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How To Upload Songs In Punchapaadam
Thanthonni GulaN
Uploading songs to is quite easy !! Before y ou upload any songs, check properties to see if it has any tags of any other sites or blogs. If y es, remov e all these tags before y ou upload the song to av oid the deletion of y our post from PP First go to .net Sign Up using y our email Login Y ou will be asked to create a folder, y ou can either skip it or create a folder and after that y ou will be taken to the homepage Now I will demonstrate with an eg: of uploading an album!! Here album is Hindi film "Criminal" Create a new folder and name it "Criminal"
Posted 2 9 Dec em ber 2 0 09 - 0 8 :4 7 PM

Once inside the folder y ou can see upload button abov e Resized to 86% (was 7 01 x 258) - Click image to enlarge

Y ou can select the files from y our pc ( Y ou can select multiple files) Also y ou can use Drag and Dro p feature also!! Once the upload is completed Go back to the home page!! Resized to 95% (was 632 x 27 4) - Click image to enlarge

Here m ost people get confused and m akes m istake when selecting link See the image for details , make sure that y ou share the folder and copy that link....and not the web page link Resized to 7 9% (was 7 60 x 145) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 85% (was 7 06 x 1 85) - Click image to enlarge

If y ou become familiar with box .net y ou can use Fireuploader addon with firefox for easier uploading https://addons.mozil...efox /addon/47 24 ( 24)

Y ou can also upload songs in Mediafire and 4shared!! Methods are almost same Thats all about uploading the songs to box .net --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now to begin posting in Punchapaadam !! First go to the respectiv e section. If y ou are unsure where to post, y ou can seek help from moderato rs or any

senior members. Now y ou can start a new topic in the section. For our eg: we will be posting the song in Chithrahaar: Golden Hindi Songs Resized to 62% (was 97 4 x 350) - Click image to enlarge

Prepare a play list. If y ou play list is long y ou can use softwares like Print folder Pro ( which I think is simple and easy to use Now click insert link button ( as in the image) and post the sharing link Resized to 7 3% (was 829 x 383) - Click image to enlarge

Click Nex t and in that column Put PP download button using :download:

Y our link will look like this [url=""]:download:[/url]

Now hide y our post using bbcode as shown below [hide][url=" .net/shared/5k8iz5sopk"]:download:[/url][/hide]

Click Post Topic button and its done!! See that ev en if y ou hide the post, y ou cant see it hidden. Check the image

Dont Worry ,

if the "rev ealed" is shown y our link is hidden!!

Thats All about posting in punchapaadam...Keep Posting **

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