PROGRAM FOR - THE LIVING ROOM (RCS) “The Career Coach Is Back”

Week: Monday 18 September 2000, 1115 – 1200 Please note that Talk @ NLB is NEXT WEEK, 26/9/00!! Topic is Tools for Career Development – what’s out there and what can help you reach your goals? Topics for Today: Highlights of Career Masters International Seminar held in Toronto in Canada: Speaker Martin Yates, Author of “Career Smarts: A Guide to the Jobs of the Future”, lectures world-wide on career management & job search said:
• Career Mgmt: people are changing jobs every 3.8 yrs. Instead of 3 jobs in a life, 3 careers in a lifetime. • Careers - think in terms of calendars, not clocks • Associations make professionals strong, use them to sustain your continuing professional development

Andrea Kay, Syndicated career columnist, & Author of “Interview Strategies that will get you the Job You Want” says:
Practice and practice but don’t memorise, use personality to show depth as well as breadth. Practice the tricky questions and build self-confidence.

I find the same in my practice – my client and I work together to anticipate and defuse tricky questions.

Mitch Axelrod, Expert motivation speaker and trainer says:
• Fear of success is the greatest fear it takes you away from where most feel comfortable. • There is not greater investment that you could make than in yourself. • Your values determine how you react and interact with the world, learn more about these as a tool to unlock your career potential – maximise your strengths and minimse or re-train your weaknesses.

ANDREA WAINES - Miller Dallas – Toronto – largest Outplacement Company in Toronto
1. The independently wealthy executive: parachute method. The motivation for finding a job is a true second to "self-actualization". Clients look to O (outplacement firm) to help them connect & invest in Small biz, or help start consultant firm. 2. Soon, a sign of status will be the name of your career coach. (John Read @What Career Next!) 3. jobs: looking for senior HR people to help them recruit, Senior level positions, marketing. The companies that are doing the hiring, already had their money prior to the drying up of funding from Wall Street. Individuals who are taking advantage of the high-level positions at these companies know that if they can hold a high level chair, they have totally enhanced their marketabilitiy. 4. Will the web change the outplacement industry? We have found that the time spent on research, correspondence and surfing for target company info and job leads is decreasing for us (as the executive is more prepared - job search wise than ever before), yet our attendance is up and we feel that the clients continue to come into our office for affiliation, human contact with peers that technology does not provide, comfort of replacement workplace, a reduced sense of isolation, some accountability, energy, coaching, high-touch aspect. 5. Differences we see in the corporate client: HOTELING concept: where employer pays for office space when it is needed. Contrast with dry-cleaning services, concierge stuff, etc 6. Severance packaging: more lump sum: less work, cleaner, allows everyone to focus, harder to determine when re-employment actually takes place, less extended stay, more bonus related stuff: incentive-based stuff, (as part of severance - more employees are fighting for them and getting them). WE

see less fear of negative ramifications in the job market in response to suing prior company. 7. LANDING TIME: How long it takes you to get re-employed. Getting harder to define, since is starting new biz considered re-employment.

Wayne Gonyea, President Resume Express concludes: Cover letter & Resumes must answer
WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU? Why are you the one ? that they care about. They want a FOCUSED resume. They like the competencies at the top. Results-oriented, transferable skills, related work experience, must be shown. Responsibility element is important of Sr Mgmt In North America and Canada 95% of jobs through networking in IT. The FIT of the person to the team is more important than the age of the candidate. - check culture.

RANDY BLOCK. 28 Years as a Recruiter specialises in placement of high-tech professionals, managers & executives, tells applicants this:
I expect them to have gone through the company's web-site and know it cold, I DO. Differentiation is vital…Positions over middle mgmt really need a lot of chemistrypersonality – uniqueness to enable FIT to be determined really matters. Found summaries on resumes sound pretty similar, recently, 100 different companies said that when hiring a HR MGR. So make sure you put yourself forward and avoid generics without customisation. Lots more but I will close with this one…

Rules For Salary Negotiations, from Jack Chapman, author of “Negotiating Your Salary: How to make a $1000 a Minute”… Rule 1: Don’t discuss salary first and don’t put your bid in your resume Rule 2: Let them go first! Rule 3: Learn to say Hmmmph!

Rule 4: Research your salary, know when to give it. Rule 5: Get the job and the salary and the benefits, negotiate these last but not least

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