were:
• •

Emotional Self-Awareness from the Self-Awareness Cluster of EI competencies; and Empathy from the Social Awareness Cluster of EI competencies. The researcher (Richard E. Boyatzis, Ph.D) reported that both of these were significant at the skill level. This implied that training or developing these competencies might be more feasible than if they were at the trait or motive level of personality.

He found that regardless of the organizational climate of the various facilities in which they worked, type of training received to prepare for their role, and the age demographics of their clients, these characteristics, these competencies explained why some counselors were more effective than others. In short…he states: “To be effective as a counselor, and by extension an executive coach, a person must be sensitive to others. To be sensitive to others, he/she must be sensitive to themselves.” Read the full article here.

Contacts for Outplacement at TMP/Hudson Human Resource Consulting Asia:
Tokyo, Japan Lyle Andrews, Consultant, based in Tokyo Email: Tel: (813) 3511 5668 Full services available at local TMP/Hudson office. Hong Kong Pauline So, Consultant, based in Hong Kong Email: Tel: (852) 2528 1191 Full services available at TMP/Hudson office. Taiwan Consulting Partner’ company available locally. Please contact our Hong Kong office for more information. Full services available at TMP/Hudson Partner office. Korea Consulting services on a fly-in/fly-out basis from Hong Kong or Tokyo. Office facilities can be arranged for candidates. Shanghai, (China Region) Alice Tse, Consultant, based in Shanghai Email: Tel: (862) 1 6275 8922 Full services available at TMP/Hudson office.


Beijing Consulting services on a fly-in/fly-out basis from Hong Kong or Shanghai. Please contact these offices for your needs. Office facilities can be arranged for candidates. Singapore John Read, Managing Consultant, based in Singapore Email: Tel: (65) 6430 5324 Full services available at local TMP/Hudson office. India Local consultant available, please contact our Singapore office for more information. Office facilities can be arranged for candidates. Philipinnes Consulting Partner’ company available locally. Please contact our Singapore office for further information. Full services available at TMP/Hudson Partner office. Malaysia Please contact our Singapore office for more information. Full services are also available at TMP/Hudson Partner office. Indonesia Consulting services available on a fly-in/fly-out basis from Singapore. Office facilities can be arranged for candidates. Vietnam Consulting services available on a fly-in/fly-out basis from Singapore. Office facilities can be arranged for candidates. Thailand Please contact our Singapore office for more information. Office facilities can be arranged for candidates.

Sample Profiles of our some of our Executive Coaches
Singapore • Senior business executive with 25 years of international leadership experience e.g. Managing
Director/VP for the Asia – Pacific region for AT&T Consumer Products, was instrumental in expanding the business within 3 years from US$30 mil to US$105mil. Apart from his strong track record in leading businesses for MNC’s and managing his own consultancy practice, our consultant has had many years of coaching experience. Recently, he completed a formal coachtraining program with our Dr Grant during his visit to Singapore and a US-based Coach University program. He is currently coaching executives in selected MNC’s and local companies who are looking for better results.


Singapore • This senior associate is Managing Director of several companies in Singapore including a venture
capital company and a consulting organization with a particular focus on Asia. Has supported chief executives through one to one coaching during restructuring and downsizing, building team leadership skills and confidence, and re-shaping business strategies. Specialises in business coaching. • With experience as CEO of a non-profit organization in the USA this consultant has led her organization through restructure including redefining strategy and implementing a range of focused HR policies. She has coached many managers, staff and executives in the course of her leadership and recently completed our 2-day Coaching Course designed by Dr Grant to further refine her coaching practice.

Hong Kong • This consultant is CEO and President of an USD11 million business in a specialist management
area. He consults for TMP/Hudson providing one-to-one executive coaching in Hong Kong. Having operated at senior management level in roles including director, marketing manager and general manager in northern Asia over the past 10 years, he brings a wealth of practical experience to his coaching with a clear focus on developing results.

This consultant has been in Asia for 16 years working in public relations, human resources and communication strategies fields. He has worked extensively in senior roles in the PR sector working with clients and team members to build communication and change strategies. Given his experience this consultant makes a powerful executive coach able to assist senior executives to deliver results through their interpersonal and communications skills development. This associate has significant experience as an executive coach, management developer and professional consultant. During the past 8 years, she has concentrated on the most impactful aspects of leadership: strategic thinking and planning, decision making and the extraordinary communication. Engagements have varied with clients vary from one-month projects to on-going (up to 3 years) relationships comprising regular, evolving interaction.

