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Cyril & Methodius Parish

608 Sobieski Street, Lemont, Illinois 60439

Parish Staff
Rev. Lawrence Lisowski

Pastoral Ministry
Rev. Marcin Szczypula Associate Pastor Deacon Michael Ciciura Deacon Norbert Lesnieski

Mrs. Shirley Tkachuk Parish School Principal Mrs. Trish Nickleski Sacramental Prep
Religious Education Coordinator

January 15, 2012 Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Kim Zajec Religious Education Secretary

Liturgy Coordinator
Marietta Vargo

Music Ministry
Miroslawa Sojka-Topor Music Director

Youth Ministry
Michael Lundberg

Denise Duda Business Manager Lynn Bailey Assistant Business Manager Maggie Starzec Unity Coordinator Monika Bochenek Beth Rachwalski Peggy Sniegowski Ann Zajec Parish Secretaries Cheryle Long Debbie Grand Evening Receptionists Dennis Sepessy Facility Manager Kay Manning Bulletin Editor

Our Parish Mission Statement

We are a family of faith, entrusted with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Rooted in a rich tradition of worship, service and prayer, we foster the unity and faith of this community. Enlivened by the Spirit, we share our gifts, talents and resources to bring about the Kingdom of God.

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH Welcome to SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish

January 15, 2012

The Parish Staff of St. Cyrils welcomes all to our historic parish that has carried on the mission of Jesus since 1884.

Parish Information Rectory:

608 Sobieski Street, Lemont, IL Denise Duda, Business Manager (630) 257-2776; (630) 257-9372 Fax website: 607 Sobieski Street, Lemont, IL Shirley Tkachuk, Principal (630) 257-6488; Trish Nickleski D.R.E. (630) 257-9314;

Minister of Music: Mira Sojka-Topor (630) 257-0100 Liturgy Marietta Vargo, Coordinator: (630) 257-5806 Youth Minister: Michael Lundberg (630) 257-2414 Dr. Jolanta Tatara, Principal (630) 669-9058 Peggy Sniegowski (630) 257-2776 Carol Mierendorf (630) 257-2776 Nancy Kosek, President 2011/2012


Polish School:

Religious Education:

Secretary: Minister of Care: Parish Council: Bulletin:

Helping Hands:

Mass Schedule:
Saturday: Sunday: 7:00 AM & 5:30 PM 7:00, 8:30 (Polish), 10:30 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:30 PM (Polish) 5:00 PM (St. Patricks - English)

New Parishioners:
Please fill out the registration forms on the welcoming table in the back of Church and place them in the registration box. A member of the welcoming committee will contact each new parishioner.

Special Masses:
Weekdays: Tuesday PM: First Friday: 7:00 AM 8:00 PM Polish 7:00, 9:00 AM (Fall) & 7:00 PM (Polish)

Parents need to be registered, active parishioners prior to arranging a Baptism at St. Cyrils. If this is a firstborn child, the parents are required to attend a Pre-Baptismal Preparation Class. Both sponsors should be adults and one an active, practicing Catholic.

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday: 4:30 - 5:00 PM First Fridays: 5:00 - 6:30 PM Also available by appointment.

The bride or groom must be a registered, active parishioner of SS. Cyril & Methodius for a minimum of six months before scheduling a wedding date. Arrangements are to be made with the priest at least six months before the wedding. A Marriage Preparation Program is a requirement of the Archdiocese. To schedule a wedding, please contact the rectory office. Due to renovations to the interior of our church, wedding reservations during the months of June, July, and August of 2012 are not being scheduled at St. Cyrils. Our priests and staff are working closely with our neighboring parishes, St. Alphonsus and St. Patrick, to accommodate our parishioners. For more information and assistance, please call the rectory.

Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick:

Following the Monday morning 7:00 AM Mass.

