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Executive Summary
Published January 2010

Summary aims and objectives

To provide a brief overview of TalenT2Trades 08/09 Prelim report, noting pertinent and relevant points in the process. CONTENTS Preamble ... Foreword.. Introduction.. History.. Programme 1 (Nov 08-July 09) . .. Programme 2 (Aug 09-Sept 09).... .. Programme 3 (Nov 09). .. Programme 4 (Nov 09-July 2010). .. Network4Talent (An overview). .. Shine 2010.. Talent2Trade Partners and Associates (An Example of) CLOSING COMMENTARY

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Report Introduction
As with all new inventions and concepts the difficulty comes when you are asked, so, what do you do? explaining this in less than a 1,000 page exegesis will always be a difficult hurdle for TalenT2Trade to jump. If TalenT2Trade sounds like something that already exists in the marketplace, or somehow seems similar, for most people its easier to gauge TalenT2Trade alongside that which we know, in order to understand What we do. This would be missing the point TalenT2Trade is in this interesting position, in as much as, we are reactive, (See the highlight on page 5) rather than proactive (This is not a bad thing). We respond to the need, rather than create answers for questions that dont exist. Therefore, TalenT2Trade truly is a consultancy. (Well... sort of!) Consultancy is key, yet it is only part of the picture; as we develop interactive resources with sustainability at its core, we engage and encourage the untapped talent with a view to connecting those skills to business. Eureka! Thats it!!! Ooh Nearly! We develop those resources in order to not only stimulate ideas, but also broker the final product or service to businesses, if/when it makes a capital return, that finance could be used to benefit the local population maybe even stimulate more growth? So, maybe we are a broker? Erm, not quite again, thats another small part of the bigger picture. Aha! The bigger picture So TalenT2Trade must be about strategy development, planning and project mapping? We take account of a partners needs, develop frameworks that culminate in positive action, fulfilling the objectives, whilst evaluating and documenting the outcomes... ? Getting closer!!! We. discover talent and challenge business leaders to re-imagine their engagement policies and frameworks? We facilitate local focus groups in order to ascertain the needs of the local businesses / community and young people hmmm Interesting! TalenT2Trade also showcase entrepreneurial spirit and reward aptitude that focuses and fuels local economic regeneration , we do this through a variety of methods, such as the provision of a national/regional platform with the express aim of gathering business leaders, policy makers, heads of education and interested others Why? In order to address the difficult questions, understand the bottlenecks and facilitate a joined up change movement.. In fact! Its easier to tell you what TalenT2Trade isnt. Dr Piers Clark of Mouchel does this beautifully at the top of page 6.
MANCHESTER I Ashfield House I Ashfield Rd I Cheadle I Cheshire I SK8 1BB I TEL: 0844 504 7868 DERBYSHIRE I Sitch House I Taxal I Whaley Bridge I High Peak I Derbyshire I SK23 7EA I TEL: 01663 734374 Registered in England & Wales No. 6503481


In writing this report I must admit to being pleasantly surprised at the phenomenal rate of progress Talent2Trade seems to have achieved with a relatively small team. It has of course, been part due to the significant partnerships forged by the management team but credit must be given to the dedication of its staff. Talent2trade is most proud of its contradictory approach to business. Although its foundations are based in traditional business practices, its ironic that those which it set out to benefit, it has actively become.. Namely, a fledgling start-up with huge aspirations, the will to succeed and the determination to be ethical in its approach and delivery, which in itself is a huge accomplishment! Cameron Dante In looking back at the first 12 months of trading, the predominant feeling is one of much achieved - much to do. This mid term (prelim) report is an attempt to be true to the spirit of Talent2trade in an age where transparency is crucial to the ongoing work. If TalenT2Trade is to achieve its full potential it must continue to be adaptable and intuitive, particularly during a tumultuous period such as that experienced by most business in 2008/9. Who knows what 2010 will bring? As we look forward to a new year with both excitement and trepidation, this report sets out to not only look back and learn, but inform and educate. The report is as previously mentioned midterm. TalenT2Trades objectives have always been calculated over the first 2 years of trading, when those objectives are considered, 2 years doesnt seem an awfully long time. By fostering relationships with political leaders from all parties, nationwide educators, third, public sector and business leaders, its key stakeholders and beneficiaries are young people / young adults.

