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mathematics, maths(BrE), math(AmE) axiom theorem calculation operation prove hypothesis, hypotheses(pl.) proposition arithmetic plus(prep.), add(v.), addition(n.) augend, summand addend sum minus(prep.), subtract(v.), subtraction(n.) minuend subtrahend remainder times(prep.), multiply(v.), multiplication(n.) multiplicand, faciend multiplicator product divided by(prep.), divide(v.), division(n.) dividend divisor quotient equals, is equal to, is equivalent to is greater than is lesser than is equal or greater than is equal or lesser than operator digit number natural number integer decimal decimal point fraction numerator denominator ratio

positive negative null, zero, nought, nil decimal system binary system hexadecimal system weight, significance carry truncation round round down round up significant digit insignificant digit algebra formula, formulae(pl.) monomial polynomial, multinomial coefficient unknown, x-factor, y-factor, z-factor equation simple equation quadratic equation cubic equation quartic equation inequation factorial logarithm exponent power square cube the power of four, the fourth power the power of n, the nth power evolution, extraction square root cube root the root of four, the fourth root the root of n, the nth root aggregate element void subset intersection

union complement mapping function domain, field of definition range constant variable monotonicity parity periodicity image series calculus differential derivative limit infinite(a.) infinity(n.) infinitesimal integral definite integral indefinite integral rational number irrational number real number imaginary number complex number matrix determinant geometry point line plane solid segment radial parallel intersect angle degree radian acute angle right angle obtuse angle

straight angle perigon base side height triangle acute triangle right triangle leg hypotenuse Pythagorean theorem obtuse triangle scalene triangle isosceles triangle equilateral triangle quadrilateral parallelogram rectangle length width rhomb, rhombus, rhombi(pl.), diamond square trapezoid right trapezoid isosceles trapezoid pentagon hexagon heptagon octagon enneagon decagon hendecagon dodecagon polygon equilateral polygon circle centre(BrE), center(AmE) radius diameter pi arc semicircle sector ring

ellipse circumference perimeter area locus, loca(pl.) similar congruent tetrahedron pentahedron hexahedron parallelepiped cube heptahedron octahedron enneahedron decahedron hendecahedron dodecahedron icosahedron polyhedron pyramid prism frustum of a prism rotation axis cone cylinder frustum of a cone sphere hemisphere undersurface surface area volume space coordinates x-axis, y-axis, z-axis x-coordinate y-coordinate origin hyperbola parabola trigonometry sine cosine

tangent cotangent secant cosecant arc sine arc cosine arc tangent arc cotangent arc secant arc cosecant phase period amplitude incentre(BrE), incenter(AmE) excentre(BrE), excenter(AmE) escentre(BrE), escenter(AmE) orthocentre(BrE), orthocenter(AmE) barycentre(BrE), barycenter(AmE) inscribed circle circumcircle statistics average weighted average variance root-mean-square deviation, standard deviation propotion percent percentage percentile permutation combination probability distribution normal distribution abnormal distribution graph bar graph histogram broken line graph curve diagram pie diagram

abbreviation abscissa absolute complement absolute error absolute inequality absolute maximum absolute minimum absolute monotonic absolute value accelerate acc acceleration due to gravity ; accumulation accumulative accuracy act on action ; acute angle acute-angled triangle add addition addition formula addition law addition law(of probability) additive inverse ; additive property adjacent angle adjacent side adjoint matrix algebra algebraic algebraic equation algebraic expression algebraic fraction algebraic inequality algebraic number algebraic operation algebraically closed algorithm ; alternate angle alternate segment


alternating series alternative hypothesis altitude ambiguous case amount analysis analytic geometry angle angle at the centre angle at the circumference angle between a line and a plane angle between two planes angle bisection angle bisector angle in the alternate segment angle in the same segment angle of depression angle of elevation angle of friction angle of greatest slope angle of inclination angle of intersection angle of projection angle of rotation angle of the sector angle sum of a triangle angles at a point angular displacement angular momentum angular motion angular velocity annum(X% per annum) anti-clockwise direction anti-clockwise moment anti-derivative ; anti-logarithm anti-symmetric apex approach approximate value approximation Arabic system ;


arbitrary arbitrary constant arc arc length arc-cosine function arc-sin function arc-tangent function area Argand diagram argument (1) ; (2)