Rectory Office Hours: Each weekday the Rectory

will be closed between the hours of 12 PM-1 PM. Monday through Wednesday Thursday, Friday Saturday Sunday 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Closed

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All of Us - #529
Fr. Larry Words of Wisdom to Live by

SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

January 15, 2012

Hopefully with the grace of God, they will be able to turn their lives around and repair the relationships that have been broken. We pray that they may have faith, especially when they have lost so much in their lives. Eternal Rest Grant unto Him O Lord This month marks the 11th anniversary of the death of Fr. Vic Sivore. He was my predecessor. He served as pastor of St. Cyrils from September 1, 1992 to January 8, 2001. Our school hall is dedicated to his priestly service. Please remember him and his family in your prayers. Welcome to St. Cyrils This Sunday after the 10:30 AM Mass, our Welcoming Committee will provide a luncheon in Fr. Sivori Hall for those who have recently registered in our parish. If you are new to our parish and would like to formally register as parishioners, please come to the luncheon this Sunday! We strongly encourage people to register with our parish, especially if they are anticipating receiving any sacraments like Baptism or Marriage, in the near future. This is vital sacramental information that needs to be recorded. Christmas Collection Donations to our Christmas and flower collections are still coming in due to the fact that some families were out of town for the holidays. Next weekend we will post our total. Out of Town I will be out of town next weekend. I plan on spending some vacation time with my family and friends. I hope to be chasing a little white ball. No, not a snowball; its something much smaller. Have a good week!

Vince Lombardi, the once very successful and motivating head coach of the Green Bay Packers once said, Its easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you are a winner, when you are number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you are not a winner. At the 5:30 PM Mass this Saturday, we celebrate our annual Athletes Mass in which we recognize and pray for the coaches and students who participate in the Athletic Program of our Parish School. We are grateful for the commitment and service that our parents provide for our children through the various sports that are offered after school throughout the year. We are also very fortunate to have John Dinardi serving as our Athletic Director. John spends a ton of hours coordinating events and guiding and assisting people through their season. Thanks to John, and to the members of the Athletic Board, who assist him. Many lessons about life are learned when a young person gets involved in sports. They quickly learn from their coaches how to be a team player. They understand the value of practice and sacrifice. They realize the importance of respect, character, honesty and fairness. These are all qualities that a person works to acquire. They just dont fall into our lap. Often they have to be modeled for us. Sadly, there are those times in professional sports when we see athletes who lose their focus and the clear understanding of what life is all about, and what is expected of them as public role models. It is a fumble that hurts not just them, but also their family and friends. We are surprised when stories pop up in the news about athletes who knowingly and willingly participate in immoral and illegal activities. It is hard to comprehend why and how someone in their position even gets involved in dealing drugs, illegal gambling or physical abuse. In the blink of an eye, ones reputation is severely tarnished and respect is lost. Their name is dragged through the mud by the media. They may spend the rest of their lives cleaning up a messy situation.

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

Religious Education News By: Trish Nickleski, D.R.E.

January 15, 2012

REMINDER: We do have classes on Monday even though it is a holiday for the schools! Please make sure your children are in attendance and if for some reason your children cannot attend class please make sure you call them in as absent. There is a First Communion Parent Meeting TODAY at 3:30 pm in the church. This meeting is for parents only and I ask that at least one parent be in attendance at this very important meeting which should last about an hour. The third graders from the religious education program are participating in a service project during the Dear Parents, Catholic Schools Weekcoming up in just two weeksis one of the highlights of the year at SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish School. We have planned a variety of activities for students, families and community members, and we hope youll join us as we celebrate what makes Catholic education unique. We are including a schedule of our events. This years theme is, Catholic Schools: Faith. Academics. Service. In just three words, this theme expresses what Catholic schools are all about. We teach our students faith, not just the basics of Christianity, but how to have a relationship with God. We hold them to high academic standards and do everything we can to help students reach their full potential. We also teach them how to serve, both as a way to express their faith and to become good citizens. Here at SS. Cyril & Methodius School, we are proud to offer an education that is distinctive among educational institutions in our community. We are excited to have the opportunity during Catholic Schools Week to share what our students are learning and what they have accomplished. I hope to see you and your family at some of our events. Please bring your friends and neighbors, particularly those who may be considering Catholic education for their own children. Also, please join me in saying thank you to those who make SS. Cyril & Methodius School a success: our teachers, staff, board members, parents, parishioners and volunteers. Through their dedication and commitment, our students are learning in a culture of faith, academics

month of January. They are bringing in personal care items for our helping hands program at SS. Cyril & Methodius. I have gone into the classrooms and talked to the children about helping out those who are in need and have asked the children to try to use some of their allowance to buy one personal care item for the needy. It is important that children understand that we should always help those in need!! REMINDER to all 8th graders in our parish school and religious education program!!! You have a Confirmation retreat next Sunday, January 22nd from 12:30 until 3:30 and at 3:30 your parents will join us in church for a Prayer Service. This retreat is for students only and is a mandatory part of your Confirmation preparation!!

