Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Power of Redeeming Power
A _ A U U U ~ of AU Nations, of All Ages of Time, to All Nations, Peoples,
GoverningPowers; My Own\Vord in Great Plainness
Coming; ofGreat Whirlwind Judgments ofthe
Justifying Judgments of Eternity Power; Thus Giving
AU Peoples on Earth; a Word of Eternal Importance
Earth, to Be of Full Receiving My Own wm Concerning
Also to Teach Truth of Pure \Vay of Judging, of Holy
Law of Holy l\larriage Union of Eternal Union of Plural
My Holy Power Authorizing Select Few to Thus Live;
by Any Not of ~ I y Own Authority of Holy Eternal
Sending; Thus Saith the Lord to this Now Generation
l\1y Own Will to All; Both of the Governing Powers of All
Hear Thou lVly Holy Message Given by lVly
as My Mouthpiece, Though in Bondage; to Be in the
to Know of My Soon Labor of Cleansing AU Lands of
the More Righteous; Yea, Hear My Own Word
Power, to My Holy Servant Warren Jeffs; Though
of My Order of Pure Priesthood of Holy Calling to
All Peoples, by My Power, Who Will Receive My Word.
Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ
_""'7£>ln to President Warren S. Jeffs
Palestine, Texas
]\'[onday, December 12, 2011
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Page 1
Warning of Son Ahman to the
Church of .Jesus Christ of I,atter-day Saints Nations of' the Earth
a listening; to be of
my own will manifest
truth being sent
obeying, and pure
Redeemer, even I
who is of eternity
Uodh()Od power over all
also departed spirits who
unto my Priesthood eternal power
aU10ng all way of teaching my plan
salvation to all, past, and now on the
4. Now receive my final power-word waTIling:
5. You are only of the earth; I am of Eternal
Power Celestial over all creation.
6. Now be of full obeying my will, to repent,
lest sudden eternal holy power full judgments
cometh on all nations.
7. Let all be humble.
8. Let all be ready.
9. I soon cometh in holy power of heavenly
governing holy authority, to rule on earth for a
thousand years with the heavenly hosts, corne
with my holy authority to be among all peoples, a
Millennial Reign of Peace; pure governing power
10. Thus I send mine own will to a11-- Repent,
and be ofpure Hving Celestial way ofholy power;
a government of pure knowing all things, nothing
11. Verily I say unto all nations -- be ye ready.
12. Make peace, hoth among thine own
peoples and with all other peoples of every land,
kindred, tongue; yea, be of my peace-loving
Celestial to be
ing ail things,
, L l ~ L : : c l r ~ . fear ye, all ye
of belief of my
of a
holy way is
ua);;mem[s of eternal power,
sea heaving
hA1' ,1'1'''' unto many away; yea, the
the overflowing pestilence
of animals, of crops
famine -- to all people who
heed to my holy the God all
even Son Ahman, who is Jesus Christ,
the Righteous Judge, the Holy Governor, your
as over all peoples.
14. Let now my published Proclamation be
giving, even to all thy peoples; now of
full mailing to libraries over the world in all
15. Let my revealings of holy word of
my published to all, all of my
soon power of cleansing; let these go to all thy
peoples, been mailed to the libraries ofthe
so common, and high, and they of power
way can read my holy revealing of events
judgments soon to happen on earth; to cleanse off
face of the earth more wicked; to preserve
the more righteous.
16. Let my word cause all to be of sober
way, to change wickedness of violent way,
murder unborn children way of
more holy and pure of motive also
all be more of peace.
18. I soon come to be revealing aU secrets,
present, and many eternal future happenings
dealings with the nations.
9. Let all now receiving my holy will.
20. Let all peoples now give heed.
21. Let my holy power be upon thee through
noble, humble forgiving all; for
'-'H'UU,,""" toward all.
my holy peace dwell thy heart,
one, by choosing my holy power Celestial;
my holy by knowing thy
\vorks cannot """C.C<lJ!'"
in holy peace
among you wher.
I come; to have Governing
Authority; to a governing
power; for my people shall be gathered
among all under heaven.
24. Read Old Testament.
25. He telleth thee own will concerning
Israel my Holy Priesthood Celestial
authority, to nile all nations lmder thy Lord and
His Celestial power extant, over all the world.
Now be of full power to correct thy
heinous upheld your national laws in
many the murder of unborn children, some
full term, of soon delivery, murdered by legal
27. Thus it is among all peoples -- lustful
immoral ways cause many to shed innocent blood,
thus becoming nations of murder of innocent, and
of unholy doing against innocence.