argument of a complex number argument of a function arithmetic arithmetic mean arithmetic progression arithmetic sequence arithmetic series arm array ; arrow ascending order ascending powers of X X assertion ; associative law assumed mean assumption asymmetrical asymptote asymptotic error constant at rest augmented matrix auxiliary angle auxiliary circle auxiliary equation average average speed axiom axiom of existence axiom of extension axiom of inclusion axiom of pairing axiom of power axiom of specification

axiomatic theory of probability axis axis of parabola axis of revolution axis of rotation axis of symmetry back substitution bar chart base 1 2 base angle base area base line base number base of logarithm basis Bayes' theorem bearing bell-shaped curve belong to Bernoulli distribution Bernoulli trials bias biconditional ; bijection ; ; bijective function billion bimodal distribution binary number binary operation binary scale binary system binomial binomial distribution binomial expression binomial series binomial theorem bisect bisection method bisector Boolean algebra boundary condition boundary line

bounded bounded above bounded below bounded function bounded sequence brace bracket breadth broken line graph calculation calculator calculus (1) cancel canellation law canonical ; capacity cardioid Cartesian coordinates Cartesian equation Cartesian plane Cartesian product category catenary Cauchy sequence Cauchy's principal value Cauchy-Schwarz inequality central limit theorem central line central tendency centre centre of a circle centre of gravity centre of mass centrifugal force centripedal acceleration centripedal force force centroid certain event chain rule chance change of axes ; (2)

change of base change of coordinates change of subject change of variable characteristic equation ( ) characteristic function ( ) characteristic of logarithm characteristic root ( ) chart check digit checking chord chord of contact circle circular circular function circular measure circular motion circular permutation circumcentre circumcircle circumference circumradius circumscribed circle cissoid class class boundary class interval class limit class mark classical theory of probability classification clnometer clockwise direction clockwise moment closed convex region closed interval coaxial coaxial circles coaxial system coded data coding method co-domain

coefficient coefficient of friction coefficient of restitution coefficient of variation cofactor ; cofactor matrix coincide collection of terms collinear collinear planes collision column (1) (2) column matrix column vector combination common chord common denominator common difference common divisor common factor common logarithm common multiple common ratio common tangent commutative law comparable compass compass bearing compasses compasses construction compatible complement complement law complementary angle complementary equation complementary event complementary function complementary probability complete oscillation completing the square complex conjugate complex number

complex unmber plane complex root component component of force composite function composite number composition of mappings composition of relations compound angle compound angle formula compound bar chart compound discount compound interest compound probability compound statement computation computer concave concave downward concave polygon concave upward concentric circles concept conclusion concurrent concyclic concyclic points condition conditional conditional identity conditional inequality conditional probability cone confidence coefficient confidence interval confidence level confidence limit confocal section congruence (1) congruence class congruent congruent figures congruent triangles (2)

conic conic section

; ;

conical pendulum conjecture conjugate conjugate axis conjugate diameters conjugate hyperbola

conjugate imaginary / complex number conjugate radical conjugate surd conjunction connective connector box consecutive integers consecutive numbers consequence / ;

consequent conservation of energy conservation of momentum conserved consistency condition consistent consistent estimator constant constant acceleration constant force constant of integration constant speed constant term constant velocity constraint construct construction construction of equation continued proportion continued ratio continuity continuity correction continuous continuous data

continuous function continuous proportion continuous random variable contradiction converge convergence convergent convergent iteration convergent sequence convergent series converse ( ) converse of a relation converse theorem conversion convex convex polygon convexity coordinate coordinate geometry coordinate system coplanar coplanar forces coplanar lines co-prime ; corollary ; ; correct to correlation correlation coefficient correspondence corresponding angles (1) corresponding element corresponding sides cosecant cosine cosine formula cost price cotangent countable countable set countably infinite counter clockwise direction counter example counting (2)

couple Carmer's rule criterion critical point critical region cirtical value cross-multiplication cross-section cube cube root cubic ( ) cubic equation cubic roots of unity cuboid cumulative cumulative distribution function cumulative frequecy cumulative frequency curve cumulative frequcncy distribution cumulative frequency polygon curvature of a curve curve curve sketching curve tracing curved line curved surface curved surface area cyclic expression cyclic permutation cyclic quadrilateral cycloid ; cylinder cylindrical damped oscillation data De Moivre's theorem De Morgan's law decagon decay decay factor decelerate ( ) ( )

decelaration decile decimal decimal place decimal point decimal system decision box declarative sentence declarative statement decoding decrease decreasing function decreasing sequence decreasing series decrement deduce deduction deductive reasoning definite definite integral definition degenerated conic section degree (1) ; (2) degree of a polynomial degree of accuracy degree of confidence degree of freedom degree of ODE degree of precision delete ; denary number denominator dependence (1) ; (2) dependent event(s) dependent variable depreciation derivable derivative derived curve derived function derived statistics descending order descending powers of x x descriptive statistics