and service that is preparing them for a full life in their families, communities and the Catholic Church. Mrs. S. Tkachuk, Principal

Sunday, January 29th: Catholic Schools Week Opening Mass (10:30 AM) followed by Open House for all current and prospective school families. Book Fair begins in the library. All students should attend mass over the weekend in their full school uniform! Monday, January 30th: Opening Prayer Service Special talks highlighting the importance of service in our lives. Tuesday, January 31st: Student Appreciation Day Students may come out of uniform and will have no homework. Faith partners will have the chance to play board games together in the afternoon. Wednesday, February 1st: Teacher Luncheon and a special teacher surprise in the afternoon! Thursday, February 2nd: When I Grow Up Day Students will decorate their When I Grow up Wall. Friday, February 3rd: Closing Mass Special recognition of those who help our school. Art assembly. Father/Daughter Dance in the evening.

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

January 15, 2012

Thank You to the 549 families who have supported our campaign with their pledge. Those choosing to be acknowledged will be listed in our bulletin.
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Blickhahn Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bronner Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kancewick Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kozol Mr. & Mrs. Martin Labno Mrs. Mary Lesnieski Mr. & Mrs. Brad Lindow Mrs. Barbara Nagorski Dr. & Mrs. Richard Pulla Mr. & Mrs. Robert Splitt Mr. & Mrs. Albert Styrczula Loving God, We thank You for the generous blessings You have bestowed upon Our Faith. May Your Spirit give us the vision to look into our hearts for inspiration, and in your honor, respond with our sacrifice, Our Gift. Help us as we care for this sacred and holy place, Our Home, where we come to offer you glory, praise and honor. Amen. Our Faith, Our Gift, Our Home Capital Campaign
Goal Pledged $1,000,000 $638,352

Our Faith, Our Gift, Our Home Capital Campaign SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish Pledge Confirmation
I/We wish to pledge a gift of: Total Amount of Gift or Pledge Amount Enclosed Balance to be Paid
Method of Payment: Public Acknowledgment:

$ __________________ $ __________________ $ __________________

Frequency of Payments:

Single payment 24 monthly payments


Electronic Fund Transfer

I/We wish to be acknowledged

I/We wish to remain anonymous

Name(s) __________________________________________________

Parishioner Envelope #: _________________

Address _______________________________________________ City ______________________________________ State _________ Zip _______________

EFT Authorization: Name of Bank _______________________________ (9) Digit Routing Number: Name(s) on Account: ________________________________ Account Number: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Type: Checking Savings

Phone _____________________

Email ____________________________

Signature _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

January 15, 2012

This article that appeared in the Village of Lemont December newsletter is very important, not only from a legal aspect but from a moral aspect as well. We are charged with the care of the earth. Beginning January 1, 2012, TVs, computers, laptops, monitors, printers, computer peripherals, VCRs, DVD players, gaming systems and other electronic items will be banned from Illinois landfills. Landfilled electronic products contain toxic materials that pose a risk to human health and the environment. The Villages Public Works department, 16680 New Ave., will be accepting electronics for recycling during business hours, 7:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Residents are advised to call ahead before dropping off recycling at 630-257-2532. Computers and computer equipment, including printers, fax equipment, scanners, notebooks, laptops, home sound equipment, calculators, phones, VCRs, microwave ovens, TVs and computer monitors are accepted free of charge. The program is offered in conjunction with COM2 Recycling Solutions. For additional information on the program, please call the Village Hall at 630-257-1550 or email

January 7, 2012
CHOJECKI EDWARD VITALIY, Son of Gary and Rosemarie (Losito) Chojecki CHOJECKI MICHAEL ANDREY, Son of Gary and Rosemarie (Losito) Chojecki HYLA JULIANNA EVELINA, daughter of Wojciech and Beata (Antol) Hyla DAMSHEL MAXIM, son of Yury and Yuliya (Olshevskai) Damshel FELCZAK EVELYN ISABELLA, daughter of Robert and Margaret (Budz) Felczak

