Like other most children, I dreamed of becoming a film star or a scientist when I was young.

As I grew up though, my mind became mature, and I gradually cultivated my own interests and ideals that are different from what it was. The most importantgreatest influences though do coame from my parents. My mother was an actress of Shaoxing Opera, and it was under her influence that I started to show interests in dancing and artistic performance, and enjoy the feeling of being the focus of attention on the stage. I learned to play the lute, a traditional Chinese musical instrument, and I also learnt to draw when I was in elementary school. Later on, when I was in middle school, my mother actively encouraged me to learn to play piano and learn modern dance in order to further my artistic study. She even hired a private piano teacher for me and sent me to weekend dancing schools. I have been a member of the high school chorus in thefor four years after immigrating to the United States, where I learned to play Guitar and participated in a range of school performances. As a result of the above experiences, I have thecultivated idea of continuing my artistic pursuit in university. While I received significant artistic influence from my mother, my father has also played a decisive role in advancing my pursuit of life goals. He graduated from college with a degree in economics, and started his career as a government official. Then he started his own business and always instilled some business ideas in me when I was very young. The experience that I hadinfluence was that when I was a fourth grader in elementary school, my father’s ideas about business gradually helped build my interest in doing business. As At the boarding school which that I attended, there is no such provided no snack store, the so students children often had no snacks to satisfy their appetite. Although I often brought a lot of snacks with me back to school and shared them with my classmates, but they were far not

The result was a win-win situation.enough to share with all the other children friends in my class and I certainly don’t have the money for generosity.. having a job in the economic or financial sector. with me getting some earnings from my labor. While in university. I grew up under the influence of Chinese opera. and I have always loved artistic performance. I will actively help organize and participate in various activities and groups. Hopefully I sincerely hope this association would serve as a useful platform of communication and facilitate the cultural exchanges among the students. which I believe could help me lay . or creating my own business. I got full support from my classmates for in this smart business plan. and my second choice is a major in film study . In order to master knowledge that I need. In conclusion. Accordingly. . I would also select math. my first preferred major is finance in the business school. and my classmates having their appetite satisfied. so I believe these experiences would be of great help to my film study.which seems to be two very distinctive majors but I do show great interest in both of them. from which I derived. the sense of achievement. I would go to the wholesale market and bought many snacks to fill my little luggage. Then an idea that may satisfy my own needs and those of my classmateswill meet the dilemma came into my mind. and present Chinese operas as a top Chinese culture to the westerns in their language. I plan to create an association of Chinese operas. for my university study. And also my rooted spirit of business from childhood would also grant me the opportunity to excel in business learning. for the first time. Then when I come back to school. On my home visit once in every two weeks. I would sell them at a retail price. is another dream of mine. and in addition to take some courses in finance and economics.

and help accumulate some savings to be used as the tuition for my postgraduate studies a few years later. While focusing on school courses. This will enhance my practical experiences. I plan to borrow loan some money from my parents. I would also like to find an internship position in my field of study before graduation so that I can have more experiences.a solid foundation for my study in finance. so that I can make a long-term investment in a few selected stocks. .

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