; ;

detached coefficients determinant deviation ; deviation from the mean diagonal diagonal matrix diagram ; diameter diameter of a conic difference difference equation difference of sets differentiable differential differential coefficient ; differential equation differential mean value theorem differentiate ... differentiate from first principle differentiation digit dimension ; ; ( direct impact direct image direct proportion direct tax, direct taxation direct variation ( ) directed angle directed line directed line segment directed number direction ; direction angle direction cosine direction number direction ratio directrix Dirichlet function discontinuity discontinuous discontinuous point discount discrete ; discrete data )

( )


( );

( )

discrete random variable discrete uniform distribution discriminant disjoint disjoint sets disjunction dispersion displacement disprove distance distance formula distinct roots distincr solution distribution distributive law diverge divergence ( ) divergent divergent iteration divergent sequence divergent series divide dividend (1) divisible division division algorithm divisor divisor of zero dodecagon domain


dot dot product double angle double angle formula double root dual duality (1) ; (2) due east/ south/ west /north dynamics eccentric angle eccentric circles eccentricity echelon form echelon matrix

edge efficient estimator effort eigenvalue eigenvector elastic body elastic collision elastic constant elastic force elasticity element elementary event elementary function elementary row operation elimination elimination method ellipse ellipsiod elliptic function elongation empirical data empirical formula empirical probability empty set encoding enclosure end point energy ; entire surd epicycloid equal equal ratios theorem equal roots equal sets equality ( ) equality sign equation equation in one unknown equation in two unknowns (variables) equation of a straight line equation of locus equiangular ( ) equidistant ( )

equilateral ( ) equilateral polygon equilateral triangle equilibrium equiprobable equiprobable space equivalence equivalence class equivalence relation equivalent ( ) error error allowance error estimate error term error tolerance escribed circle estimate estimator Euclidean algorithm Euclidean geometry Euler's formula evaluate even function even number evenly distributed event exact exact differential form exact solution exact value example excentre exception excess exclusive exclusive disjunction exclusive events exercise exhaustive event(s) existential quantifier expand expand form expansion expectation

expectation value, expected value experiment experimental experimental probability explicit function exponent exponential function exponential order ; express in terms of expression extension extension of a function exterior angle external angle bisector external point of division extreme point extreme value extremum face factor factor method factor theorem factorial factorization factorization of polynomial fallacy FALSE ( ) falsehood family family of circles family of concentric circles family of straight lines feasible solution Fermat's last theorem Fibonacci number Fibonacci sequence fictitious mean figure (1) ( ) (2) final velocity finite finite dimensional vector space finite population finite probability space

finite sequence finite series finite set first approximation first derivative first order differential equation first projection ; first quartile first term fixed deposit fixed point fixed point iteration method fixed pulley flow chart focal axis focal chord focal length focus(foci) folium of Descartes foot of perpendicular for all X X for each /every X force forced oscillation form formal proof format formula(formulae) four leaved rose curve four rules four-figure table fourth root fraction fraction in lowest term fractional equation fractional index fractional inequality free fall free vector ; frequency frequency distribution frequency distribution table frequency polygon friction ; X

frictionless motion frustum fulcrum function function of function functional notation fundamental theorem of algebra fundamental theorem of calculus gain gain perent game 1 2 Gaussian distribution Gaussian elimination general form general solution general term generating function generator (1) ; (2) geoborad geometric distribution geometric mean geometric progression geometric sequence geometric series geometry given global ; global maximum global minimum golden section grade gradient (1) grand total graph graph paper graphical method graphical representation graphical solution gravitational acceleration gravity greatest term greatest value grid lines group

; ;


grouped data grouping terms growth growth factor half angle half angle formula half closed interval half open interval harmonic mean (1) harmonic progression head height helix hemisphere heptagon Heron's formula heterogeneous (1) ; (2) hexagon higher order derivative highest common factor(H.C.F) Hindu-Arabic numeral histogram Holder's Inequality homogeneous homogeneous equation Hooke's law horizontal horizontal asymptote horizontal component horizontal line horizontal range hyperbola hyperbolic function hypergeometric distribution hypocycloid hypotenuse hypothesis hypothesis testing hypothetical syllogism hypotrochoid idempotent identical