Edward Vitaliy & Michael Andrey Chojecki and Family

SS. Cyril & Methodius 1st Semester Honor Roll

Mrs. Poniatowski5KP High Honors Maria Cherry Zachary Czub David Diviero Aaron Hanley Justin Lazowski Daina Maleiska James Pender James Rozhon Marissa Sullivan Honors Clair Cremerius Arielle Lyons Gianfranco Montalto Ashley Ringo Jack Szoldatits

Honorable Mention Zachary Klimczak Alexander Labuda Antonia McMullins Caitlyn Meeks Ivy Sullivan Matthew Szeliga Mrs. Ptacek5CP High Honors Samantha Andruskiewicz Samantha Deppert Matthew DiNardi Matthew Gasienica Gabriel Ptaszek Michael Thompson Mark Wencl Nicolette Woo

Honors Connor Fries Dayna Gallet Jimmy Grill Luke Kilhafner Stephan Kowalewski Gwen Milas David Straczek Honorable Mention Brendan Daugherty Katie Gardner Stephen Nitchoff Ethan Woodall

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

January 15, 2012

Teen Meeting January 22, 2012 6:00p.m.

St Patricks parish Center

Lemont Teens Game Night

Teens ,Come for a Night of fun And play a trivia game that is a mix of Family Feud , Jeopardy, and trivia pursuit With Questions based on our faith, past meetings and pop culture. All Teens are Welcome. Pizza and Refreshments Served
Mike Lundberg:

Todays Second Collection funds pastoral projects in the Church in Latin America. In 2009, the Collection was able to distribute $7.2 million across 480 projects. Your donations make a difference in the faith life in Latin America. Keep faith. Please be generous in the Collection for the Church in Latin America.

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

January 15, 2012

Christmas & Year End Giving

The PADS season is in full swing!

PADS is an acronym for Public Action to Deliver Shelter. It is a series of facilities, mostly churches, which serve as a safe haven one night per week for homeless men, women and children. St. Lukes Orthodox Church is the Monday night shelter we support. The churches in Lemont cover all the needs on the first Monday of each month, October through April. But St. Lukes is finding it more and more difficult to find people to cover the other Mondays during the month. The shift times are: 7-11PM, 11PM-3AM, 3-7AM and 5-8AM. The work is simple and it is wonderful to develop relationships with the guests. If you could give only one shift from now until the end of April, it would be a big help to St. Lukes. Please seriously consider this. If you are interested, call me at 630.257.2414 or email at and I will put you in touch with the proper people. Thanks so much.

God calls us to be good and faithful stewards. Sharing our blessings helps us to build the Kingdom of God. Your financial support helps us to continue the missions and ministry of Jesus. As we approach Christmas and the year end, please review your parish contributions and your capital campaign pledge payments as you plan for your Christmas and year end donation. Gifts made on or before December 31st may be tax deductible for this tax year. Gifts of stocks and other securities, held more than one year, are excellent gifts to make. You may be able to deduct the stocks fair market value and avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation of the stock. Gift annuities are an option for people wishing to donate money to their parish over a long timeframe. Does your employer offer matching gift donations? Please consider donating your time, talent and resources to the church or school through one of the many church/school ministries or organizations. Volunteering can be such a rewarding experience.

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

Beat the Lotto! Parish Raffle Sunday, February 12, 2012!
Get your paid ticket into the Rectory or collection bin as soon as possible!!! Tickets are $100. Talk to your friends and ask them to get in on a ticket with you. A ticket can be sold to 1, 2, 5, and even 10 people. Grand Drawing February 12, 2012
Prizes: Grand Prize 2nd 3rd 4th-6th 7th-21st 22nd-25th

January 15, 2012

$40,000 $4,000 $3,000 $2,000 $1,000 $500

Dont forget to mark an organization on your ticket! Holy Name Society Polish Club Tuition Assistance Program Mothers Club Altar & Rosary Society Religious Education School Operations Youth Ministry Athletic Commission Parish Council Overall Parish Operations ONLY 1500 Tickets sold. Winner need not be present.

ow ticket in n your paid et ack ning out! G llers will be in the b Times run o 00. Se chance t ce at $40,0 d for your for a chan xt weeken ne ckets. of Church ditional ti urchase ad p

