e-Biz Solution for Large Company
Toward Good Corporate Governance
APICTA-Indonesia 2004

e-BizHRM Human Resource Management

“Make Effective Use of Corporate HR Information in Planning and Decision-Making”

e-BizHRM is a web-based application for managing Human Resources that consists of: Standard Data, Employee Data, Rank History, Position History, Manpower Development, Position Change and Resignation, Employee Prosperity and Development. This application can be used to manage employee data at Business Units / Branch Offices that are located in different locations, but with the use of web-distributed technology all the data and the application can be synchronized and consolidated in Data Center, so that data integrity can be guaranteed. e-BizHRM is part ofArtisa solution. The e-BizHRM is integrated with the other applications, i.e.: e-BizPortal, e-BizSales, e-BizProcurement.

Modules ? ? ? ? ? ? Standardization Module, which is used to manage Rank, Structural Position, Functional Position, and Business Unit Code standard data. Employee Form Module, which is used to manage employee personal data. Structural Position Change Module, which is used to manage structural position data change. It also includes employee recruitment, employee business unit change, and employee position change. Rank Change Module, which is used to manage employee rank data change, employee business unit change, and also history of employment. Contract Employee Module, which is used to manage contract employee data, and employee candidate. Education and Training Module, which is used to manage employee structural/functional education and training data for all business units. It also includes education and training for company management, assignment for studying, and permission letter for studying. Information/Data Module, which is used to generate reports for all business units. The reports that can be generated are: Curriculum Vitae, Employee Rank/Position History, Statistic, Employee Profile, and Employee Data Report.

? ? ? Complete coverage of modules, starting from employee recruiting to employee resignation. Easy to be integrated with Portal (e.g.: superior approved permission letter) and Finance Application (e.g.: Payroll) Due to the architecture is web-based, where every Branch Office has its own local server, data synchronization are not always requiring dedicated line (can be Dial Up). Supported by security system using cryptography techniques and authentication facilities using USB Flashdisk (e-Token) Company can be more focus for the business rather than spending so much time to manage its employees.

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Resign Module, which is used to manage employee resignation data, employee prosperity and development for all business units.

Head.Office :
Salman Business Center - ITB Lt.2 Jl. Gelap Nyawang No.4 Bandung 40132 INDONESIA Telp.: +62-22-2534305 / 6 Fax. : +62-22-2534307

Marketing Office : [Pasadena Group]
Wisma Bumiputra 10th floor Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav.75 Jakarta 12910 INDONESIA Telp.: +62-21-5277408 Fax. : +62-21-52960940

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