; (2)

identity identity element identity law identity mapping identity matrix identity relation if and only if/iff if , then . illustration image image axis imaginary circle imaginary number imaginary part imaginary root imaginary unit impact implication implicit definition implicit function imply impossible event improper fraction improper integral impulse impulsive force incentre incircle inclination inclined plane included angle included side inclusion mapping inclusive inclusive disjunction inconsistent ( increase increasing function increasing sequence increasing series increment indefinite integral idenfinite integration independence


( )

independent equations independent event independent variable indeterminate (1) (2) indeterminate coefficient indeterminate form index,indices index notation induced operation induction hypothesis inelastic collision inequality inequality sign inertia infer inference infinite infinite dimensional infinite population infinite sequence infinite series infinitely many infinitesimal infinity ( ) ( ) inflection (inflexion) point inherent error initial approximation initial condition initial point initial side initial value initial velocity initial-value problem injection injective function inner product input input box inscribed circle insertion insertion of brackets instantaneous instantaneous acceleration instantaneous speed

instantaneous velocity integer integrable integrable function integral integral index integral mean value theorem integral part integral solution integral value integrand integrate ...... integrating factor integration integration by parts integration by substitution integration constant interaction intercept intercept form intercept theorem interchange interest interest rate interest tax interior angle interior angles on the same s the transversal interior opposite angle intermediate value theorem internal bisector internal division internal energy internal force internal point of division interpolating polynomial interpolation inter-quartile range intersect intersection (1) interval interval estimation intuition (2) (3)

ide of

invalid invariance invariant (1) (2) inverse inverse circular function inverse cosine function inverse function inverse cosine function inverse function inverse mapping inverse matrix inverse problem inverse proportion inverse relation inverse sine function inverse tangent function inverse variation ( ) invertible invertible matrix irrational equation irrational number irreducibility irregular isomorphism isosceles triangle iterate (1) ; (2) iteration iteration form iterative function iterative method jet propulsion joint variation ( ) ( ) kinetic energy kinetic friction known L.H.S. L'Hospital's rule Lagrange interpolating polynomial Lagrange theorem Lami's law Laplace expansion last term latent root ; lattice point

latus rectum ; law law of conservation of momentum law of indices law of inference law of trichotomy leading coefficient leading diagonal least common multiple, lowest common multiple (L.C.M) least value left hand limit lemma lemniscate length ( ) letter like surd like terms limacon limit limit of sequence limiting case limiting friction limiting position line line of action line of best-fit line of greatest slope line of intersection line segment linear linear convergence linear differeantial equation linear equation linear equation in two unknowns linear inequality linear momentum linear programming linearly dependent linearly independent literal coefficient literal equation

load loaded coin loaded die local maximum local minimum locus, loci logarithm logarithmic equation logarithmic function logic logical deduction logical step long division method loop loss loss per cent lower bound lower limit lower quartile lower sum

( ) ( )

lower triangular matrix lowest common multiple(L.C.M) machine Maclaurin expansion Maclaurin series magnitude major arc major axis major sector major segment mantissa mantissa of logarithm many to one many-sided figure many-valued map into map onto mapping marked price Markov chain mass mathematical analysis mathematical induction mathematical sentence

mathematics matrix ; matrix addition matrix equation matrix multiplication matrix operation maximize maximum absolute error maximum point maximum value mean ( ) mean deviation mean value theorem measure of dispersion measurement mechanical energy median (1) meet mensuration method method of completing square method of interpolation ; method of least squares method of substitution method of successive substitution method of superposition metric unit mid-point mid-point formula mid-point theorem million minimize minimum point minimum value Minkowski Inequality minor (1) (2) minor arc minor axis minor of a determinant minor sector minor segment minus minute (2)