Walk of Love - Build a Lasting Memory - Tribute Brick Reservations

SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish has a unique location on our historical and sacred parish grounds to remember those we love with the Walk of Love pathway leading to the entrance of our Church. You can inscribe names on paving bricks that will serve as a permanent message of thanksgiving and love. Reservation form and check may be mailed or dropped in the collection basket. Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________________________________ City _____________________________________ Home Phone ______________________________ State ___________ Daytime phone Zip ____________


Please reserve a 4 x 8 tribute brick for $200. I have enclosed a check payable to SS. Cyril & Methodius. I understand that the inscription on the tribute brick will read exactly as printed in the grid below. Inscription has a limit of 3 lines and 13 characters per line, including spaces.

Please note that bricks will be located randomly; we cannot request nor determine where any individual brick will be placed.

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Deana Gozder Katherine Boyle Marie Kasl Margaret Frass Margie Dorothy Wesolowski Ted Florynski Kathy Moran Margaret Finnegan Anna Van Orden Anna Zoltek Lebrenda Case Clara Povalish Frank Polli Florence Kazich Sandi Merlo Joseph Perry Delores Bromberek Eleanor Povalish Genevieve Barbagallo Elaine Hooker Delores Beltrami -Lucchini Marion Galante Nick Hernandez Patrick Grieco Stella Troc Rose Miller Jozef Kopinski Regina Madeja Victor Splitt Jim Bailey Marianne Danko Art Danko

SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

Pat Salerno Mrs. Hindo Lydia Assensi John LaSota Alexandria Stojanov Gerry Pytlewski Mari Cleary Maria Bobowski Micaela Martinez Mark Walus Susan Baley Joel Falco Kimberly Yanowsky Jim Christmann Don Barcza Edmund Povalish Patrick Nickols Joanne Novak Louie Novak Linda Palmer John E. Rutkowski Dorothy Tasharski Dan Mulligan Karen Luebs

January 15, 2012

Z ycia naszej wsplnoty

Lucille Handorf Stanley Chrzanowsky Angie Knopinski Nathan S. McKenna Lottie Bylina James McNamara James Hanley Irena Kedzior Lillian Kuzak Kim Bromberek Lynn Porter Janet LaSota Eleanor Twardowski Betty Bolino Milda Praninskas Lucy Lejeaunesse Anne Orlowski Stephanie Langheld Sam Caruso Cheryl Povalish Dale Chappell Dolores Langheld Virginia Kozlowski Allen Govic Nancy Hoinacki Richard Cieski

niadanie dla Nowych Parafian

Nowe parafiani s zaproszeni dzisiaj na niadanie do Fr. Sivore Hall od 11:30 do 1:00. niadanie odbywa si sezonowo aby osobi cie powita wszystkich nowych czonkw naszej parafii. Jest to wspaniaa okazja by dowiedzie si wi cej o yciu parafialnym.

Szafarze Eucharystii
Zapraszamy wszystkich ch tnych do zapisania si do pomocy jako Szafarzy Eucharystii. Mile jest widziany udzia parafian w swojej parafii. Zainteresowanych prosimy o kontakt z Ks. Marcinem przez email:

Kol da
Poprzez kol d mamy do czynienia z posug duszpastersk , e szczeglnym wyznaniem wiary i przynale no ci do wsplnoty Ko cioa. Ka da rodzina, maj ca yczenie wizyty duszpasterskiej, proszona jest o kontakt z Ks. Marcinem, b d poprzez email.

Zabawa Serduszkowa
To add a name or if you would like someone to visit you in the hospital or in your home, please call the rectory at (630) 257-2776.

Klub Polski serdzcznie zaprasza na zabaw serduszkow 4-ego lutego do pi knej sali Crystal Grand. 12416 S. Archer Ave. W Lemont. Do ta ca gra zesp Romeo. Bilety kosztuj $60. W cenie biletu wy mienity obiad i otwarty bar. Zapewniamy wiele atrakcji. Zabawa rozpoczyna si o 7 wieczorem. Magda Starzezc

Parking & Plowing

Cars will be ticketed by Lemont Police officers if they are illegally parked during Mass. Please respect the intent of handicapped spaces, be considerate of our neighbors property and also remember that emergency vehicles need to have open access to the church, school and fire hydrants at all times. Also, please park in lots that have already been cleared of snow to give our plowing service access.

