Equipped with space suits, golf clubs and a flag, the Doctor and Rose are planning to live it up on the Moon, Apollo-mission style. But the TARDIS has other plans, landing them instead in a village on the south coast of England; a picture-postcard sort of place where nothing much happens. . . until now. Archaeologists have dug up a Roman mosaic, dating from the year 70 AD. It shows scenes from ancient myths, bunches of grapes – and a Dalek. A few days later a young woman, rushing to get to work, is knocked over and killed by a bus. Then she comes back to life. It’s not long before all hell breaks loose, and the Doctor and Rose must use all their courage and cunning against an alien enemy – and a not-quite-alien accomplice – who are intent on destroying humanity. Featuring the Doctor and Rose as played by David Tennant and Billie Piper in the hit series from BBC Television.

I Am a Dalek
Gareth Roberts

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watching the large room circle around her. Mary Poppins. ‘Turning off the gravity.’ he said.’ he told Rose.’ He reached for a long white pole and a battered old bag that he’d tied to one of the floor plates before turning off the gravity. Leap!’ Rose let go of the panel and followed his example. landing with the grace of a ballet dancer a good fifteen feet away. and landing only a little less expertly right next to him. ‘The bit we’ve landed on won’t be explored for a few thousand years. And leap!’ the Doctor encouraged her.’ he added.’ He flicked another switch and smiled over at her. ‘Practise.’ ‘More like leaping. ‘You don’t want to fall flat on your backside out there. remembering to push gently. ‘Oh – and balance pressure. kicked off and made a perfect cartwheel. so let’s give ’em 1 . ‘Because we don’t wanna burst. Going up. To demonstrate. then she looked across the TARDIS controls to the Doctor.’ she said. ‘Turning off the air. his white-gloved hand flicking one of the many switches on the panel. imagining what lay outside. Rose grabbed one of the wall struts. he put one foot forward and let himself be carried through the vacuum. flipping another control.’ Rose felt the weight leave her body and reached out to steady herself on the edge of her side of the panel. His voice reached Rose through a two-way radio link built into their helmets. From the bag he produced a long line of string with flags of all the nations strung along it. ‘Got it? Good. Then he remembered something. She cast a glance to the police box doors. ‘Giant leap.CHAPTER ONE R OSE CHECKED THE SEAL on her space helmet. ‘Can’t believe it. The Doctor beamed at her. and they set off. ‘Walking on the moon. then.’ said the Doctor happily. floating and bumping around the TARDIS together.

walk upon the moon’s mountains green? That’ll keep a few historians in jobs in the forty-ninth century. Not for the first time.’ His face fell just for a second. Humans kiss under it. I know I’ve been a lot further. swinging a bag full of golf clubs on to his shoulder. ‘Tanzania?’ he said mischievously. . a blackboard with QUIZ TUES- 2 . It had been an ordinary leap. gotta be this! Women’s Institute. Rose felt it was as if he was seeing through her eyes. and she wondered if that was one of the reasons he needed somebody to travel with. ‘Wait a sec. it’s just. ‘I should think up something to say. and halted at a green and blue flag with a thick black and yellow stripe along the middle. The moon. ‘I bet you think it’s like going to Calais or something.’ she told the Doctor.’ He looked along the line. pulled the door open and leapt.’ The abandoned string of flags hung in the air before Rose’s face. ‘Leap!’ Rose shut her eyes. Picking herself up – the suit’s padding had protected her from the worst of the fall – she looked around. in ancient times. And that just happened by chance – trillions of odds against it – one bit of stardust meets another bit of stardust. Tides rush out from it. Suddenly the importance of what was about to happen struck her. which featured a crest and the initials WI.’ Then he smiled again and attached the flag to the pole. Then his eyes lit on the next flag along. not weightless at all. His features were alive with wonder and excitement.’ said the Doctor. Everything down on Earth relies on it. And now I’m on it. the moon is incredible.’ The Doctor turned to face her.’ Rose jumped over to the doors and reached out for the handle. but that’s amazing. ‘I’m gonna be the first woman on the moon.a shock when they get there. up there.’ ‘Just get out there. Without it there’d be nothing down there worth the light.’ She studied his face. ‘Rose. you never think about it. Rats jump for it. considering. then stopped. halting him with a hand to his shoulder as he made to leap for the doors. There were more tables. . She came down with a loud thud. a couple of fruit machines. smashing into a wooden table. stools and chairs. ‘No. ‘We can! And did those feet. ‘We can’t.

’ said the Doctor a little unhappily. looking out of the nearest window on to a village green and church that were almost too typical of their kind. and a long bar with towels over the pumps. ‘Looks like May. . checking the date. then.’ The Doctor picked up his flagpole and bag of golf clubs and vanished back inside the TARDIS. The Doctor was right: it was May. . all grey and dusty.’ Rose could tell he was really concerned. undid her helmet and pretended to punch him. ‘Wow. the moony old moon. TODAY’S SPECIAL CHICKEN CURRY chalked on it. I even clocked it on the scanner just before we landed. 3 . the front page concerned with nothing more exciting than a dispute over parking and a plan for a supermarket. but something made Rose take off her gloves and flick through its pages all the same as she walked idly towards the TARDIS. go and check it. supported by wooden beams. The space-suited Doctor stood in the doors.’ The Doctor nodded. ‘Go on. ‘If the moon is Calais. which stood even more out of place than usual at a corner of the bar. Looks like England. She couldn’t stop herself from grabbing it in her gloved hand and taking a look. though. looking anywhere but at her. that little old matchmaker in the sky. ‘Go and check the TARDIS. The building was old. ‘Not too far from the sea.’ He sniffed. I checked all the controls as we were coming in and we were definitely heading for the moon.’ He frowned. ‘Somebody’s built an exact replica of a pub on the moon!’ Rose laughed. Whenever she came back to Earth. that this wasn’t just an excuse cooked up for her benefit. ’ Rose laughed and pointed to the TARDIS. ‘I’ll go and check the TARDIS.’ But he stopped at the doors. She turned to face the TARDIS.’ he said. ‘It’s weird. Hmm. All this was lit by the early morning sunlight of a half-hearted early British summer.’ ‘Not that far out.DAYS 8 p. then. Earth’s Dover. Rose liked to catch up on the news. Rose was about to follow him when she saw a newspaper lying on the bar. ‘Give it up! You’re so rubbish.m. This was only a local paper. get a whiff of that salt water. pulling off his own helmet.

A few pages in she stopped dead. The headline ran ROMAN REMAINS AT CREDITON VALE. A Dalek. Further along were a jug and a bunch of green grapes. Three rods stuck out from it: an eye-stalk from the dome of its head. what are you doing?’ Five seconds later. Beneath it was a colour picture of a middle-aged man in hard hat and yellow jacket. A deep square imprint on the pub’s flowery carpet was the only sign it had ever been there. 4 . shown in shades of gold on tiny pieces of tile. Depicted on the mosaic was a full-length portrait of a man and woman. The light on top began to flash and the ancient engines deep within the craft ground into life. was a familiar pepperpot shape. ‘Doctor. a sucker attachment and a gun from its middle. the TARDIS was gone. both handsome. Its lower half was studded with shining circular shapes. standing next to a large case that contained a broken section of Roman mosaic about six feet across. There was a loud thump. in purple robes. She felt her heart miss a beat. Rose ran for the TARDIS – and the police box door slammed shut in her face. ‘Doctor!’ Rose called. And right at the far side. dark and curly-haired.

A second later she heard another voice. Then the news finished and Wogan began talking. Ken Bruce. He talked about toothpaste. a song designed specifically to stop people getting out of bed and going to work. closed her eyes and felt that. funny things. She was dreaming that she was back at school. Everybody else in the class was sixteen. and there were childish sneers and whispers of ‘Why’s she still here?’ Then she heard her dad shouting up the stairs. grabbed a creased blouse from the airing cupboard. small.CHAPTER TWO KATE YATES JUST knew it was going to be a bad day. while she was twenty-eight. A letter lay on the mat for her: another credit 5 . most comfortable bed in the whole world. . like the snowbird. Just five minutes longer. He stopped talking and played some music. But she couldn’t resist. last night’s TV. and she turned her face into a deep fold of pillow. Five minutes longer in your bed. in the softest. Wogan was handing over to Ken Bruce – which could only mean it wasn’t a second later but half past nine. she too should spread her tiny wings and flyaway. rolled a deodorant under her arms. the gentle Irish chatter Kate had known since childhood seeping into her very bones. tore off her pyjamas. But for Kate he was simply saying. ‘How can it be? What happened to those ninety minutes?’ She threw back her duvet and ran for the bathroom. Kate sat up in bed and checked the clock. . ‘It’s eight o’clock!’ At the same moment the radio on her bedside table came to life. It was a drowsy. ‘This is Anne Murray. Kate Yates. and hurtled downstairs. A few seconds later she heard the front door slam as her parents left for their jobs. yawny song. “Snowbird”. slipped into her work skirt and shoes. ‘What?’ she screamed.’ Kate knew it was deadly. A Scottish voice.

every dodgy paving stone. waking each morning in the same single bed where. The buses were always late. She threw it over her shoulder. would right now be looking at the empty corner desk. Sorting her life out while working in a call centre by the nature reserve. ‘I said. and bolted through the front door. The village she knew in every detail – every lamp-post.39. about 6 . Kate couldn’t believe she was actually running towards Serena. dull tone. every litter bin mocking her screwed-up life – blurred past her as she ran to the green and the 9. but Kate just knew that this particular bus would be turning the corner by the church exactly on time.card statement that she could add to the tear-stained folder under her bed. pulling her cardigan over her enormous. Because she was twenty-eight and back. “If she’s out of your bed and out of your life. returned from London under a cloud of debt. Serena. Back in the room she’d grown up in. Creeping round the village for fear of bumping into someone from school and having to explain why she was here. Serena. into what was often described as one of the most beautiful villages in the UK. unforgiving breasts and tutting. Winchelham was only a beautiful trap. living with her mum and dad. The girl with the big-city dreams. with a view on to some rubbish bins and the car park. Thoughts of the call centre quickened Kate’s pace down the winding street towards the green. grabbed her bag. Those calls would now be going to voicemail. or had turned up with no headboard or without wheels. furious that their beds hadn’t been delivered as promised.40 bus. It was now 9. who wouldn’t open filing cabinets in case she broke her nails. yet seemed to spend half her working day ringing her friend Sheila to discuss her wayward husband in a flat. how come there are two tickets to the Gambia in your dresser drawer?”’ Calls came from people across the country. stuffed half a croissant her mum had left on the phone table into her mouth. Serena. running towards the angry voices. as a teenager. But for Kate. who disapproved of Kate’s personal calls. she’d dreamed of leaving. at a corner desk facing away from the curlews and kingfishers. Her boss.