; ;

mixed number(fraction) modal class mode model modulo (1) ; ; (2) modulo arithmetic modulus ; modulus of a complex number modulus of elasticity ( ) moment arm (1) ; (2) moment of a force moment of inertia momentum monomial monotone monotonic convergence monotonic decreasing monotonic decreasing function monotonic function monotonic increasing monotonic increasing function motion movable pulley multinomial multiple multiple angle multiple-angle formula multiple root multiplicand multiplication multiplication law (of probability) ( multiplicative inverse multiplicative property multiplicity multiplier multiply multi-value mulually disjoint mutually exclusive events mutually independent ; mutually perpendicular lines n factorial n n th derivative n )

n th root n n n the root of unity n Napierian logarithm ; natural logarithm natural number natural surjection necessary and sufficient condition necessary condition negation negative negative angle negative binomial distribution negative index negative integer negative number negative vector ; neighborhood net ( ) net force Newton-Cote's rule Newton-Raphson's method Newton's formula Newton's law of motion Newton's method n-gon n nonagon non-collinear non-commutative non-linear non-linear equation non-negative non-reflexive non-singular (1) non-singular matrix non-transitive non-trivial non-zero norm ; normal (1) normal curve normal distribution normal form -

; (2)



normal reaction normal to curve normal vector normalize normalized form notation null ; null hypothesis null set null vector number number line number pair number pattern number plane number system numeral numeral system numerator numerical numerical analysis numerical expression numerical integration numerical method objective function oblique oblique asymptote oblique cone oblique impact oblique triangle obtuse angle obtuse-angled triangle octagon octahedron octant odd function odd number one-to-many one-to-one

one-one correspondence one-one mapping open interval open sentence

operation opposite angle opposite interior angle opposite side optimal solution order (1) (2) order of a matrix ordered n-tuples n ordered pair ordered relation

ordered set ordered triples ; ordinary differential equation ordinate origin orthocentre orthogonal orthogonal circles orthogonal projection orthogonality oscillation oscillatory convergence outcome output output box overlap pairwise mutually exclusive events parabola paraboloid paradox parallel ( ) parallel force parallel lines ( ) parallelepiped parallelogram parallelogram law of addition parallelogram method parameter parametric equation parametric form partial fraction partial sum partial variation particle

particular solution partition ; Pascal's triangle pattern pegboard pencil of lines pendulum pentadecagon pentagon per cent percentage percentage decrease percentage error percentage increase percentile perfect elastic body perfect number perfecr square perimeter period periodic function permutation permutation with repetition permutation without repetition perpendicular ( ) perpendicular bisector perpendicular line phase ;

phase shift pictogram pie chart pinboard pivot place holder place value plan (1) plane plane figure plot plus point point circle


point estimation point of application of force point of contact point of division point of inflection (inflexion) point of intersection point-slope form Poisson distribution polar axis polar coordinate plane polar coordinate polar coordinate system polar coordinates polar equation polar form pole polygon polygon law of addition polygon method polyhedron polynomial polynomial equation population population mean position vector positive positive index positive integer positive number posterior probability post-multiply postulate potential energy power (1) power function power series power set ; precise precision preimage premultiply prime prime factor prime number ; ; ; (2)

( ;


primitive (1) primitive function principal (1) (2) principal angle principal axis principal value principal value interval prior probability ; prism ( ) ( ) prismoid probability probability density function probability distribution probability generating function problem process box produce product product and sum formula product rule product sample space product set product to sum formula profit profit per cent profits tax progression projectile motion projecting lines projecting plane projection ( ); proof ( ) proof by contradiction proof by contrapositive proper fraction proper integral proper subset property property tax proportion proportional proposition propositional calculus propositional inference ( ) ;


protractor pulley punch card purely imaginary number pyramid ( ) ( Pythagoras' theorem Pythagorean triplet quadrant quadratic convergence quadratic equation quadratic formula quadratic function quadratic inequality quadratic polynomial quadrature quadrilateral quantifier quantity quartic equation quartile quintic equation quotient quotient rule quotient set R.H.S radial component radian radian measure radical radical axis radical centre radius, radii random random experiment random number random sample random variable range rank rate rate of change ; rate of convergence ratio ; rational expression

rational function rational index rational number rationalization raw data raw score reaction (force) real axis real number real part

real root reason reciprocal recoil ; rectangle rectangular block rectangular coordinate plane rectangular coordinates rectangular distribution rectangular formula rectangular hyperbola rectangular number rectifiable rectilinear figure rectilinear motion recurrence formula recurrent recurring decimal reduce reducibility ; reducible reductio ad absurdum reduction formula reduction of forces reference angle reference line reflex angle reflexive reflexive relation region region of acceptance region of convergency region of rejection regula falsi method ; ;

regular regular polygon reject relation relative error relative frequency relative maximum relative minimum relative motion relative velocity relatively prime remainder remainder term remainder theorem removable discontinuity removal of brackets repeated trials residual ; resolution of force resolution of vector resolve restoring force resultant resultant force resultant vector resultant velocity retard retardation revolution rhombus right angle right circular cone right circular cylinder right hand limit right prism right pyramid right-angled triangle rigid body Rolle's theorem root root-mean-square rotation round angle rounded number