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

January 15, 2012

Wtorek,17 Stycze

Wieczr modlitw do Matki Bo ej Cz stochowskiej..7:00pm

Niedziela,22 Stycze
Msza w..8:30am.1:30 pm

Szczero ... Ogromna Zaleta czy miertelna Wada???

Kilka dni temu natkn em si na bardzo ciekawy temat w internecie, z ktrym chciabym si z wami dzisiaj podzieli: Witam. Mam ogromny dylemat. Wiele osb s dzi e jestem ich przyjacielem mi dzy innymi dlatego ze jestem szczery ale tez wiele osb mnie nie nawidzi. Co wy my licie na ten temat. Ja mimo wszystko uwa am e szczero jest ogromn zaleta. Czekam na odpowiedz poniewaz nie daje mi to spokoju... Stary, sluchaj, szczerosc to ogromna zaleta! Nie rezygnuj z tego! Chociaz musze przyznac ze szczerym ludziom trudniej jest w zyciu. Ale jak bedziesz szczery i bedziesz dobrze sie z tym czul to jakos dasz rade! POZDRO WIENIA DLA WSZYSTKICH SZCZERYCH LUDZI! "Aby doj do rde, trzeba pyn pod pr d, z pr dem pyn tylko mieci." - Zbigniew Herbert Nie rezygnuj nigdy z wasnych zasad i przekona . W sumie to nie wiem jak rozumie Twj post - je li wi kszo napisze Ci, e lepiej jest kama to zaczniesz? Nawet je li komu si Twoja szczero nie podoba, ale Ty si dobrze z ni czujesz, to nie zmieniaj si . Zmie swoje zachowanie tylko wtedy, kiedy uznasz, e ono przeszkadza Tobie! Szczero to ogromna zaleta. Ludzie, ktrzy nie s szczerzy maj zdecydowanie gorzej w yciu. Choby nawet dlatego, e nikt im tak do ko ca nie potrafi zaufa... A co ty my lisz na ten temat? Ks. Marcin Szczypula

15-Pawe I, pustelnik.Od dzieci stwa wychowywany w duchu chrze cija skim, maj c 20 lat uciek na pustyni , aby unikn prze ladowania.Po dwch latach chcia powrci do domu, szwagier pragn cy odziedziczy cay maj tek zagrozi mu wydaniem w r ce oprawcw.Obawiaj c si uwi zienia, Pawe ponownie uda si na pustyni , tym razem ju na zawsze. Sp dzi w samotno ci 90 lat, prowadz c ycie wypenione modlitw i surowymi pokutami. Jak mwi legenda, ka dego dnia kruk przynosi mu p bochenka chleba, a kiedy Pawa odwiedzi Antoni pustelnik, wwczas kruk przynis cay bochenek.Zmar, maj c 113 lat.Legenda gosi, e gdy jego przyjaciel Antoni martwi si , jak poradzi sobie z wykopaniem grobu, przybiegy dwa lwy, ktre to uczyniy.W historii Ko cioa Pawe uznany jest za pierwszego pustelnika i jego wa nie obra sobie za patrona zakon paulinw. W herbie tego zakonu, widniej cym na pierwszej bramie na Jasnej Grze, znajduje si kruk i dwa lwy. 16- Hilary z Arles, biskup.Pocz tkowo prowadzi ycie zakonne, zach cony do tego przez swego krewnego Honorata, ktry zosta p niej wi tym.Odznacza si wielk dbao ci o sprawy religijne, a w rz dzeniu diecezj kierowa si sprawiedliwo ci . Prowadzi ubogie ycie, zarabiaj c na utrzymanie prac fizyczn . Cieszy si oglnym szacunkiem ludu, ktry od jego mierci czci go jako wi tego. 18- Regina Protmann, zakonnica. W domu rodzinnym wzrastaa w atmosferze szczeglnej wierno ci dla religii katolickiej.Od modych lat pozostawaa pod kierownict-wem duchowym ksi y jezuitw i nale aa do zao onej przez nich Sodalicji Maria skiej.Przez 12 lat wraz z towarzyszkami, ktre poci gn a za sob , oddawaa si cichej pracy charytatywnej przy parafii.Zao ya nowe zgromadzenie zakonne i przy pomocy swego spowiednika napisaa regu , zatwierdzon przez biskupa.Now wsplnot zakonn powierzya w.Katarzynie Aleksandryjskiej patronce ko cioa parafialnego. Siostrom katarzynkom, bo tak je nazwano, jako gwne zadanie wskazaa posug chirym, zarwno w domach prywatnych, jak i w przytukach oraz wychowanie dzieci i modzie y. ''Spraw, aby ka dy dzie mia szans sta si najpi kniejszym dniem twojego ycia''