The Doctor had been right – beyond the church and over some low hills she caught a glimpse of the sea. She could hear the bus’s engine off to the left and knew in her heart she was too late. Was this it? A year ago she’d been in London. But then she thought of the Dalek on the mosaic. . muddy lane. Rose sat on a bench and took the TARDIS key from the pocket of her jeans. Someone was in a hurry. village green and church. He’d be back soon with some bizarre and technical explanation. She could hear sounds of movement coming from upstairs. waiting for it to glow and alert her to the Doctor’s return. empty village street. The last thing she wanted right now was to have to explain herself to the landlord. That would mean a long walk to work along a shady. A big ball of bitterness. She was distracted from these dark thoughts by the prettiness of what lay before her. caused only partly by the croissant she had just eaten. The clouds were moving away now and the light blue May sky framed an idyllic scene: post-office. a little museum. hauled it open and squeezed herself through the gap on to the sunny. It seemed impossible that the Doctor’s hectic. dangerous life could affect such a place. selling her flip-flops in Camden Market. In the distance she heard the sound of high heels running. where things were carrying on much as they had for hundreds of years. Kate whizzed round the corner on to the village green as she had done a million times before. sending a rinsed milk bottle left by somebody’s front gate flying.now. Surely there had to be some connection between it and the Doctor’s sudden disappearance. She knew the Doctor wouldn’t have abandoned her willingly. Rose climbed out of her spacesuit. A single-decker bus pulled round the corner of the green by the church and drove slowly along. so confident about repaying her business loan to the bank that she was using her credit 7 . but still she kept running. . so she unlocked a window. formed in her stomach. So she ran even faster.

She had one tiny moment to realise that she was about to die. She would never walk down the long muddy lane in heels.’ Rose clenched the hand in hers. ‘Kate. There’s an ambulance coming. What if she’d already finished. Her head full of thoughts of her dad. The driver got out his mobile and started dialling. on the other side of the green by the pub. by the body of a red-haired young woman. My name’s Rose Tyler. . The driver of the sports car was standing. had crashed and burnt? What if she was just useless? What if life was useless? She saw the back of the bus. ‘I didn’t see her. after an accident. and a deep purple stain of blood was colouring her 8 . ‘Listen! Talk to me. ‘She just ran out and stopped. She crashed to a halt in the middle of the road. She thumped down on to the hard tarmac as the car screeched to a halt. What’s your name?’ The woman said faintly. stunned. A fraction of a second later a bright red sports car zoomed round the corner and smashed into her. There was no other sound like it – like a soul leaving the body. but the middle of Kate’s body was horribly twisted. The dull smack of metal on flesh caught at Rose’s heart. rolling smugly away. She’d never get to do any of the wonderful things she’d planned. The woman’s eyelids were fluttering. A stupid. what’s your surname? Talk to me! Everything’s gonna be fine. she sprang from the bench and raced across the green. ’ ‘Call an ambulance!’ shouted Rose. She remembered watching a first aid video from her old job. silly accident. The milk bottle jingled by.’ he called to Rose in a dead voice. catkins catching on her jacket. you have to keep the person talking. . There might still be a chance. Rose knelt by the young woman and took her hand. Serena would never tell her off for being two hours late.card to pay her rent. She’d thought she was just getting started. This was the end of it all. ’ ‘What’s your second name? Kate. . . The credit card bill was never going to be paid off.

she was crackling with power. Rose looked down at where she’d lain. Kate calmly stood and picked up her bag. ‘Yates. . At the same time. . . I’m Kate Yates. A green aura spread out from the wound.’ said Kate. Kate’s red hair was now blonde. thanks. ’ Then Rose saw the light go out of her eyes. Suddenly something stung Rose’s hand. as if flicked off by a switch. Her back arched. so hard it hurt. Rose swallowed. at the pool of fresh blood. Rose squeezed her hand hard. Rose leaned forward. I’m fine.blouse. The air around Kate had the tang of a thunderstorm. ‘Kate!’ Her eyes rolled. Kate’s body twitched and shook. The aura disappeared as quickly as it had come. ‘Kate?’ Her blouse still stained. She flinched and drew it back. rolling out to cover her whole body. 9 . ‘It’s all right. .


Beside that was a huge studded dark green metal door. with that special flat coolness you only find underground. As soon as he’d touched the controls. Can’t you just say? And where are we going now – Northampton?’ He flicked a few buttons with no result. it had only been in flight for a few seconds. the big room tilting and knocking him off his feet. Wherever the TARDIS had taken him. official lettering. stop!’ A second later the column shuddered to a halt. He crossed to the scanner screen. bare corridor. which was filled with a strange set of symbols he hadn’t seen before.CHAPTER THREE T HE D OCTOR LOOKED UP at the grinding central column of the TARDIS. though: the TARDIS was not under the control of an outside influence. ‘What are you trying to tell me? Don’t go all cryptic. Putting it on. Even after nine centuries of travel through space and time. Next to it was a bracket where a fire extinguisher would once have fitted. The beam of his torch pierced through the pitch blackness. swung wide open. He walked through it into a long. it could still surprise him. It certainly looked and smelt very different from the last stop. He stripped off his spacesuit and took his pinstripe suit jacket from a peg. He switched the screen to an outside view of his new location. It showed a dark. It passed over bare concrete pillars to settle on a metal sign with AREA 3 written on it in stark. and for whatever reason. the doors had shut and the craft had decided to take off. ‘Stop. then swung the doors open and strode out. He couldn’t be very far from where he’d left Rose. empty concrete chamber. He knew one thing for sure. Now it was taking him somewhere else. The air was damp and decayed. It had changed course from the moon and brought them to Earth. ‘Hello! There should be two passengers on this ship!’ he cried. Any- 11 . he grabbed a torch from a locker. ‘Hello.

The torch lit up two lines of old. Frank looked up. which was lit by several huge lamps. On the wall by the door was a phone. Somebody. but the security of guaranteed work was another matter.’ So he was in a nuclear bunker. He knelt down and picked up a tattered booklet with the title ‘Protect and Survive’ and a date of 1980. dressed in a slightly scruffy suit. was listening to the radio. He didn’t care too much about the fame. Somebody tapped him on the shoulder. he was tall and very thin. Yes. somewhere in this bunker. Frank Openshaw sat back proudly in his chair. the Doctor lifted it and listened. The place seemed deserted. tapping his toes to the song on the radio.”’ he read from it. He’d never let Sandra down again. can I borrow your phone?’ asked a voice in a slightly odd. Frank blinked. he was right. ‘“If you live in a caravan or other similar accommodation which provides very little protection against fall-out. He strained to listen. abandoned. It’s the council and we advise you to run like hell. dark-haired. He walked a little further down the corridor and turned into another room. The owner of the voice was too old to be a student. ‘Excuse me. The slow. But why had the TARDIS brought him here? Before he had time to think about it any further. watching the dig. It was as if someone had switched on 12 . ‘Hello.one about?’ he called. He set off in search of that person. feeling secure and successful. your local authority will be able to advise you on what to do. patient business of his greatest project yet was spread out before him. mostly students from the local farming college. he heard something he was not expecting. were working carefully down in the pit. London-but-not-quiteLondon accent. not expecting an answer. This site was going to make his name. a disused one by the look of it. He took a swig of coffee from the cup of his thermos flask. rusting iron beds. Volunteers. ‘“Eat only tinned food.”’ He laughed to himself. The sole of his shoe scuffed against something on the floor. It was dead.

See you in a bit. I can’t talk because I’m on someone else’s phone. and they’ve –’ ‘Yeah. I wanted a tie. He heard a woman’s voice on the phone. It’s got all these emergency systems. Frank pointed to the metal tube in the stranger’s hand. I’m at –’ he looked at Frank – ‘Where am I?’ ‘Crediton Vale. ‘Has it?’ replied the stranger innocently.a bright light. Lovely walk for you. They kept going off and I couldn’t hear myself think.’ He snapped the phone shut and handed it back to Frank. there’s this dig. I’m jealous. ‘Don’t know if I like digging. ‘You won’t get a signal down here. Then he rubbed his hands and looked down into the pit. what happened?’ ‘I’m blaming the TARDIS. Frank looked on fascinated.’ ‘Hold on. ‘Digging. First. Two things actually. wide smile. The stranger shone with confidence and enthusiasm. which was tagged and laid out on a long work table. ‘Birthday present from my sisterin-law. must be about a mile and a half away. Digging can be good. He took a slender metal tube from his pocket. it’s all the TARDIS’s fault. Doctor. Must have come back on.’ said the woman’s voice urgently. disused bunker.’ said the stranger. No bars. See you later. Depending on what the diggers are digging up. Shall I stop talking for a bit?’ Frank was looking at his phone’s screen. ‘Crediton Vale.’ he said. ‘Bet I will. ‘The signal’s gone.’ said Frank.’ said the stranger. one of their biggest finds so far. digging can be bad. flicked a switch on its side and held its tip to the side of the phone. ‘OK.’ He pointed over Frank’s shoulder to a long piece of rotted wood. Then he dialled. I’m there now.’ He turned to Frank and gave a wide.’ said the stranger. ‘Yeah. ‘That’s the turning spike 13 . ‘Something really weird and important.’ Frank warned him. ‘I know. I turned them all off years ago. and he found himself handing over his mobile phone without even thinking about it. ‘What’s that? How did it do that?’ ‘Don’t ask me.’ he said.

very secret. look at that. round and round it goes. OK. .’ He reached out and shook Frank’s hand very tightly. really don’t understand?’ Frank sighed. ‘Now. It was more like herby cheese on toast. Tie your horse there. When the Cold War ends.’ Frank got up and followed him to the table. 14 . ‘Just the Doctor. look at the edges. ‘I thought it was a supporting beam. Yum. slipped on a pair of glasses and chuckled at the man’s profile on the coin.’ He scratched the back of his neck. The Britons chucked everything down into these caves. Five minutes later one nice bucket of water. someone goes to fill this place in and build some flats on the surface.’ said Frank. ‘Sorry. Except they didn’t have tomatoes then. Cheesy naan actually. a worn Roman coin. Too smooth for that. put them away and looked right at Frank. Takes me back. Looks like a bungalow up top. Something about this bloke made him feel like a beginner. ’ ‘Did they?’ The Doctor saw another find on the table. . Nero. ‘No. The.’ he said. come and have a look at this. ’So. ‘Pretty much. That’s a pizza slice.’ He took off his glasses. one very dizzy horse. ‘And I suppose you’ll know just what it is. Then they find this stuff and call you in. by the way. there was a Roman town there. About 1950 the British government builds a great big bunker in the caves: centre of regional government.’ ‘Frank Openshaw. ’Ah. Am I being annoying?’ ‘Didn’t catch your name. ‘No. Frank swallowed.’. They said someone was coming down from London. ‘He was fatter than that.’ He knelt. ‘Gardening tool?’ The Doctor shook his head sadly. Am I right or what?’.from a Roman well. about AD 70. Doctor. handle’s wrong. scratching his head.’ He pointed upwards. ‘I’m the Doctor.’ He led the Doctor to the pile of most recent finds and handed him a metal triangle. right? And it went up in the revolt of Boudicca. would I be wrong to think you’ve dug something up that you really.