( ) ( )

rounding(off) row row vector ; rule ( ) ruler salaries tax sample sample mean sample space sampling distribution sampling theory sandwich theorem satisfy scalar ; , scalar matrix scalar multipliction scalar product scalar triple product scale scalene triangle scatter diagram Schwartz's inequality scientific notation secant (1) ; (2) secant method second second derivative second order ordinary differential equation second quartile (1) section (1) section formula sector segment segment of a circle selling price semicircle semi-conjugate axis semi-major axis semi-minor axis (2)


; ;

semi-transverse axis semi-vertical angle sentence separable differential equation

septic equation sequence series set set square set-builder form shaded portion shape shear side sign signed number significance level significant figure signum similar similar figures similar triangles similarity ( ) simple equation simple harmonic motion simple interest simple iteration method simple pendulum simplify Simpson's integral Simpson's rule simultaneous differential equations simultaneous equations simultaneous inequalities simultaneous linear equations in two unknowns sine sine formula singleton single-valued function singular singular matrix ; skew distribution skew line slant edge slant height slope slope-intercept form soild with uniform corss-section

solid solid of revolution solution solution of equation solution of triangle solution set solve span special angle speed sphere spheroid spiral square (1) (2) square bracket square matrix ( ) square number square root squeeze theorem stability

standard deviation standard equation standard error standard form standard normal distribution standard score standard unit statement statement calculus static friction statics stationary stationary point stationary value statistical chart statistical data statistical significance statistics step ; step function

straight line straight line graph strictly monotonic strictly monotonic function

subject submultiple angle formula subnormal subsequence ( ) subset subsidiary angle substitute substitution ; subtangent subtend subtract subtraction successive approximation successive derivative successive differentiation sufficiency sufficient and necessary condition sufficient condition sufficiently close suffix sum sum to infinity sum to n terms n sum to product formula summation ; summation formula superimposing super set supplementary angle surd ; surface ; surface area ; surface of revolution surjection surjective function syllogism symbol ; symmetrix difference symmetric expression symmetric relation symmetry ; synthetic division system ; system of circles

; ;

; ;

system of numerals system of straight lines table tabulate tabulation form tabulation method tail tangent tautology Taylor s expansion Taylor s series Taylor s theorem tension term terminal box terminal point terminal side terminal velocity terminating decimal tesselation test ciiterion test of significance tetrahedron theorem theoretical probability theory third quartile three-dimensional space thrust time to the nearest top torque torus total total probability touch trace trajectory transcendental function transcendental number

transform transformation transformation of variable transitive transitive law transitive property transitivity translation transpose transpose of matrix transversal transverse axis transverse component trapezium trapezoidal integral trapezoidal rule travel graph tree diagram trial triangle triangle inequality triangle law of addition triangle method triangular matrix triangular number triangular prism trichotomy law trichotomy property trigonometric equation trigonometric function trigonometric identity trigonometric ratio trigonometric table trigonometry trinomial triple triple angle triple product trisect trivial solution trochoid TRUE

truncated Taylor s series truncation error truth table truth value turning point two-dimensional space two-point form two-tailed test type I error I type II error II unary operation unbiased estimator unbounded function undefined ( ) undetermined coefficient unequal ungrouped data uniform ( ) ( uniform acceleration uniform body uniform cross-section uniform motion uniform speed uniform velocity uniformly distributed unimodal distribution union ; unique solution uniqueness unit unit area unit circle unit imaginary number unit matrix unit vector ; unit volume universal quantifier universal set ; unknown unlike upper bound upper limit upper quartile upper sum

upper triangular matrix valid formula ; validity ; value variability ; variable variable speed variable velocity variance variation vector ; vector addition ; vector equation ; vector function ; vector product ; vector space vector subspace vector triple product velocity Venn diagram ; verify vertex, vertices ( vertical vertical angle vertical asymptote vertical component vertical line vertically opposite angles vibration void set volume volume of revolution watt ; weight (1) (2) weighted average, weighted mean whole number width without loss of generality work x-axis x x-coordinate x x-intercept x y-axis y )

y-coordinate y y-intercept y zero zero factor zero matrix zero vector zeros of a function