Tokyo • Our associate is a proven management talent who has taken large-scale organisations through
significant high-growth, reduction and change. He has significant P+L exposure (close to US$1b) and impressive management experience. He has also amassed 15 years of work experience in Japan – much of it at the highest level. As an executive coach, he is able to bring significant corporate experience to the coaching domain.

As a Managing Director, with his own consulting company responsible for leadership, our consultant’s experience established a robust leadership team and a Board of Directors. This associate has coached senior executives for TMP/Hudson with strong success including coaching the local Japanese HR Director of a major IT company who is a regional client of ours.


Sydney •
This experienced associate has developed a strong reputation in the Executive and Career Coaching. Experienced in coaching, counseling and training individuals across all industries and levels in private and public sector organisations, she also designs and facilitates group processes in change management, career planning and management, outplacement, counseling skills, and stress management. She is an experienced coach, counselor and facilitator and has developed a strong reputation in the change management, conflict resolution and career management fields. This associate is an organisational psychologist who has conducted his own management consulting practice on a full time basis since 1985. His clients have included leading Australian companies in the food, steel, oil, banking, finance, newspaper, minerals, transport, and computer industries; government departments and authorities, both Federal and State. This is complemented by his work as a personal coach to senior managers, where he employs a range of client centred methodologies to achieve outcomes in strategic leadership, career transitions and personal effectiveness. This associate is a professional coach, facilitator and speaker with over 12 years business experience. He specialises in coaching executives, managers and professionals to achieve excellence in their professional and personal lives. His strongest attributes are his abilities to help clients develop greater insight, self-awareness and confidence, which leads to clearer goals, more focus, and more effective behaviors and actions that lead to successful results.

Core Coaching Competencies The following chart highlights some of the key elements to successfully coaching employees for sustainable behavior change:


“ Relapse” Permanent following While the Exit describes diagram the New various behaviours stages of become part of personality change that need to be understood and managed: Maintenance
Sustaining change Slipping back into old behaviours



Thinking about change Feeling ambivalent

Deciding and beginning change

Preparing to change

Executive Coaching (One-to-One) Overview TMP/Hudson HRC Division has a powerful executive coaching capability across our operations. Our ability to draw on a combination of psychologists and their assessment tools, our senior candidate and contact pools that provide a rich source of executive coaches across our European (UK), Asian and Australian operations. TMP/Hudson is a natural choice for any company involved in an executive coaching project that spans geographic boundaries and hierarchical levels. We have serviced the needs of Asia Pacific

- 10 An analysis of more than 300 top-level executives from 15 global companies showed that six emotional competencies distinguished stars from the average: Influence, Team Leadership, Organizational Awareness, Self-Confidence, Achievement Drive and Leadership. (Spencer, L. M., Jr., 1997).

regional projects providing a consistent level of service to individuals in locations as diverse as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. We believe the following aspects of our program make our service unique: 1. Our Experienced Bank of Executive Coaches 2. Our Delivery Model 3. Our Provision of Related Assessment Services 4. Our Global Network 5. Our Results Orientation

To make an inquiry about any aspect of our coaching services contact: John Read, Tel: (65) 6430 5324 and Email:
- 11 -

Sample Coaching Timeline Sample Meetings Meeting 1 – Rapport building, defining scope Meeting 2 – Exploring issues, defining vision Meeting 3 – Refining ‘ideal state’, actioning Meeting 4 – Clearing blockages, prioritising Meeting 5 – Monitoring progress, practice Meeting 6 – Micro-issue resolution Meeting 7 – Confidence assurance, growth Meeting 8 – Refining and embedding practice Meeting 9 – Hand back to coachee, wrap-up Review Meeting (all parties) for Closure/Continuance Our Experienced Bank of Executive Coaches We use coaches matched to our clients’ needs. Our executives comprise a range of local and expatriate managers and senior managers in each country. We can usually offer more than one coach if necessary to our clients so that the matching process enables compatibility and communication or chemistry issues to be satisfied. In our experience, executive coaching works best if there is mutual trust, respect and effective communication between the coach and the coachee. Our Delivery Model The process we use to select and introduce our coaches to the client’s coachees can be customised. We have some clients who prefer to meet with our coaches and assess the chemistry first; others prefer us simply to nominate a coach from our bank. The steps for coaching once commenced usually take the following forms: 1. A Review of Performance Issues, Needs and Rapport Building 2. Identification Areas of Focus, Goal Setting 3. Coaching Activities (may include on-the-job observations, participation by the coach in some work by the coachee) 4. Joint Strategy Setting where the Coachee may identify additional training or development needs that need to be exercised outside the coaching situation Timing 2 hrs - Month 1 2 hrs – Month 1 2 hrs – Month 2 2 hrs – Month 3 2 hrs – Month 4 2 hrs – Month 5 2 hrs – Month 6 2 hrs – Month 7 2 hrs – Month 8 2 hrs – Month 9