As a father of 2 young girls, Romani (11) and Teaha (9), I have a genuine desire to future-proof their choices, albeit an aspiration, I will be pleased if we achieve at least part of that goal. With a generation of young people/ Young adults living in uncertainty, the need to connect the dots, stimulate genuine responses and encourage action that proves viable for business and benefits the individual and their local community all comes back to choice. Will business choose to take what may seem a gamble, and invest in people during an economic downturn? Will the wider issue of people investment result in a period of entrepreneurial, scientific, engineering and ecological innovation that ultimately benefit our planet? Will that investment The Dante Family prove profitable not only in the mid to long term, but short term also? The respected economist David Blanchflower calls them a lost generation, this is not my experience! Confused maybe! There was a lost generation - The Lost generation is a term generally assigned to those people who fought in the great war of 1914, I will not accept that our young people are dead.The cause of this confusion is filtered down not up, the response from young people is generated by our inability to create a broader culture of possibilities. Does the person fit the job description? Do we need to create a new way, whereby the job fits the person? This shift would have wider implication and applications, of which we dont have the room to explore right now. It can best be explained by the use of an American philosophical concept, whereby every generations particular understanding of the world around them is formalised by assigning a letter that corresponds with the date and era they were born into. . My generation, Generation X, are seen as reactivewhose members tend to be pragmatic and perceptive, savvy but amoral, more focused on money than on art! On the other hand, somewhere between the late 70s and early 90s were born Generation Y who, depending on social and economic conditions are generally marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. When the workplace environment is factored, generation Y has a perceived sense of entitlement! Finally, Generation I, (the internet generation) those born in the early to late 2000s. My children little is known about them, other than the fact that they are also nicknamed The ipod generation, they are highly connected and native to digital technology. Bill Gates commented, we cannot afford to have any teacher locked out of the greatest library on earth-- the Internet." Talent2Trade doesnt purport to have all the answers however, we do understand the differences and have chosen to focus on the positive difference rather than the alternative. What have we got to lose? if some already class them as lost? I hope you enjoy reading this (abreviated) preliminary report

Cameron Dante : Director for Policy and Communications : TalenT2Trade :


As the subsidiary of a commercial operation with more than 30 years experience in the sourcing, design, development and delivery of new products and services to market, TalenT2Trades ability to apply a commercial benchmark that project maps and delivers initiatives, ensuring the outcome is a win-win for the individual; education provider; government and the emerging business economy. TalenT2Trade recognise new talent and Innovation and deliver business based results. The measure of its success is the creation of employment opportunities. As with all business frameworks, our approach to delivery is underpinned by commercial attitudes that absolutely must deliver tangible outcomes for the sake of business survival. In the current economic climate, the alternative option for UK PLC, Government or Individuals is unthinkable. TalenT2Trade joins-up-the-thinking by asking the difficult questions and delivers an outcome that benefits all concerned.

Talent2Trade is focused on developing commercial talent in young people. We work through every stage of development from idea to marketable product in partnership with our private and public sector affiliates. Our wider aims and objectives are to systematically benchmark the route of social and economic regeneration through Enterprise, Education, skills, Innovation and the transference of knowledge that activates change and informs policy.

TalenT2Trades aims and objectives are delivered in stages: 1. Student engagement through the provision of resources that actively stimulate and facilitate the discussion, development and delivery of a prototype with 2 key drivers underscoring the process ie A) Business principles B) Sustainability. 2. Through the engagement of our Business / Public Sector Partnerships we host a Judging panel/ forum, present the submissions and discern the most innovative applicants to go forward for commercial development. 3. TalenT2Trade documents case studies and presents a platform for our business/public sector partners to disseminate the wider socio- economic implications within a local /global context. The findings are distributed for response. 4. TalenT2Trade hosts a mid-term forum between business, public and 3rd sector partners in order to ask the difficult questions, submit suggestions and formulate a road map. The information is compiled as a green paper and distributed for comment. 5. TalenT2Trade collates those comments & develops that thinking from the forum. A first draft research report is developed. 6. In Partnership, an Evaluation is presented in the form of a white paper for Action.. 7. TalenT2Trade presents a Final Forum for the presentation of that Action.


An entrepreneur from Whaley Bridge had the opportunity to discuss his product with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at a Downing Street reception last week. It was good to see the Prime Minister taking the time to meet with us and similar people from all over the country, said Simon. It was clear that third world and environmental issues are close to his heart. Entrepreneurs play an important role in our economy, the PM told the gathering. I am pleased to welcome you here today to celebrate your contribution to our countrys life.

