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com Contact: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE ABCs of WORKFLOW FOR ORACLE E-BUSINESS RELEASE 11i AND RELEASE 12 NOW AVAILABLE! Solution Beacon has Released the Comprehensive Book on Oracle E-Business Workflow in Partnership with OAUG

DALLAS, TX June 2, 2008 — Solution Beacon and OAUG are at it again, this time publishing The ABCs of Workflow for Oracle E-Business Release 11i and Release 12. Workflow is used pervasively throughout the E-Business Suite. If you’re running E-Business Suite Release 11i or Release 12, you’re using Workflow! The book is a compendium of real case studies and a detailed explanation of the various components of Workflow.

By purchasing the book you will learn step-by-step how to develop and test custom workflows; how to administer Workflow using OAM, the Workflow Management screens, and Oracle Diagnostics. The book also explains how the underlying tables store the data generated by Workflow, and how to perform the setups required for a few of the most commonly used Oracle workflows. As if that weren’t enough, the book also includes SQL scripts and sample procedures that are used in day to day operations by Solution Beacon to assess and solve Workflow problems, as well as DBA topics like cloning considerations and partitioning Workflow objects. The ABCs of Workflow for Oracle E-Business Release 11i and Release 12 has been authored by Karen Brownfield and Susan Behn, both superior consultants with Solution Beacon. Karen’s continuous work with Oracle E-Business Workflow over the past 10 years, has allowed her the first hand knowledge and insight necessary to write such a fully encompassing book. Susan Behn has also worked extensively with Workflow and continues to grow her knowledge base. The book also includes valuable contributes from noted consultants Gerald Jones of Solution Beacon, and Jerry Ireland of Rightsizing. “Workflow is a technology that combines functional and technical skills. All levels of E-Business Suite support should learn and understand this product. For myself, workflow is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. It continues to be fun and challenging to "put the pieces together". I hope this book helps the readers to find their piece of the puzzle." said Karen Brownfield, Senior Solution Architect and co-author of the Workflow book. The Workflow book was showcased at COLLABORATE 08: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community conference in Denver, Colorado and pre-orders were accepted resulting in over 100 books being reserved and pre-sold. “Based on numerous book requests and other feedback, we see that the Oracle community is very excited about the release of our Workflow book. We believe this is the most comprehensive and concise book available to date and will provide useful information to navigate through the daily challenges of Workflow.” said Susan Behn, Vice President of Technical Delivery and co-author of the Workflow book. The book was released in soft cover version on May 27, 2008 for $69.99 each, the hard cover and downloadable version are expected to be available by the end of June. To purchase your copy visit,
http://www.lulu.com/content/2330702 . All proceeds from the sale of the book will be sent to the Solution Beacon

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