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Introduction and Summary of Business model

The demand for flying machines is going up day by day. Since the invention of Wright brothers, this sector has mature very sharply but unfortunately our nation is still way behind in the back yard of the sector. But the news of hope is that people have slowly started thinking about this fast growing sector and in recently an aircraft maintenance organization has been established in Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport which has done some successful business deals with the foreign airlines. But if we have a look on the rotorcraft sector, we can see it is still green. Money is in the air but there is no one to grab it and make a healthy business by establishing the ground for rotorcraft related business in Bangladesh. That is why our interest is in exploring those opportunities and becoming a pioneer and leader. Maintenance is a crucial factor and the foremost barrier for aviation industry because the maintenance cost is very high, especially for us as there is no such organization who can solve the rotorcraft problems and maintain them in the right way. Plenty of millionaires in Bangladesh are thinking about buying a helicopter as their prime transport, because it is easy to fly from any where and will save a lot of time which is much more important for the conglomerates. But when the question comes about maintenance the dream of helicopter is demolished straight away. But our eventual goal is to fulfil their dream and give the rotorcraft business a successful shape in Bangladesh and drag it to international level.

The prime objective of this project is to establish another transportation business by the side of airlines business. Now people are flying through aircraft but in near future people will fly through Helicopter with low cost and any place in Bangladesh. It is really impossible to go to a particular place with aircraft because of the things involved with it i.e. runway, pilot, cabin crew, ATC, airport etc. But in terms of a Helicopter only one pilot per vehicle is enough to provide the service within Bangladesh. To support/maintain our helicopter we have to establish the Helicopter MRO (Maintenance & Repair Organization) which in fact will be the source of earning major revenue for the company.

Institute the helicopter sells point. Airlines business with helicopter instead of aircraft. Ascertain an Helicopter MRO Set up helicopter equipment overhauling facilities. Exertion as consultant for different airlines in terms of aircraft/helicopter lease or buy. Make a base for enthusiastic in aviation.

Company Summary
Get Proposal for Company name Something like avia etc However in aviation industry obvious names are omitted such as Aviatech Name should ideally start with the alphabet A Should be relevant to companys core service and business activity Should be easy to remembered


Keys to Success
Take Charge The first key is to realize that successes will not just happen, it is up to the particular to make it happen. Successful people claim to be in control. So when we are in control we can choose what to do. As our professional and educational life has started with Aviation so most of the factors that can affect internally and externally in our business is familiar to us. Know Where we Are Going Without having specific goals, business owners often find working in the business becomes an endless drudgery. If being in business is not exciting, enjoyable and rewarding, then why be in it? We have a clear idea of where we are going what should be the next. If our goals are not clearly defined it is easy to become like the mouse on the treadmill. Train our People to do It better than us When we start a business based on our own unique skills, we have a difficult choice when we get too busy to cope up with all the work our expertise has created. We need to spread the load by employing others to do some of the work. This is the critical point in the business development. If we get this right, the future of the business is assured, but if it goes wrong, the business is doomed. Having made the choice to grow, the key to unlocking this potential is to train the new people to be better than ourselves. Celebrate Victories When we plan our future and set goals it is easy to determine when to celebrate. Without goals to achieve, we can keep on working until it becomes a drudgery. Celebrations put excitement into what we do.

Products and Services

More than just selling a helicopter, we will offer comprehensive management services so our clients can have their new purchase taken care of. We will provide the guidance they need to get started as a new helicopter owner: pilot services, maintenance, tracking, repair, parts and plenty more. Sales & Consultancy Customer will be briefed and guided to buy their aircraft. Maintenance & Support Helicopter/ aircraft MRO (i.e. equipments overhauling and daily maintenance) Helicopter parking services. Aviation training School Pilot training. Engineer training. Self owned or Aircraft Fractional Airlines Emergency medical services Holiday packages, Chartered services etc. Light equipment manufacturing Manufacturing of non safety critical components (more market study needed).