Cameron Dante & Simon Hawthorne

The environmentally sound shopping bag business is one of several lines in which they still work and the company, owned and run by Simon Hawthorne, sponsors an orphanage in India. Whilst in Parliament Tom Levitt MP also arranged for Mr Hawthorne and his business associate Cameron Dante to meet Environment minister Phil Woolas and Communities Secretary Hazel Blears. June 2008, (abridged)

TalenT2Trade was asked to deliver an Enterprise Challenge for the National Shine Initiative in partnership with the Talent & Enterprise Task Force, Dept. Children Schools & Families.
One of the activities putting entrepreneurial skills to the test during Shine week is the Talent2Trade initiative, which sets primary, secondary, post 16 schools and other youth organisations the challenge of creating, designing and marketing a bag, focussing on sustainability of production. The initiative is supported by commercial organisations such as Tesco, and winning prototypes will be showcased during Shine week and sold in Tesco stores near the winning schools. Cameron Dante, Talent2Trade Director of Policy and Communication comments, This programme is intended to teach young people key elements of developing a successful product. Competitors will look at profit and loss, costing, budgeting and market research within the context of sustainability, local/global citizenship and climate change. Supported by leading organisations, such as Unity Partnership, Mouchel, BT, NatWest, Microsoft and Futurelab amongst others, this tangible project has a serious commerical offer and we hope it will encourage the development of the business men and women of tomorrow.
Press Information: Monday 2nd February 2009 Red Consultancy

TalenT2Trade naturally evolved from within a commercial operation. How? Its people genuinely wanted to facilitate employment opportunities and change for young people. It isnt CSR for CSRs sake; it is a genuine realisation that when provided with a win-win scenario, business will generally place the economic & social needs of a community at the forefront of its operations, as we did. We have developed resources that primarily stimulate teaching staff and students to engage cross - curricular projects with real world commercial outcomes. We spent a large amount of time travelling around the country visiting our pilot schools, developing lesson plans and associated research tools. In addition to this, TalenT2Trade compiled business information and designed product development Journals for students. Talent2Trade also dedicated a team to develop the initial stages of a resource website to offer those students a research portal.

The more cynical out there may say, Its just another competition! It depends on those that are delivering it. If the outcome is a certificate or slap on the back, a celebration without follow up or lip service you may well be correct! TalenT2Trade lives by its ethos, we commissioned, 2 unknown film-makers and animators who entered a competition for friends of the earth. We commissioned them to develop, film, storyboard, edit and design an accompanying DVD resource for the students. We took raw talent and encouraged them to start their own business as a direct result Huckleberry Films now exists and is set to grow from strength to strength, they will undoubtedly become an asset to the UKs economic recovery.

Oh! And look what happened after we commissioned them.

How do you feel about having won this award?

We are very pleased to have been awarded this prize by such respected judges and cant wait to get started working with Friends of the Earth to make a film that will have a positive impact on the environment. Winberry Hill shows how one person's passion can change the way we see something. This no frills, no spills film told it from the heart.

Crucially, TalenT2Trade invested a considerable amount of time developing relationships with leading business figures in order to gain relatable information, insight and wisdom that would be transferred to the student and just as important, that skill, talent would be fed back to the partner.

David Sproxton, Aardman


A selection of Partnerships & supporters - Period 1
NatWest is delighted to support the Talent2Trade initiative which will provide young people with the valuable skills and experience involved in setting up and running a business. Our MoneySense for Schools programme focuses on providing school pupils with money management skills, which in the world of business, are essential. We look forward to supporting these new businesses to ensure they get off to a great start. 'It takes imagination and practicality to come up with products that are commercially viable as well as environmentally sustainable. Tesco is delighted to be partnering with Talent2Trade on a scheme to help young people learn how to work creatively and effectively in the market The IDeA supports councils in recruiting talented people to their workforces. Working with Talent2Trade gives us a real chance to help talented students to understand why a job working for their local council can be a career changing experience. Working for a council will help young people decide their future in the world while at the same they will be giving something back to place and the people where they live - and be getting paid for it!" "The Talent2Trade initiative looks very promising and covers some really pertinent areas - , encouraging pupils and schools to engage more in enterprise is important and the issues related to sustainability are key aspects of Citizenship education in schools" "The Chartered Institute of Marketing North is delighted to support this great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and lend its expertise to encourage a real life experience of business. The more we can do to encourage professional marketing practices the better our businesses of the future will be." Unity Partnerships & Mouchel believe that connecting education to industry is fundamental in ensuring that young people develop skills to enable them to work effectively in the market place. Talent2Trade provides the essential 'joined up thinking' between learning and work in order to give students practical opportunities that make a real difference both, in their lives and the community in which they live.' 'What's so excellent about the Talent2Trade initiative is the way it puts creative thinking, design and advertising into the commercial context of business development, economic growth and corporate social responsibility. It makes an active contribution to the future of UK competitiveness, by preparing the next generation of UK talent to be better equipped for the economic and social challenges ahead." Giving both Young People and Teachers a practical view of current Business practice is crucial to raising the skills of the UK workforce. We strongly believe that the ability to communicate and collaborate are key skills which the Talent2Trade initiative can help to support. "Futurelab is delighted to continue our productive collaboration with Microsoft Partners in Learning to encourage, mentor, nurture and reward young people with talents of all kinds through the SHINE & Talent2Trade programme! Young people, regardless of their background or physical and learning abilities, are becoming more and more adept at using ICT to support learning and development. Since they are born into a world where technology is everywhere, the hope that ALL learners can benefit from technology is becoming a reality for young people today. I was pleased to hear about TalenT2Trades work to develop young peoples skills and directly engage them in responding to the climate change challenge. The project to design a sustainable product and communicate the national carbon footprint challenge sounds very interesting. It is also extremely important that young people are involved in discussion and debate on climate change with business leaders and government, so I strongly welcome your efforts in this area. Douglas Alexander Secretary of State for International Development

