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HUNTING LP-ARGENTINA is a hunting company with experience in selling and
organizing hunting trips, both for big game and wing shooting in Argentina.
Argentina offers different species of big game, native and exotic; their hunt
depends on the hunting area where they are available and the hunting season fixed
by the wild life authorities. We use stalking or chasing hunting modalities either
according to the species willing to be hunted. Regarding the trophies´
measurement systems, the most common are the ones applied by the SCI and the
CIC. Hunting is conducted in open aereas, as well as forests, a landscape that
makes this place a challenge for every hunter.

Big game species available in La Pampa

March to May is the rut of the red deer, though they can be hunted until August.
Fallow deer season is also March to August. The rest of the species can be hunted
year round.


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Trophy Fees and season dates are as follows:

La Pampa is known
worldwide for its Red Stag,
Wild Boar, Puma (Cougar)
and Water Buffalo trophies.

At our Hunting Ranch we have
a variety of Exotics Game.

Big Game Trophy Quality and
Methods of Hunting
Red Deer: Red Deer are hunted
primarily by spot and stalk.
During the rut, which normally
falls between March 15 - April 15,
they are hunted by the sound of
the bugle. Shots are normally
short to medium range. Royal
stags with heavily crowned tips
and between seven to eight
points are common


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HUNTING LP –LA PAMPA - ARGENTINA (C) Copyright (2008) All Rights Reserved
Axis Deer: Axis Deer are hunted
normally by spot and stalk. Hunting the
rut is not necessary. Shots are normally
medium to long range. Only mature
trophy bucks with thick and wide racks
of 31 - 35 plus inches and six points are

Blackbuck: Blackbuck are hunted by
spot and stalk and occasionally by
taking a stand. Sometimes they are
hunted safari style, by vehicle until a
decent ram is spotted, and then by
stalking on foot for the final approach.
Shots are from medium to long range.
Blackbucks with thick bases and horn
lengths of 19 - 22 plus inches are

Fallow Deer: Fallows are hunted by spot
and stalk and occasionally by taking a
stand. Shots are medium to long range.
Fallow with wide palmation, 24 - 28
inches and 18 - 20 plus points are

Water Buffalo: Buffalo are hunted by
spot and stalk. They are carefully
approached as close and as safely as
possible. Shots are normally short to
medium range. Large magnum calibers
with stoutly constructed bullets are
used. These animals can be potentially
dangerous if wounded. Mature bulls
with thick bases and wide horns are

Puma: Puma or Mountain Lion are
hunted by stands over bait and more
typically with hounds. Shots are short
range only. Mature animals are sought.

Sheep and Goats: Trophy quality is
exceptional and only mature males with
thick bases and superior length are


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HUNTING LP –LA PAMPA - ARGENTINA (C) Copyright (2008) All Rights Reserved
Next, we detail the services
included and those which are not:

• Personalized outfitter services
• English translation services
• Tour Wheel drive vehicles
• Skinning and first trophy
• First class accommodations
• All daily meals and quality
Argentinean wines
• Non alcoholic drinks
• Maid service and laundry
• Land transportation in hunting

• The price of each hunted trophy
• Air transport tariffs and taxes of
any kind
• Insurance of any kind
• Packing expenses and trophy
The Lodge:
sending to the place of origin
• Taxidermy expenses
The accommodation consists of a
• Import permits and trophy tariffs
luxurious lodge. Our main ranch offers
required by the country of origin
five exclusive bungalows with eight
• Alcoholic drinks
luxurious double rooms with bathroom
• International phone calls or faxes
in suite plus a special suite. Satellite TV,
• Excursions or touring trips to any
mini bar, phone, Internet access by
region of the country
WiFi, Jacuzzi and so on, are some of the
• Land transportation from BA to
services available for our clients.
the hunting area
Transportation to the ranch can be done • Firearms´ introduction fee at
in our own aircrafts. customs or gun rentals, as well as
the ammunition used during the
• Local hunting permits
• Formalities required for the
export of trophies hunted in
• Medical services of any kind
• Non-Spanish-speaking guide
• Tips


