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Mark A. Menendez 6927 Avondale Dr, Shreveport, LA 71107 aHome (318) 309-4081 a Cell: (318)423-760 8 a mm114ee58@westpost.

net Career Focus Military Aviation with over 33 Years Experience Maintaining numerous U.S. Air Fo rce fighter aircraft Avionics systems including Communications, Navigations, Ine rtial Navigation and Electronic Countermeasures systems. Teacher, Motivator, Me ntor, Leader, and Manager Supervising the F-15 Avionics Test Stations for 14 yea rs with up to 25 subordinates. Continuing interests in Electronics lead me to o btaining FCC Certification and License in Elements 1, 3 and 8 in Dec 2010. U.S. Secret Security Clearance issued 27 Apr 2006 Experienced in Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007, Lotus Notes, Windows XP and Vist a Strong sense of responsibility Motivated self starter Positive can-do attitude Perform the job correctly and expeditiously Enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable Computer systems administrator for 159th Maintenance Squadron for over 12 years Innovative approach to troubleshooting Enjoys Electronics as a hobby Punctuality and strong sense of duty Open to new ideas Professional Experience Coin Star Field Technician 26 July 2009 to Present Plans work day by using Lotus Notes Data Base Maintains Coin Star coin counting Kiosks by utilizing technical data, test equi pment and hand tools Performs equipment upgrades as needed Picks up Full Coin Bins from Coin Star Kiosks and Delivers to Armored Car Servi ce Submits Time sheet daily via internet, orders parts and supplies through Lotus Notes Consults Store manager and personnel on performance of coin star Kiosk and prov ides training to personnel Greets customers and trains them in the use of coin star Kiosk Drives Freightliner M2 (26,000 lb GVW), 900 to 1200 miles per week United States Air Force/ Louisiana Air National Guard 1975-Feb 2009 Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic Supervisor, (WS-13, E-8 SMSgt) A pril 1995 a" Feb 2009 Plans work and schedules and approves leave in order to meet workload requireme nts. Insures equipment, tools, technical data, and all support equipment are pro vided in order to meet mission requirements. Provides proactive direction to sub ordinates in support of unit goals to include MC rates, A/C phase plan and sorti e production. Subordinates are involved in daily operation and kept informed through differen t avenues of personnel counseling and meetings. Personnel issues and conflicts a re recognized, resolved and properly documented. Quarterly counseling and formal appraisals are completed on time and documented property. Administrative requirements are accomplished completely and accurately in a tim ely manner meeting all suspense. MDC and computer products are maintained accura tely and training provided to subordinates. Aircraft and equipment forms are doc umented properly. Subordinates are provided training required to support mission requirements. Tr aining required for section personnel is requested, scheduled and follow up acco