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Mass Intentions
Monday January 16th 7:00 AM = MARIE PAYONK by Halina

SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

Happy New Year !!

January 15, 2012

Tuesday January 17th 7:00 AM = HELEN J. NIEMIEC by Her Family 9:00 AM SCHOOL MASS 8:00 PM (Polish) = KAZIMIERZ & ZOFIA OLEJARZ by Their Family O ZDROWIE I BO E BOGOSAWIE STWO DLA ANIELA CHROBAK Wednesday January 18th 7:00 AM = JOHN BACHLEDA by Zofie & Jan Zajac 9:00 AM SCHOOL MASS Thursday January 19th 7:00 AM = GENE FRYSTAK by Bertha Rudis Friday January 20th 7:00 AM = BRENDAN OROZCO by His Parents & Sister Saturday January 21st 7:00 AM PURGATORIAL SOCIETY 5:30 PM = THEODORE GRACZYK (Anniv.) by Lorraine Slachetka & Edward Graczyk = JOHN A. SEGVICH by The Marusarz Family Sunday January 22nd 7:00 AM ALTAR & ROSARY SOCIETY = DONALD HEEG by The Kruczak Family 8:30 AM (Polish) = STANISAW LUKANUS by The Lukanus Family = JAN & HELENA WALUS by Maria & Henry Karolak 10:30 AM = FRANCISZEK & EUGENIA KALITA (Anniv.) by Their Family = AGNIESZKA & JAN WALKOSZ by Their Family 12:00 PM = ISABELLE POVALISH by Florence Kazich = LOTTIE MATECKI by Bonnie Jakusz 1:30 PM (Polish) = IRENE & CHESTER CYGAN by George Cygan = KAROLINA & WADYSLAW WIATOWSKI by The Zagraniczny Family

The Altar and Rosary Society meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2012. Begin the new year with us for the 6:40 AM rosary devotion and breakfast at Cog Hill following the 7:00 AM Mass. New members welcome !

Seniors And Law Enforcement Together (SALT): Lemont Township 1115 Warner Avenue Tuesday, February 7th at 9:30 a.m. Speaker: Pam Carter from Lemont Park District will speak about the upcoming Senior Games, what the Core has to offer, and other programs that are available. She will also give a presentation on CPR, using an AED, and explain the warning signs of a stroke. We encourage all seniors (55+ age group), from the surrounding areas to become informed and involved! Please call Lemont S.A.L.T. for further information at (630) 257-2522 x 24 or email:

2011 Contribution Statements

Contribution statements for 2011 will be mailed upon request only. Please fill out the following form and return to the Rectory, or in the collection basket at Church, with your name and address; your statement will be mailed to you after December 31st.



Address: _____________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Phone: ______________________________

Front Cover:
St. John the Baptist Philippe de Champagne, 17th Century Oil on canvas Muse de Grenoble, France

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Upcoming Events:

SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH


January 15, 2012

Sunday, January 15th: Welcome Lunch, 11:30 AM, Fr. Sivore Hall Communion Parent Mtg., 3:30 PM, Church Wednesday, January 18th: Parish Council Mtg., 7 PM, RMR Sunday, January 22nd: Altar & Rosary Mtg., 8 AM, Cog Hill Confirmation Retreat 12:30 PM-3:30 PM, Gym Confirmation Family Prayer Service, 3:30 PM, Church Teen Meeting, 6 PM, St. Patricks Parish Center Home Bound Healthcare Hospice is seeking volunteers to help their Hospice provide care and support to our patients and/or provide administrative help at our Lemont office. Being a hospice volunteer, one can gain great personal satisfaction from making an impact in another persons life. If you have an interest in donating some time, or have questions regarding our hospice volunteer program, please contact Nancy Coughlin at Home Bound Healthcare Hospice, 14216 McCarthy Rd., (847) 922-3681 or

Tuesday, January 17th: Weekly devotions at 7 PM which consists of the Rosary, Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, Pro Life Prayers and Benediction. After devotions, a Mass in Polish will be celebrated at 8 PM.

