Research Summary: Nidus Customer Survey

16th December 2011 Two customer surveys were conducted to determine Nidus’s clientele, their preferences and their demands. Survey 1 was administered to Non-NID customers who visited Nidus during the period of the survey. 35 customers responded to the survey. Survey 2 was administered online to NID students, with the assumption that they at least visit, if not shop at, Nidus, and are aware of the products available there. 48 students responded to the survey. This document summarizes the results of the two surveys, and compares them based on: Demographics of customers Frequency of shopping at Nidus and primary reason for shopping at Nidus Satisfaction with the leather products available at Nidus The kind of leather products that customers would like to see in future

In Survey 1, it was found that Nidus’ customers are more female than male, and generally over the age of 30. The anomalous spike in the graph was caused by a group of recent graduates of NID visiting their alma mater and Nidus during convocation. Under normal circumstances, the number of males in the age group of 20-29 years may be considered about equal to the number of females.

In Survey 2, it was found that Nidus’ student customers are more female than male, and generally in the age group of 21-24 years.

In Survey 1, it was found that most customers were visiting Nidus once a year, and mainly shopping for personal gifting, followed by shopping for their homes, and then for themselves. Corporate gifting did not feature very strongly as a reason for shopping at Nidus The relatively high number of first time visitors who only browsed at Nidus was primarily because the survey was conducted during the Convocation weekend, and a lot of parents were touring the campus and Nidus - for the first time.

In Survey 2, it was found that most NID students were shopping only once a year for personal gifting, primarily because Nidus products are too expensive for students to buy often. They are willing to buy an expensive present once a year, usually a birthday or anniversary gift for parents.

In Survey 1,it was found that non-NID customers “love” the jawaja leather collection at Nidus. This fact was corroborated by the fact that they also had a shorter list of likes and dislikes and fewer demands compared to those of the NID students In Survey 2, it was found that the NID students were not as satisfied with the jawaja leather colletion at Nidus. The most plausible reasons for this difference of opinion, are: 1- Students stay in NID longer than non-NID customers and have been seeing the same products for a long time. They are bored of the same things and demand new products. 2- Students of design are more sensitive to quality of detailing & finish, and more aware of the potential of leather as a material. They are not willing to settle for less than what they know can be achieved with the material. In survey 1, where respondents showed a higher liking for the jawaja leather products at Nidus, the list of suggestions for other products was shorter, and suggestion were more vague (such as a demand for “more trendy products”).

In survey 2, where students showed a lower level of atisfaction with the jawaja leather products at Nidus, the list of sugestion for other products was longer, more concrete, and included more colourmaterial-finish-related and style-related suggestions.

A list of common suggestions was compiled. The product list included: wallets, bags, jackets, footwear, folders, notebooks/diaries and more accessories for men. The other suggestions included: significantly lower prices, softer leather and more small trinkets.

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