mplished as required to insure compliance. CDC, Tasks, Certifications and upgrad e training required are tracked and completed on time. Provides a positive work environment free of illegal discrimination. Assist subordinates in troubleshooting and repair of F-15 Avionics Test Station s and Air Craft Line Replaceable Units. Coordinates work between other shops. Su pervise and train subordinates in component level repair of circuit card assembl ies and modules. Periodically supervise A/C Phase maintenance and Flight-line ma intenance. Team leader and writer for 159th Maintenance Squadron, 159th Logistics Group an d 159th Fighter Wing Unit Self Assessment. Computer Systems Administrator for 1 59th Maintenance Squadron using the Baldrige Quality Award Criteria Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic, F-15 A/C (WG-12) Oct 1985 a" Apr 19 95 Supervise subordinates training and performance of their duties. Verify quality training and maintenance for guardsmen. Solve other problems which may arise wi th guardsmen or refer them to the proper office, maintain time and attendance re cords (time keeper), direct shop maintenance and coordinate work projects with o ther shops. Submit guardsmen for skill level and military promotions. Counsel gu ardsmen for career retention, disciplinary actions as well as commending for wor k well done. Production monitor scheduler, Maintain equipment custodian records (CACRL'S) an d order equipment, Develops training plans, maintain OJT records. Monitor supply records and track parts (D23, D19, D04, M30), Promote safety and Security, Safe guards Classified material, enter maintenance data into computer for tracking, m aintain historical records file computer products, maintain technical data , gen erate reports, AFTO 244 monitor, ESD monitor, TCTO monitor. Developed shop SEREN E BYTE / PACER WARE reprogramming procedures. Avionics Computer Facility Manager . Maintenance Squadron Security Self inspection Monitor. QA all out going parts repaired in shop, troubleshoot and repair F-15 Flight Li ne Replaceable Units (LRU's) (communications, navigation, radar, electronic warf are), and avionics intermediate test stations by removing and replacing system c omponents, repairing wiring and connectors, using appropriate technical data, pe rforming test station diagnostic tests to fault isolate and repair test stations . Perform test station and LRU modifications I/A/W tech data, report equipment a nd technical data difficulties and recommend corrective actions to Quality Assur ance for forwarding to the appropriate depot. October 1993 - April 1995 Primary duties - Established a component level repair center to troubleshoot and repair circuit cards and sub assemblies using Huntro n Tracker/Prober to isolate defective components. (Received an Air Force Achieve ment Medal for this effort) Micro Miniature Soldering trained at Robins A.F.B. Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic, F-4 A/C, (WG-11) Mar 1979 a" Oct 198 5 Maintained OJT records, Scheduled individuals for training, conducted upgrade a nd qualification training for Guardsmen. Shop tool monitor. Supervised Guardsmen while training and performing maintenance. Organize and Direct RWR end of runwa y checks, Maintain Aircraft historical records of system malfunctions to track t rends. Document supply records and track parts. Coordinate work projects with ot her shops. Submitted guardsmen for skill level advancement and military promotio ns. Install, overhaul, modify, troubleshoot and repair F-4C Inertial Navigation and Radar Homing and Warning (RWR) systems. Diagnose malfunctions, align and calibr ate test equipment. Troubleshoot and repair air craft systems and wiring. Inspec t and test Electronic Equipment to determine serviceability. Correct and / or re place defective components. Evaluate equipment performance by applicable common and specialized test equipment and technical order procedures. Scheduled and Con duct 90 day RWR reliability checks (which lead us to an EXCELLENT ORI rating). Communications/Navigations Specialist, Dec 1978 a" Mar 1979 Maintain communication and navigation and IFF systems on F-100 A-F aircraft. Sh op tool monitor, maintain aircraft historical records to track system malfunctio

n trends. Troubleshoot and repair aircraft wiring. Inspect and test electronic e quipment for serviceability by using applicable common and specialized equipment I/A/W technical procedures. Assistant Manager, Petroleum Products of Delaware Sep 1976 a" Dec 1978 Receive orders for oil, diesel, and potable water. Scheduling and dispatching b arge delivery of oil, diesel, and water to offshore drilling rigs, tank batterie s, ships, etc. Take warehouse inventory; keep books and records of transactions. Supervise the transfer of diesel fuel, Lube oil, and gas to offshore oil rigs, cargo boats, tug boats, crew boats, and barges. Tanker-man License with U.S. Coa st Guard. Radio Technician, Associated Electronics Co. of LA. INC Apr 1976 a" Sep 197 6 Install, remove, repair and / or replace FM and marine radio's and radars on bo ats, ships, cars, trucks and buildings, Repair defective radios in shop and in t he field by troubleshooting to the component level, and replacing the defective component. Travel up to 600 miles per week to remote work sights via car, helico pter and boats to offshore oil rigs. Climb antenna towers up to 300 feet to repa ir and / or replace antennas and coaxial cable. U.S. AIR FORCE AUG 1975 to: APR 1976 Basic military training Lackland AFB, TX. First six weeks, Technical school a t Keesler AFB, Ms. Learned basic electronics and avionics communications systems Student leader (green rope) in charge of a twelve man bay in the barracks. Then as a yellow rope was in charge of a 35 50 man flight, marching them to and from school daily (3 miles). As shift leader (red Rope) during the last two months o f technical school supervising all student leaders on the day shift. Airman of t he Month Apr 1976, Honor Graduate. MILITARY DUTY HISTORY EFFECTIVE DATE COMMAND LEVEL DUTY AFSC DUTY TITLE UNIT 060528 WB -2A090 NCOIC AVIONIC TEST STATIONS 0159 MAI SQ 040501 WB -2A090 NCOIC AVIONICS TEST STATION 0159 MAI SQ 040303 WB -2A190 NCOIC AVIONICS TEST STATION 0159 MAI SQ 990401 WB -2A190 NCOIC TITE TEST STATION 0159 MAI SQ 870430 WB -2A071A NCOIC TITE TEST STATION 0159 MAI SQ 851001 WB -32673 NCOIC TITE TEST STATION 0159 CLM SQ 820623 UN -32873 ELECTRONIC WARFARE TECHN 0159 CLM SQ 790401 UN -32854 AVN INERTIAL RADAR NAV SYS SPEC 0159 CLM SQ 780512 SQ -32850 AVIONICS COMM SPECIALIST 0159 CLM SQ 760430 SQ -32850 AVIONIC COMM SPECIALIST 0159 CLM SQ 750515 YY -32850 BASIC TRAINEE 0159 CLM SQ Military Awards and Decorations: 2 Air Force Commendation Medals 3 Air Force Achievement Medals AF Outstanding Unit Award 8 Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medals National Defense Service Medal Global War on Terrorism Service Medal Armed Forces Service Medal Humanitarian Service Medal 5 AF Longevity Service Ribbons Armed Forces Reserve Medal Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon (Rifle) AF Training Ribbon/ Louisiana Cold War Ribbon Louisiana Commendation Medal Louisiana War Cross

