Title : Sea Of Diamonds - The world of gemstones The world of gemstones Gemstones are precious stones that can

be cut and polished to make unique pieces of jewelry. Gemstones have often been linked helping with healing, achieving economic gains, creating good luck, and helping to find the right soul mate. More than fifty popular gemstone varieties are available nowadays, and most of them are relatively rare. Some precious ones are unique in their crystalline structure and chemical composition, and can be placed under their own categories; others can simply be lumped into one. Gemstones can be quite expensive depending on certain qualities such as carat weight, color and clarity. Precious gemstones display special quality of color, beauty and hardness. Some gemstones are also judged by their luster, size and purity. Garnets, alexandrite, moon stones, jade, sardonyx, blood stone, amber, amethysts, and onyx are few semi-precious stones that have achieved great popularity in the world of gemstones. The World of Gems – Few Popular Ones Some gemstones have gained recognition these days because of their beauty and size. Few famous ones preferred by most people are: • • • • • • • • • Aquamarines Lapis Lazuli Emeralds Opals Pearl Ruby Sapphires Spinels Topaz

Major Types of Semi Precious and Precious Gems In the World of Gemstones • Diamond – This gemstone is a naturally occurring substance that falls into its own type. Diamonds are high-carbon crystals combined under extreme heat and pressure. They are not rare stones since thousands of diamonds are being mined every year. However, high-quality diamonds are extremely rare and are probably the most precious gemstones in the world. Jade - It is a unique piece of semi-precious stone. It was originally used for knives, axe heads and other weapons. Today, jade based pieces of ornamentations are mainly composed of magnesium and calcium elements. Jade is found in various parts of the world, and has large deposits in Cassiar and Lillooet regions. Feldspar – The base material of this unique type of gem is basically tectonic in nature. Feldspars are found in high geographic instability regions like volcanic chains and earthquake faults. With enough pressure and heat applied, tectonic elements are fused to create unique red gemstone called feldspar. Quartz – It is a common type of mineral that comes in variety of colors. The main tendency of this gemstone is to take up hexagonal shapes. It can also make superb prism if flawless. Finding perfect and large quartz is extremely rare.

Corundum – It is a hardest type of gem composed of different types of trace minerals and aluminum oxide. The trace mineral helps to create different varieties of corundum. Two most popular examples of this kind of stone are sapphire and ruby.

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