Down there.The Doctor shrugged. . Follow the lights. The radio was switched off. ‘Image on the right of the mosaic. ‘Might do. pushing a couple of the students aside. Frank stared after him and wondered.’ The Doctor gave him a thumbs-up and walked off. Sorry. they’d tossed it down into the caves too. the odder the thoughts that came into his head. The Doctor guessed that when the Britons had looted the Roman town above. ‘There’s something metal down here. And found himself facing a Dalek. . striding over to where Openshaw and his workers were gathered in a far corner. ‘Frank! Mr Openshaw!’ He emerged into the huge hollowed-out room and jumped down into the pit. Dead weird it is!’ The Doctor sauntered along the corridor. ’ Frank pointed down a narrow corridor that led off the main dig. ‘Frank!’ he called from the pit. One of the students broke into his thinking. ‘Get away from it!’ he called. At the same moment he heard cries of excitement and surprise from the main dig. He ran back. He saw what was depicted there and felt his hearts skip a beat. 15 . A standard lamp shone down on to a display case with a large. Everybody loves a smartarse. rough-edged mosaic inside. And the more he wondered.


‘Who’s this?’ Frank and the Doctor looked at each other. Frank trusted this odd young stranger. But he found himself remaining. as Frank moved to touch it. Somehow. Just now. flat voice. ‘It’s the bloke from London.’ he heard himself saying. He seemed to consider for a second. The thing had been unearthed hurriedly by the students. Kate was getting angry. 17 . Frank!’ Frank pulled his hand back. though he knew it wasn’t true.’ said Frank. Getting angry with Serena was pointless – but still. who was the only customer. No reaction. The Doctor waved a hand over the eyepiece. I was nearly run over. Eye-stalk. then asked. munched in a daze on a teacake while speaking on the phone to Serena. sucker and stubby gun were lifted arrogantly. ‘Yes. ‘And the bloke from London says get back!’ Then he grabbed a loud hailer from the floor of the pit and called. One of the students looked the Doctor up and down. The Doctor slapped the student’s arm down as he lifted it towards the gun stick. ‘It’s a bomb! Step back from it. In their excitement they had forgotten that the first rule of archaeology was patience.CHAPTER FOUR ‘L OOKS LIKE A ROBOT. Kate. Then. It looked exactly like the thing in the mosaic. then?’ asked Serena’s dull. he cried.’ ‘Nearly run over running for the late bus. The museum teashop opened early. ‘Evacuate the area! I have authority from London and all that! Get up to the surface now!’ Frank wasn’t surprised when the students obeyed. Its base was still covered in earth and its sides were caked in lumps of dirt. Its golden casing had lost its colour but it remained whole.

Then she looked at the crosswords. She might have a go at the easy crossword to calm herself down. But this wasn’t like thinking. And with it came a sense of strength and power. She filled in the blanks with letters easily. The sudoku puzzles caught her eye instead. She wanted to sneer. But she wasn’t. Her hand reached for a sachet of sweetener in a bowl. She rubbed it gently between her thumb and finger and watched as it broke apart in a little blizzard of static electricity. or make an effort. It was easy. Someone had entered the little shop – the pretty blonde girl who’d held her hand out in the road. thanks. She knew the exact temperature of her coffee. hard and killer sudokus – her fingers whizzing across the page. Why did she have to even pretend to be polite to this idiot? The meaning of the phrase ‘seeing red’ suddenly became clear to her. She felt that if Serena had been there she could have picked up her butter knife and stabbed her. Something in the world had changed – or was it inside her? She could see the atoms dancing around the room. As if a speeding car could stop her! ‘So you’re OK now?’ asked Rose. Really easy. She didn’t have to concentrate. That seemed like a dream. taking deep breaths.‘The “nearly run over” part of the sentence is the important bit!’ Kate snapped. Thanks. so she flipped her mobile shut and grabbed the café’s copy of the paper from the counter. She took another deep breath and looked up. Kate smiled. she turned to the puzzle page. Without even thinking about it she filled all the empty boxes in – for all three: the easy. She felt a wave of anger rushing up inside her. Why had she never noticed that before? She looked around. solving even the hardest clues in fractions of a second. leaning close. It felt as natural as breathing. ‘I’m fine. Idly. ‘That car smacked right 18 .’ Rose sat down next to her. She saw and understood the chemical processes taking place inside the cup. She’d hardly bothered to look at them before – she’d always been rubbish at maths – but this morning the numbers seemed to dance in the air. Rose. Just gonna finish this and go to work.

something about the size of a football that would once have sat there. He seemed relieved – but also. I’ve got enough on my plate. Rose Tyler. It looked as if something was missing in this central space. He looked across at Frank.’ The Doctor smiled. ‘Rose. He sifted it between his fingers and then blew it away.000 years?’ 19 . ‘Sorry. You’re clever. perhaps a little sad. ‘Great.’ Rose pointed to Kate’s blouse.’ said Frank. ‘A bomb? In earth that hasn’t been touched for 2. Frank watched as the Doctor ran that glowing metal tube of his slowly over the object he’d described as a bomb. ‘Could be a hinge there. Tight. ‘I like you. as if staring into the past. You should be dead. Frank made a small snorting noise. Inside there was a tangle of electronic parts and wires. a cruel thought came into her mind. ‘Is there any point me asking you to go home?’ ‘None. Such emotions were weak. Rose Tyler.’ he said. Could you move a bit back? I like my personal space. shook it. Kate took it. Then the Doctor gave a deep sigh.’ There was something very kind and trusting in the girl’s deep brown eyes. though she knew.’ He applied the tip of the tube to the hinge and then carefully lifted up the dome. Now then. Some of the cheeky light came back into his eyes.into you. Something happens that you can’t explain.’ ‘What’s your name again?’ asked Kate. ‘I know what it feels like. What’s the deal? You can tell me. Frank came closer.’ Kate bridled. You invent any excuse to stop thinking about it. He pointed to the section of the bomb where the domed head met a rusty metal grille surrounded by metal slats. The Doctor reached in and picked up a handful of dust. ‘You’re covered in blood. clear off.’ She held out her hand. Kate swallowed. Frank Openshaw. You were dying. Frank felt. ‘Dead as a doornail. Rose went on.’ Rose flinched and pulled her hand away.

This is just the shell.’ He whistled and pointed over his shoulder with his thumb. Now. They were very gifted at war. hop it. From the planet Skaro.’ said Frank. Frank. you’d only know that if you’d been there.’ ‘You’d only say “universe” if you were – I don’t know. a heap of old bits. Once.’ He returned to his study of the object. ‘OK. watch Brainteaser. Am I being annoying?’ asked Frank. For once he wasn’t saying anything. ‘And that could be from space too. No – that was a Dalek. Come back tomorrow.’ ‘I’ve never seen one before.’ ‘What about it?’ asked the Doctor. really like you. Now they’re all dead. I really. ‘Go home. ‘Sorry. you’ve got me. He considered the Doctor’s words. ‘So what killed them?’ he asked. And from what you said about Nero. Unless they were mad. There’s more life in a tramp’s vest!’ It was the strangest conversation of Frank’s life. He knew his theory couldn’t be true. but still Frank decided to join in. ‘No.’ He pointed to the object.’ He patted the casing. .’ The Doctor frowned. You’ve got a day off. and the pizza. yeah.’ said Frank. ‘Don’t be silly. ‘You said “universe”. .The Doctor rubbed the dust from his hands and smiled. have sausage and chips. The Doctor blinked again. The Doctor was obviously joking. The Doctor blinked. It’s not strictly a bomb.’ Frank pointed to the object. Put your feet up. ‘And you don’t how lucky you are. the most terrifying things in the universe. laughing to himself as he said it. The Doctor laughed and clapped him around the shoulders. clever Frank Openshaw. all the creatures inside. ‘Nobody would say “the most terrifying thing in the universe”. ‘That’s a Dalek. making all this up.’ He laughed once more at the madness of what he was saying. Frank didn’t move. and you’re not mad. ‘Now really. from space. ‘It’s all that’s left of the most terrifying thing in the universe. 20 .

’ said Rose. Somebody else’s memories. Its four syllables demanded to be shouted out loud.’ He kicked the base of the Dalek. Another bus was just turning on to the green. There was a knot of anger inside her. ‘Many battles.’ Kate sighed. He’ll know what to do. again and again. Then another emotion took over – fear. terrible images ran through Kate’s mind’s eye. ‘He can help you. I saw you. As she walked across the peaceful village street of her childhood. She pointed. . but I really am fine.’ ‘Don’t be scared. trailing Kate as she left the teashop.’ said Rose. Whole worlds burning. Exterminate! 21 . look!’ Kate saw herself in the window. She couldn’t accept what she saw. like some Swedish supermodel’s. A word started running through her head.‘I did. Kate’s head swivelled round. ‘We can get that and be there in five minutes. taking her gently by the hand. The word Doctor echoed in her head. something vicious and confident and sharp. She shuddered. planets falling through space like balls scattered over a snooker table.’ said Rose. ‘Kate. She saw the shadow shape of a man framed by fire. Do you know that?’ Kate nodded. ‘You’re blonde.’ ‘I want you to meet a mate of mine. The movement felt totally instinctive. .’ said Rose. ‘He’s at a place called Crediton Vale. When you ran out in the road. come and meet the Doctor. leading her to the bus stop. ‘There’s nothing to be scared of any longer. Doctor! The Doctor! ‘Come on.’ said the Doctor. one final war. took a step back. ‘Thank you for your concern. and now.’ Rose grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her to face one of the museum’s windows. Her hair was straight and bright yellow. You had curly red hair.


‘Not in itself. I need to ask you something. holding the gun at arm’s length.’ he added sincerely. using the metal tube to work inside. Funny. ‘If I could go back. OK.’ He smiled. Frank looked down at the weapon. But the other part of him believed every bit of it. “What’s it like in space? Can I go back and save Kennedy? Can I stop myself meeting the wife?” That sort of thing. someone up there’s gonna come down here and start asking questions. you don’t ask questions.’ said the Doctor. Frank noted that there was sweat on his brow. Just for safe keeping.’ Frank nodded to the Dalek ‘That looks tricky. Normally by now people are saying. You’ll all be dead by Wednesday week. but we never met for another ten years. ‘And I love my wife.’ The Doctor stood up straight. but nobody must get their hands on that. I’ll 23 . ‘Thought it wasn’t dangerous. ‘Frank.’ he said. confused. ‘But you tell me.CHAPTER FIVE T HE D OCTOR GENTLY LOOSENED the connections and removed the Dalek gun an inch at a time. Part of him didn’t believe a word of what the Doctor was saying. she was in her third year at Durham University when I was in my first year. Pop it in your bag and take it home.’ He nodded to the gun. Right. rolled up his sleeves and bent over the open casing. ‘You are a remarkable person. what happens if some clever clogs gets this in his lab? Finds out how it works? The human race gets the secret of Dalek weapons. Pretty soon. I’d want to meet her years before I did.’ He placed the weapon with care into Frank’s hands. Don’t want to put you off. ‘They can get their hands on me. A few moments later. the Doctor looked up and said. take the gun away.’ He tapped the Dalek ‘I’m taking this to bits. change anything.

