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Dale F. Reichhart 3316 Rocky Beach Johnsburg, IL 660051 dr114e52a@westpost.

net 815 355 8366 Goal CXO, President, VP/GM Opportunity The question that always arises during the interview process is ahow did you ach ieve the accomplishments shown on your resumea. The short answer is having a li fetime of experience leveraging technology, building outstanding people skills, with a strong understanding of financial excellence on a global level. My story begins with growing up on a grain farm, and having a father that worked in town. Operating large farm equipment, using a complete machine shop, buildi ng an early understanding of genetics & chemistry, appreciating the importance o f managing an ecosystem, and the value of managing cash flow were all part of my early education. After completing my BS Degree from Purdue with major studies in Biology, Chemist ry, and Engineering I decided to focus my career on Plastics as the foundation o f my future. Marketing, Material Technologies, Engineering, Project Management My first professional job was with International Harvester (6 yrs) serving as a Senior Development Engineer. By refining my people skills and building my marke t intelligence abilities I developed cross-functional teams and project manageme nt systems to introduce new products. Due to trucks requiring a million mile li fe I developed a materials lab specialized in testing non-metal materials. I was able to work with material suppliers to develop modified materials that met the million-mile life requirement. Business Planning, New Plant Start UP, Operations Management, Training, Financia l Management, Market Research, International Purchasing, Contract Negotiations My second job was with Texas Instruments (5 yrs) starting as their Manufacturing Engineering Manager to set up the home computer operation. After the start up of this operation I was promoted to the Operations Manager. During my tenure I d eveloped process stabilization technologies using oscilloscopes, a computerized production monitoring system, and a cross functional training program for employ ees. A weekly reporting system was established that communicated accomplishments and goals for the cross-functional teams. An international toolmaker base was d eveloped in Europe and the Pacific Rim to lower mold making costs. Page 1 of 2 Dale F. Reichhart 3316 Rocky Beach Johnsburg, IL 660051 815 355 8366 Marketing, Engineering, Business Planning, Contract Negotiations, Global Purchas ing, Global Manufacturing, International Finance My third job was with Huron Plastics Group (12 yrs) serving as VP of Engineering , VP Of International Operations and Treasurer Board of Directors. My primary j ob was to develop profitable sales through the use of Marketing Knowledge, and t hen developing innovative products, process technologies and training programs t o mistake proof product production. Unique CAD technologies were introduced, sup pler training implemented. Six International Operations were added to produce ou r developed products in new markets. Functional language skills in German, Japa nese, and Korean were added to my knowledge base.

Fundraising, Education, Training, Certification During my time at Huron I was elected to the Board of Directors for the Society of the Plastics Industry where I served for 8 years. Key accomplishment was to raise $1.2 million dollars to develop an employee certification program. This p rogram identified the training needs and a career path for production workers. Certification was provided by McGraw Hill. Business Planning, Financial Management, Leadership My fourth position was with Cherry Electrical (3 yrs) serving as the VP/GM. Mana gement responsibilities included 1200 employees with an operating budget of $150 million dollars. I built a business plan to turn around company and relocate to East Europe. Implemented SAP management system, the Poke Yoke one step manufac turing system, and floor employee cross training system. Operation was profitab ly old sold 1 year later. Marketing, Navigation, Weather Forecasting, Chef, Maintenance, Finance, Entertai nment, Tour Guide My fifth position was the owner of Wild Dreams (10 yrs) a Vacation and Leisure 5 8a Sailboat. Served as the Captain, Chief Cook, Navigator, Mechanic, Salesman, Contract Negotiator, Entertainer and so forth. Summary I possess a Diverse Global business background. Hands on knowledge in all phases of business with a strong technical background. Carpe Diem! Page 2 of 2