Marketing Plan and Implementation



for the first launch of the product, our company will be making a campaign for fighting malaria. An outdoor event of free blood check will be held in Uhuru park of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Uhuru park is the famous Nairobi park that is located near the central business district and is a center for society s outdoor activities. In the site will be decorated with our product banners together with the company we affiliated with, Chandaria Tissue Company. At the same time the new product, Wippie Wet Tissues, will be introduced with its anti-mosquito feature.


Building brand image by approaching Kenya radio and TV programs by giving special offers such as to discuss about Malaria disease and the preventions in one of health program in return of acknowledge Wippie Wet Tissue.



Quality: Cotton fibers as the raw material is purchased and carefully selected from China Cotton field to produce a porous, soft Air-laid paper. Completely automatic production process are used to ensure product s safety and hygiene. Each package s materials are under UV sterilization before production.


Packaging: One package consists of 12 sheets of wet tissues, wrapped in a pocket size (45gsm*150mm*200mm) of laminated material. The packaging is also designed to be moisture-proof, keeping the hygiene of product.

Evaluation and Control Evaluation/Action Plan . Price Wippie Wet Tissue set a reasonable price that is affordable for all targeted customer. Nakumatt Supermarket. deeply moisturize even for children s young skin (hyperaluronic acid) and natural cleansing formula that not only remove dirt but soothe and refresh the skin. and drug stores. Hence. Plac e Wippie Wet Tissue is a product for daily needs. Aloe Vera. the product will also be delivered to resellers like grocery stores.meanwhile.Rose geranium essential oils). it will be distributed to the largest chain of supermarkets in Kenya. This will give customers the opportunities to get the product whenever in need. It is suitable for every range of people for household purpose. One package of pocket size Wippie Wet Tissue will cost for IDR 5000 or around KES 50 in Kenya currency. With the help of import company. outdoor activities and travelling use. y Design: The design adopt a simple concept with green as the base colour to reflect the product main ingredient. to ensure the availability of our product. side stalls.y Features: Wippie Wet Tissue has unique formula to prevent mosquito bites (DEET.

150 8 Contract with TV and radio programmer for advertising purpose 100 9 Agreement with Nakumatt Holdings Ltd as the main product distributor 120 10 11 Do customer feedback survey and questionaire Quality control inspection 100 150 . Tasks Projected Budgets (in US$) 1 Acquire Business licences needed based on Kenya Business regulations 800 2 Contact Chandaria Industries Limited.No. offering proposal regarding about being affiliated company 300 3 Contract with China machine manufacturer concerning about the air-laid paper machine 1500 4 Contract with China Cotton manufacturer in supplying raw materials 750 5 Agreement with InterMedia for Market research on customer behaviour and potential market site 250 6 Acquire government permission to be allowed on campaigns at Uhuru park 300 7 Offer proposal to health foundation and national healthcare regarding the Uhuru park event.

such as: Performance measurement control based on the available source data Provide technical assistance and coaching sessions for Chandaria Human resource in enhancing product quality. y y . to analyze the market situation for our product. Inspection on Industry site every two months to control product quality Approach InterMedia. Collect feedback from customers that will be done by surveys and giving out questionaire. y y Sales report will be done weekly in the first year of product launching. y y y Observation and evaluation on distribution channel every three months. the process of marketing plan will goes as planned and every obstacle on activities can easily be tracked and resolved immediately.Control The adopted marketing plan will be controlled frequently using some methods to analyze the company situation efficiently and prevent unwanted condition to happen. a well-known US marketing reseach agency that recently located its third office in Nairobi. By implementing all the methods above.

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