Poisoned By David Raygoza

Written to celebrate Greg’s 16th year on Earth



In an undisclosed city on an undisclosed corner, a young man stands, smoking a cigarette. He might as well have just turned 18, as far as looks go, and namewise let’s call him BRAD. Another man, slightly older, possibly reaching his 30’s, walks into frame. For sake of clarity let’s call him WESLEY. WESLEY Those things will kill you, you know. BRAD doesn’t react, instead he just keeps looking out toward the distance. After a bit of just standing there, WESLEY pulls out a pack of Camel Lights and gestures toward BRAD WESLEY Could I get a light? BRAD gives him an incredulous look, but still says nothing. Pulling out his lighter, BRAD offers the flame and WESLEY takes it. As he leans back he asks WESLEY You waiting for someone? Still nothing out of BRAD WESLEY No no no, I get it, stranger danger and all that. Smart kid. But I’m right, right? You’re waiting on some one. Let me guess...some girl! Right? I’ve been there, you know when the world is open and time is vast. So many things in the world and usually you see some guy waiting on the street and it’s always for some girl. But let me ask you something: Why are you waiting? Why don’t YOU go to HER? You don’t know when this WESLEY points at his heart WESLEY Is going to stop ticking, and when you’ve got something to go get, you run. You don’t just stand on some corner and WAIT! (CONTINUED)



BRAD might as well be a statue, only moving every here and there to turn and look down the street or to check his phone. WESLEY drops his cigarette and stops on it, getting in closer, craning his neck to look BRAD directly in the eyes. WESLEY You don’t remember me do you? We met in front of the Record Store on 3rd and Thompson. I gave you a smoke! This catches BRAD’s attention BRAD Yeah...I do remember, actually. WESLEY When was that like...4? BRAD Around there, yeah. WESLEY And what time is it now? BRAD checks his phone BRAD It’s about to be 11. WESLEY And was I right? About the girl? BRAD Yeah. What did you say your name was? WESLEY I didn’t say. BRAD drops his cigarette, bends down to grab it, but jerks up and grabs his head, as if some stinging pain has just pierced his brain. WESLEY Let’s see...I gave you the smoke at 4, you went through it pretty quick because I see you’ve got a new brand in your pocket, and it’s 11 now. So all in all I’d say your ticker’s got 6 hours on it left. (CONTINUED)



BRAD looks at him, baffled. WESLEY I’ll be here for the next 6 hours. For the last 6 hours. WESLEY reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette WESLEY This one’s laced with Mercury Fulminate, that’s what you’ve got in your blood as of now. He gently places it back into his pocket, and produces another WESLEY This one counteracts it. But you’ve got to go get it. BRAD reaches for the cigarette in a half-lunge half-stumble. WESLEY laughs WESLEY Even if I gave it to you right now you couldn’t light it your self. You’d drop it, or the lighter, or both. I meant go get IT. What you want. If I hadn’t told you, you would have no IDEA how much time you had left. You would go back to your dingy apartment and sulk and sleep and die. But now you know, so go. Go get what it is you want. That girl, for instance. When you’ve got her, tell the cab to stop here, and you can pick up the antidote. BRAD turns to leave, but trips on himself. He stands up, fumbles a bit, and then limps away. While putting away the antidote, WESLEY yells after him WESLEY That’s why you’ve got 6 hours! WESLEY pulls out a cigarette, lights it and starts to smoke WESLEY Mercury fulminate...these kids will believe anything these days. ROLL CREDITS

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