(Submission areas)

NORTH WEST Wythenshawe Salford Blackpool Bolton Dalton-in-furness Wirral Clitheroe Prudhoe Sale Preston nelson Runcorn stockport leigh Manchester Egremont SOUTH EAST Tonbridge St leonards on sea Deal Grayshott Rotherwick High Halstow Rochester West malling Portsmouth Chatham Abingdon St leonards on sea Chichester Reading Lewes Wantage PORTSMOUTH Kingsdown Southampton Herne Bay

LONDON Peckham London Leytonstone Battersea Chingford Hounslow London Middlesex Hayes Camberwell West Norwood Stonebridge Mill Hill

EAST OF ENGLAND Dunstable Ipswich Surrey Luton Luton Essex Chelmsford Barnstaple KINGS LANGLEY Wickford

Yorkshire & Humberside Guiseley Brough Hull keighley Bradford Region East Midlands (National Winner) North East North West East of England The South East City of London Scotland Winner Jack Royal Ebonie Whitwell Nicole Sarens Shannon Mcelvenney Kyle Doran Ezoe Robinson Eve Gordon Age 14 10 15 14 8 15 14



The Carbon Challenge

Back in July 2009 Talent2trade developed and delivered a national challenge for, and on behalf of Tesco. The aims and objectives of the challenge were to provide an engaging tool for young people, enabling them to communicate the importance of carbon reduction. The core outcome of the brief was to focus on either a peer-to-peer communication, or message to business. We decided on peer-to-peer as the most valuable outcome.





AN EXAMPLE: Film and TV category
1) Challenge option 1: to develop a documentary on Local Unemployment and/or how young people would go about developing and implementing an act of kindness in the local community. How would the film maker approach this? How would they deal with any negative reactions? How would they approach making the situation better? Challenge option 2: Download the 1 minute Shine song from the TalenT2Trade website and film a pop video to go with it. The footage must show the positive aspects of their community all the hidden good stuff that goes on, if you cant find it! Make it happen... 2) Challenge met by: Young people as an Individual/ Class/ Year Project / Youth group. 3) Discern required component parts to deliver the project i.e.
Camera operator Director Actors Editor Location scouts Technical assistance Musical Score Producer Story board Sound recording Script writer Titles / animators

NB: The design of the DVD packaging, posters, marketing plan may also be entered as a separate submission within the design Category. The title music and film score may be entered under the Music category. Challenge:
Using the Journal and concluding business outline, recognise specific Innovative approaches, document and submit to T2T by (See Timeline)

The Shine song (By LZ7) is released by Columbia records in August 2010, this will be followed by an Album in September 2010. There is a National promotional campaign scheduled around the release. I have negotiated a 1 minute licence of the song to be used on the Talent2Trade website, along with the resources the young person will be challenged to film and storyboard a pop video to accompany the song. The best ideas will be used in the final pop video. This will be used on MTV etc The press gained from this will be unprecedented.
Outcome 1: Either individually or as a group, film a 1 minute pop video (To the Shine Song) accompanied by 2 page business outline and Innovator Generator questionnaire. Purpose: To recognise specific Talents and abilities that otherwise, may have gone unnoticed i.e. Marketing Flair, Team Leading, Logical aptitude, Innovative thinking, dramatic prose, mediation etc Outcome 2: - Present and sell the concept of the submission and accompanying data to the business and public sector partners for dissemination. (See Timeline)

19 Network4Talent whats it all about?

Closing the loop.. Network4Talent is an online space, blog and forum whereby employers can interact, view and comment on solutions proposed by young people to their industry specific challenge.