Kate and Rose got off the bus at what looked like a building site. They waited until the security man.’ He entered the lift and pressed the button to go up. looked the other way. Then they decided to fill it in. He’d had it since the 1970s. I’ll see you later. ‘Redlands Road.’ Frank’s bag was made of faded green canvas. Her skin tingled with static. ‘What’s your postcode?’ asked the Doctor. on what was turning out to be a warm day for May. As he was nearing the huge lift. Rose nodded at the fuss by the bungalow. It bends the rules. A series of half-built flats lay across a field beyond a high wire fence. then. number 15. but eventually he simply shook his head and smiled. not knowing why. ‘WP4 2LN. . along with piles of building materials. Voices were being raised.’ She led Kate over the rough ground.pick it up this evening. ‘Ta. About a quarter of a mile beyond was the sea.’ said Frank The Doctor thought for a second. The Doctor was just being silly. the Doctor’s definitely down there. he half-decided. I could manage the fall of Troy from a safe distance?’ Frank shrugged. who was in the middle of the students. People are shouting. ‘Oh yeah. ‘That’s it. It was like a game of bluff. ‘Can’t do that thing with the wife. ‘That’s the entrance to the bunker.’ As she spoke. Kate eyed him with interest.’ He set off for the exit. . He picked it up and put the Dalek weapon inside. radiant and blue. Twyford?’ Frank felt even more confused now. Doctor. But. A security man and a bunch of people who looked like students were standing outside a bungalow in the middle of the site. a middle-aged man carrying an old canvas bag walked by. ‘Frank’ Frank turned. Come on. Cranes with various attachments were dotted around the site. It was a bit of a tourist attraction. next to his lunchbox and paper. the Doctor called. But I’m happy where I am. Kate pointed to the bungalow. 24 .

And the object he’d been looking at – it uplifted her. and then. ‘Oh. They got in and Rose pressed the button to go down. She longed to run towards it. its doors open. This game would have to be played with that wonderful cunning. Today. ‘Naturally blonde. ‘Doctor! On this mosaic. but she knew somehow that he was the same person. They all died. The man was nothing like the shadowy shape she’d seen in the visions. being cunning felt like a thrill. her mind was stirring with visions she couldn’t even find words to describe. but she knew the Doctor was dangerous. ‘Yeah.then slipped into the old bungalow. Rose had stopped dead at the sight of it. ‘I suppose I don’t mind going blonde. when Rose trusted her the most. ‘Who is this?’ Rose couldn’t take her eyes off the object. ‘It’s impossible. Kate looked over at Rose. Dead. took her arm. It was the kind of friendly. They all did. there’s a –’ The skinny man turned. when the time came.’ said Kate. we’re back to the questions. Keeping secrets and lying had never appealed to her before. ‘What is it?’ she asked. Inside was a huge iron lift. Rose ran across to him. She could tell this Rose anything. ‘You sure it’s dead?’ 25 . great. The Doctor looked her over. mock-bitchy thing she’d say all the time. Knew that wouldn’t last. Like all the others.’ He turned to Rose.’ said Rose.’ Kate felt she had to say something.’ The Doctor came towards her. revealing what he’d been looking at. Kate felt a thrill run through her. called to her. She remembered an ex telling her – in the process of him becoming an ex – that one of her most annoying qualities was that she always showed her real feelings. she would turn – and exterminate her! The lift jolted and Rose ran out into a huge pit.’ ‘It’s not so bad. But inside. She knew she must keep them secret. trying her best to appear dumb and ordinary. embrace it. A skinny man in a slightly crumpled suit was bending over something on the far side. Even this one.

he had called it. as if she was trying to remember something hidden from her.’ He walked back to the thing – Dalek.’ said Rose. . I’ve got one chance to do this.’ said the Doctor.’ ‘So. And there’s something else. ?’ He nodded over to Kate. Five minutes and I’ll be finished. You used its power.” The casings were full of booby traps.’ ‘It’s dead.’ The Doctor nodded. Kate had never heard that word before. And I’m not sorry I did. but they could take over the TARDIS computer. You’re not saying you missed a bit?’ Rose blinked. You destroyed them all. ‘She’s called Kate. I got them all. As the Doctor ran a long metal tube inside the casing and chattered on to Rose. ‘You looked into the time vortex. with our luck are we gonna risk that?’ Rose looked back at Kate. There’s a slight chance there are still virus transmitters in the shell. It can’t be as important as this. 26 . I can’t risk taking it into the TARDIS intact. I’ve got to take it to bits. The part of her that was still Kate found him rather attractive. but it caused a deep feeling of satisfaction within her strange new mind. Kate walked round slowly to the other side. Like nasty computer viruses. ‘Isn’t it?’ ‘There’s an old saying. though. curious face. and bring it back to life?’ ‘No. Then she smiled. ‘Your friend. They could latch on to the TARDIS’s power systems. Kate.’ ‘What. ‘dates from about 4000: “Never turn your back on a dead Dalek.’ Then he turned back to Rose. ‘Yeah. ignoring her. then we’ll dump it somewhere.’ said Rose. Less than a chance in a trillion. come on. something really weird about her. There’s a lovely black hole in the galaxy Casta Pizellus that’ll do very nicely. . ‘No.‘Are you?’ he asked gently. ‘Rose. Kate nodded back. ‘But –’ ‘Please. ‘Nice to meet you. She put on an innocent. But.’ said the Doctor.

‘But I know about Daleks.’ said the Doctor. They always. and have a look at what I’ve got. And today someone digs it up again.’ ‘After that long. how could a computer virus or whatever survive?’ asked Rose. something to talk about at dinner parties." Then it got thrown down here. Marcus. reaching for the spaghetti-like mass of connections. ‘Probably all wiped out when it crashed. . Tiny glowing filaments. “Peel me a grape. 27 . put it on show in their villa. always had something you never knew about.’ the Doctor was telling Rose. . ’ He looked up to see Kate reaching out. fleeing the Time War.‘Must have crashed and burnt here thousands of years ago. ‘The Romans dug it up. were flowing from her fingertips into the Dalek. like strands of sparkling green glue. stretching her fingers into the casing. An antique.


the shell is dangerous. ‘What’s happened to me?’ she managed to say.’ Kate blinked and looked round. hard.’ ‘But she’s human. but with a confidence Rose had learned to mistrust slightly. a genetic imprint? Remember that the Daleks hate the human race. They loathe all other creatures.’ ‘But how?’ Rose pointed to the Dalek. it sent something out. She was trying to make the machinery in the casing work again. like a chicken with its head cut off. ‘They had a gift for war. Why would they even consider mixing their race with another? No mixed marriages for Daleks. New weapons every other day. ‘And thou- 29 . A faint green glow remained. ‘And what if. ‘Static! There’s some kind of Dalek energy inside her. all the while watching the dying glow in the Dalek and worrying. ‘Perhaps they imprinted the Dalek factor in the human race or tried to. instinctively backing away. ‘Why didn’t I listen to you? Tell me everything!’ So Rose quickly told him the story of Kate’s incredible recovery from the accident. The Doctor raised her hand carefully and felt her fingers. shining up from the empty main section. confused.CHAPTER SIX T HE D OCTOR PUT HIS head down and charged at Kate like a bull.’ He shook his head. knocking her to the ground beneath him. ‘What’s she done?’ The Doctor got up and smacked his fist against his forehead. Even without a Dalek inside. ‘She’s a new weapon.’ said Rose. Rose stared at the Dalek casing. ‘You’ll be all right.’ said the Doctor. Why?’ He indicated Kate. It could run on automatic. when it was dying. Kate was shaking with fear. ‘It’s dead!’ The Doctor was thinking.

A newly formed Dalek creature. 30 . The green sparkles had faded. A greasy green eye blinked up at him. He knew he had to kill it – and kill it now. ’ He hesitated for a second. . ‘The Dalek factor.’ ‘Cruel parents and the Dalek factor.’ she whispered. The electronics inside were damaged by age. the safer she’ll be. healthy blue. intelligence. Another terrifying thought struck Rose.’ The Doctor helped Kate to her feet and steered her away from the Dalek. This must be a fluke. far away. but it was worth making certain.’ he breathed. ‘No. it went wrong. I’ll sort it out later. After a minute. The Dalek got killed. he raised the sonic screwdriver for another check and peered inside. There’ll be a way. Go. glowing a bright. the imprint’s still there. Something triggered it off today. The Doctor returned to the Dalek casing. It was unlikely that Kate had managed to spark them into life. That’s impossible. buried away in her genes. What’s she called again?’ ‘Kate Yates. The tip of the eye-stalk opened. the power to heal herself. The Doctor leapt back.’ Rose grabbed Kate round the middle and ran for the lift as fast as possible. was already stretching its slime-coated tentacles towards the connections. Unlucky girl. ‘No. Whatever the plan was. .’ ‘How do you know?’ ‘If they’d passed the Dalek factor on to the whole of humanity. He waited. ‘We’ve got to get her away. thinking over his next move. I think I’d have noticed.’ He handed Kate gently over to Rose. The further she gets.sands of years later. so she gets strength. Could he? The casing slammed shut on its hinge with a deafening clang. ‘It could be in me? In everyone?’ ‘No. staggering a little. The imprint failed. smaller than an adult.

The sucker arm started to twitch. The base shifted, freeing itself from the earth that covered it. A croak came from the grating beneath the head. ‘Aaaaaa. . . ’ The lights on the domed head flickered into life. The Doctor realised that he had one option left, an option that had served him well on many occasions. He ran to the lift doors and pressed the up button desperately. Over his shoulder, the Dalek was slowly turning its eye-stalk and sucker arm, moving unsteadily from side to side on its base. The Doctor kicked the lift doors. ‘Come on!’ He heard the lift settle into position, saw the doors open, ran inside and pushed the up button. The lift doors closed with casual slowness. Just before they closed completely, the Doctor saw the Dalek moving over the uneven ground of the pit towards him, its base a few inches off the ground. The lift started going up. The Dalek reached the closed door of the lift shaft. The socket where its gun had been twitched uselessly. Then its sucker arm reached out to the thick steel where the doors met, forming a cup against it. It tugged. The doors bulged out. The Dalek pulled at the huge chunk of metal until it was free, then tossed it aside with ease. It darted into the lift shaft, switched into its anti-gravity mode and started to rise. The lift was moving up with, it seemed to the Doctor, painful slowness. He heard a couple of shattering crashes from deep below him and thumped the wall. ‘Come on, come on. . . ’ The Dalek rose up the shaft. Its eye turned to the base of the climbing lift. Its young mind considered. Slowly it tilted itself backwards. Then its sucker arm extended from the casing. It clamped on to the base of the lift with a metallic clang. It heaved. Gears crunched and the motor screamed. The Dalek began to drag the lift – and the Doctor – back down.


T HE LIFT JUDDERED . G EARS screeched. The Doctor looked up. The ceiling of the lift was made up of four metal plates. He stretched to his fullest height and aimed the sonic screwdriver at them, loosening the massive bolts in the corners. He heard the bolts fall one by one and slide across the floor of the lift. He steadied himself, then spat on his hands and leapt, knocking the roof of the lift, trying to push one of the panels off to the side. It barely moved. Below him, he could hear the newborn Dalek croaking. He took another jump, bashing his palms against the panel. It shifted slightly. Something rammed into the base of the lift. He looked down. A hole was being ripped in the floor. Using all his strength, the Doctor jumped again, knocking the panel aside. He jumped a fourth time, gripping the rough edge of the free corner. The hole in the floor grew bigger as the Dalek’s sucker tore at the metal. Though it was young, confused, still forming, the Doctor realised, it must have worked out how to use its sensors to see through into the lift. To see him. He pulled himself up and out through the gap into the lift shaft, thankful for his skinny frame. Then he grabbed hold of the steel cable and climbed up it, hand over hand. Rose got Kate out of the site and on to the main road. It was easy to hitch a lift from a passing lorry driver. ‘Two blondes,’ thought Rose. ‘Double hitching power.’ She told the driver, a pleasant young man who introduced himself as Atif, that Kate was feeling a little sick. They got up into the cab with him.


He looked quickly round the site. The Doctor knew what was coming for these innocents and it chilled him. ‘Dover’s fine. now!’ His hearts sank as he saw four police officers get out of their cars. you’ve all got to get out of here!’ He looked back at the bungalow. sir?’ The Doctor felt for his psychic paper. The students were looking at him.’ The Doctor raced forward. The noise of tearing metal echoed from inside. The security man took his hand from the Doctor’s shoulder and frowned. . . The students laughed nervously.’ A couple of police cars had chosen that exact moment to arrive. A gargling croak came from behind and he whipped round. A security man and the student diggers were clustered round the site entrance. ‘Please. 34 . any tool he could use against the Dalek. ‘That’s him. ‘I can drop you off in Hastings. all of you. trying to spot any advantage. ‘Now!’ The security man stared at him uncertainly. turning on to the waste ground. then decided against it. ‘There’s no time for that!’ he shouted. Dover.’ he said. its eyestalk and sucker arm twisting and turning angrily. ‘What just happened back there?’ ‘Don’t worry about it. His face fell. ’ Rose took another look at Kate. trying to understand what he was seeing. One of the students spotted him and pointed. please. ‘Oh no. The Dalek was moving across the waste ground towards them. ‘Where are you headed?’ ‘France eventually. this time with amusement. ‘Can I see your identification. the bloke from London. The security man put a hand on his shoulder. We’re getting away. trying to sound confident.’ The Doctor crashed out of the bungalow. She turned to Atif.’ said Rose.Kate’s eyes flickered open fully and she turned to Rose. Explaining would just waste time. ‘Run! Get out.

’ The Dalek moved closer. turning the car into a blazing wreck in seconds and ending any hope of escape. Then the petrol caught fire. I think it’s time you and your robot left these people to do their job. Then slowly. The sucker arm suddenly shot out even further and hurled the car forwards.‘It’s newborn. The seats fell forward as it tilted. rolled and crashed down.’ The police officers surrounded him. Just a little at first – high on the suspension. ‘It’s not fully formed. then shot out and fixed itself to his middle. cutting off their escape through the main gate. but you must all get away now. The Dalek waited until they were all in the alley. sir. as if curious. His body flew through the air.’ said the Doctor quietly. The Doctor looked on with horror as the Dalek zoomed forwards. running after them. bumped. finally catching on a mound of earth from the dig. they would crash down on the huddled. In a few seconds. its eye sweeping over the humans. loose objects flying about inside. inches from the terrified humans. On top of one wall was a mass of girders and heavy metal scaffolding pipes. There’s still a chance. ‘OK. The car lurched. The Dalek croaked angrily and zoomed over to him. There was a screeching of twisted metal. coming down with a crunch of bone and flesh on the hard ground. terrified mass of innocent 35 . it’s got a sink plunger on it!’ cried one of the students. The car flew low across the ground. the Dalek’s terrifying strength holding it. forcing the crowd into a narrow alley between two of the flats. Its sucker arm extended. ‘No! Get out of there!’ he cried. It spun. it started to rise. Their leader addressed the Doctor. in an ear-splitting din of glass and tearing metal. while at the same time turning confused. lifted itself up and started to crash between the walls. The vibrations started to roll them towards the edge. ‘Hey. Its sucker arm shot out and clamped on to the side of one of the police cars. rocked on its tyres. The Dalek lifted into the air. straining and creaking. That was when everyone started screaming and running. half-amused faces towards the Dalek. Then it left the ground. Then it followed them. Then it picked him up and tossed him aside.

one by one.’ the Doctor teased. . That’s easy. ‘You. . Its domed head section whipped round and its eye focused on the Doctor. They ran out under it as it swooped. I might be in there under Oncoming Storm. Aren’t you a clever little Dalek? Now.’ it said. . It shook slightly.’ The Doctor nodded. Lord!’ The final word was spoken with the upward screech the Doctor knew so well. . . are a Time. I know what you are. almost spitting the words. towards the Doctor. hearts. Death was on hold. Its weapon socket clicked uselessly.’ ‘Doc-tor. The Dalek instantly stopped its battering against the walls. ‘Did that word upset you in some way? Have another look in your data store. as if surprised. What does that mean? What does that make me? Come on. . . trying to give the others time to get away. . each word forming slowly. ‘The Doc-tor!’ 36 . scanning him up and down. . ‘Da. as though fascinated. ‘Give him a biscuit. ‘Da.’ said the Doctor mildly. consult your data store.’ ‘The Dalek continued its scan. ‘And not just any old ten-for-a-penny common-or-garden value-pack Time Lord. . And you know something else? Those are just humans. ‘Yes. ‘Two. .’ the Dalek groaned.’ He glanced to one side: the humans were running from the site. . not. ‘I’m sorry. .humans. . ‘Oi. I know who you are. ‘I am the Doctor!’ The Dalek quivered. But do you know what I am? Do you know who I am?’ The humans used the Dalek’s distraction. Its weapon socket clicked again. Any passing evil being from space can have a go at them. boy. are. ’ ‘Yeah. for them at least. ‘You. He flung open his coat and pointed to his chest. The Dalek’s sucker arm shot up. hu-man. Go on. Dalek!’ he shouted.’ it croaked. ‘Do you know who I am?’ He leaned forward. . lek. I haven’t got all day to waste talking to you. . Its blue eye zeroed in on him. . The Doctor walked forward casually. The. The Doctor ran forward. lek. . Take a look at these beauties.

No. with something very particular in mind.He waved. the Daleks were an enemy of the Doctor!’ ‘The Doctor must be exterminated!’ ‘With what?’ The Doctor ran off. leading the Dalek away from the main gate. ‘If you’re so hard. come and get me!’ The Dalek zoomed after him. strike that. 37 . ‘That’s me!’ ‘The Doc-tor is an enemy of the Daleks!’ ‘Wrong! The Daleks are an enemy of the Doctor. deeper into the site.


She winced. The part of her that was still Kate argued. A stab of evil pierced her. What a stupid thing to say. Why had she never noticed how ugly people were? There was just no point to people. inferior forms of life.CHAPTER EIGHT KATE ’ S FOREHEAD WAS PRESSED against the window of the driver’s cab. what a waste of words. She saw a child standing up on a back seat to wave at her and she cringed.’ ‘And who are you to promise that?’ snapped Kate. always at war with each other.’ he called over cheerfully. Rose put her arm round Kate’s shoulder. ’ She noticed Atif the lorry driver eyeing her oddly. it’s all going to get back to normal. All the little cars with all the little people inside. sickened. It’s 39 . Kate looked into her concerned brown eyes. They were hateful. She struck out with her foot. ‘I keep thinking disgusting things. ‘Believe in me.’ Kate spat. ‘What’s happening to me?’ she asked. the whole world. No one is innocent! ranted the Dalek part.’ she said. ‘I promise you. There’s so much hatred. tears welling. These creatures were genetically inferior. and the universe would be a tidier place without them. ‘I’m always like that on a Thursday. that they were innocent. ‘You OK?’ asked Rose. and the shock allowed the Kate part of her to assert itself. . She watched the B-roads go by. I feel I could kill the world. banging her knee on the underside of the dashboard. ‘I know all about him. They were wasteful. in a small voice. A wave of bile washed up into her mouth. anger. Only the Daleks were pure. They were better off dead. .’ ‘Who?’ ‘The Doctor. ‘You’re just trying to sound like him.

Peace for ever. ‘Come on. Toby. looking rather alarmed.’ ‘But quite a lot of shooting to get there. The place would be crawling with humans. ‘Like the words of “Imagine”. 40 . Atif kept shooting worried glances at Kate. ‘Kate. Always blocking our way. making daisy chains?’ ‘Do not be flippant. twisting it violently. ‘Do not put your flesh against me!’ she shrieked. .’ Kate smiled. She took Kate’s hand. ‘I will be. No war. Kate. The destroyer. So beautiful. ‘Human flesh stinks! It is impure!’ ‘Think I’ll make a detour to the hospital. ‘Is your mate feeling all right?’ ‘She’s fine. He spent my money. . You can fight it.’ Rose stressed. The lorry swerved as Atif hit the brakes. An ordered empire stretching out for all time. grinding to a halt on a grass verge next to a row of shops. ‘I went out with an inferior. Kate was pleased to see they had arrived in Twyford.in my head.’ Her fist clenched. Kate leaned over Rose.’ Kate pulled her hand away. serene.’ said Rose. I used all the credit on my card. Daleks studying together. disgusted.’ Rose swallowed. only Daleks.’ ‘You’re not a Dalek. ‘Daleks working together. and it wasn’t even mine to begin with. ‘You don’t know how good it’s going to be. I will find and exterminate Toby. So clean and calm. shall I?’ said Atif. pinning her against her seat. ’ ‘The way to what?’ ‘Purity. ‘And what are the Daleks gonna do when they’ve exterminated everyone? Stroll through the meadows in floral skirts.’ said Kate. Because of Toby. and grabbed the wheel of the lorry. It was nearly lunchtime on market day and it was sunny.’ said Rose. It bumped across the road. the nearest town. Only us. I’d do anything to get there. the universe cleansed. the oncoming storm.’ She shook her head as if to clear it. I can see it. and tried to change the subject. . who did you last go out with?’ Kate flinched at the memory. .

He reached up for a lever on the control board with his right hand. ‘What’s your mate been taking?’ ‘Drive! Get out of here!’ Rose urged him. the Dalek was operating only on its wits. Rose sat up. Kate’s blow had winded her. taking everything into account. ‘Where’d she go?’ she asked desperately. clutching her aching stomach. and put her hand in Kate’s face. She found Atif staring at her. The Doctor knew he had only one chance. his plan – the plan he’d just made up – would take all of his skill to pull off. shaking his head. more stunned than angry. would be dead. The Dalek was unformed. They were in a small market town. His eyes just peeped over the control board.Rose grabbed her round the waist. His opportunity to destroy it. He waited until the Dalek 41 . allowing him a view of a gap between two of the unfinished flats. The Dalek turned the corner. stood and licked her dry lips. A little crowd had gathered around the lorry. with half-timbered buildings leading off a quaint high street. and they weren’t quite up to scratch just yet. It was full of shoppers. The midday sun glinted off a hint of gold. His eyes swept keenly across the scene below him. But at the same time she saw Kate walking quickly and stiffly up the high street and. It was just as well he’d removed the weapon or by now everyone on the site. including him. She threw herself out of the lorry and looked round desperately for Kate. Kate threw her back with a casual flick of her elbow and scrambled out of the lorry. right at the far edge of the site. The Doctor braced himself. He was crouched down inside the cab of the largest crane. The Dalek was fixated on him and soon enough it would have to turn that corner. Even so. ooh-ing and aah-ing. she set off after her. Without the gun. trying to draw breath. She landed like a cat on the grass. slower and more cautious than a fullgrown warrior.

filled with purpose. croaking and gurgling to itself. The Dalek was only a few feet away. will not. its weakest point. do it. The Doctor hesitated for a second. The Dalek was lying in the shallow water. .’ ‘That’s an old one. ‘You. He ran to the cliff-top and looked down to the sea. At last he plunged into the water. with a cliff edge only sixty or so feet behind it. Just as he’d expected. He ran it along the hinge and ripped open the top section of the Dalek. The Doctor leaned out of the cab and threw the brick clutched in his left hand. And to do. Its eye-stalk and sucker moved feebly. in this case. . The mutant inside was now almost complete. moving from handhold to handhold like a monkey. In a few seconds it would be unstoppable. its eye-stalk raised. . meant to kill. A second later there was an almighty crash. ‘You cannot kill me. ‘Over here!’ he called. It was do or die.was exactly between the two walls. Then he stood up and gave a loud whistle. The Doctor took a deep breath and then started to climb down the cliff. ’ moaned the Dalek. . It whizzed through the air and struck the Dalek in the middle of its eye-stalk. . spinning as it was lost from view. He had killed millions of Daleks – but never before with his bare hands. . Doctor. ‘My vision is impaired!’ it shrieked. And it doesn’t work any longer!’ 42 . the waves lapping over it. He had to act while it was still weak. A second later he was using the sonic screwdriver. The Doctor punched the air and scrambled down from the crane. The Dalek screeched in surprise and anger as it sailed through the air and then disappeared over the edge of the cliff. He waded towards it. it would use its auto-repair function to repair its eyestalk and become a truly worthy opponent. ‘I cannot see!’ The Doctor pulled the lever and the ball attached to the crane – half a ton of lead – smashed into the Dalek’s mid-section. Its tentacles were firming up. tightening their grip on the casing’s connections. He had to kill it. the Dalek swivelled round.

It touched the vital life-support connection.He adjusted the settings on the sonic screwdriver and plunged it into the casing. hurled into the sea. The Doctor gritted his teeth. The Dalek screamed. The Doctor was thrown backwards. The casing crackled. green sparks flying. ‘No second chances!’ He activated the sonic screwdriver. 43 . He just had time to notice a fish swimming by before he blacked out.


Worried what you might say. lunchtime. this morning. “She’ll come in. pushing her stupid glasses up her nose. I see. Had your hair done. A few of the humans in the market around her laughed. Delays in mattress delivery all over Liverpool and the North-East. Worried about my job. ‘To think. flinching from contact with the humans bustling around her. Her fleshy. ‘I will be unstoppable!’ she shouted out loud. She knew the voice. will you?’ said a flat.CHAPTER NINE KATE WALKED THROUGH THE market. but she ignored them and tightened her grip on Serena. It’s been mad this morning. the people in the market who were near enough to see what was happening moved towards Kate.” I kept telling myself. ‘I will never have to worry about you again. They were screaming for her to let go. She felt flooded with strength. ‘Serena. turning Serena from side to side. ‘I didn’t swallow that road accident story for one minute.’ she spat. ‘Oh. dull voice behind her. The scents of the food products around her were vile. Worried 45 . And now here you are. She felt gloriously happy. . not something to be enjoyed flabbily. shopping bag under her big fat arm. mooching around the market.’ said Kate. One by one. Nutrition was a need. ‘Stop your prattling!’ Serena’s eyes bulged. Kate turned. Perhaps she was actually telling the truth. ‘Do you realise you’re sacked?’ Serena said. relishing each syllable of the name. There were other animals too. It was Serena. . people screaming my ears off in Scouse and Geordie. I was worried about you. ”’ Kate reached out and clamped her hand around Serena’s throat. flying pests and filthy dogs. wet mouth struggled for air. “Even she can’t be that irresponsible.

please help me. shaking Serena like a doll. Kate. Rose ran up to her.’ he said. treading water. pushing through the astonished crowd. Serena dropped to the ground. then got up and stumbled off. then looked about. taking in great lungfuls of air. you live with them. The casing had repelled him – and stolen electrical energy from the sonic screwdriver.’ He started climbing up the cliff. Its instinct was to exterminate. don’t you?’ ‘That is not relevant!’ Rose pointed to Serena. . ‘Rose. Kate!’ shouted another voice. ‘Your mum and dad. Kate sank to her knees. its mind fully formed. He reached out and snatched it up.about clearing my debts. A sliver of conscience pricked at her and she relaxed her grip. I’m so sorry. The Dalek was active now. Kate smirked. At first he was only distantly aware of murky shapes and a feeling of floating contentment. There was no sign of the Dalek. He shook himself and swam up towards the light.’ Rose told her.’ The Doctor woke in the water. She imagined her mother’s horrified face. He burst out of the water. there must be something human left inside you. ‘And you were nothing!’ ‘Please. What would it do next? His mouth ran dry. ‘Put her down. ‘Frank. . ‘Frank. shook it dry. Meanwhile. He swam over to where it had fallen and cursed under his breath.’ She threw back her head and laughed joyfully. 46 . The sonic screwdriver was bobbing in the shallow water a few feet away. Then he remembered. He found the landmark of the crane with its wrecking ball on the skyline and looked down. who seemed to be on the point of passing out. ‘Why?’ ‘Look. ‘What would your mum say about that? Could you kill that woman and look your mum in the eye?’ The words stirred something in Kate. ’ Serena pleaded. He’d been knocked back a fair distance from the cliff edge.

That was nothing unusual. a jagged hole revealing a patch of bright blue sky. Frank chuckled again. his heart pounding. Oh yeah. He didn’t know why. into someone’s back garden. He’d just met a doctor who could travel in space and time. he did have questions for the Doctor. Like a parent to a child. a small part of his brain rejoiced. where washing was flying on the line. In their brief time together. strength.∗ ∗ ∗ Frank couldn’t help laughing. Despite what he’d said earlier. He found himself almost more willing to believe that the Doctor was an alien. but there’d been something reassuring about the Doctor. He had given off the comforting sense that no matter how bad the world got. he’d seemed to represent something timeless. he would be popping in later. asking how things had gone at the dig. The train ground to a shrieking halt. and him replying that there’d been nothing unusual. The Doctor was for real. ‘I have detected 47 . He wanted the truth – and at the same time he didn’t. and seen the corpse of an alien robot from the planet Skaro. The other passengers stood up. It gave off power. Frank clutched the canvas bag to him. his canvas bag on the seat next to him. sinister life. Something made a loud clang on top of the train carriage. The roof splintered open. He was on the train back home. startled. He heard sighs from the three or four other passengers in the compartment. like an old computer in a 1950s B-movie. Through the gap in the roof the Dalek descended. things were going to be OK. The Doctor would probably turn out to be just some bloke called Steve with a weird sense of humour. This time Frank looked up. one syllable at a time. A section of the roof was bulging out. as if an incredibly powerful magnet was pulling at it. Though he was terrified. There were aliens. It spoke in a throaty electronic rasp. and that Doctor. Frank stared idly out of the window. He pictured his wife getting in tonight. Frank looked towards his canvas bag.

’ he heard himself say. a button or anything. The Dalek’s sucker grabbed the girl and flung her down the carriage like a bag of rubbish. a girl of about fifteen. He couldn’t do it. and for a second his body was suspended in the air. He walked up and slotted the weapon into its housing. ‘Obey!’ Frank remembered the Doctor’s description of the Daleks – the most evil things in the universe.’ Frank pulled out the gun. his hand shaking. ‘Attach the weapon now! Obey!’ screeched the Dalek. his skeleton showing through the dazzling beam of unearthly light. The Dalek fired and a bolt of energy shot out. He’ll save us. Perhaps there was some way he could use the weapon against the Dalek. ‘Attach the weapon!’ ordered the Dalek. ‘The Doctor will stop you.’ The Dalek paused before replying. The Dalek caught the movement of his hand. ‘Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!’ 48 . ‘Answer! Answer!’ Frank’s hand carefully unbuckled the straps on the bag. He’ll stop you. . Frank screamed. . ‘Obey or the young female dies!’ Frank staggered forward. ‘I know him. Where is the weapon? Which of you has the weapon?’ One of the other passengers. screamed and the Dalek zoomed across to her.’ It raised the gun and Frank closed his eyes. and trained it right at the Dalek. He couldn’t not do it.the weapon in this vehicle. His fingers felt desperately for some kind of trigger. It clicked neatly back in place. But then he heard the young girl sobbing at the other end of the carriage. Then the Dalek turned and picked off the other passengers one by one. Frank hesitated. ‘You will attach the weapon. ‘The Doctor is not here. It screamed with pleasure and joy.

shoe shops. ‘I’m supposed to be looking after her. Seconds later. Suddenly there were screams. ‘It’s all my fault.CHAPTER TEN P OLICE CARS HAD SCREECHED into the pretty market square. . no. . Her skeleton glowed green as she was cut down without mercy. It fired. its. running into their offices. baker’s shops and butcher’s shops along Twyford high street. Rose found herself surrounded by officers. No. Running feet. screaming. The Dalek fired again. her words sounded feeble. far away. A column of smoke was rising from the far side of town. The Dalek saw humans crowded in a window. The glass shattered and the humans backed away. She watched as the police led Kate to the car. ’ It was now twenty past twelve. thrust its gun through the smashed window frame and blasted them one after another. crowding on to the narrow pavements. sobbing quietly to herself. There was nothing she could do. A middle-aged woman got out of her car to run for cover. you’re kidding me. The Dalek appeared through it. ‘Oh. gun arm waving in all directions. 49 . The sound of crashing cars. while the shoppers pointed accusingly at Kate. She needs to get to a hospital far.’ She was praying for the Doctor to turn up. Rose felt her stomach flip over. ‘Exterminate!’ The police and shoppers turned their heads towards these weird sounds. who was slumped against a lamp-post. People were starting to come out of the building societies. turned its midsection.’ she told a policewoman. strafing the street with sizzling bolts of deadly radiation. The Dalek zoomed over. Even to her ears. A distant metallic voice cried.