28. Let all be of my way to uphold virtue,
purity of living as honorable, to provide for the
raising of children peace, in a virtuous way;
not of hindering the bringing forth of life.
29. Let all cease this most eternal damning
30. Let all know I cometh to bring to an end
these horrible evils on earth, to provide new
peoples sent by my power Celestial to earth.
31. Let all be my people of pure motive of
virtue and life-giving way; to protect unborn
32. I shall provide thy peoples with sufficient,
to provide food, raiment, housing; all life-needed
elements to give to all born on earth; to govern
in peace; for the nations on earth shall prosper
unto the plenteous gifts of life without covetous
way; which leadeth to war and violence among
nations, and among peoples ofnations one
33. My rule is sure, and true, and of peace, of
righteous holy way of living.
34. Come unto me, your Lord.
35. Your earthly governing powers cannot
exalt any to eternal life.
36. Only I, your Holy Redeemer, can bring
salvation eternal to all who live eternal pure holy
Waming of Son Allman to the
Page 2
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Nations of the Earth Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saiuts
way of my holy power of ihe heavenly powers
come to earth.
37. I send you my new publishing of final
warning to all nations.
38. Let this be a final word, whirlwind
eternal power judgments cometh on all nations;
more especially on my land of Zion, even North
and South America, soon to happen;
39. my holy warning is my justification to
sweep the wicked off my land and from all
lands who heed me not, but continue in the sins of
spiritual Babylon, which shall fully be removed
from the nations, even the corrupt unholy people
inhabit all lands, who have fallen into
temptation as entire nations comtpt themselves
the Lord, saith He, even Jesus Christ, who
shaH recompense to all people the measure they
measured to their fellow man on earth; unto a full
judgment hereafter;
40. For you are each a son or daughter of
God, sent to earth by my power, to be of full way
proving thy life, whether you would choose evil
or good; the good being of me and my eternal
plan of salvation, even the Gospel of life unto
eternal life.
41. I am Eternal, my power is eternal.
42. I see all things.
43. Tremble, all ye nations, at my power soon
to be fully felt as I remove the righteous unto
safety, and the wicked slay the wicked in wars;
also, by my eternal power, swift judgments need
to come in order that the wicked do not slay all
mine elect who can be of my holy Zion; a chosen
pure holy people; my holy people who will reeei ve
me and my Gospel in full power Celestial.
44. Let these eternal truths touch honest hearts
and minds everywhere.
45. Let only my holy way be thy way, saith
God over all, your Lord and Just Holy King; yea,
King of kings and Lord of lords. Amen.
46. I, your Lord, now reveal through my
servant on earth my holy will, even him whom I
have preserved to cause my holy will to go forth
before my glorious appearing, to justify thy God
to send full cleansing to the whole earth,
soon to take place.
47. I have him in mine hands. Harm him not.
48. Be of a more sure way of preserving
his life while in hands the ,u,··","",u
powers on my land of my soon coming; for evil
and unholy people are seeking to be of a full way
removing him from the earth.
49. I, your Lord, tell you of governing powers
this truth, so he may be of protecting to my
50. Hinder not my will from coming to
people, lest a swift judgment cometh.
51. I am God.
52. I have all peoples in mine holy hands of
eternal power.
53. Cease thy wicked attack, ye government
authorities in the United States of
against my people and my Church.
54. Do not be of the way like they
crucified your Lord, believing false
against my servant and my people on earth.
55. Let all my servants in bondage go
56. Merril Jessop, an aged ailing pure holy
man of my Church, of eternal holy way of pure
holy living, is now also unjustly held in prison by
an unjust court; an evil tribunal who combined
with lying apostate witnesses in evil combination
with government prosecuting power, to put
innocent and obeying sons of my Priesthood
authority behind the prison walls.
57. Now let them all go free, lest the nation
prove only to be of the way of DeI'se(mtln
innocence; destroying life of unborn children; of
taking away my people's homes by court unjust
rulings in the way of false witnesses believed;
a holy Church under government attack, not
protected in religious practice in a land boasting
of religious freedom; yet denying my people
freedom to live my holy religion revealed
heaven by your Lord, through the instrumentality
of my holy Prophet Joseph Smith in previous
century in thy nation of the United States.