Please pray for

We ask you to please keep in your prayers the following parishioners who are on active duty in the military:

Bogumila Bielanska, Sgt.; LCPL Matthew Gill; Josh McManus, USMC; Stephan Staniulis, USMC, Gunnery Sergeant; LCPL Robert Stasiak; Don Tabron, CWO 5, US Army; George T. Burke, Staff Sergeant, USMC, Iraq; LCPL Cassie Leja, USMC, Iraq; Matthew Waugh, USMC, LCPL, Afghanistan; Catherine R. Chappell, U.S. Air Force; Frank Romanowski, Army Combat Medic; Mark Zajac, U. S. Navy; Keith Zajac, U.S. Navy; LCPL David Ehle, USMC; Kristen LaSota, 2nd Lt, U.S. Air Force, Nurse, Afghanistan.

Electronic Fund Transfer

Electronic Fund Transfer, (EFT), is the process of automatically having your contribution offering transferred from your checking or saving account to St. Cyrils account.

Laura Murray & Mark Graca

Parish Contributions
January 7th and 8th, 2012 Envelopes Childrens envelopes Electronic Fund (weekly) Total 852 87 55 $ 17,116 128 1,014 18,258

What will EFT do for you? No more check writing No more looking for the correct currency Automated record keeping Once you have signed up for Electronic Fund Transfer you will no longer need envelopes except for special second collections. If your financial situation changes, you may change or stop your payment at any time by calling the parish office. To sign up for Electronic Fund Transfer, complete the request for an EFT form. Return the completed form by mail or place it in the collection basket marked ATTN: Annie. You will be sent an EFT form with more information about the EFT process. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Annie at (630) 2572776.

852 envelopes plus weekly EFT donations represent 36% of our Parishioners. Your donations help meet our immediate needs, repairs and improvements. We sincerely appreciate your generosity.
Currently, Electronic Fund Transfers are being used by 55 families on a weekly basis and 110 families on a monthly basis. For January 2012, monthly electronic donations amounted to $6,921

Electronic Fund Transfer Request Form

Name:________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________ _____________________________________________ City/Zip:___________________ Phone:_____________________ Envelope Number _____

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SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish UNITED IN FAITH

January 15, 2012

Liturgical Ministers Weekend Schedule

January 21st. & 22nd 5:30 PM English Mass 7:00 AM English Mass 8:30 AM Polish Mass 10:30 AM English Mass 12:00 Noon English Mass 1:30 PM Polish Mass 5:00 PM St. Patrick Celebrant
Fr. Zake

J. Phelan N. Johnson

Eucharistic Ministers Host Cup

C. Barcus D. Arenberg R. Walschlager J. Kalkowski P. Gozder C. Diaz Boleslaw Bogun Andy Cieslinski Teresa Kadelak A. Rimbo M. ODonnell K. ODonnell K. Jenner/Choir S. Nosal M. Kickels N. Batistich R. Schmidt S. Stoffels P. DiBartelo C. Ptacek L. Kulpinski J. Cisek

Altar Servers
M. Bruin P. Mikuzis B. Papiernik K. Papiernik T. Kapustiak J. Rigler M. Janik D. Janik J. Wilczek M. Harbison J. Mattingly M. Gottardo T. Blickhahn E. Blickhahn S. Bailey A. Czerwinski K. Wlodarczyk M. Otreba

Fr. Szczypula

A. Wozniak E. Green

Fr. Szczypula

Marta Sniezko Malgorzata Kwak H. Tomala C. Kowalewski

Steve Kadelak Irena Kieta L. Czupta P. Palutsis C. Tomala L. Harbison K. Batistich M. Labno M. Dapkus J. Blickhahn Jan Koziol

Fr. Lucas

Fr. Lucas

D. Anderson M. Szaflarski

Fr. Szczypula

Teresa Kadelak Maria Bogun

Teresa Karpiesiuk

Fr. Gorski