Proposed activity during Shineweek: 12th-16th July will be far more than one event, the aim is to launch at least 9 regional parties on the back of the juice event, we may use the idea of linking the 9 parties to coincide with the main event therefore, using live links to connect and feedback from main stage Below is a framework for developing the infrastructure. Talent2trades reach and impact is based on a strong foundation of well over 6,000 (young people / key PROPOSED workers/ educationalists/local authority/ 3rd sector and business leaders) however, input from a number of Generation Innovation / Shine Timeline Key Milestones our partners, will significantly increase the impact and take-up by at least 400,000 more.

The Event: Title: Juice

Juice is an event designed to generate energy, to be a conductor for ideas and action, to showcase innovative talents from those young people involved with Shine 2010, and ultimately motivate a can do culture.

Strapline: Genera8: Innova8: Motiv8

The Juice event will connect leaders of the creative economy to foster growth and prosperity. Weaving together the arts, technology, and entrepreneurship, Juice inspires innovation by bringing talented people together from widely different backgrounds to build on the positive message of Shine. Juice is a forum where attendees can learn, exchange ideas, share success stories and provide input to shape the development of strategies for the UKs creative future.

Juice Highlights:
* Interactive sessions LED BY YOUNG PEOPLE, and coordinated networking opportunities. * Keynote speakers: TBC * The Jooce event will be followed by a pre-select amount of creative parties with entertainment across the capital / UK wide - TBC. * Dance / Art / Film / Design and music performances * The unveiling of the innovation and entrepreneurship strategy by a key government figure-TBC

Key Questions:
* Why are creativity and innovation essential ingredients for the UK economy? * How can arts organisations evolve in an age of technology and social media? * What is the role of engineering and material science in the generation of new ideas? * What are the UKs leading networking organisations and companies doing to foster a workforce and develop career opportunities? * What are the challenges and advantages of contributing to or raising venture capital? * What are our greatest innovation success stories and how can we learn from them?


Period 1
April 20

Period 3
August 6

Packs to youth groups and Schools

LZ7 Single released

Jun 19 2

Industry Specialists / Partners Best regional Submissions Forum Hosted at NESTA

Case Studies compiled P2


Network2Talent Launch

June 3 Jul 09

Regional Products developed National winner prototype finished


Jul 12-16

Sept 8

Period 4
Round Table Business Forum Discuss findings, quantify and document Industry based solutions and formulate Framework for action

Case Studies compiled P1

Nov 9

Dissemination and full evaluation

Periodic time Indicators (Overview) Jan April: 2010 April July: 2010 July November: 2010


A selection of the partnerships and supporters 08/09

Gov Depts, Affiliated, Third, Not-for-profit, Public Sector Partners and Supporters

Programmes aligned with

Member Bodies

Business Partners and Supporters

Local Authorities

Champions and advocates

Douglas Alexander
Minister for International Development

Ed Miliband
Minister for the Environment

Jim Knight
Minister for Employment and welfare reform

Kevin Brennan
Minister for Further

Lucy Parker
Chair Talent and Enterprise

Ben Bradshaw
Minister for Culture, Media and Sport

Education Task Force

Closing Comments

Although we are only mid term, it would seem prudent to view Talent2trade in perspective, adding commentary about both the enormous achievement thus far, and to the timetable as we move towards with our key NESTA partnership. Our full evaluation is due for November 2010.

Nov 2008 December 2009 With 3 projects already delivered to a high level of partner satisfaction, Talent2trade has certainly achieved its aspirational target of under promising over delivering. However, its full potential has yet to be realized! The remaining opportunities throughout the later half of the action plan will enable Talent2trade to fulfill its objective of not only highlighting the untapped talent out there, but connecting that talent to employment opportunities and facilitating a culture of entrepreneurism that genuinely filters into an outcome directly attributed to its work. The scene has been set; it is now time to capitalize on the ground work and partner portfolio. The challenge ahead is the effective transition from programme to productivity. I have no doubt that Talent2trade has the right staff, management and ability to deliver. The TalenT2Trade web statistics have been impressive to date and the anticipated increase will be significant throughout the 2010 period. Much has been done, yet there is much more to do.

Director for policy & Communication

Talent2Trade December 2009

In Partnership with: