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Tomy D.

Atmawijaya (08151007) Sejarah Pemikiran Modern The Impact of the History of Modern Thought in My Daily Life Thinking can be described by the following parable: the brain as hardware, and logic as software. But the more we see today that most people go through life not using the brains and hearts so that they feel to live with nature without making progress. Human life should be programmed (by themselves respectively) both were born, and he thought that could be obtained by education. This is what is meant by modern thinking, ie thinking in accordance with program / programmed. Everyone should understand that there is a difference in this world who actually makes life beautiful. Also on the fact that the time to keep going and growing, humans must adapt to the circumstances. Humans should be trying to survive in the right way at the time in which he lived. So the impact of the history of modern thought in my daily life is that I can think critically and I can think in two directions. meaning I can think logically and think with the heart / feelings. and it can make us to think wisely. I agree with the words confusalisme doctrine is that man should learn, because life is a learning process. Anyone who is found, make them teachers. Should see the shortcomings of others to be corrected, and the excess of others to emulate. There are four criteria for a human: 1. Humans are intelligent (smart since birth, was a gift from God). 2. Humans are learning so that it becomes intelligent. 3. Humans who suffer first (with stupidity), and finally realized that he had to learn, so be smart. 4. Humans who suffer with stupidity, but still did not realize that he must learn. If Westerners say "Knowledge is Power", then the Orientals say that its strength is moral. But now the eastern people do not understand what is called moral, so that the destruction of the state and society occur because: - In parliament there are no moral - In the law there is no moral - In politics there are no moral - In business in the economy and also no morals, and so on. People who are not honest to yourself, or not fair on others is also an immoral act. Because a moral person will not hurt anyone else. therefore at the last meeting at the class SPM, I speak that humans are creatures of a perfect imitator or

plagiarist. because without us knowing it when we see something good or nice, then we imitate or trace them. A simple example like when we like to sing a song. we do not realize that we have to imitate it. and many other things but in terms of a good thing for the duplicate.