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HUNTING LP –LA PAMPA - ARGENTINA (C) Copyright (2008) All Rights Reserved
The hunting area is located in La
Pampa province, Argentina. Our Wing shooting
Exotic Hunting Ranch offer Big
Game and Small Game. It is Thanks to its vast geography and
always the best thing to confirm diversity of native species, this
of the hunts with good time. South-American country offers one
From 60 to 90 days. If you wish of the best wing shooting
to extend your stay in Argentina, proposals of the world.
please contact us for special
hunting packages or customized Wing shooting hunting species
bundles such as Hunting /
Fishing / Tourism. For the ones Ducks
not interested in hunting we Geese
offer the possibility to enjoy Partridges
national tourism packages. A Pheasants
booking deposit of 30 % of Doves
estimated total cost of hunt is Pigeons
required to confirm a reservation European Hares
required. There is no problem Vizcachas
taking guns into Argentina.
Traveling from Buenos Aires to Dove Hunting
the Hunting Ranch (La Pampa For the lovers of the sportive
Province) can be done in our own dove-shooting, Argentina offers
aircrafts or in commercial flights. great opportunities which are
Our Hunting Ranch is one of the difficult to find in other parts of
most remarkable hunting regions the world.
in Argentina. Our big sown plains, the rivers
Incredible Big Game (Trophy that furrow our lands and the
Quality). Excellent hunting trip. bounding extensions of hill are the
perfect habitat for the different
species of doves that populate our
country. From the little turtledove
WING SHOOTING (zenaida auriculata) up to the big
pigeon (colomba pica zuro), all of
them move through the airs of all
our territory in huge quantities
that result unbelievable for the
foreign hunter. The dove hunting
season extends during the whole
year, which allows the hunter to
organize its hunting trip inside an
extensive variety of possibilities.
The lodging and the services are
from international first level and
this program allows combining the
hunt with complementary
activities as national tourism. Due
to the exposed things above,


"Where Dreams Come True"

HUNTING LP –LA PAMPA - ARGENTINA (C) Copyright (2008) All Rights Reserved
we consider that the dove hunting • Reception, assistance at Buenos
in Argentina is a unique Aires airport
experience that our hunters do not NOT INCLUIDED SERVICES /
have to waste during their hunting WING SHOOTING
visits to our country. • Personal secretaries
• Air transport tariffs and taxes of
Water fowl hunting (Ducks) any kind
Thanks to the diversity of regions • Insurance of any kind
with the perfect features needed • Ground transportation from/to
to harbor all these kind of birds, Buenos Aires airport
Argentina also counts with the • Taxidermy expenses and export
ideal habitat for the water fowl to the place of origin
species. • Import permits and tariffs
The wet pampas area, with a high required by the country of origin
quantity of ponds and wetlands is • Alcoholic drinks
one of the main duck hunting • International phone calls or
areas of the country during the faxes
months of the Southern • Excursions or tours to any region
hemisphere’s Autumn and Winter of the country
(May to August) which is the • Travel expenses from the
traditional hunting season of these country of origin
species. The most common species • Rifle and shotgun rentals, as
of ducks are: yellow billed pintail, well as the ammunition used
speckled teal, southern widgeon, during the hunt
red shoveler and rosy billed • Local hunting permits and
pochard among others. Lodging firearm introduction permits at the
In all our wings hooting programs local customs.
our lodges have excellent quality. • Formalities required for the
export of trophies hunted in
SERVICES INCLUIDED / WING • Medical services of any kind
SHOOTING • Non-Spanish/English speaking
• Personalized outfitter services guide services
• English translation services • Tips
• Four-wheel-drive vehicles - Ground transportation from
available for the group of hunters Buenos Aires to the hunting area.
• Birds´ preparation
• First class accommodation with For more details or booking
laundry and maid services information:
• All daily meals with
Argentinean quality wine Agustin A. Pignatta
• Non-alcoholic drinks and Hunting Service
snacks in the field
• All hunted animals according to
the previously agreed number of HUNTING LP - LA PAMPA -


"Where Dreams Come True"

HUNTING LP –LA PAMPA - ARGENTINA (C) Copyright (2008) All Rights Reserved