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Chu,ch of Jesus Ch""t of Latter-day
Thus Saith the Lord Jesus Christ, Even
Son Ahman, Who Ruleth in the Heavens
and Over All Nations, to the Leaders of
,-,a'deY,",H" and the Peoples Thereof, Mine
OwnWords ofWarning anda Call to Prepare
for Appearing, Saying Thus: ... 25
the Lord Jesus Christ, Even
Son Ahman, the God of All Creation, to
of Nation of Latvia and
to the People Thereof. Amen. Thus Hear
My Word: .......................... 27
Saith Your Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ, Who Is Son Ahman, to the NATO
to the Leaders of NATO Nations,
Commanders of ~ A T O Military
Own Word of Prophecy and
Because You Heeded Me Not,
an Aggressive Organization,
of a Defensive Nature Alone;
Yea, I Send My Word That You May
of That Which Is to Come Upon
Thee If You Continue to Be an Aggressive
Organization, and Also as You Continue
the Great Evils I Have Previously
to Be in Your Nations -- Thus
the Lord: ........................ 30
Thus Saith Son Ahman, Even Jesus
Christ, to the Leaders of Somalia, Word
of Prophecy and Warning and Judgment to
Upon Thee ...................... 36
Thus Saith Jesus Christ, Even Son Ahman,
the Leaders of the Nations of the Earth
A Great Call of Warning .... , ........... 38
Thus Sa1th Son Ahman, Even Jesus
to the Leaders of All Nations Through
Ambassadors in United Kation8: ......... .
Thus Saith Jesus Christ, Son
Unto the of the Nation
United States of America, and to the
Peoples Thereof, Warning and Continued
Call to Prepare for Great Day of Final
Judgments, Who Saith: ................. ~
Thus Saith Son Ahman, Your Lord Jesus
Christ, to All Peoples ofthe Earth Unto Your
Salvation if You Heed Me, Saying Thus: .....
Jesus Christ Speaketh to of
the United States Solemn Warning Again,
Mine Own Word from the Heavens, to
Be Heeded Lest Judgments Follow Upon
Those Who Heed Me Not, Saith the Lord,
Even Son Ahman ...................... 5 •
Thus Saith Jesus Christ, Your Holy Power
of Eternal Holy Power of Union Power
Celestial Over All Creation; the God Over
All, to All Peoples of the Earth; Who Now
Dwell on Earth, Even to All Nations,
Word ofPure Holy Revealing Who to
to as My Holy Servant of Priesthood
Authority on Earth, to Receive My Holy
Gospel in Pure Holy Truth Way to Be of
Full Way to Earn Holy Life on Earth, to
Also Be ofEternal H01y Life of Full Power
of Salvation. Come Unto Me Through My
Holy on Earth, All Ye Ends of the
Earth, Even to Be of a Pure Power of My
Kingdom Celestial. Hear Thou My Will: ... 55
Thus Saith Son Ahman, Even Your Lord
Jesus Christ, to All Peoples on Continents
Called the Americas, Warning and Call to
Prepare: ............................. 5&
Thus Saith Jehovah, Son Ahman, Even
Your God of Creation, Jesus Christ, to
Leaders of the Nation of Israel; Firm
Commandment to Be Now Heeded for
Your Preservation: .................... 60
Thus Saith Son Ahman, Even Jesus Christ,
to Nation of Egypt, My Will as God of
All Creation, to Now Be of Peace, Saying
.............................. 61
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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Thus Saith Son Ahman, Even Jehovah,
Your Lord, Who Is Jesus Christ, to All
Peoples in Israel, to the Leadership of
Israel, a Word of Full Call to Prepare
for Greater Powers of Violence Coming
Against Your Nation. Heed My Word: ..... 63
Thus Saith Jesus Christ, Son Ahman, God
Over All Nations and of Heavenly Eternal
Powers Soon to Descend to Earth, to
Govern All Nations for a Thousand Years
of the Righteous Pure Way of Governing
Authority, to Nation of Germany; Also
to Netherlands, My Own Revealing to
You to Heed Immediately Unto Thy
Deliverance if You Do My WilL to Be
Answered on Thee of Soon Coming
Powers, Celestial, to Cleanse All Peoples
of Their Ungodly Ways: . . . . . .. . ....... 64
Thus Saith Jesus Even Jehovah,
Son Ahman, God of All of All
Lands on Earth; a God Over All in Full
Power to See and Hear, Yea, Know All
Things; to Albania Leadership and the
People of Albania -- My Word of Final,
Full Warning, to Prepare for My Glorious
Coming in Power of Full Authorized
Power of the Father, Over All Kingdoms,
Now Heralding My Power Soon at Hand to
Reign Over All Nations for a Millennium
-- Hear My Word of Giving to Thee: ... 66
Your Lord and Redeemer Christ
Speaketh Warning and Word of
Power to Soon Come Upon Brazil and
Other Nations of Americas .............. 67
Message of God Over Even Jesus
Unto Nation of France, Word
of Warning to All of My Soon Appearing.
