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UI Web Designer / Web Developer Summary An accomplished IT professional with 18 years combined experience in both the so ftware and

hardware industry. Primary goal is to provide superior service in the area of Network Administration, with added service in Web Design and Developmen t. Overall objective is to provide excellent customer service in all stated area s. Skills Hardware - Software Active Directory LAN GPO TCP/IP WAN Data Backup and Recovery Disaster recovery procedures Desktop / Server build, configuration, imaging and troubleshooting (Windows and UNIX) Laptop build, configuration, imaging and troubleshooting (Windows and Linux) Printer setup, deployment and troubleshooting. Network cabling Router configuration Router / Switch chaining Wireless network setup and security Apple Desktop Adobe Photoshop CSS DOS Dreamweaver HTML Classic ASP ASP.NET C# (DOT NET) Crystal Reports Visual Basic (DOT NET) Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 Web Services SOAP Team Foundation Server Microsoft Office Suite (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote and Publisher) Microsoft Report Writer AJAX XML XSL XSLT Experience Help Desk Tier I Alpine Access, Denver, CO 2010 to Present Primary responsibilities include providing excellent customer service skills uti lizing excellent verbal and technical troubleshooting and support skills for cli ents via remote access. Also provide innovative research and problem resolution techniques when troubleshooting a client issues via Adobe Pro Connect via a scre enshare between the Alpine Access Help Desk and the client (also a Alpine Access employee).

Software Developer I / Production Support National Cinemedia, LLC, Centennial, CO 2007 to 2010 Primary responsibilities include maintaining existing code base to quickly resol ve any production-related issues, and develop enhancements requested by the busi ness to support any new product releases. * Responsible for virtual server setup, configuration and deployment to mirror p roduction like environments for the developers and Quality Control to perform so ftware testing and debugging prior to production release. * Worked extensively with DOT Net applications to enhance the manner of generati ng web-based revenue by working on a team to help develop and implement a stream lined process of updating theatrical data from the managed theaters to NCM's dat a warehouse, where theatre data was updated automatically. * Wrote web methods to pull data from CRM database's and pass the data onto SQL server 2008 Databases; also auto-populated data from CRM via a web service metho d to auto-populate web forms as well as CRM form attributes to CRM * Created and modified data tables and wrote stored procedures and SSIS packages (ETL Jobs) in Microsoft SQL 2005 and 2008. Technical Support Specialist Allstate Insurance, Englewood, Colorado 2006 to 2007 Provided PC and networking assistance to support staff when needed. This include s imaging new desktops and laptops; troubleshooting network connectivity, hardwa re issues, building and configuring Windows NT network servers, PC and laptop i maging, resolving issues with Microsoft Outlook, and installing hardware where n eeded. * Implemented network connectivity solutions as Router (Both Cable and DSL) and configured security based on the client's needs. * Participated in software pilot programs * Trained new agents in the use of new laptops and company software; using Micro soft Outlook and remote access programs (RDP). * Administered the Allstate West Central Region's Active Directory server, confi guring and maintaining employee's AD accounts. Technical Consultant Allstate Insurance, Englewood, Colorado 2005 to 2006 Responsible for creating a centralized data-mart for the regional office Importi ng data from Microsoft Access, Excel and Oracle into a SQL database server. He h as also written web-based applications using Microsoft.NET to maintain the data mart. Implemented Microsoft VBA Excel functions for pulling data from Allstate's Data Mart. * Implemented the regional office's first Intranet-based web portal, for employe es to easily access company information and sales reports. * Managed the regional office's SharePoint portal, where employee information, d ocument repository and systems information data was housed; adding enhancements to the SharePoint forms as needed. eBusiness Marketing Web Administrator IHS, Inc., Englewood, Colorado 2003 to 2005 Played a key role in the redesign of the company's web site ( . Designed the template structure, menu navigation and functionality, as well as

assisted the eBusiness team in deploying updated content to the new site via a Java-based content management system. Successful in meeting the deadline for pos ting the new public-facing web site before the company went public. * Installed and managed gathering web statistics using WebSideStory's HitBox10 w eb-based user analysis tool on IHS Inc. web sites (, htt p:// and * Utilized DHTML, HTML, CSS, PHP and Visual Basic as part of the web site redesi gn and dynamic content publishing. Web Developer IHS, Inc. Englewood, Colorado 1997 to 2003 Responsible for the design of an intranet based selling tool to increase company revenue, to track revenue and provide a valuable, one-stop information source f or the sales force. This includes working with the Information Technology group to utilize the latest technology and security in accordance with company policy. He was responsible for the development, maintenance and the publishing of conte nt to the company's Intranet-based web site called WEBPort. * One of the original role players in the design in the development and creation of the company's first intranet portal (WEBPort), this tool provided a valuable information resource for all employees worldwide who in turn help them better t heir job performance. Due to budget constraints, WEBPort was written entirely us ing Open Source software, such as PHP, and house on a Linux RedHat server. * Implemented and managed the Crystal Enterprise/Reports system, a key tool used by company executives for measuring company performance as well as part of the web-based sales infrastructure, where revenue leads are reported. Windows NT Network Administrator IMS Medacom Colorado, Golden, Colorado 1996 to 1997 Maintained the medical database server, which stored patient records and billing information. Was the key point of contact when deploying the Medacom software t o local doctor's offices and clinics throughout the Denver metropolitan area. He scheduled weekly "pushes" of software updates from the primary server to the cl ient offices. Required regular table updates which were in SQL format to add new client offices. * Tasked to test the Medacom software under a variety of platforms, including SC O Linux, Solaris, UNIX and Windows 3.11. * Utilized knowledge of telephony and networking to ensure modem bank stability and the data was being successfully sent to doctor's offices and hospitals. 2nd Shift Systems Operator Standard & Poor's Compustat, Englewood, Colorado 1992 to 1996 Responsible for the procedural documentation of the PC PLUS production system. T his production system provided Fortune 500 clients with the latest stock quotes and market trends from the past week's activity and is bundled with the PC PLUS software for clients to make market predictions. * Participated in the start, continuation and completion of the PC PLUS producti on system. Was also required to make nightly and weekly backups of prior product ion processes in the event of a catastrophe and shipped the data tapes to Stone Mountain. Education Denver Technical College (DeVry), Denver, Colorado

A.S., Computer Information Science Training Windows Server Certification, New Horizons, Englewood, Colorado, 2005 to 2005. Successfully completed the Windows Server certification class as part of the job requirement at the time. Volunteer Web Site Designer Town Of Kiowa, Kiowa, Colorado 2005 to 2006 Volunteered to design, develop and public the Town of Kiowa's first public facin g web site. Utilized own resources and efforts to make the Town of Kiowa more vi sible to the State of Colorado, in hopes to attract businesses and people to the town.