’ she said. chasing the fleeing. There were bodies all over the ground. Kate instantly leapt to her feet. A companion of the Doctor. trying to hold her back.’ She stalked away. ‘The Doctor will be weakened by your death. ‘Yeah. Rose and Kate heard the voice. ‘I am not afraid. your dad!’ ‘Family connections are a genetic weakness. Who is this one?’ ‘Rose.’ The gun swivelled in its 50 . what are my orders?’ The Dalek pointed to Rose. ‘Daleks do not fear. ‘You know.’ Kate said in a flat voice. ‘You have an emotional connection to the Doctor. It was now shining and gleaming. Kate and the Dalek moved towards each other. The tears dried and the life went out of them. ‘There is nothing you can do now. ‘The other humans have fled.’ Rose got up and pointed towards the high street. ‘They are weak and unnecessary. Kate bowed her head. Rose guessed it had taken electrical energy from somewhere to repair itself. ‘Master.’ It moved closer and the blue glow in its eye seemed to stare right through her. the man you’re so afraid of.’ Rose swallowed and stepped back. ‘It is a Dalek directive to weaken the Doctor.’ The Dalek swung its gun to cover her. towards the smoke and ringing alarms.’ it said as if it were deeply offended. ‘The Dalek factor is too powerful. Kate flicked Rose away. Must not fear.’. ‘Where is the other?’ it called.Then it sped down the high street. ‘Look at that! Think of your mum. panicking humans. grabbing her. The casing could have been brand new. Her face took on an expression of twisted pride. ‘No!’ shouted Rose.’ the Dalek continued. When she looked into Kate’s eyes.’ shouted Rose proudly. ‘Where is the one called Kate?’ Crouched behind a bin in the now deserted market square. the Doctor. The Dalek appeared through the smoke. she knew the battle for her mind was lost.

Then she heard the distant roar of ancient alien engines. He raised his hands. ‘Easy to find you. She opened her eyes to see the side of the TARDIS standing right in front of her. exterminate!’ 51 . Not many people firing high-energy lasers around here today. then. more emotional than usual. dangerous way. He turned to face the Dalek. She heard the Dalek fire.socket. The bolt bounced off the battered wooden doors.’ he said quietly. He looked wet and scruffy but he was smiling in an angry. Rose closed her eyes. ‘I see you’ve got your gun back. Then the Doctor emerged. Something in his voice was different. ‘Come on.


‘We can discuss having my brain sucked out later. The Dalek faced the Doctor squarely. So you might as well tell her now. Fire. how did it come to life in the first place and all that. ‘Oh.’ 53 .’ Rose could see that beneath his jokiness the Doctor was actually furious.’ said the Doctor. ‘Come on.’ The Dalek lowered its gun. here we go. yatter-yatter in my ear. ‘sent a time capsule back to Earth.’ said the Dalek. it began.’ the Dalek repeated. That old data store it’s using is out of date. It arrived here centuries ago.’ sighed the Doctor.’ said Rose. ‘Stay back!’ shouted the Dalek. not afraid at all. Rose over there’s gonna be full of questions. Because after I’ve destroyed you. You know. then. We were all starting to wonder. ‘So it wants something from you?’ ‘Of course it does. ‘I can play a Dalek like an old fiddle. and you’ve got a girlfriend now. ‘Come on. Its mission was to spread the Dalek factor to all humans and use their life force to create back-up from raw matter.’ ‘My glorious Dalek ancestors. ‘It needs knowledge. ‘Yeah. ‘Couldn’t resist showing off.’ He strolled over to the Dalek casually. It wants to take the knowledge from my mind. have you? About time.’ called Rose. ‘But first I want a few explanations. Am I right?’ ‘That knowledge is of value.’ He nodded to Kate. rubbing his hands together. Even you can’t miss at this range. He waved his hands in front of the Dalek. In an even louder voice than usual. Let’s get the whole story. could you?’ He smiled at Rose. ‘It won’t kill you. ‘My glorious Dalek ancestors –’ ‘Oh.CHAPTER ELEVEN R OSE HURRIED TO THE Doctor’s side.’ said the Doctor. over a burger perhaps.

Up to you. What happened to them? Let’s see if I remember. Its engines failed on the journey. To alter the genetics of the human race. My ancestor. ‘The capsule was blasted towards Earth in the final battle of the Time War. Probably only one in half a billion have got it-now. The means to travel in space and time.’ continued the Dalek.’ The Dalek continued. desperate gamble. Doctor. handed down from generation to generation.’ ‘Where it let go a little bit of Dalek factor. ‘In the old days I knew a few people who did deals with Daleks.’ ‘Nifty. And judging from that scented candle shop over there.’ ‘The Dalek factor was triggered when this casing was disturbed by the humans digging. ‘I offer you a deal.‘How embarrassing for you. But I am prepared to spare Earth and its people. ‘A choice for you to make.’ said the Doctor. I wish to travel to another planet. including Kate over there. Oh yeah. ‘For what?’ ‘You must give me the power to escape. Rose could tell he hadn’t been expecting this.’ said the. ejected and fell to Earth. Her Dalek life force was used to bring to life a new Dalek from the data stored in the casing. He raised his voice. Not active. Doctor. I will give you the space-time coordinates for my journey. the owner of this casing. ‘I know of your emotional attachment to this planet.’ He suddenly became more serious.’ The Doctor bit his lip. they all ended up being exterminated. ‘But this is where it stops. I can kill all the humans. The Doctor laughed. usually.’ ‘You cannot destroy me!’ shrieked the Dalek. so weakened they needed help from the humans they despise. It caught on to some humans.’ 54 . ‘You have two options: destroy yourself or I will destroy you. The Doctor leaned up close and whispered simply. In the back. ‘Wanna bet?’ ‘There is another option.’ said the Dalek. but always there in their genes. A last. ‘The mighty race of Daleks. just a whiff. it didn’t work.’ said the Doctor. ‘before it died.’ it replied. ‘Kate answered the call.’ The Doctor blinked.’ The Dalek ignored him.

To kill your family.’ ‘And some other planet. I will spare the woman Rose and all the other humans. . I can’t let Earth be destroyed. they all get killed. . ‘It’s right. impure creatures care only for the ones they know.‘And what’ll you do there.’ The Doctor turned pale. ‘But I will spare Earth. It can play me like an old fiddle. I dunno. This is a weakness. ‘There is no choice. ‘The Doctor will not allow me to destroy your planet. ’ ‘They will be exterminated!’ the Dalek exulted.’ ‘But this other planet and all the others out there. settle down to a quiet retirement? Or. ‘Nothing else I can do.’ said Rose. Daleks of my creation!’ 55 .’ The Dalek was speaking to the Doctor. In a crisis. He looked over at Rose.’ ‘You’re gonna give it what it wants?’ The Doctor nodded.’ said the Dalek. build a new race of Daleks perhaps?’ ‘The Daleks will be reborn. ‘And the new race of Daleks will be born.


‘We destroyed them before.’ The Doctor looked at her grimly. it’ll see it a mile off.’ said the Doctor.’ ‘People who do deals with Daleks. It’d just blink at a nuclear explosion. ‘I destroyed them. radiation-proof casing. that’s a good deal.’ said the Doctor. ‘I deserve an Oscar for that. An expert in space-time engineering. It’s immune to every infection. send the Dalek flying off into the space-time vortex or something. ‘How convincing was I?’ she said. do you know anything that could stop that Dalek? It’s fully formed now.’ He rooted through the trunk. .’ ‘I know you. wiping away a million Daleks with the wave of one hand.’ Rose watched as he strode over to a shadowy corner of the TARDIS and pulled out a huge. He swung open the lid of the trunk. ‘I wasn’t bluffing. ‘It’s old.’ She remembered becoming the bad wolf. ‘Rose.’ He’d found what he was looking for in the trunk and held it up for her to see. ‘This is the only way. that Dalek is a genius. I can’t just throw a brick at it again. . ’ Rose reminded him. ‘But you can’t actually do it!’ ‘I can save Earth. ‘Try that again and you could take the whole universe down with you. It was a thick metal bangle decorated with a strange seal. looking into the time vortex. It’s got a tough. ‘Even if I was the sort of person who liked pulling triggers. old-fashioned trunk. If it could blink.CHAPTER TWELVE T HE D OCTOR WALKED SLOWLY into the TARDIS. Rose came up close to him. It was clear that he wasn’t happy. slamming the door quickly after her.’ she said seriously. Rose followed. which contained a weird collection of jumble. kill it.’ The Doctor shook his head and said gently. ‘For a Dalek. but I reckon 57 . If I try any kind of trick. Here. You’re gonna fix up some booby trap.

‘The impure creatures of this future time care about peace. The Dalek lowered its eye-stalk.’ Kate’s fingers danced over the seal. But the Dalek was right. She was filled with devotion and righteous anger.I can get it going. ‘So. ‘Either option is a nightmare. She will plead for materials to rebuild my race.’ Kate the human Dalek watched the Doctor and Rose emerge from the TARDIS.’ The Doctor slipped the bangle over the sucker arm.’ he added for Rose’s benefit.’ He buzzed the sonic screwdriver over the seal and it glowed gently. When we are ready. Her finger touched the seal of the bangle and instantly her Dalek brain recognised its design and its workings. twirling it casually round his finger. setting the coordinates. ‘We go back a long. The creatures will supply them without asking questions. we shall emerge to conquer and destroy!’ 58 . nodding.’ said the Dalek. ‘Time factor: Earth date AD 500 million. it’s like a personal TARDIS.’ the Doctor said. ‘Seven zero five nine galactic north by eight eight point five galactic west. They know nothing of war. Could take you anywhere. Attach it. ‘I am ready. It knows I can’t stand back and watch it destroy your home.’ Kate stepped forward eagerly.’ said the Doctor. looking into the past. ‘The device is acceptable. ‘Time Ring. ‘So we’re really selling out? Letting it go?’ The Doctor looked down sadly.’ He gazed over her shoulder.’ she said. ‘I cannot operate the control panel. The one called Kate will set the coordinates. where do you want to go?’ The Dalek scanned the bangle.’ Rose stared at him.’ said the Dalek. ‘It is designed for human operation. ‘One Time Ring. The one called Kate will come with me. nothing of the Daleks. ‘Very smart. It was time for her master to leave this pathetic planet and secure the true destiny of the Daleks. The Dalek knows me. long time. Then he gently stroked her cheek. ‘The most peaceful time in future history.