SWOT Analysis
Strengths A major strength of any airline is the product itself, i.e. air travel and also the esteem of being noticed in the society as the owner of a private helicopter. Despite downturns, over time air travel continues to grow, not only due to the amount of money people posses but also due to an increased propensity to fly. An additional strength is the safety record, and the associated public acceptance of air travel as both a fast and safe way to travel. Weaknesses Airlines have a high spoilage rate compared to most other industries. Aircraft is expensive and requires huge capital outlays. Continual communication and monitoring required. This can be exacerbated during operational irregularities, such as bad weather or natural disasters. Lack of trained pilot. Opportunities Airline market growth offers continual expansion opportunities for both leisure and business destinations. This is particularly true for destinations all over Bangladesh. Technology advances can result in cost savings, from more fuel efficient aircraft to more automated processes on the ground. Technology can also result in increased revenue due to customer-friendly service enhancements like in-flight internet access and other value added products for which a customer will pay extra. Threats A local and even a global economic downturn negatively affects leisure, optional travel, as well as business travel. The price of fuel is now the greatest cost for many airlines, hence an upward spike can destabilize the business model. A plague or terrorist attack anywhere in the country can negatively affect air travel. Government intervention can result in new costly rules or unexpected new competition.

Management Summary
Currently there are three of us with high level of interest and expertise in the relevant field. However we are looking for investors who will be taking part in the decision making process and play an important role in the company. Brief profiles of the three (Monirul, Abdullah and Razib) are attached in the following pages. P.T.O


Monirul Hassan
Profile An insightful, proactive and positive person with international marketing and sales experience. Hands on experience in handling blue chip companies i.e., Telenor, Oracle, IBM, Honeywell, AstraZeneca, GSK, BAE Systems, Thales etc. He has business acumen for continuous improvements in commercial operations and sales techniques. With a can-do attitude and extraordinary optimism his education, skills and experience can be moulded and transferred to maximise opportunities at any industry sector. Education Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. Chartered Management Institute UK (Feb 2010 - Sep 2010) BSc Hons. Media Production. University of Surrey (Sep 2004 June 2007) Dual Diploma in Multimedia and Animation. Arena Multimedia. (Feb 2002 July 2004) A-Level. Manarat Dhaka Intl College (Feb 2001 June 2002) O-Level. Manarat Dhaka Intl College (Jan 2000 Jan 2001) Career Profile Jan 2011 Present Sales Manager. Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd. Kazi and Kazi Tea is part of Gemcon Group and produces internationally certified organic tea, making it the only substantial garden of its kind in Bangladesh. ( March 2010 Dec 2010 Business Development Manager, IQPC, London, UK Jan 2008 Feb 2010 Sales Manager, EMAP, London, UK May 2007 Dec 2007 Sr. Sales Executive, Harveys Furniture, Woking, UK Oct 2005 May 2007 Customer Service Manager. BHS, Woking, UK Professional Training Business development E-Marketing Brand management Telesales Objection handling Closing & Negotiation
(March 2010, London, UK) (April 2010, London, UK) (May 2010, London, UK) (Feb 2008, London, UK) (April 2008, London, UK) (May 2008, London, UK)

Lead generation Time management MS Word and MS Excel People management First Aid Commercial operations

(Sep 2008, London UK) (Jan 2009, London, UK) (Aug 2009, London, UK) (Feb 2006, Woking, UK) (March 2006, Woking, UK) (Nov 2005, Woking UK)