Let My Holy Word ofNow Sending a New
Revealing, With My Previous Revealing to
Thee, Be of a Hearing by All Thy Peoples.. 71
Thus Saith Jehovah,Even SonAhman, Your
Lord and Savior Jesus to the
of Israel -- A Word of Calling on Thee to
Now Prepare for Coming Attack of Enemy
Powers, to Also Cleanse Thine Own People
to Be of a Pure Way to Earn My Power
Full Conquering Power Over Unjust Attack. 76
I, Jesus Christ, Send Word to Leadership
and Peoples of Japan, of Full Warning
Judgment of a Greater Power Than You
Have Before Received, Save You Repent ... 78
Thus Saith Jesus Who Is Son
Ahman, Jehovah Alpha and
the Beginning and the End, to the Catholic
Church Leaders and Members; Mine
New Revealing, to Now Be of Open Way
to Know, in Willing Minds
T1'11ths. Amen....................... .
of Jesus and
Blessing on the More Pure in the Order
of Preparing for My Glorious Coming, in
Nation of a New Word of My Own
Way to Come Forth in Power Celestial ..... 86
SaithJesus Christ, Who Is SonAhman,
Even God Over All in Heaven and to
All Peoples Nation, to Be Warned
of Full Judgments Soon to Be of
Power of Full of All Wickedness
of Greater Than Taking
Place; Hear Thou My Holy Win: .......... 91
Thus Saith Jesus Christ, Your
Savior, to the Nation of Finland, a
Sacred Calling, to Be More Pure in
ofLiving, So as to Be a Surviving People in
My Soon Day of Power of
Upon All Nations; Hear Ye Will: ....... 93
Thus, Saith Jesus Christ, Son Ahman,
Is Jehovah to All Peoples of All
LalE.''''_ Nations, and Governing Powers on
Earth, Warning of Final Cleansing Soon
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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

~ T :\ Land of Zion; There Also
Coming Same Cleansing Upon All Nations .. 95
Thus Saith Jesus Christ to the Leaders in
Governing Powers, Also to All Peoples of
the Nation of United States of America,
My O\V11 Word of Full Power Soon to Take
Full Way of Cleansing Power Upon All in
This Nation if You Repent Not. I Shall
Send the Promised Judgments if You Do
Not Let My Servant and People Go Free. I
Speak Thus to All: .................... 100
Thus Saith the Lord Jesus Christ to the
President of the United States of America,
to the Members of Congress, of Senate
and House of Representatives, to the High
Leaders of This Nation in Every State, and
the Peoples of This Nation, a Declaration
of Judgment Upon Thee for Thy Continued
Wicked Representation Against Innocence,
Against Life, Against Purity. Amen....... 102
Thus Saith Jesus Christ, Son Ahman, to
the Organization of Church Name, of
Legal Name, Called the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints, Now Not My
Church, but of a Falling Away from My
Priesthood; My Own Message to Thee
of Pure Revealing, of Final Warning of
Judgments Soon to Be Upon Thee and
All on My Land of Zion. Thus I Bind
Up the Law and Seal Up the Testimony
Against All Who Are Against Me and
My Holy Authority Among Men. Be Ye
Now Warned of Judgments and to Be Now
No More of My Name, Having Fought
Against My Will and Holy Word. This Is
My Message to Thee of Full Way Warning: 115
Thus Saith Jesus
Ahman, to the Nations ofthe
Final Warning: My
Jesus Christ,
Jehovah, Your
Speaketh Full Warning to
and Peoples of United States of
Son of God,
Even My Own Word ................. 13­
I, Jehovah, Even Jesus Christ,
... 13
I AM, Send My Own Word to
Israel, a Counsel and Waming to
for War Soon Upon Thee,
Jesus Christ, God Over All, Sendeth a Final
Waming to All Peoples of Every Land on
Earth, to be Heeded Now by All ... 14':
America, a Word of
the Nation, to Be a
Noble Pure Wayan
Will, Even Thus: . . . . . . .. .......... .146
Thus Saith Jesus Christ, Son I"'''''''',
Leaders of Power, and to All
Power in Nation the
Thus Saith Your Lord
Jesus Christ, Who Is
Leaders and Peoples of
Ahman, to
the Philippines, Mine Own Word of
Warning, Even Word of God to
You. Hear My Word: ................. 1
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Church of Jesus Christ ofl"atter-day Saints

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