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Bhaktivedanta Manor - your temple at your service

Bhaktivedanta Manor functions 365 days a year. A dedicated team of devotees make it their mission to serve the entire community - through education, outreach, worship and support.

Life, Service and Celebration

at the Home of Lord Krishna

Catering is available for functions, parties and events. Egg-free vegetarian cakes, savouries and sweets can be ordered. Telephone Radharanis Bakery: 01923 851009 Radharanis Shop sells devotional paraphernalia, books, CDs, DVDs, traditional clothing and paintings Visit on-site or order online from Ceremonies, pujas and weddings can be conducted by Bhaktivedanta Manors trained priests Telephone 01923 851008

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Help is required in all areas imaginable: cooking, cleaning, teaching, office work, web design, media & technical, gardening, farming, garland making. Join a lively team and experience the unique service atmosphere at Bhaktivedanta Manor. E-mail:

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Bhaktivedanta Manor Dharam Marg | Hilfield Lane Aldenham | Herts WD25 8EZ Phone: 01923 851000 For satellite navigation use postcode WD25 8DT

2011, The International Society for Krishna Consciousness | Founder Acarya: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple

2010 2011 Highlights

The Hilton of farms opens in the UK

Bhaktivedanta Manor made farming history as Europes foremost centre for cow protection was officially opened by The Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP (Attorney General) and His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami. Praising New Gokul for its excellence in the husbandry of cattle, Mr Grieve said, The new facilities provide a sustainable sanctuary for cattle and a means whereby visitors can come and see for themselves the workings of a traditional farm, where animals and nature are given the highest respect.

A meeting with the President of America

On 13 June 2011 His Holiness Radhanath Swami was invited to meet the President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama at an event in Miami Florida. Radhanath Swami has provided much spiritual inspiration and guidance to the UK community for several decades. His recent book The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami was highly acclaimed in the US and worldwide.

Kirtan rings out from Kilimanjaro - and from the Yamuna New schools for Leicester and Redbridge
I-Foundation is set to open its second and third state funded primary schools, in Leicester and East London respectively. Leicesters iconic Evington Hall is set in 5 acres of land and was originally built in 1879 as home to the Sheriff of Leicester. The school will grow incrementally to eventually provide 420 places for children aged 4-11 years old. I-foundations East London school will open in Redbridge and will accomodate 80 pupils. Both schools have been modelled on the hugely successful Krishna-Avanti Primary School in Edgware. In October 2010, determined trekkers reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, having had their personal limits tested to the maximum. Climbers battled altitude sickness and bitter cold weather over a period of six days. Their gruelling climb was an effort to raise funds for a nursery at Harrows Krishna Avanti School. In December 2010 another team sailed on the Yamuna to highlight the serious environmental hazards threatening Indias sacred rivers.

Ahimsa slaughter-free milk now on sale See Hear

The Radha Krishna Deaf Association was featured on See Hear, a BBC programme for deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK. The show featured extensive footage of Bhaktivedanta Manors Sunday programme and interviews with deaf members of the community. Organic milk from cows that will be retired to a sanctuary once their milking days are over has started its first deliveries, bringing about a revolution in milk production. Milk is currently available in North-West London and parts of Hertfordshire. The production of conventional milk necessitates the killing of cows years before their natural time and male calves often at birth. Members of the Ahimsa herd in Kent however will live out their natural lives and will retire with dignity.

Rejuvenation and relaxation

2010 2011 Highlights

National seva day

Temple President Srutidharma das with Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks in a multicultural National Seva Day

A weekend in Wales offered the opportunity for ISKCON youth to hone their mentoring techniques and pick up valuable insight in caring for others. Over 100 youth attended the programme, which was led by His Holiness Sacinandana Swami. During the summer vacation, 115 youth travelled to Italy for a week-long action-packed break. With 24-hour kirtan, street chanting in Venice and white-water rafting on offer, both adventurous and sedate were catered for.

Visiting the Bishop of St Albans

Temple President Srutidharma das met the Bishop of St Albans (left) and participated in the annual Holocaust memorial service (below)

Radhananth Swami in Canary Wharf

His Holiness Radhanath Swami was the keynote speaker at the global headquarters of HSBC in Canary Wharf during April 2011. He was invited to speak on the topic of universal equality. The Swami received two standing ovations; the first for overwhelming appreciation of his services and the second for his highly inspirational cross-cultural lecture.

Remembrance day
Observing Remembrance Sunday at Letchmore Heaths Village Green

Chaplain to the Mayor of Harrow

Srutidharma das has been appointed Chaplain to the Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Mrinal Choudhury. During Harrow Councils Civic Service at St Marys Church in Harrow on the Hill, Srutidharma das led a special prayer ceremony.