’ The Dalek raised its gun. but those people in the future are just like us. ‘Toby.’ barked the Dalek. ‘I made a deal with a Dalek. ‘You will not follow. thinning hair and paunch. ‘What did you have for tea last night?’ Rose cried. Because you will no longer exist.’ said Kate. ‘Listen. The Doctor and Rose obeyed. pointless. your ex. Forget it. turning the corner on to the green.’ Rose ran to Kate’s side. The human part imagined it pouring thickly 59 .’ said Kate. ‘Kate. tasty custard. What was the number of that bus?’ ‘That is not important. What did he look like?’ Kate saw Toby. ‘You will not follow. the one who spent all the credit on your card. This morning. Gloopy. Kate’s fingers moved over the controls. the silly rural single-decker. All that stuff in your head. ‘Stand back. The Dalek part of her dismissed it.’ ‘Never crossed my mind. ‘It sounds far away.Rose took the Doctor’s arm. aiming right at the Doctor. We can’t do it!’ The bangle began to pulsate with golden light. you missed the bus. It gets us off the hook. The number was 354. ‘Custard?’ It was the first word that came into her head. All the millions of planets and billions of years. But she saw the bus. ‘The Dalek factor is too strong. I know what it’s like. Rose carried on desperately.’ said the Doctor innocently.’ said the Doctor simply. yellow.’ she said firmly. What do you think I expected? A handshake and a box of Terry’s All Gold?’ ‘Activate the Time Ring!’ screeched the Dalek. ‘No. I know you can!’ ‘You waste energy. the kind of man you settle for when there’s nothing else going. What’s inside you – fight it. ‘The last thing I see before I depart will be your extermination!’ ‘Of course. Custard. please. She heard Rose’s voice. The Dalek fixed its eye in the Doctor. Kate had never thought about custard before. Not thought hard about it.

together. The potential that is bursting from every human. Waiting for home delivery. ‘Running into a fire to save someone else’s child. and you close your eyes and it’s the most beautiful sound in the world. Kylie. anything! We can reach her. and they made it. glorious human thing!’ ‘The Dalek factor will triumph!’ shrieked the Dalek. ‘Custard!’ he cried.’ she said. ‘waiting up for me in her dressing gown till gone three. surviving. Pointless internet arguments. thousands of years back.’ He gestured to Rose. People struggling. ‘When your mates are talking.’ She tried desperately to think. It fired again and again. The Doctor clapped his hands together. ‘It’s the whole messy. Writing home to tell his wife he’s never coming back. big things. ‘More!’ ‘My mum. ‘Then there are the best human qualities. we will go on. ‘Exterminate the Doctor!’ A glowing sphere of light formed around the Dalek. determined to see something nobody’s seen before. the beams dissolving into the sphere of light. some time between eight and six. with people you don’t even know. What else do they do? Small things. The Dalek fired. Kate’s mind was divided. ‘People talking too loud on their phones in trains. when there were only a few hundred humans left – I saw them – I saw them say no. and I’ve seen them. Down the middle. eyes alight. he knows he’s gonna die. They’re inside you. as he stepped forward.’ she gabbled. Contact lenses. 60 . The explorer.’ She grabbed another example from her own life. When they ask “Do you have a Boots advantage card?”’ The Doctor took over. But it was too late. get her to destroy it! Rose!’ Rose took his cue. The blast fizzed harmlessly inside it. just people you love talking rubbish!’ ‘Heroes!’ snapped the Doctor. There was a time. Kate. but he must tell her he loves her. ‘The X Factor.over bread and butter pudding. ‘Floor polish. She realised she hadn’t eaten for hours. speaking quickly and passionately. and filled the world!’ He gasped for breath. Gas bills. then pretending she just got up to put the kettle on. ‘She’s put a force field around the Dalek! Humans get hungry.

purpose. satisfied contempt. ‘Run!’ He couldn’t resist one last look back at the Dalek. . flickered across the control unit of the Time Ring. And you know why? Because who wants to be a Dalek. Christmas. There was music that never stopped changing. Half-hearted sex. ‘I dunno what I just did.’ with quiet. A thick buzzing hum filled the air. new discoveries. There were new ideas. regrets. Wogan and his nonsense.’ the Doctor sneered.On the Dalek side there was power. when they could be a human?’ He waved jauntily and said. For one second Kate rejected the Dalek factor. ’ Kate told the Doctor and Rose. calm. On the human side there was muddle. jammed together any old way under nights full of diamond stars. Cities made of steel and oceans of ooze. becoming a wobbling golden blur. ‘You got it wrong. ‘Your great plan failed. But there was more to that muddle. There was anger. There were beautiful buildings. stretching away into infinity under red moonlight. Daftness. accidents. There was the thrill of making a new friend. new jokes. glory. as if this strange day was finally catching up with her. absolute devotion. ‘Selfdestruct. ‘Goodbye. And instead of disappearing. Being ill. pouring out of that human chaos. In that vital second her fingers. taking her back in.’ ‘Yes!’ cried the Doctor. with all their Dalek knowledge intact but with human resolve. 61 . pulling them towards the TARDIS. Apologies and blown chances. Then he ran into the TARDIS after Kate and Rose. It was a balls-up. Kate suddenly felt very confused. Then something clicked in her head. ‘Exterminate. And Mum and Dad. all different. giving her chance after chance after chance. exterminate –’ It was rattling uncontrollably now. . no! Warp implosion!’ He grabbed Kate and Rose. ‘You cannot escape!’ it ranted. ‘Never mind now. Headaches and lost tickets and scratched CDs out of their cases and missed appointments and embarrassment. ‘And on the other hand. I’ve set the Time Ring thing to self-destruct. the Dalek started to vibrate. Come on!’ shouted the Doctor.

and a smoking black patch in the quiet market town where the last Dalek had stood only moments before. The Dalek gave one last roar of anger before it imploded. The TARDIS faded away. Then there was only silence.The door slammed shut. its atoms blasted into nothingness. There was a mighty boom and every single window in a twenty-mile radius blew out. 62 . ancient engines groaning.

Doctor. as if he was finishing a dance. Just a lot of harmless.’ said Kate a little crossly. ‘You are a hero! Hero! Hero!’ he said. she’d known all about the Doctor and the TARDIS. we’re doing that.CHAPTER THIRTEEN ‘T HAT WAS BRILLIANT !’ CRIED the Doctor.’ The Doctor took the card happily and ran the sonic screwdriver along the magnetic strip on the back.’ She yawned. ‘Come here!’ He picked Kate up and whirled her round the TARDIS. The Doctor obeyed with a joyful bow. ‘What can I do for you?’ ‘I’d really like to go home.’ Rose stepped forward. no Dalek factor. You’re not gonna get the chance again. As a Dalek. Kate seemed to have forgotten everything. She was exhausted. who gave it to the Doctor. ‘Red. useless genes going back to sleep. ‘She’s lost it?’ The Doctor nodded. . ‘Got your credit card on you?’ Kate handed it over to Rose. But the Doctor wasn’t going to let her rest.’ said the Doctor. There must be something else.’ ‘She’s just prevented a disaster for the universe! She played a blinder!’ He turned back to Kate.’ Kate sighed. . ‘Leave her alone. ‘What about my hair?’ Rose handed her a mirror from the jumble in the trunk. ‘OK. ‘Yeah. ‘Stop it! Please put me down. ‘Where is this? There was just a box. gloomy room. that’s easy. though. ’ Rose was intrigued. ‘You could pay off this. ‘No Dalek. Kate looked round at the weird. but that’s how I prefer it.’ said Kate in a small voice. ‘All gone. But I’ve battered your 63 . ‘No offence.’ said Rose.’ Kate touched her head. ‘Come on.

She could get out of Winchelham. She could stay over at Lucy’s for a couple of weeks. Then she’d get a job up there. She didn’t look back as the blue box faded away. muddling along. I grabbed my boss. is it? Just looked like you. ‘Oh. making do. not really. She walked back into the world of compromise. The Dalek factor was gone. That was like a normal day for you. start over again in the city. Tried to strangle her. The TARDIS door opened on to the village green. ‘Today.’ the Doctor insisted. ‘It is a problem.’ ‘No problem. In front of everyone in Twyford. 64 . aren’t you?’ said Kate.’ ‘Then the two of you are mad. The world that she had saved. yeah?’ Rose grinned.’ said Rose. ‘Just about. Another thought struck Kate. Don’t even try applying for another one. Her head was full of plans. ‘What colour hair did this madwoman have? Natural blonde. a proper bloke this time. No second chances.credit rating for ever. ‘No problem. but she still had a sense of what their lives must be like. Perhaps she could even get the flip-flop business going again.’ said the Doctor confidently.’ Kate stared at the two of them. and heroes. She’d ring her mate Lucy in London tonight. For the first time in years she had no debt. That’s not you. She would get a bloke. bread and butter pudding with custard. Lucy wouldn’t mind. my God.’ He tossed the card into the trunk. Kate stepped out and set off towards her parents’ house.

putting a concerned hand on Frank’s shoulder. ‘Frank. ‘That what you wanted?’ asked Rose. from the army-surplus shop. For my friend. ‘I’m Sandra. so he put it out of his mind. by the way. She was gorgeous. ‘Bending the rules.’ He shook her hand.’ said the Doctor. which was parked in the arch leading off the courtyard. crashed into him on a bicycle. Her eyes lingered on him a second too long. sharing an amused glance with Frank. Suddenly a blonde teenage girl.CHAPTER FOURTEEN T HE SUN BLAZED DOWN on Durham University in the summer of 1970. Through the arch the Doctor watched Frank and Sandra walking away together. He took Rose’s hand. ‘Are you OK?’ asked the third-year. ‘Try looking where you’re going. Frank Openshaw crossed the courtyard on the way to his next history lecture.’ Rose wheeled the bike to a stop outside the TARDIS. more comfortably on to his shoulder. but he didn’t stand a chance with someone like her. ‘Sorry. It seemed almost deliberate.’ said the blonde girl. helped them both up. The third year hurried over.’ 65 . A third-year was walking towards him. ‘Yes. The blonde girl got back on to her bike and cycled off. wearing a weird hooded top. ‘What was it for anyway?’ The Doctor opened the door of the TARDIS. climbing off the bike. He brushed the long hair out of his eyes and lifted his new canvas bag.’ said the third-year.


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