- 12 -

5. Goal Achievement Progress Reviews 6. Coaching Closure and Ongoing Development Planning TMP/Hudson can offer before and after measurement systems to assess the effectiveness of the coaching experience. The amount of time allocated to coaching can vary dependant upon goals, time availability for the coach and coachee and the complexity of the learning process. Basically, we are looking to establish a trusting developmental relationship where the coach is able to provide motivation, direction and support to the coachee to develop according to the goals agreed. Research shows that the feedback process is enhanced by specific, positive and accurate feedback that addresses the behaviors and skills required. Executive coaches can offer this through their experience, coaching skills and pragmatic approach. Together with motivation this gives the coachee a positive environment in which to enhance and develop their management skills. These might include areas of leadership such as interpersonal communication and can have a direct impact on perceptions of leadership style. These perceptions will affect staff morale and staff performance for the coachees’ subordinates. This is one example of an area covered by executive coaching. Our Provision of Related Assessment Services TMP/Hudson conducts 360-degree performance appraisals using the very latest internet survey design strategies. We can custom build 360-degree surveys based around the competencies set by the organisation for leadership, which will reflect the vision and values of that organisation. TMP/Hudson can offer complete psychological assessment covering abilities, personality and management style, emotional intelligence and specific skill appraisals such as sales proficiency. These assessments like 360-degree appraisals provide important information for a coaching process. These two sources of appraisals: 360-degree and psychological assessments can be used effectively to establish a measurement system that will evaluate the coaching experience. We can use the instruments to set up before and after measures for the coachee and the company to evaluate progress against agreed criteria. These assessments also provide the coach and coachee with a basket of prioritised date that can drive the coaching experience. They can help to provide focus, feedback and support for the coachee to better understand themselves and how others view them. We find this data invaluable in guiding the coaching experience. Our Global Network TMP/Hudson are currently delivering, or have the capacity to deliver Executive Coaching services in the following countries: Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand) North America (New York and selected other States) UK and selected European countries

- 13 -

We use a proven project management model that means we can deliver Executive Coaching with content in a local language, delivered by local people, but managed from one central point. To our customers, this means a single point of contact, and the assurance that the client’s staff are being genuinely supported. Our Results Orientation Our Executive Coaches help people move toward a result. They do this by combining the aspects of the program detailed above. We ensure they have access to up to the minute market intelligence from our recruiters, and we ensure they have access to the best possible training in job search skills. For our customers a results orientation also means being accountable for the work we commit to. We have established reporting mechanisms that allow us to feedback to our customers the progress of each candidate. We can feedback to a customer how many times a candidate has used our facilities, how often they have met with a consultant (either in person, on the phone or via email) and how often they have accessed our on line service. In this way our customers know they get what they paid for.

EQ Examples at Work: •
At L’Oreal, sales agents selected on the basis of certain emotional competencies significantly outsold salespeople selected using the company’s old selection procedure. On an annual basis, salespeople selected on the basis of emotional competence sold $91,370 more than other salespeople did, for a net revenue increase of $2,558,360. Salespeople selected on the basis of emotional competence also had 63% less turn-over during the first year than those selected in the typical way (Spencer & Spencer, 1993; Spencer, McClelland, & Kelner, 1997). Optimism is another emotional competence that leads to increased productivity. New salesmen at Met Life who scored high on a test of “learned optimism” sold 37 percent more life insurance in their first two years than pessimists (Seligman, 1990). Research by the Centre for Creative Leadership has found that the primary causes of derailment in executives involve deficits in emotional competence. The three primary ones are difficulty in handling change, not being able to work well in a team, and poor interpersonal relations. One of the foundations of emotional competence -- accurate self-assessment -- was associated with superior performance among several hundred managers from 12 different organizations (Boyatzis, 1982). Prepared for the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations by Cary Cherniss, Ph.D. Rutgers University

- 14 -

- 15 -

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