58. Behold my Proclamation
mailed to all nations, to all leaders of nations, to
governing authorities in every state in thy nation
of the United States; yea, to all religious societies
and libraries -- all receiving my own holy will
pure truth; telling all of my holy religion being of
persecuted way since Joseph Smith's time; he also
suffering a martyr's death in a nation of supposed
freedom; leaders not willing to step forth and
protect an unpopular people; who, at many
instances, aided in the drivings, persecutions, and
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Page 3
'Yarning of Son Ahman to the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Nations of the Earth
••" ••••lgl.ln•••••••••••••••••••••••-----..­
68. causes you to
'Vaming of Son to the P a g ~ 4
Copyright 2011 by the }'undamCllt2
Nations of the Earth Church of Jeslls Christ of Latte..-day Sai­
~ ~ - ~ . ~ . ~ ~ - - - ~ - . - - ~ ~ ~ - ~ - -----­
, i
my power to
on emth for every
99. Now be
100. Let
112. All shaH
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Page 5 Warning of Son Ahman to the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Nations ofthe Earth
done in the
122. You cannot escape my eye.
123. I
124. UUj'SH15 of
125. Be ye pure, to before a holy to
of happiness on and in eternal
world to earth to ","VHUH",
prophesied of by
whose record is
" ' U ~ U H ! " " which I ftt'?"''''''
soon to be gathered
on my land of my holy
New the thereof, soon
cometh; even to be of
to be without inhabitant; yea,
now on my land of Zion shall
or by or
the sea; some destroyed my eternal fire;
some of the destruction by war, mob rule
many places; leaders of governing power witho
power to govern; armies lett desolate; places:
more way destroyed in full.
128. Such shall where they of
my holy law of Celestial Eternal Union c
my Eternal Order Marriage of Plural
holy order ofpure noble way; yea, those who
seek to destroy holy law and authority sha:
of full receiving of my judgment.
129. Let all these truths settle on
of each; even to awake all people unto
power to repent; unto my holy way becoming
way ofsalvation to all honest in heart everywhere
130. Let this my holy word
on each who is of
to be of full authority to
now on my land of having
my holy word; both my word ofgeneration,
past in Bible recording, also my word Book 0
Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl ofGrea:
Price; now my new published word mailed 0:"
recent time to all peoples in all nations.
131. Thus I am doing my work pure holy
justice, unto power of judgments, being
God of Creation, whose right it is to rule.
132. Thus I am doing all righteous and
holy, to be of full power justified to render full
judgment and hereafter.
133. Be pure. Be clean in morals.
134. No one need destroy themselves.
135. All can choose to do good, and
even now.
136. Let all religions be of truth.
137. Let all tell truth, they receive not
own revealed word for thy Lord unto the people
of their religious group or order.
138. None can name my will; only my holy
power attending my Mouthpiece.
139. Let all be oftruth; they have not authority
from God to administer eternal salvation to any
on earth.
140. Such was the first revealing to my holy
servant Joseph Smith, Jun., in 1820, when God,
the Father, and His Only Begotten Son,
Christ, appeared to him in a sacred grove, after
was of full faith.
141. I gave him my etemal authority called
Warning of Son Almum the
Page 6
Copyrigbt 2011 by the Fundamentalist
Kations of the Earth Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
142. I caused him to know of Celestial Plural
Eternal Union of pure living marriage, a most
holy law requiring purity of living entire.
143. Let this most wicked generation be
receiving truth: You of corrupt way persecute
my pure way of pure revealed holy way of my
144. Now cease thy folly.
145. Your laws against my Celestial Law of
Eternal Union Marriage of Celestial Plural Union
are unjust from the beginning.
146. Congress and President in each time of
passing these unjust ndings of man's law were
purposeful attacks against my holy law and
147. r am of full way power to set all right;
even by removing from the earth all wicked
and evil-practicing immoral people; to preserve
mine elect who do abide my holy law in full way
Celestial power. Amen.
]48. Let also this be published to all peoples
in every land and nation, to learn truth
glorious coming as both a Holy ",-",-',-',-,,",>1J''-'',
the Righteous Judge over all peoples; soon to
send, before my coming in full power glory
Celestial authority, full judgments of cleansing
power on all nations; which promise I gave in
the New Testament, even in Matthew 24; also in
Doctrine and Covenants, also in my holy true book
called Book of Mormon; all telling same truth of
my coming; first sending whirlwind judgments.
149. Let all know I am God who speaketh,
who tells only truth; who is offull power Celestial
to do all as I have spoken.
150. Now receive my word.
151. Obey my will, to abide the day of my
coming. Amen.
We, the undersigned witnesses, give our names to all peoples, testifying we know these are verily
the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, who speaks from heaven through His Mouthpiece on earth.
~ . -
1()V ~ . / U ! . . " dJ [) (I
Vaughan E. Taylor
Patriarch in the Fundamentalist
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
John M. Barlow
Counselor in the Bishopric of the Fundamentalist
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Copyright 2011 by the Fundamentalist
Page 7
Warning of Son Allman to the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Nations of the Earth

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