Children & Youth

Sunday school
Krishna Club has been running at Bhaktivedanta Manor every Sunday since 1994, and recently has expanded to East London and Harrow. It provides a balanced system of Krishna conscious education for children from the age of six to eighteen in a fun and informative way.

Outreach - Serving the community

Distributing books
Teams of devotees dedicate their time to distribute spiritual literature in town centres, to businesses and at universities all year round. In this way, thousands of people get the chance to experience Krishna consciousness every week.

A cultural resource A small school with a big heart

Bhaktivedanta Manor School is based on the temple premises. With a student to teacher ratio of 10:1, the school is able to give each pupil the attention they deserve. Pupils serve the local community at special times of the year by performing plays at local schools and visiting elderly care homes. Senior residents and staff of Bhaktivedanta Manor are often consulted for advice on topics such as Vaishnava/Hindu philosophy, vegetarian cooking, the environment and traditional Indian culture. The Manors chaplaincy service operates at universities, hospitals and prisons.

ISKCON Pandava Sena

ISKCON Pandava Sena (IPS) is an active youth group for those aged from fifteen to twentyfive. The group enables members to get involved in exciting projects, learn new skills, develop loving friendships, deeply introspect and simultaneously make spiritual progress. IPS gives an opportunity for members to make the most of their youthful energy, and taste the joy of Krishna consciousness. With an abundance of creative skills and technical ability, IPS members effectively present Krishna consciousness through dynamic multimedia presentations, interactive discussions, plays and movie productions.

Welfare and relief

Based at Bhaktivedanta Manor, the Lotus Trust engages in philanthropic initiatives in the UK and across the world. Projects include international aid relief as well as helping local schools, hospitals and animal welfare initiatives.

Short Courses

Spiritual Care and Guidance

The College of Vedic Studies offers a range of courses and practical workshops, all based on the ancient teachings of the Vedas.

Care & Wisdom

Spiritual Care and Guidance

Mentoring, guidance and support throughout ones spiritual journey are provided by senior and experienced devotees at Bhaktivedanta Manor.

Retreat Residential courses

The Introductory Course offers a fantastic opportunity for new or experienced practioners to spend three fun-filled and action-packed months living and studying devotional culture and philosophy in a temple environment. Upon completion students sometimes join the Sabbatical Programme, spending time in India exploring the countrys rich spiritual heritage. The overall purpose is to develop a deep understanding of the philosophy of bhakti-yoga, by seeing it in its native environment and by applying it on a day-to-day basis. Spiritual breaks are regularly organised to allow everyone to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Scriptural study
Key texts including Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam can be studied during regular classes or by enrolling on an accredited course.

Fun, educational days out for school children

ISKCON Educational Services (IES) comprises a team of devotees who give presentations to visiting schools about Hinduism. They are also invited to visit different schools to deliver presentations. Every year, over 20,000 children from 150 schools enjoy a fun and informative day at the temple, viewing the main shrine, experiencing an eco-tour by bullock-cart, taking tasty and healthy vegetarian lunch and viewing a dance or theatre performance.



Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda

The Deities are the heart of Bhaktivedanta Manors thriving community. All the wonderful temple activities are a loving offering to Them. Pilgrims travel from far and wide every day to greet Their beautiful Lordships: Sri Sri Radha-Gokulananda, Sri Sri Sita-Ram-LakshmanHanuman and Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai.

A sanctuary
Many local groups take advantage of the beautiful atmosphere that the Manor offers. The pleasant grounds and vibrant spiritual activities make for an interesting experience.

Festivals to warm the heart

Every few weeks, Bhaktivedanta Manor hosts joyful celebrations on a variety of special days in the calendar. Whether dedicated to Lord Krishna, one of His incarnations, or a great saint, these colourful occasions give everyone a chance to come together, sing, dance, tell stories and witness beautiful theatrical performances.

Wholesome living in troubled times

Ever since the temple started in 1973, the community has cared for a herd of cows. The cows are hand-milked twice a day and bulls are engaged in farming activities, using specially adapted machinery. They plough the land, make hay, provide transportation and cut the grass.The Bhaktivedanta Manor community endeavours to live in harmony with nature, trying to grow as much of its own produce as possible. A simple lifestyle, living off the land, is considered to be conducive for good health and spiritual life.

Major festivals are held each year including Ramanavami, Gaura Purnima and Holi, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Dusshera and Diwali. The festival atmosphere evokes enthusiasm and devotion that inspires young and old in their spiritual practice. Once a year the grand Rathaytra chariot procession takes to the streets of London and major towns - through rain or sunshine.