Louisiana Emergency Service Medal 6 Louisiana General Excellence Ribbons 4 Louisiana Longevity Medals

Degrees: AVIONIC SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY COMMUNITY COLEGE OF THE AIR FORCE (CCAF) COMPLETED 01 AUG 1997 60-89 SEMESTER HOURS/90-134 QUARTER HOURS PROFESSIONAL MILITARY EDUCATION: COURSE DATE COMPLETED METHOD USAF SENIOR NCO ACADEMY 01 JAN 1992 NON-RESIDENCE NCO ACADEMY 01 JAN 1981 NON-RESIDENCE NCO ORIENTATION COURSE 01 JAN 1978 NON-RESIDENCE Resident Service Schools Name of School Course Title Started Completed Hrs Lackland AFB Basic Training Aug 1975 Oct 1975 Keesler AFB Student Leadership Training Oct 1975 Nov 1975 Keesler AFB Traffic Safety Course Oct 1975 Oct 1975 Keesler AFB Avionics Communications Specialist, 3ABR32830 Honor Graduate Oct 1975 29 Apr 1976 30 Weeks Barksdale AFB Avionics Communications Tech. AN/ARC 164 Sep 1978 Sep 1978 20 KELLY AFB Inertial Navigations Systems Specialist AN/ASM46/46A/48/63 Dec 1978 Fe b 1979 132 Keesler AFB OJT Manager/Supervisor Orientation J4AJF75000-002 Jun 1981 Jun 1981 24 Keesler AFB OJT Supervisors Course J4AJF7500-015 Jul 1982 Jul 1982 14 Keesler AFB OJT Supervisor Course J4AJF75000-006 Mar 1984 Mar 1984 30 Keesler AFB Solid State and I.C. devices J4AST30050-003 Dec 1984 Jan 1985 90 Carswell AFB Advanced Digital Techniques J4AMF30050-005 Jan 1985 Feb 1985 120 Lowry AFB Integrated Avionics Electronic Warfare Equipment and Component Technic ian (F-15) G3ABR32633B-002 Honor Graduate Apr 1985 19 Jul 1985 1128 Sheppard AFB AF Technical Order System General J4AST00066-038 Nov 1985 Nov 1985 Sheppard AFB AF Technical Order System Advanced J4AST00066-039 Nov 1985 Nov 1985 Tektronix Complex Waveform Measurements, Digital Storage Waveform Measurements 1 2 Mar 1987 13 Mar 1987 Chanute AFB Core Automated Maintenance System C4AST39150-007 27 Oct 1988 32 Keesler AFB OJT Course Air Reserve Forces J4AJF5000-009 Jan 1989 Jan 1989 14 Little Rock AFB AMC Affiliation Equipment Preparation Course 04 Apr 1992 Lackland AFB L6AZS30656-003 TSEC/KI-1A 17 Aug 1992 40 Lackland AFB L6AZS30656-005 TSEC /KY-57 /58 Limited Maintenance 30 Nov 1992 40 Robins AFB Electrostatic Discharge Trainging 17 Jun 1992 Robins AFB High Reliability Soldering 32000-21A 18 Jun 1993 40 Robins AFB Micro Miniature Soldering 32000-22A 25 Jun 1993 40