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Red Cross: Taliban bodies do not decay!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 14:08 Doctor Muhammad Andar

The committee of the American Red Cross has released a report on its webpage regarding the bodies of the dead (martyred) Taliban compared to those of the foreign forces. The mentioned committee which had the duty of collecting and burying the dead in Mazar Sharif province of Afghanistan showed its astonishment as to why the dead bodies of Taliban had not

decayed or gave o! foul smell?!! The report said that investigators initially thought that the cold weather was the reason behind this phenomenon however this theory was later shattered because the bodies of the northern alliance ghters which were lying in the same area had decayed and were also giving o! a nauseating smell. The report further says that it now wants to conduct a research on the type of food consumed by the Taliban ghters! The researchers also want to nd out if there is a relationship between food and blood because the blood of some Taliban members keeps its warm temperatures even after their death! (Source: Al-Misryoon, Ana Muslim and several other websites.) It is the bounty of Allah that the enemies profess before friends to the miracles displayed by Taliban martyrs in the face of the crusader onslaught. It should be stated that if all the scientists and chemists of the entire planet were to gather and research their whole lives they would never be able to nd the answer this puzzling question. For all we know, maybe they have even tried to locate the blessed body of Ibraheem (pbuh) so they can make re resistant clothes for their soldiers by studying his biological makeup!!! Here the speech by a renowned scholar (Ustaz Yasir) comes to mind which he made at the occasion of the funeral of a prominent commander of Islamic Emirate, Shaheed Mullah Abdul Manaan Ahmad (may Allah have mercy on him): Here I would like to give a simple example which can be understood by everyone and denied by no-one about why the Taliban are on the side of truth and the Kabul regime on the side of falsehood; why is it that our dead do not decay while giving o! a pleasant fragrance whereas the dead of our opposition rot and give o! a foul stench!? As the aroma from the body of the martyred Mullah Abdul Manaan kept emanating, the respected Ustaz added:I challenge everyone to come! Lets take one dead of ours and one from the opposition side which have been killed at the same time and with the same weapon. We will leave them in an identical physical and chemical state. Then let us observe as our dead beauties and start to give a o! a fragrance of musk while the body of the other becomes inated and start to decay and smell bad! Now let the worlds specialists in the eld of science and chemistry investigate and gure out its

reason??? We should also not forget that one of the major factors in the rise of defection in the ranks of army of Kabul is because of the miracles exhibited by the martyrs of Taliban. One group of ANA soldiers in Nangarhar provinces Ghani Khel district who abandoned their duties state the reason behind their defection as: One time we fought a hand to hand battle with the Taliban in Kandahar province during which the Taliban retreated while both of our dead men left on the battleeld. We were then ordered to stay in the area for the night. As some time passed, our dead started to decay and emit a nauseating smell which can not be described in words. On the other hand, the dead Taliban had started to emit a strange and beautiful scent. So that was when our buddies left their dead and stood next to the bodies of the martyred Taliban. These soldiers add: So at daybreak, I and my buddies packed our personal belongings and abandoned everything else even though there was only two or three days left before our next paycheck and headed home!!! A whole book about the miracles displayed by martyrs in Jihad against the soviets has been compiled by the prominent martyred scholar Sheikh Abdullah Azzam (may Allah have mercy on him) under the title of Ayat ar Rahmaan Jihad al Afghan (signs of ar Rahmaan in the Afghan Jihad) in which hundreds of incidents have been described. So may Allah give the scholars of our time the resolve to fold up their sleeves and write about the miracles displayed in the battleelds and by the martyrs in the current Jihad so the people can distinguish between truth and falsehood and consequently join the righteous side. To end, I humbly request from the all the readers to sincerely pray for me that I be able to perform Jihad and in the end be blessed with martyrdom, the virtues of which were mentioned by the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and for which he himself yearned. " Doctor Muslim Andar
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