Abdullah Saad Mahmud

Personal Profile An Aeronautical Engineer with an excellent understanding of interrelationship between engineering and business disciplines (such as customer relations, budget control etc.) is keen to develop a career in airline industry. Education Post Graduate in Aeronautical Engineering City University London (2007 to 2009) BSc(Hons) in Aeronautical Engineering Farnborough College of Technology, UK (2004 to 2007) GCE A-levels MDPMAM Billah, Brunei Darussalam (2002 to 2003) GCE O-Levels Sekolah Menengah Sultan Hassan, Brunei Darussalam (1998 to 2000) Primary Education IDEAL Motijheel School & College, Dhaka (1989 to 1998) Career Profile March 2010 - Present Guest Lecturer Aeronautical College of Bangladesh, Uttara. May 2010 February 2120 Program Manager (HND) Aeronautical College of Bangladesh, Uttara. July 2007 to August 2007 Maintenance Apprentice FlightSafety International, UK. It involved maintenance of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) certified flight simulators of business-jet, e.g. Beech 1900D, Citation Bravo, Citation Jet 2, Citation XL, Dash 8 Q400, Gulfstream IV, Hawker 400XP, Hawker 800XP, King Air 200, and Saab


Khandoker Raisul Azad (Razib)

Personal Profile With a keen interest to develop a career in air transport industry and contribute towards safety, he is currently looking for exposure as an entrepreneur in aviation industry hence gained hands on experience on complex aircraft & different airlines. With extraordinary analytic skills, organizational capabilities, and creativity in tackling problems he will make a positive contribution in any organization. License: EASA-66 B1 Category Module: Human Factor (09) Career Profile Organization : Assistant Administrative Officer. Ban Air Ltd. On Job Training: Organization: Bismillah Airlines Aircraft Type: HS-748 Organization: Saudi Arabian Airlines Aircraft Type: Boeing 747-300 Organization: Best Airways Aircraft Type: Consultant (For next Haz flight) Scholastic Records: Course Name Institute Course Name Institute Education Project: ND project: Design & build Radio Controlled (RC) aircraft. Achievement: Successfully design, build & fly. HND project: Design & build Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Achievement: Successfully design, build & fly. Aviation Training: First: Aircraft type: Dash-8 : BTEC Higher National Diploma in Aerospace Engineering. (HND) : Aeronautical College of Bangladesh, Edexcel, UK. : BTEC National Diploma in Aerospace Engineering. (ND) : Aeronautical College of Bangladesh,Edexcel, UK.

Course: Airframe & Powerplant Familiarization

Second: Flight Attendant Operation Airline Computer Reservation System Global Fares & Ticketing Extra Curricular Activities: Membership: Student Affiliate of Royal Aeronautical Society, UK. President: CDG (Conceptual Design Group). Founder: Bangladesh Aviation Society Certificate of participation: SEND YOUR NAME TO THE MOON project in 2008 awarded by NASA.


Financial Plan
Projected Profit and Loss: NPV (Net Present Value) Initial cost 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Land (2 Acres) Hanger Pilot (5) Engineer (10) Training Maintenance Fuel Security Advertisement License & Agreements Administration Equipment Revenue Net cash flow Discount Factor Year-0 (-)60000000 (-)70000000 (-)5000000 (-)50000 (-)100000 (-)300000 (-)10000000 (-)8000000 (-)10000000 (-)5000 (-)100000 219000000 132544500 0.909 120482951 (-)50000 (-)100000 (-)400000 (-)11000000 (-)8000000 (-)10000000 (-)5000 (-)120000 292000000 269525000 0.826 222627650 (-)100000 (-)200000 (-)450000 (-)11200000 (-)8200000 (-)2000000 (-)5000 (-)150000 382666666 360361666 0.751 270631611 (-)100000 (-)200000 (-)500000 (-)11300000 (-)8200000 (-)2000000 (-)5000 (-)200000 520000000 497495000 0.683 339789085 Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4

(-)100000 (-)10000000 (-)145100000 1 ()145100000

Present Value

Net Present Value: 953531297 145100000 =808431297 Evaluation: From the above calculation it is being cleared that Net present value is positive, so the project is feasible. Note: The entire sum is in BDT. The discount rate is 10% to calculate the Net present value.