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POATES 322 Colony Creek Drive, Dickinson - Texas - 77539 - (713)-922-3275 Summary of Qualifications Documentation/Graphics Specialist with 10 years experience in the technical publ ications field and experienced Website Manager with 10 years experience in manag ing and developing websites. Experiences includes generation of presentations, slides, brochures, handbooks, milestone schedules, action tracking reports, tech nical papers, database management, and employee training. Experienced in operat ion training and specialized in customer consultation for creating quality produ cts. Computer Skills Contribute CS3& CS4 Microsoft Windows 2007 Panasonic Voice Editing File Transfer Protocol Dreamweaver Microsoft Windows 95-2000 Canvas Omni page Professional Bulletin Board Posting Tool Action Tracking Application Photoshop Fast Track Scheduler Agenda Calendar Tool Laptop projection PC Note: Trained over 200 employees and customers on word processing techniques and procedures Accomplishments *Received Outstanding Support Award in support of research aboard the Internatio nal Space Station (ISS). *Logistically coordinated Payload Increment Readiness Reviews (PIRR) involving a ll NASA centers. *Coordinated and initiated the use of Station/Shuttle laptop computer projection s allowing the Technical Operations Team to utilize resources more effectively r esulting in significant cost savings. *Developed tracking system to facilitate document retrieval and resulted in incr eased productivity in the ISS payloads training department. *Excellent communicator; adept at analyzing and evaluating customer needs and gr oup situations and needs to obtain the best results in data communication. *Generated color format and templates to improve clarity and presentation effect iveness for numerous organizations at NASA. *Received commendation from NASA for outstanding performance for the Life Scienc e Glove-box Preliminary design Review (PDR), Payload Increment Readiness Review (PIRR), Transportation Systems Study *Specialize in customer consultation, offering customer quality support needs.

Experience United Space Alliance (USA) Houston, Texas Tech Ops III, Payloads Project Office March 2000 - October 2010 *Responsible for managing, developing and maintaining websites for all ISS Paylo ad Teams websites at NASA *Provide technical and administrative support to NASA management *Responsible for maintaining support activities for Certification of Flight Read iness activities for ISS Flight Payload Managers *Provide assistance and disseminate information and notifications to Payload Tea m to support numerous meetings. Also served as the primary focal for all center s across NASA *Completed numerous impromptu task and assignments beyond day-to-day high paced schedule of activities Barrios Technology Houston, Texas Professional Specialist, Payloads Project Office April 1998 - March 2000 *Provide technical and administrative support to NASA management. *Responsible for document and briefing production coordination and quality assur ance . *Responsible for providing meeting support to the Payload Mission Integration Te am (PMIT) and Research Planning Working Group (RPWG) *Assist in the coordination of management support activities *Responsible for maintaining all internal websites to support all NASA teams Hernandez Engineering Corporation Houston, Texas Documentation Specialist, International Space Station Program Office January 1996 - April 1997 *Provided technical support to the ISS program office for the production of visu al communication materials, briefing charts, technical documentation and reports at Johnson Space Center *Engaged in the coordination and maintaining of electronic integration of text, imagery files, graphics and print-ready production for the internal organization s and department. *Responsible for production, assembling, organizing, quality assurance and maint aining technical documentation and briefing reference materials in both paper an d electronic format systems Hernandez Engineering Corporation Houston, Texas Documentation and Graphics Specialist I, New Initiative Office July 1991 - May 1995 Engineering Directorate

*Provided technical publication/graphics support to engineers and management sta ff at Johnson Space Center *Assisted engineers and management staff in the creation of documents, presentat ions, slides, brochures, reports, newsletters, handbooks, and technical document ation *Managed and maintain several stages of document preparation, database and archi ved records and documentation Omniplan Corporation Houston, Texas Senior Word processor Operator January 1986 - June 1991 *Provided technical and administrative support to the STSOC contract at Johnson Space Center *Prepared technical presentations, milestone schedules, and produced formal NASA publications *Trained new and advanced word-processors using Xerox Star 6085 workstations *Responsible for distribution and reproduction of classified data during numerou s STS mission flights Education J. Frank Dobie High School, Houston, Texas San Jacinto College, Houston, Texas - Computer Major References and Work Portfolio Available Upon Request